GDC Chapter 30

GDC Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Part 3 of Lhasa

One day, the leader of the Yueyan clan spent about half a month to hunt at night with his family. At midnight, without warning, they received bad news and hastened rapidly. After sadness, I just knew that someone was specifically destroying the protective coat and made the group a strong bad spirit. Besides that, I did not know anything. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

In most cases, few people knew about the tragedy that occurred in a small group, but the situation was then different. The Sunshot campaign was completed long ago, but Luanzang Hill’s siege ended. The surface condition seems to be quite stable. In this event, the sudden revelation of the whole world was that the return of a new Wuxian Road Patoriachi was a revenge, a discussion of the discussion that some were even exaggerated. However, because there was no evidence, the murderer was not found. Of course, Xiao XingChen did not sit and did nothing. He was willing to answer this problem and he learned the truth of Nagairaira. A month later, the murderer was finally found.

The name of the killing was Xue Yang.

Xue Yang was younger than XiaoChenChen. It was nothing but a boy. However, he certainly did not care about his atrocities only when he was young. From 15 years of age, he became a criminal Kuizhou area widely known for his radiant smile, non-human resources and cruel personality. Each expression changed while he grew up in conversation. When he was a child living on the street, it was told him that Nagairaira’s father had created the hatred he had during the years. He has committed this crime for reasons such as revenge.

When Xiao Xingchen knew the truth, he went to three provinces, Xue Yang fought against others. When you use the discussion meeting, to discuss the most complex methods of practice in the organized denominations to face the LanlingJin Džinlingas tower segment, Xiao XingChen took him, and explained the situation, and asked for severe punishments.

His direct evidence, most steps, apart from LanlingJin Sect, has no object.

Wei WuXian is, “arguing in such a situation is to put yourself in the world. I’m wondering that this is Yang Jing is a Guangshan lover?”

Lan Wang Ji, “Gastino.”

Wei Wuxian is, “he was the apprentice of strangers? Then, Lanlingjins specialty was one of the four most prominent seats right?” They invited criminals to become a viesmīci Why?

Lan Wang Ji: “This is the second connection.”

He said “Because of the tig of the tiger, I saw Wei Wuxian.

Wei WuXian’s heart was hitting the shot.

The phrase was certainly not her stranger. On the contrary, none of these three words was known to him.

It was the worst and most famous among all the spiritual weapons he had acquired while he was still living.

When Wei Wu Xian first created it, he did not think much about it. Of course, he is sometimes bored by the dominion of his body and spirit once. He remembered the rare iron ore he had probably seen in the animal and he used it to convey the sign of a Tiger.

However, when Tiger Stamp was made, it was used only once, before it turned out to be more damage than good.

The battery power of the Tigro instrument was much larger than what I imagined. He initially wanted to use it to help him, but his ability was almost beyond his creator. In addition, it did not solve any landlord. Those who knew whether they were good or bad, friends or enemies could use it.

After the seal was forged, Wei WuXian, there was no fact that there was no thought of its destruction, as a seal has been created very hard, he pays both time and energy to destroy It would be very difficult. At that time, he no longer knew that he was not in good circumstances, and sooner or earlier he hated it. With a useful weapon like Stinger Tiger Stamp, others did not act bravely, so I kept it on the stand. He separates the seals on both sides, so it’s easy to get together and can not be used without thinking.

He used it twice, and both times caused great blood flow. First of all, I was in the sunshot campaign. After reusing it, he finally decided to destroy half of the stamp. Before he had completely destroyed the other side, Luanzang Hill’s subversion took place and has since surpassed his ability.

On the way to its creation, Wei Wu Xian,

Its creation For the Wakian Road, it arranges a temple with it, and it provides incense daily, but the rest of the tiger stamp even makes seats, which were only works of scrap metal. However, Lang Wang gave him a shock of shock – Xue Yang seems to undo the other side of the seal!

Although Xue Yang is young, he was also a smart and unique eccentric. The lovers’ sects revealed that the other half of the seal can be compiled on the other side approximately. The updated version was not as powerful, it could be impossible for a long time, but it could have already had a terrible disaster. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Wei Wuxian realized they had to defend him because “Lanling Jinam must keep Zu Yang, so he can update the Stig Tiger stamp.”

Perhaps, Xue Yang would not fully avenge what he had done with her when he was young, and probably ruined Chan Cheung. He probably tried this living human clan, which was the strength of the new string of Tiger Stinger!

No wonderful rumors connected with him. Wei WuXian represents the culture of those who experience most teeth: “We WuXian, if we do not do that, our world is not expensive catastrophes!”

Back in the original thread of the conversation, what happened at the Jinling Tower lasted.

LanlingJin sects decided to protect Xue Yang, but Xiao XingChen was not opposed. Continuing the killing, they were impressed by ChiFeng-Zun, Nie MingJue, who were not going to participate in the discussion meeting. He pushed over the golden tower from afar.

Nie MingJue refused to take Xue Yang acting firm despite the fact that Jin Guang Shan was the youngest. In angry speech, Jin GuangShan remained without words and much confusion. Like his enthusiastic boy, Nie MingJue did not put his sword on the site to kill Xue Yang. Even when his younger brother Lian Fang-Zun Jin Guangjao tried to alleviate the situation, he ordered him to leave. After heavy molding, Jin Guangjao hiding behind Lan XiChen and said nothing. After all, LanlingJin’s sect can only give.

Since Xue Yang was taken to Xi Xingin at the Jinling Tower, he was not afraid. Even though Nie MingJue’s tooth was pressed against his neck, he still smiled. Before he met me, he talked to Xiao CingChen sincerely. “Daozhang, will you not forget me? Let’s wait.”

At this point, Wei WuXian knew that “please wait and see” Xiao XingChen can pay a heavy price.

The LanlingJin’s sect was a denomination with a really fat face. Jinling Tower, promised that all the sects before Zoo Yang had promised to leave Mingjue from NIE as it seemed, but they quickly hid Zhu Yang in the jail, the first for life The decision was changed. When asked about this, Nie MingJue entered the road and was again forced. Lanlingjin organized the series and refused to give it to Xue Yang. All other believers saw them out, but soon after, Nie Minjee died in Chi’s prejudice.

He grew up sooner than the other leader of Nisekt, and both died quickly.

Because it was difficult to deal with people, LanlingJin Secto became increasingly cautious and began to think of bad ideas. Jin Kwang Shan made Xge Yang difficult the Dungeons and continued to restructure and tested Stygian Tiger Seal.

But it was not at all proud. Even without justified reasons, it was impossible to save the Dungeons’ entire murderer’s family.

So they took care of Jang Ping.

Persecution Lanling Jin finally overthrow the sect, correcting his words just null loans and Spiedoja Pyeongchang to cancel all his previous speech. He said that Jang Clan’s help had nothing to do with Xue Yang.

When hearing the news, Xiao Xingcheen visited her and learned about it. Pyeongchang has no doubt to say: “If I do not allow it, the rest of our clan, people are not safe for a long time, Please help, do not help me, caused by me … Daozhang I’m very grateful, but I do not want to end the YueyangChang section.

So the tiger returned to the mountain.

We Wuxian were silent.

If he had Pyeongchang, he would leave this case, he would not worry about the serious or powerful LanlingJin sect, or how much to offer him forward, it would not be. Instead, he would give him a jail, cut Xue Yang, it would be just a seam of meat

If he had Pyeongchang, he would leave this case, he would not worry about the serious or powerful LanlingJin sect, or how much to offer him forward, it would not be. Instead, he went to his jail, because the zoo Yang cracked, until he would be nothing more than a pile of flesh on the ground, regretting the fact that he was born in this world always has been called his mind to repeat the process.

However, all were not similar to him, but they had priority for the destruction of enemies. Some of the Jang Clan’s people still lived. Nagaira is young and unique, taking the first step to cultivation. In spite of whether he was growing threatened by other families and future growth, he had to think carefully.

Of course he does not himself. Instead of fighting, he could not worry or worry, and he could not cause physical and psychological pain in the champion.

After the launch of Xue Yang, he returned to revenge. However, this time Xiao Xing was not a revenge.

Xiao XingChen left the mountains only, there were no families. He had only a friend he met later and was called Son Ran. Song Ran was also a time grower. He was a just and decisive man and had enough gratitude. Both wanted to make sectors that considered common philosophy rather than bloody relationships that made them the closest friends. People of the time were written like these – Xiao XingChen – a bright moon and a gentle breeze; ZiChen song is far from the snow and cold island.

Xue Yang knocked his hand to this side. Repeating his past techniques, he pulled out the Song Dynasty, which Song Dong raised and used this dish to blind the eyes of Lana’s songs. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

This time I have trusted that he will not leave evidence with the experience of eradication of sects. Everyone knew that he was the one who made it, but what is his use? There was no evidence. And thanks to the careful protection of Jin Guang Shan and the intense death of ChiFeng-Zun, no one could do anything.

We Wuxian felt a bit strange. From him we are together with Wei WuXian’s previous experience with him, which he also likes to consider as if it seemed to run-Wang, he can not stand in opposition maybe more complete than Nie HuaiSang’s brother I have done. Lanlingjin’s name was probably a scary way to do something, and Lan WangJi did not worry about it. So far he has always refused to go to nominations for a debate meeting. In the case of two brutal massacres, the news may spread throughout the world’s cultivation, without Wang Ji, surely, they will not see them. Why did he come and did not give Xue Yang what is right for him?

While he was ready to ask, the disciples remembered the scars that struck him.

One of the sketches of discipline will be quite heavy. When Lan WangJi made a serious mistake and received many eyes, he probably returned several years. Perhaps he will hear his sentence at the time of the event or wait for the injury to sound. It is not surprising that he had heard just what happened what he said.

For some reason, in his heart, Wei Wuxian handled these scars justly. However, because he was embarrassed to hear directly, he is now, defended his mind: “So what and what happened to Daozan-Zaiao XingChen?”

What happened later was a truly tragic end. When he leaves the mountain and teacher, Xiao Xingchein promised never to leave. He is, as it was a man of his word, not the blind in the absence of Song LAN’s absence, seriously injured, he asked him to save his friend, his pledge and re-transmitted Bauthan’s orchid song I broke the residence of Sanrna.

BaoShan SanRen agreed that he was a teacher and student in the past. So Xiao Xingchein once again left the hill, never met again.

A year later, Song Lan left the hill. Surprisingly, his eyes were completely blinded again and saw the light. However, even though Baoshan SanRen’s medical skill never created a miracle, and isolate Xiao XingChen … the eyes, only for those of him, the orchid of the song that was involved in this context Give it.

Son Ran first wanted to find the revenge of Xue Yang. During this time, Jin Guang Shan has already died. Jin Guangyao took over the designation of Lanling Jin and a secretary leader. What he did first after he caught a power to show that things were different were to eliminate Xue Yang.

Despite the fact that Mr. Stig Tiger Woods have not been mentioned again, he has also dropped off the fame and restored the reputation of the designation. Filo Ran looked for the place’s friend before. First, I asked him where he was traveling. After a while he disappeared. In addition, Yue Yang Chang Sect was a small family, who did not usually hear. And so many things have gradually disappeared.

When preparing to hear a long story, Vei Wuxin spoke in a low voice. If Xiao XingChen was born a few years ago, he reached the end of something not related to him, because he felt that he met, was really … or I was a couple of years. If you later died, then things were not done so. If I lived, how do I not take part in this matter? How do I like this person?

Shortly after he was bitter, did I do anything? What can I do? If I still live, maybe the case of Yue Yang Chang will not need to be controlled before someone decides I’ve done it. Dao Sang · Zai Ao XingChen came to me and I invited him to drink together when I talked to him and he (haha) the possibility of calling me in the horsetail.

They had already walked to a nearby cemetery along the Chan-habit. Wei Wuxian saw the tangan red letter “Chang” to pailou, asked, “Why did Pyeongchang die, who killed other members of his clan?”

A series of explosions occurred between the blue chairs before Rana Wangji was answered.

The noise sounded like a door, but that was not. The explosion was carried out without rest, by force and speed. As if something differed from the outside world, they were very sore.

Their face changed quickly.

At present, more than fifty people from Yueyang Chang, a sect lying on their coffin, came from inside to the cover of her coffin. They are afraid of death at night, crazy with madness at the door, but no one allowed it.

The waiter in the clothes said it was a coffin in the Jang Clan’s tomb!

However, the waiter stopped long before saying he had been deceived ten years ago. Why will they again shoot?

Without a word, Wei Wuyi and Ran Wang smoothed breathing and moved a soft sound without emitting a sound.

They saw a hole in the center of the cemetery between the tomb stones.

It was a deep, newly formed hole, with a dirt around. These are the hole.

What was an important digging?

Both stopped breathing, waiting for a man to leave alone in the hole. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

At one hour, both of them woke up from the open tomb.

Wei WuXian and Lan Wang Ji could say that this is only two because they have a good eye. These two seemed like binoculars. People who had other things on the back were connected quickly. Both took clean black clothes and it was very difficult to inform others.

The screwdriver had a long leg and a long hand, standing on his back and standing. What he did, seemed dead, his head and members were hanging. That was just natural. When the tomb was taken away, he should have died. Who was expecting to be insomnia.

As he thought, suddenly, it looked terribly shaken.

It’s a thick mass of black mist on the face of a person, it has become impossible for everyone to see how their faces and looks look like!

Wei Wuxian knew he had to conceive a strange witch to block his face. Ran King fled Bishchen and arrived at the cemetery and began to fight. The breeder’s response was very fast. Bishhen’s blue sword When he saw the brilliant attack, he made his hands and also called a sword’s sword. The brightness of the sword was like his face surrounded by a thick fog, so he did not know how color and style it was. With his back on the back, fun children fought a strange fight. Two scenes have been found twice. Lan Wang returned to Bichen and held it in his hands, climbing the coat of the island to his face.

Wei Wuxian knew why his face suddenly began to grow. This was even in the battle so that he could say that Barberier was very familiar with the sword of Run / Wang!

Ran king did not say anything. Bichen’s attack deeper and deeper attacked enormous power. The rake has left several times. As if he knew he could not defeat the Ranch at the back of the dead, and if they were still fighting, This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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