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Gaze at the Scenes of Debauchery


Chapter 25

Wen Qing went to a very famous street food alley in the city.

He tried all of the famous local snacks, and finally regained his energy as he relished in the delightful flavours.

It was just that he was the only lone figure walking amidst the alley that was bustling with activity.

Wen Qing’s mind couldn’t help but think of Yan Han. When they came on a holiday to WuHan in the past, they had suddenly awoken in the middle of the night and left their hotel to tour the hours of darkness of this unfamiliar city. They had travelled all the way from the Hankow Marshland to the Yangtze River Bridge.

The taxi driver said, “You young lads can bring your girlfriends here for a walk in the future.”

Yan Han looked at him before smiling, “He’s my girlfriend.”

The driver didn’t take Yan Han’s words seriously and heartily laughed, “Then you guys will be together forever if you walk around this place once.”

Yan Han raised a brow, “What? Is there an allusion to the Yangtze River Bridge?”

“Not an allusion, you could say it’s more like a legend. They say that if you young couples walk across the bridge once at night, then you’ll be together forever.”

Neither of them actually believed in such things, but they still earnestly made the trip hand in hand that night as they faced the cold wind head on.

There were actually many things in the past twelve years that Wen Qing could no longer remember clearly, with the pure exception of that one night. He could even clearly recollect their sweaty, ice cold palms as they held hands.

Wen Qing thought that he was probably missing Yan Han, but then he suddenly felt as though it wouldn’t be too bad if Wen Bai was the one who was next to him right now.

The prosperity of one person. The liveliness of one person.

When Wen Qing returned to his hotel room at night, he gave Yan Han a call.

For some unknown reason, Yan Han didn’t say anything so Wen Qing was the first to speak, “I’ll be back in a few days.”

The person on the other end remained silent for quite a while before finally saying, “Are you used to living alone these days?”

Wen Qing laughed, “It’s been okay.”

“How was the photography exhibition?”

Wen Qing randomly replied with a few of the details he had read online.

The man on the other end of the call took in a deep breath as if they wanted to say something but then stopped on second thought. Wen Qing smiled in silence. He hadn’t even been away for a week. Did Yan Han want to….break up?

Wen Qing clutched the phone tightly and listened carefully, not missing the sound of a single breath.

However, the other person merely bid him goodnight and ended the call.

Wen Qing thought that he could probably go back now. His goal had presumably already been achieved and the outside world wasn’t too interesting anyways.

He turned over and touched the cold bed sheet next to him.

Even if he wasn’t used to a life of solitude, he still had to get used to it in the end didn’t he?

Since they were just about to break up.

He was going to start living a happy life for himself.

Chapter 26

Wen Qing packed his luggage, bought a plane ticket and flew back the very next day.

It was already evening by the time he arrived at the airport.

He was sleepy and felt especially tired.

He didn’t give Yan Han a call and instead hailed a taxi and went directly home.

When he arrived home, it was shrouded in darkness.

Yan Han wasn’t home again?

He changed his shoes and was just about to make his way up when he heard faint sensual cries echo upstairs.

Wen Qing instantly stood there in a daze, his hand that was holding his coat trembled ever so slightly.

Actually, ever since he knew of Yan Han’s affairs, he would often think of what Yan Han would look like when he slept with others.

Would he also bite their shoulder impolitely yet gently like how he bit his when they did it?

He could even imagine how beads of sweat would drop down the tips of Yan Han’s hair when he climaxed. It was sexy enough to make one’s heart skip a beat.

He carefully imagined every small detail. Every minute act of solicitude Yan Han displayed. Every gentle expression Yan Han gave someone else at night.

Like a madman, he couldn’t stop his imagination. It was as if such self abuse could make him love the other person a bit less.


After Yan Han had finished his activities on the bed, he went downstairs to get a drink of water with a towel wrapped around his waist when he saw Wen Qing sitting on the sofa as still as a statue. He looked slightly frightening with his bloodshot eyes.

Yan Han didn’t say anything as he watched Wen Qing silently.

Wen Qing slowly lifted his head up to meet the other’s eyes.

The atmosphere was drearily lifeless.

Wen Qing then heard his own voice say…

Let’s break up

Yan Han just stood in the hallway like that with a frown. He seemed like he was actually slightly hurt.

Wen Qing sniffed as he felt tears forming. He repeated himself, “Let’s break up.”

Yan Han then raised a brow and lifted the corners of his mouth, “Okay.”

Wen Qing blinked a few times and turned his head away.

He heard Yan Han say indifferently, “I’ll leave this house for you. I’ll call people to come over tomorrow and pack up my belongings.”

Wen Qing nodded and stood up before he pulled his luggage behind him and walked towards the door.

“You should hurry and head back up. Don’t catch a cold.”

His last urging resembled that of a sigh, but also that of a sob.

Chapter 27

Yan Han quickly made arrangements for someone else to pack up his belongings. Yan Han didn’t go the day his stuff was packed.

Yan ZiChen pulled Yan Han’s hand over and childishly compared the size of their palms. Yan Han’s mind seemed to be somewhere else and Yan ZiChen asked, “What do you want to eat for lunch?”

Yan Han was just about to open his mouth and ask Wen Qing when he looked at Yan ZiChen and suddenly snapped out of it, “Anything’s fine.”

Yan Han lived in another house he owned with Yan ZiChen.

The environment was wonderful, and there was even a lake nearby.

Wonderful. Everything was pretty good at present.

Wen Qing… should be doing pretty good too.

Yan Han entered a long and slow journey down memory lane. It was blurry, as if he was blocked by a layer of mist.

It was as if he had never imagined he would break up with Wen Qing. It was only after their separation that he seemed to finally smell the mephitis of decay that had long existed before the wound itself ripped open.

Wen Qing was actually a very optimistic person.

When he first met Wen Qing, he would always sport a joyous smile on his face when he appeared at each of the school’s major clubs. He was always so vibrant with energy and life.

Neither of them could remember who had fallen for the other first, nor could they put their finger on who was the chaser. It almost seemed like nature had taken its course to bring them together, yet it hadn’t come as a shock.

They had been ostracised and marginalised, but he could always grasp tightly onto Wen Qing’s hand and continue to walk straight ahead. He still remembered when he won a huge international prize that year, Wen Qing’s smile was so dazzling it made his heart skip a beat.

Yet Yan Han could no longer remember when was the last time Wen Qing laughed open heartedly to him.

Wen Qing started to smoke more, and his stomach problems also grew worse. It was frighteningly possible that he wouldn’t be far off depression if he continued to stay with him. No matter how much Wen Qing could endure, he didn’t have the heart to keep on wrecking him.

He was probably now together with that boy whose last name was Wen. Yan Han smiled. He had fooled around so many times, it was time to free Wen Qing too wasn’t it?

He probably shouldn’t go visit him anytime soon.

Yan Han looked at the box of cigarettes he had taken from Wen Qing’s bedside before he took one out and lit it up.

It almost seemed like he would wake up from his dream once the smoke dissipated.

Yan Han made his lawyer send Wen Qing an Asset Transfer Agreement. The contract included ten percent of Enterprise Yan’s shares as well as an assortment of properties. All Wen Qing had to do was sign it.

However, he didn’t receive a signed document, instead he received a visit from Wen Bai.

Yan Han thought Wen Bai came so he could do something along the lines of showing off. However, when the other did actually arrived, he realised that things didn’t seem quite right.

Chapter 28

“Wen Qing isn’t here with you?” Wen Bai seemed slightly careworn and tired.

Yan Han frowned, “No.”

Wen Bai quietened down and took a harsh drag on his cigarette.

Yan Han suddenly felt anxious, “What’s the matter?”

Wen Bai pulled at his hair and pinched out his cigarette, “Do you know about the thing going on between me and Wen Qing?”

“What do you think?” Yan Han gazed coldly at Wen Bai.

“Wen Qing disappeared.” Wen Bai’s voice was hinted with despair.

Yan Han was taken back and instantly stood up as he grabbed Wen Bai’s collar. The veins in forehead were throbbing, “What did you say?”

Wen Bai looked at Yan Han clinically, “Wen Qing disappeared.”

A surge of anger instantly erupted in Yan Han. He then took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. He relaxed his hands and asked, “When did this happen?”

“I couldn’t contact him ever since he came back from City H. I’ve already searched for him in every possible place I could. I thought you hid him away.” Wen Bai lifted the corners of his mouth in an apathetic smile.


Wen Bai laughed coldly, “What do you know about him?”

Yan Han’s hand trembled as he lit a cigarette, “Shouldn’t he be with you?” His voice was so soft it sounded like he was mumbling to himself.

“Why would I come find you if he was with me?” Wen Bai’s words were full of mockery.

“We broke up the day he came back.”

Wen Bai’s figure instantly stiffened, “You mentioned it?”

Yan Han pulled his tie loose, “You might as well go look for him if you still have the fucking time to stand here and talk bullshit to me!”

Seeing Yan Han’s attitude, Wen Bai’s temple throbbed before he suddenly swung his fists at Yan Han’s face mercilessly, “Do you think I’m a jerk like you?! I’ve already searched every fucking place I could!”

“Wen Qing’s gone yet what the fuck are you doing!? You’re fucking around outside!”

Yan Han’s anger level instantly escalated after taking a punch. The next moment, the two ferociously launched into a fierce wrestling battle.

In the end, it was an assistant who heard the noise and came in to break up the fight.

Wen Bai left a final message when he left.

Yan Han felt as though he had instantly been drowned in ice.

Wen Bai had said, “If Wen Qing takes things too hard and leaves this world, I’m going to see what you fucking offer to bury him with.”

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