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Chapter 42

Situated in the room was Nan Ge Er, who was still in chaos internally. At the other side, the conversation between Mo Shu and the honorable scholar had already ended.

“So that’s that, let them prepare to send their troops any time.” Nan Ge Er only heard Mo Shu stating that calmly after he got back to his senses.

Nan Ge Er was stunned for a moment, before being shocked. He instinctively reacted to it in an instant. While grabbing on to Mo Shu’s hands, he faced the honorable scholar, asking with a flabbergasted face, “When did I say I wanted to destroy Bei Jun?”

Let’s not care if it is fleeting or bleating; the most important part of it is, what exactly did that stupid Mo Shu misunderstand!?

The honorable scholar, who was about to leave, smiled towards Mo Shu, “Xian sheng, Nan Ge Er is backing out.”

“I don’t recall saying something like that at all, alright?!” Black lines landed on Nan Ge Er’s face.

Although he couldn’t be considered kind, still, he wasn’t willing to be the cause of a coup d’état, the fall of a nation, and even the continent’s apocalypse.

“But, you have been utterly mangled by Bei Jun’s king, haven’t you?” The scholar smiled, “Your Highness, Prince Bei Mo Li.”

Nan Ge Er seemed to be dumbfounded regarding his identity being revealed clearly in front of Mo Shu.

Actually, he thought there was nothing that could ever shock him.

…Since the two in front of him were planning to destroy Bei Jun—not a village, town, or even a county, but a whole country.

And they proclaimed that it was his idea.

Was there anything more horrifying than it?

In truth, he did have a vague speculation that Mo Shu probably knew his identity, which was why that wasn’t something bewildering.

The thing he was actually surprised about was—

Even though that previous name of his had been mentioned, he didn’t really feel any surge in his heart.

It was as if someone he knew, yet an unfamiliar passerby.

Bei Mo Li, Bei Mo Li; an all-powerful prince who had fallen off the cliff long ago, and disintegrated from the fall.

Now, he was just Guang Tian’s small little Nan Ge Er.

Perhaps, his intense outburst previously had already untangled the knots in his heart.

Such fear can’t even get me to separate from Mo Shu, or the world he is in; what else will I even care then?

Since I’ve decided to live on like that, then, there’s nothing more to be obstinate about, isn’t it?

All of that is in the past, unaffiliated to me now.

Nan Ge Er curled his lips up once he thought up to that point, “I’m Nan Ge Er.”

After a momentary daze, the scholar smiled as well, “True.”

“Which is why I never intend to do anything to Bei Jun.” Nan Ge Er chuckled, “That is something much more impossible to me now.”

The wellbeing of that Bei Jun’s king, whether good or bad, has nothing to do with me, because Bei Mo Li has died long ago. The ones that I care for now are only Guang Tian, and…

He reached his hands out, gripping Mo Shu’s palms for a while.

Mo Shu tilted his head, before stroking Nan Ge Er’s face, “Are you feeling cold?”

Nan Ge Er shook his head, “No.” After pondering for a little, he continued, “Mo Shu, are you thinking of taking revenge for me?”

“Mn.” Mo Shu replied without any hesitation, “I think it’s for the best. He used his powers to force and harm you, so I’ll just pull him down forcibly, letting him stay alive, but with everything he possessed and any possibility of making a comeback taken away.” He paused a bit before continuing, “Death isn’t all that scary; despair, pain, and fear can only be felt when alive.”

Nan Ge Er deeply understood that from experience.

Nonetheless, he could only feel his heart surging at that moment.

Annihilating a country just to avenge for me? How preposterous, yet reasonably natural.Cruel and cold, yet loving and gentle.

“It doesn’t matter anymore now.” Nan Ge Er chuckled, grabbing Mo Shu’s robe with his hand, “Bei Jun, no matter thriving or suffering, has nothing to do with me anymore. That king’s life, whether blissful or wretched, is none of my concern. Even the reason for his action in the past isn’t important anymore.” He lowered his head, leaning onto Mo Shu’s chest while murmuring, “These wounds, which took such a long time to heal, are more or less recovered. I’m currently someone from Guang Tian.” While muttering, he moved closer and lowered his body, almost about to stick his face onto Mo Shu’s chest, “Besides, I have Mo Shu now.”

One will only become unafraid of the pain in the past when having someone to rely on internally, since that is all in the past; this is something typical of humans. And now, I think the delightful emotions filling up my heart are much more important than anything else at this moment.

Nan Ge Er’s gentle mutterings swept over Mo Shu’s ears, as though a gust of wind. However, they were as if some kind of carelessly made stamp, carving into Mo Shu’s heart delicately, yet lightly.

Mo Shu raised the corner of his lips slowly while reaching his hand out to stroke Nan Ge Er’s head. Instead of lowering his head down to look at him, he simply gazed at the fine fluttering dust illuminated by the sunrays shining in from the window, before murmuring, “… Xiao Nan.”


“I feel delighted.”

Nan Ge Er chuckled, “Same for me.”

Perhaps it was due to him realizing he had let his past go, or maybe it was because he spilled out the words hidden in his heart, or it might be thanks to Mo Shu’s joyousness infecting him. He just felt elated, his heart completely secure, warm, while still containing a slight tipsiness inside.

Maybe the feeling I have for Mo Shu can’t really be considered affection, but I feel that it is much more stable than ‘love’.

Even if his temper is quite frightful, I will never consider leaving Mo Shu. I’m reliant of him and thankful of what he has done for me. Likewise, I wish to give him something similar too.

Even if my instincts hinted my fear for him, it still can’t contain this de-si-re of mine. I wish for him to be joyful and blissful.

Just as so, simple as that.

“But, come to think of it, since we’re here, we can’t just leave empty-handed, can we?” Mo Shu broke in suddenly after the two of them hugged for some time.

“Huh?” Nan Ge Er looked at Mo Shu in a daze.

“Bei Jun really should be destroyed.” Mo Shu mumbled, “My Xiao Nan suffered so much.” He caressed Nan Ge Er’s face with his hand.

Although Nan Ge Er was touched, he still had no choice but to cough lightly. He sat up straight, addressing solemnly while grasping on Mo Shu’s hands, “You really don’t need to.”

“But if not a single thing is done to them, the torments you suffered will be for nothing then.” Mo Shu expressed his disapproval.

“Bei Jun can’t be destroyed.” Nan Ge Er chuckled, “Even if we ignore the numerous lives lost by it, the effects it would cause is a headache in itself. The current continent can only maintain its peace because the powers of the four countries are in equilibrium. Once one of them fell, the other three countries will definitely make use of the chaos by sending their armies to plunder Bei Jun’s territory and harm the citizens. With that, the continent will sink into a calamity.” He smiled towards Mo Shu, “I know you do not care about it, but I can’t just get the continent caught up in a war because of a personal vendetta of mine.” He paused, looking straight into Mo Shu’s eyes, before continuing seriously, “I’m unable to take upon such an atrocity. Besides…”


“Besides, I want to build good karma.”

“Build good karma?” Mo Shu clearly had no idea what Nan Ge Er was talking about. “Why?”

“I want to live a little longer.” Nan Ge Er laughed lightly, “In the past, I didn’t believe in fate or anything like that. But now, I feel that, in some hidden spiritual world, there’s definitely something snooping at our fates. This is why I arrived at Guang Tian and was rescued in such an ingenious, almost miraculous way.” He raised his head to look at Mo Shu’s slightly perplexed expression and smiled, “So, I want to build good karma, and live a little longer.”

Mo Shu appeared to be stirred up a little. Of course, he felt that if it could allow Nan Ge Er to live longer, it indeed was extraordinarily enticing.

After pondering, he replied again, “I just want you to die before me, that’s all.”


“I’m able to take care of you forever in this case, without worrying no one will look after you if I die before you.” Mo Shu’s expression was rather earnest.

Nan Ge Er was emotionless, “I don’t really want to say this out, but despite my sickly look, in truth, I think the amount of time where I’m taking care of you is much greater, ok?! How can such a senseless person like you take care of me?!” Nevertheless, his ears were slightly reddened.

Mo Shu looked at Nan Ge Er’s appearance in a daze, speechless for a long while.

Mo Shu only started chuckling while stroking  Nan Ge Er’s hair after Nan Ge Er started glancing left and right, with his sight cruising all over the place unnaturally, “Mn, yes, thank you.”

Due to that, even though Nan Ge Er was acting calm, he still couldn’t hide his face from flushing red in a split second. He lowered his head, “… No—no problem!”

Mo Shu found Nan Ge Er’s blushing face exceedingly cuter the more he gazed at him. He couldn’t control himself from lifting Nan Ge Er’s chin with his hand, moving in, and kissing his lips gently.

Nan Ge Er closed his eyes involuntarily, daring not to look at the infatuation and fondness in the other party’s eyes.

Noticing Nan Ge Er didn’t resist it despite his lack of accommodating to him, Mo Shu held onto the back of Nan Ge Er’s head with his hand, hugging that thin fellow, and deepening the kiss lovingly.

Of course, he gave an answer before this, “Since Bei Jun can’t be seized, you can give me something else then. Give me a little deposit now, alright?”

It wasn’t known when the honorable scholar had left the room.

The room was silent inside. There were only tiny fine dust particles dancing joyfully without any constraints in the short sun rays, along with the quiet watery sounds from the intertwined tongues.


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