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Gaze at the Scenes of Debauchery

 Chapter 4

Seeming like he had suddenly remembered something, Yan Han asked, “You ate out?”

“Yes.” Wen Qing held the cigarette in his mouth and nodded his head as he tidied the bowls and chopsticks.

“I’ll try to come back for dinner in the future. Try wait for me as well so we can eat together.”

“My stomach hurts if I eat dinner too late these days.”

Yan Han felt a bit awkward and quickly smiled before considerately replying, “Why is your stomach acting up again? If that’s the case then you shouldn’t wait for me. Your stomach is important.”

Wen Qing nodded, turned around and walked into the kitchen as he carried the dishes.

He looked nonchalant as if he didn’t see the kiss mark on Yan Han’s neck —— a kiss mark left by someone else.

At night when Yan Han hugged Wen Qing and was ready to fall asleep, Wen Qing suddenly said, “I want to find a job.”

“You’re bored from staying at home?”

“A bit.”

Yan Han thought, does Wen Qing want to go to the company so it’s more convenient to check on me like he did before? Well, I haven’t made a move on the young ones in my company for a long time now. And so he said, “I’ll let the secretary to organise a job for you tomorrow.”

Wen Qing softly laughed in mockery, “What’s the point in earning your wages.”

“Does my Wen Qing want to help other people work?” Yan Han spoke in the same shameless tone he would often use back when they were still affectionate.

Wen Qing played along with him, “That’s right, I don’t want you anymore.”

The other man made small talk with him for another while before drifting off to sleep.

The moonlight seeped inside through the gap between the curtains. Wen Qing’s vision was clear and bright. He wasn’t sleepy at all.

People…why have they changed?

They were clearly so madly in love with each other at the beginning as they pledged eternal loyalty to each other until the end of time. The force of their love was enough to make the sky fall, and the earth crack. Wen Qing slowly released Yan Han’s hand that was wrapped around his hip. He sat up, grabbed the cigarettes on the bedside table and went out to the balcony.

He still remembered back then when he quit his job to put his whole heart into caring for Yan Han in his daily life. He gave up his career ambitions he had as a man, and took on the role of a housewife that had been previously cast aside.

As he believed that even without a job, staying together with Yan Han could still completely fulfill his spiritual needs. He was willing to be the man who stood behind in Yan Han’s shadows.

Back then, he had wanted the other to quit smoking because he was considering their individual health as to have a longer future together. Now he didn’t even care that much about him sleeping with someone else. And as for the future?

Ha. Wen Qing lifted the corners of his lips and used his middle finger to tap off the cigarette ash.

Yan Han probably thought that the reason he wanted to get a job was the same as before: to go investigate him at the company.

Wen Qing smoked his cigarette as he squinted his eyes.

Chapter 5

When Yan Han looked in the mirror as he was washing up in the morning, he saw the mark on his neck that was made by the prostitute yesterday afternoon and furrowed his brows.

Did Wen Qing see?

Wen Qing had already prepared the breakfast downstairs and was currently drinking milk.

Yan Han cleared his throat, “Why didn’t you call me when you got out of bed?”

“You seem tired recently, I wanted you to sleep for longer. It wouldn’t be too late if I woke you up when the right time came around.”

“Oh, you’re still the one who cares about me.” Yan Han smiled as he pulled out a chair and sat down.

Yan Han reached his hand out and scratched his neck. Wen Qing looked up at him.

“My neck is constantly itchy, it seems like I got bit by a bug.”

Wen Qing nodded his head, “There does seem to be a small red patch.” He stood up and took out a tube of ointment from the first aid box and placed it into Yan Han’s briefcase.

“I put the ointment in your bag. If your neck is itchy then don’t scratch it. Remember to put the ointment on.”

“Okay.” Yan Han nodded and sighed in relief.

Wen Qing found a job that very day.

It wasn’t hard to find a job with his top grade certificates and many years of work experience. It was just that he didn’t think that the CEO would actually be his classmate from back when he was studying overseas.

The CEO was called Fang Qi and their relationship was pretty good. Even though they lost contact for a long time, they still had that tacit understanding between them from the past when they worked together.

Fang Qi promoted Wen Qing after around two weeks of working at the company. He also gave him an assistant called Wen Bai. However, it was merely an assistant on the surface. What Fang Qi actually wanted was for Wen Bai to learn from Wen Qing in regards to work.

Fang Qi talked to Wen Qing. He said that this young man was pretty dependable so he wanted Wen Qing to pass on his expertise, and if he had any needs at any time he could also ask the other person to do anything.

Wen Qing agreed with a smile. Yet, he didn’t dare make his assistant actually carry out the jobs of a normal assistant such as pouring beverages. It seemed like Wen Bai was someone with a background.

He started spending less time with Yan Han as he was busy with work.

Auntie Zhang[1] also started to become responsible for the food at home. They would pretty much only greet each other in the morning and at night. As for the remainder of the day, one of the two of them would either be away from home or fast asleep.

After a while, Yan Han felt like this couldn’t keep on going. He needed to find some time to have a chat with Wen Qing.

[1] 张姨 It literally means Auntie Zhang, however in this case, instead of a relative, she’s a housemaid. 姨 (Auntie) is usually used to call any female who is of a middle age.

Chapter 6

Wen Bai sent him home that night. They had discussed a case outside with other people until it was very late.

Wen Qing was a bit tired and it just so happened that Wen Bai proposed to send him home. Wen Qing was also too lazy to go back to the company building and get his car so he returned home in Wen Bai’s car.

It was Wen Bai who opened the door for him when he got off the car. Wen Qing smiled and ruffled the hair of the young man who was taller than him by half a head before he left.

“Rest early.” Wen Qing said.

“Okay, you too.” Something Wen Qing couldn’t quite grasp flashed in Wen Bai’s eyes.

When he came back home, Yan Han was sitting on the sofa and watching the news.

Wen Qing loosened his tie and sat on the side. Yan Han asked, “Did you eat dinner yet?”

Wen Qing nodded, “I did.”

Yan Han reached out his hand and wrapped it around Wen Qing’s shoulder. He lowered his head and kissed Wen Qing’s neck. He mumbled unclearly, “You’re too busy recently.”

Wen Qing’s neck was ticklish so he couldn’t really bear with Yan Han’s bite. His body trembled and he softly hummed back.

What happened next was a plotline that both people were familiar with.

It wasn’t over until both people were completely exhausted. Yan Han held Wen Qing who’s body was limp in the bathroom and helped him clean up.

“Why don’t you quit your job.”

Wen Qing squinted, “I don’t want to. I can earn money.”

Yan Han paused for a moment, “You know, we don’t lack that small wage of yours.”

Wen Qing didn’t say anything, Yan Han thought that his words might have slightly hurt Wen Qing’s pride and said, “Don’t tire yourself for that small amount of pay.”

Wen Qing vaguely hummed back in response, “Talk about it later.”

After Wen Qing woke up the next day, he discovered that last night was quite rough for him. His hip and legs even slightly trembled when he walked.

There was also a red mark on his collarbone. Wen Qing pulled his shirt collar higher.

Wen Bai came to his office to hand in some business files. When the other was waiting for him to sign it, Wen Bai suddenly asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Wen Qing shook his head, “No, why?”

Wen Bai pointed to his neck, “So that means you have a boyfriend?”

Wen Qing placed the pen down and looked at Wen Bai with a forced smile.

Wen Bai’s eyes darkened. He walked out of the office carrying the files that Wen Qing had finished signing.

Wen Qing looked at the back of Wen Bai’s figure and squinted his eyes.

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