STSC Chapter 42

STSC Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Nangeru, who was still in an uncertain position, was in the room. Meanwhile, the conversation between Mo Chen and reputable scholars is over. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

In any case, they would have to prepare troops. Nan Ge Er heard only what Mo Shu calmly said after returning to his senses.

Nange was surprised before he was shocked. He instinctively answered it at once. When he caught Mo’s hand, he asked Flabbergast’s face and faced the most serious scholars: “When did I say that I want to destroy the June June?”

We do not think it’s blowing or it’s useless. The most important part that stupid Mo Shu has misunderstood!

Mo Shu, “Xi’an Sheng, Nan Ge Er is left, respected scholar who left.

“Do you remember that saying?” The black line climbed Nan Ge Er’s face.

But he could not be perceived as a kind of thing, but he did not want to be an apocalypse, a coup d’état, a country’s autumn, as well as a continent.

“But you’ve completely captured the king of Bei Jun,” the scientist smiled at the “Hall of Fame, Prince Bei Mo Li”.

Nan Ge seemed uncomfortable about his identity obviously evident before Mo Shu.

In fact, he thought that nothing could shock him.

Two people in front of him planned to destroy Bei Jun, also a village, city or county, but around the world.

And they announced that this was his idea.

Was it worse than that?

Indeed, it was more silly, because he had a vague idea that Mo Shu probably knew his identity.

He was really surprised

Even though the previous word was mentioned, he really did not feel growing in mind.

It was a stranger who did not yet know as if someone knew it.

Bei Mo Li, Bei Mo Li, a powerful prince who fell for a long time before the cliffs and left the autumn.

Now he was a small girl from Guang Tian Nan Ge Er.

Perhaps his intense exploitation would have already made the nodes uncomfortable in his mind.

Such fears can not even detach me from Mo Shu or the world in which he is located. Is there anything else I care?

I have decided to live like this, so there is no more suffering?

All this in the past, now I have deciphered.

Nan Ge lifted his lips when he thought until now. “I am Nan Ge Er.

After a while, the researcher also smiled as “really”.

“So I will not do anything to Bei Jun,” nel Ge Er exclaimed. “Now I’m far from impossible.

The goodness of Bei Juan, whether good or bad, is unrelated to me, since Bei Mo Li has long died. What I am doing now is Hiroshi.

He stretched out his hand and for some time encouraged Mo Shu’s palm.

Do you feel cold?

Nan Ge Er shook his head. After a while, he thought, “Moshi, do you think that you will take revenge on me?”

“Mn” Mo Shu used his strength to strengthen you and harm you. I think that’s the best thing, “because he answered without hesitation, I simply left him to live and held him by force, but he had it. It was possible that he would die with everything and everything. He stopped for some time before going on.” Visa death is frightening, despair, pain, fear can only be experienced in life. ”

Nangge had a deep understanding of this from his experience.

However, he felt only when his mind was upset at that time.

Will the state be deleted to revenge me? Nonsense but careful nature. Cold and cold, love and tenderness.

“It’s not a problem now,” Nan Ge asked Eru, taking over the legacy of Mo Shu, “In June, without any problems or afflictions of wealth, more with me, I have nothing to do with the king’s life, whether it’s pleasing or miserable, but why it’s no longer a reason for his behavior in the past, “he mumbled down against Mo Shu’s chest, I lowered it. “I’m sure these wounds that it will get worse for too long, at a time when it was renewed more or less. Hiroshi is.” He whispers, brings it down, lowers his body and overtakes his face in most Mo Shu boxes “And now I have Mo Shu.”

In the past, the pain is sterilized only when someone has believed. This is typical for people. And now I think that the beautiful emotions that fill my heart are more important than anything at that moment. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

As a result, the soft mood of Nan Ge Er hit Mo Shu’s ear. However, it seems that Mo Shu’s heart is beautiful, easy to cut and permanently labeled.

Mo Shu slowly lifted his lips and caught on to win Nan Ge Er’s head. Instead of staring at her, she simply illuminated the sun by looking at the beautiful flutanthane dust that shines from the window before the rusty “… Shao Nang”.


“I am happy”

Nan Jae Wife laughed. “It’s the same as mine.

He probably noticed that he most likely indicated his past, he jumped up the hidden words in his heart, or perhaps because Moshu was pleased to infect him. He just felt eternally, his heart is completely safe, warm, still small chips.

My senses Mo Shou can not really think of love, but I believe that it is much more stable than “love”.

Even if his fears are so frightening, I never think of leaving Mo Shu. I depend on him and thank him for what he did for me. I would also like to offer something like him.

Even though my instincts take care of my fears about her, it still does not contain my desire. I want to make him happy and happy.

It’s also easy.

“But think of it, we can not leave the sky, because we are here, Mo Shu suddenly stopped after two of them visited for a long time.

“Or you?” Nangge saw in Mo Shu conflict.

“And the June must really be destroyed.” Mo Shu confused, “Mia Shao Nang suffered so much, he handed the stick to Nan Ge Er.

Though Nan Ge Er touched, he still has no choice and slowly breaks down. While he squeezed Mo Shu’s hand, he sat down to himself. “You really do not need it”

“But if they do not do anything, the torture of your victims will be futile.” Mo Shu expressed his dissatisfaction.

“May not be destroyed by June.” Even if Nana Er Er ignores many of the lives we have lost, the effect of himself is a headache, whether it’s a reason or not, “laughed. As the forces of the four continents of the continent are balanced, they remain their only peace. of course the other three countries were using uncertainty by seizing the province’s territory in June and sending their army to the detriment of the population and falling down. This would cause problems on the continents. “He smiled Mo Shu,” I know what you do not mind, that I can not only achieve in the continent’s war of personal propaganda. I can not attack such atrocities. “He stopped looking directly into Mo Shu’s eyes, before he seriously continued.” In addition … ”

“Except it?”

“Also, I want to build a good Karumu.

“Do you make a good mother?” Mo Shu has never heard of Nan Ge Er’s story. “Why?”

“I want to live a bit longer.” Nana Er Er was slowly laughing in the past, “I do not believe in luck or anything like that. But now, in some hidden spiritual worlds, I definitely believe that there is something to sway with our luck. I am the reason why I came to Hiroshi and I kept it so genial, almost miraculous, since I want to make a good karma and live a bit longer, “he smiled Mo Shu, raising his head in a slightly complex expression.” ”

Mo Shu seemed a little excited. Of course, he believed that he really cared if he could allow Nan Ge Eram to live longer.

After thinking, he again replied: “I hope you die before me, it’s all.

“You did it?”

“If I die before you, I do not want to take care of what takes care of you; in this case, I can take care of you forever.” Mo Shu’s expression is more serious. It was.

Excitement Nan Ge Er, “I do not really need to say that, but despite my sick eyes, I think that the time I care for you is much bigger Think about it, it can be just as easy as you can How is it that you are not afraid of me? “But his ear was a little red.

Mo Shu for a long time saw the Nangarhar movement.

After Nana Ge Er looked left and right, Mo Shu, when his hidden Nana Ge’s Er’s hair goes only neneature, “Mn, yes, thank you very much I cried.

For this reason, Nan Ge Er was calm, but he could not hide the red face in red. He bowed his head: “… no, no problem!

Mo Shu was much more courageous when she saw the red face of Nan Ge Er. He could not control himself by raising the Nan Ge Er chest with his hand and gently kissing it in his mouth.

Nanga knit his eyes and urged him not to see his cheeks and love in his eyes.

Given that Nan Ge Er did not give it up, despite the lack of accommodation, Mo Shu took the planned person behind the head of Nan Ge Er and the profundigante carefully kissed.

Of course, he said earlier: “Since I can not catch it in June, you can give me something, now give me a little deposit, right?”

It was not known when a good scientist left the room.

The room was quiet. Five fine dusts, who happily danced without having a myopian sunshine, accompanied the silent sound of a marginalized tongue that was alienated. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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