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Gaze at the Scenes of Debauchery

Chapter 29

The assistant saw Yan Han in a slight daze and walked up to softly ask, “Do you need to call a doctor over?”

“Find Wen Qing.”

“Huh?” The assistant didn’t quite process his words. Didn’t they break up?

“I fucking told you to go find Wen Qing! Find Wen Qing! If you don’t find him then you don’t have to come back anymore!” Yan Han was almost hysterical.

The assistant was flustered and hurriedly retreated to complete the given task. This was the first time he had seen President Yan like this in all these past years.

Yan Han felt regret.

What was the point in being a good man? Why did he care about Wen Qing’s wishes? Wouldn’t it have been better if he just tied him to his side? He should’ve tied him tightly.

Who cares who he had in his heart? Who cares about what he thought about his promise?

Yan Han massaged the front of his brows and didn’t want to dwell on the possibility of Wen Bai’s words.

How could Wen Qing possibly take it too hard?

How could that be?

Impossible. That’s right, it would be impossible.

Yan Han lit a cigarette with trembling hands. He had recently started smoking again. The taste of tobacco made him feel at ease, as if Wen Qing was still by his side.

Wen Bai sat in his office in a daze, not knowing what he should do.

His mind kept thinking back to what Wen Qing had told him that day.

“Sometimes I would think about whether someone would miss me if I left.”

“Then I thought about you and I suddenly couldn’t bear the thought of leaving anymore.”

Did Wen Qing… think about leaving before?

He couldn’t understand Wen Qing.

Wen Qing often smiled as gently as the spring wind that melted the first snow. Sometimes, he would be seen in a daze, with shadows of dreariness beneath his eyes as if he had sunken into a marshland, now on the brink of death. His eyes were obscurely dim, without a hint of life. Yet when you asked him questions the next moment, he could laugh like any other day, as if the scene you previously saw was merely a hallucination.

Wen Bai leaned against his chair. He arched his head back as he gazed at the colours of dusk outside his window.

How did Wen Qing live through these past twelve years?

Did he often sit idly on the balcony and smoke for an entire day? Did he think about him and Yan Han? Did he ponder about his future?

Did he think about how he was going to leave… a person he had stayed together with for twelve years?

The sky gradually darkened and the first evening lights lit up.

Wen Bai silently gazed at the heavy traffic and crowds of people outside.

Wen Qing… do you ever feel like this world is void of love?

Chapter 30

“Okay, I’ll give it to you for this price. If I didn’t think you looked so handsome, I wouldn’t even be willing to rent this place out at such a price,” the landlady clamoured. She then told him a few rules before asking Wen Qing every question possible about his family situation. It wasn’t until she heard Wen Qing say he was unmarried that she happily left.

Wen Qing looked at the pile of mess covered in dust in the house and helplessly laughed.

However, the price was still considered cheap. The building had two floors. A shop was situated on the lower group whilst he could live upstairs. The location was also pretty good with a school just across the road, so he should be able to earn some money from opening a dessert trap. It would at least be enough to maintain his livelihood.

Wen Qing was currently in a small county. Even though it was a county, it was still quite prosperous because it was situated in between two cities. It wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t prosperous, he hadn’t seen himself live much of a happy life before anyways.

Wen Qing lifted the corners of his lips before he rolled up his sleeves and started unpacking.

No matter how meaningless life was, one still had to do something to keep oneself busy.

By evening, he had just about finished unpacking.

He was so tired and casually took a cold shower. He got into bed and pulled the blankets over himself before closing his eyes as he got ready to sleep.

He tossed and turned.

After a long while, he opened his eyes.

He couldn’t fall asleep. Perhaps it was because the bed was too hard, or maybe because an aura of obsolescence kept lingering in the room. It could even be due to the fact that his stomach was hurting from skipping dinner.

Wen Qing slightly curled his body into a ball and used the palm of his hand to press against his stomach.

Wen Qing smiled silently. Even he felt like an idiot himself.

Why did he escape to such a small place like this after they had already broken up? He was purely getting himself into hot water.

No matter what, he should’ve went and gotten a huge break up fee before leaving. Twelve years. He had probably shortened his own life span by a few years for the other person. What a loss.

Are all humans greedy? He clearly didn’t have any hope for victory, yet he refused to leave.

He kept harbouring extravagant hopes that perhaps he would get something in return.

Wen Qing squinted his eyes and his smile gradually disappeared.

A few strands of moonlight shone in as it silently and calmly soaked his pillow.

Luckily, he retreated on time.

Despite the fact that he had once hoped it could last for a lifetime.

And even if they deceived each other.

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