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Chapter 478: Heart Linking Gu
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The white robed man did not get released in the end. Although he seemed to have a grudge with the Vermilion Blood Clan, once You XiaoMo thought of the reason he had been imprisoned in the forbidden area, he particularly did not wish to free him.

You XiaoMo one-sidedly maintained that he did not have any blood relationship with the white robed man. He put the blame on the genetics of the bloodline for why they looked exactly alike. It was just like some families where the appearance of the ancestors would be inherited after a few generations. This example was not without any basis.

It was rare for Ling Xiao not to refute his Ah Q style self-consolation.

t/n: Ah Q is a character from an episodic novella written by Lu Xun, the True Story of Ah Q. Ah Q is famous for “spiritual victories”, an euphemism for self-talk and self-deception even when faced with extreme defeat or humiliation. Ah Q is a bully to the less fortunate but fearful of those who are above him in rank, strength, or power. He persuades himself mentally that he is spiritually “superior” to his oppressors even as he succumbs to their tyranny and suppression.

They stayed in the Amaranthine Mountain for two days. The two did not have the desire to stay longer and were preparing to bid their farewells to Xiong Xiao and the rest.

Wei Bai hastily asked Fu CangQiong to bring him over upon knowing that they were about to leave.

At the junction where they were to part, Wei Bai grasped You XiaoMo’s hand, “I don’t know how many years it’ll be before we can see each other again. If it’s possible, I hope…”

“That…”, You XiaoMo interrupted him, “I’m going to be in ZhongTian’s XiaoYao Institute for the next few months. If you want to see me, you can see me any time by using a Dimensional talisman.”

Wei Bai, “…”

The mood that had brewing after much difficulty was suddenly disrupted.

Ling Xiao was definitely not wrong, You XiaoMo was absolutely synonymous with a mood killer.

“I have something to request of the both of you.” Fu CangQiong could not bear see the disciple he doted on the most feeling embarrassed, so he stood up and said, “I believe that you two know of the wounds my youngest disciple suffered. I have not been able to heal him even after more than two hundred years. It was only until a while ago where I finally found a particular type of magic pill. Not only can it heal the injuries of my youngest disciple, but it can also restore him to the state before he had the injury.”

Wei Bai was astonished. He had not aware of this.

There was no change in Ling Xiao’s expression as he asked, “Which kind of magic pill is Alliance Head Fu talking about?”

“It’s a type of six-colored pill.” Fu CangQiong’s gaze fell onto You XiaoMo as he encouragingly complimented, “I’ve heard that you have a seven-colored soul. You’re already a level ten mage at such a young age and you shouldn’t have spent much time cultivating. Your future is unlimited. I believe that you will be able to refine a six-colored pill one day .”

You XiaoMo could not help but be elated after being complimented by a Sacred Realm expert.

Ling Xiao raised an eyebrow, “The remuneration?”

Fu Cang Qiong smiled, “You won’t be unsatisfied.”

Seeing them secretly deciding to cooperate, You XiaoMo could not refrain from interrupting, “With no pill recipe and without the magic herbs, I can’t make a six-colored pill if I have the ability to do so. Alliance Head Fu, do you have pill recipe for the six-colored pill?”

Fu CangQiong shook his head helplessly, “I’ve only found that the six-colored pill is called the Samsara Pill. It is a level twelve magic pill that needs one hundred and thirty-four types of magic herbs. I can find the supplementary herbs. But there are eight main herbs among the hundred and thirty-four types that are all very difficult to find. The herbs are level eleven to twelve magic herbs. I will give you a copy of the list. All costs will be borne by Cang Alliance. I will send people to continue searching for the pill recipe. Let’s collect all the magic herbs before we discuss this again.”

The Samsara Pill?

You XiaoMo had never even heard of it before.

However, since there was a ray of hope, it was better to prepare in advance rather than doing nothing and regretting it later even if there was no pill recipe.

Fu CangQiong had already specially picked out the eight magic herbs and handed the jade box containing the herbs to You XiaoMo on the spot.

You XiaoMo gave it a glance. These really deserved to be known as level eleven and twelve magic herbs. He had never even heard of a single one of the herbs and their names were also very weird. For example, there was a magic herb that grew on a skeleton called Something Ghost Herb. Was it because there were too many living things in this world?

Soon after, the two said their goodbyes and left the Amaranthine Mountain.

However, they did not leave the coverage area of the Cang Alliance immediately, rather they went to find Yin Ge. Something strange had been done to Feng ChiYun’s body. Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan could not undo it. The three people were hid in small village and waited two days in order to meet them.

Humans were the only ones living in the small village surrounded by dense bamboo forests. The stretch of green was extremely eye-catching and hiding here was definitely less conspicuous.

Yin Ge and Zhan Yu Xuan were surrounding Feng ChiYun while fretting when they arrived.

Feng ChiYun was still the same, with a lifeless face and the empty eyes. However, the only change was that Yin Ge had taken his mask and the mask put on by the Vermilion Blood Clan off Feng ChiYun’s face, restoring his handsome features. Sure enough, handsome guys were still easier on the eyes.

“How is he now?” You XiaoMo inserted himself between the two. Looking at the wooden Feng ChiYun, he could not help but stretch out his hand to poke his cheek as he randomly asked in concern.

Yin Ge’s gaze fell onto the finger that was poking Feng ChiYun’s cheek.

Zhan YuXuan took out the jade box that Yin Ge got from that the disciple from the Vermilion Blood Clan, “He’s still the same. I think it should be related to Gu inside this jade box.”

t/n: As per Wikipedia, Gu is a poison from a legendary venomous insect created by sealing several venomous creatures (e.g., centipede, snake, scorpion) inside a closed container, where they devour one another and allegedly concentrated their toxins into a single survivor. Gu was used in black magic practices such as manipulating sexual partners, creating malignant diseases, and causing death. Imagine Gu as parasite that will live feeding on your mind

You XiaoMo was about to take the box. Once he heard the word ‘Gu’, he immediately pulled his hand back and clicked his tongue, “No way! A Gu?”

From behind him, Ling Xiao’s hand stretched out. He accepted the box and opened the lid. There really was a glittering white Gu lying inside, looking just like a fat worm about the size of a thumb. It exuded an ice-cold air.

You XiaoMo stretched his head out, “What’s the purpose of this Gu?”

“You can control Feng ChiYun’s actions by using this Gu. So we suspect that this is the mother Gu and the one inside Feng ChiYun’s body should be the child Gu. However, we have tried countless methods to draw it out to no avail. If there’s too much activity, the child Gu will feel uneasy and this would be life-threatening for the host.” Zhan YuXuan explained.

“Let me see.” Ling Xiao said as he passed the jade box over to You XiaoMo.

Yin Ge and Zhan YuXuan immediately got out of the way.

Feng ChiYun’s body suddenly trembled as Ling Xiao approached. Immediately after that, his fingers began twitching and then it was followed by his body. It was as if Feng ChiYun was feeling restless.

Ling Xiao retreated a few steps back. Feng ChiYun’s body calmed down again.

“What is going on?” Yin Ge desperately asked.

Zhan YuXuan pondered, “Could it be that the child Gu was afraid because it was able to perceive Ling Xiao’s strength?”

Ling Xiao stated, “It is not a child Gu. It should be a type of Gu king called the Heart Linking Gu. There are generally two halves that make up a Heart Linking Gu – one male and one female Gu. They are not classified as demon beasts as they were created by humans. In addition, the requirements for creating the Heart Linking Gu are extremely harsh, but they will become a powerful weapon if it succeeds.

“Other than being controlled, a person implanted with the female Gu will have their cultivation slowly devoured by it. The female Gu will pass on the cultivation it swallowed to the male Gu through the heart link. Finally, their master is able to forcefully take possession of the cultivation as their own through the male Gu. When the cultivation is completely swallowed up, the female Gu will continue to devour the vitality of the host until the host is dead.”

If there were any disadvantages, it was that the person who the female Gu is planted in could only follow the male Gu. It had to follow wherever the male Gu goes unless it was taken in. However, once it was taken in, it can never be removed. Therefore, this is probably the main reason why that damned You ZhenTian was willing to let a disciple carry the male Gu.

You XiaoMo swallowed, this was too horrifying, “Is there any way to remove it?”

Ling Xiao, “As long the male Gu is present, we can draw the female Gu out. But… …”

Yin Ge hastily asked, “But what?”

“The Heart Linking Gu is actually a great supplement. As long as two people who really love each other each take in one Heart Linking Gu and engage in sexual intercourse, it would lead to a refinement of the Heart Linking Gu, and one would be able to reach an unimaginable realm.” Ling Xiao had occasionally heard about the existence of a Heart Linking Gu.

Hearing these two words ‘sexual intercourse’, You XiaoMo and Zhan YuXuan subconsciously looked at Yin Ge. Yin Ge’s expression had no change, as if had nothing to do with him at all.

Ling Xiao calmly advised, “In my opinion, it is best to refine the Heart Linking Gu as soon as possible. If this was created by You ZhenTian, it is likely that he left an imprint on it. Maybe he can’t find it now because he’s too far away, but this will not necessarily be so in the future.”

The atmosphere became gloomy in a moment. Yin Ge croaked in a hoarse voice, “How should I do it?”

Ling Xiao walked to Feng ChiYun and grasped his shoulder before he trembled. This time, Feng ChiYun did not move about restlessly, “I will think of a method to control the female Gu in his body and let him awaken. You can discuss it with him at that time, but both of you will only have fifteen minutes.”

Yin Ge nodded.

The female Gu was afraid of fire. It was especially afraid of ZhiYang Sacred Fire.
t/n: ZhiYang = the peak of Yang. Yang is the positive energy, and Fire are most often seen as Yang energy, the energy that bring life. Opposite to that is Ying, aka negative energy, cold stuff are often seen as Ying energy.

Ling Xiao used the Qilin Sacred fire to draw the female Gu to a corner of Feng ChiYun’s body. Then he used a portion of the fire to surround it and prevent it from escaping from the time being, so that it would have no choice but to retreat.

“How is it?” You XiaoMo tried his best to sound less excited.

Ling Xiao did not reply, as Feng ChiYun who was on the bed suddenly let out a groan.

You XiaoMo immediately craned his neck out for a look.

Ling Xiao directly picked him up and walked out, “Don’t hinder them from doing things. If you really want to see it, I’ll let you personally experience it later.”

You XiaoMo’s blood that had been surging passionately immediately fell back to zero, and he was crestfallen as he was carried out by Ling Xiao.

Zhan YuXuan followed behind them and shut the door of the little wooden house behind him.

Inside the wooden house, Yin Ge gazed at the person he had been yearning for day and night. Feng ChiYun had finally appeared in front of him after they had been separated for ages. He was not a person who was good at expressing his inner feelings, but on the contrary, the excitement in his heart calmed down at this moment.

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