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Chapter 45 Allure—Part Three

For some reason, tonight, Wei WuXian felt a bit too guilty to still dare squeezing himself onto the same bed as Lan WangJi. He spent the rest of the evening sitting on the ground and fell asleep sometime during the night, his head leaning on the wooden bed. At dawn, he vaguely felt someone lift him up with gentle movements and place him onto the bed. Struggling to open his eyes, Wei WuXian could see Lan WangJi’s still-indifferent face.

He immediately felt more awake, “Lan Zhan.”

Lan WangJi answered with a “mnn”. Wei WuXian asked, “Are you sober or still drunk?”

Lan WangJi, “Sober.”

Wei WuXian, “Oh… So it’s five already.”

Lan WangJi woke up at this time every single day, which was why Wei WuXian learnt how to tell the time without looking out the windows. He held up Wei WuXian’s wrists, of which both were covered in reddish marks. He took out a small, turquoise porcelain bottle from within his sleeves and applied the contents. The areas that the smooth ointment had been spread on felt soothed at once. Wei WuXian squinted, “It hurts… HanGuang-Jun, you’re so rude when you’re drunk.”

Lan WangJi didn’t even look up, “You reaped what you had sown.”

Wei WuXian’s heart skipped a beat, “Lan Zhan, you really don’t remember what you did after you were drunk, do you?”

Lan WangJi, “I do not.”

Wei WuXian, That’s probably true. Or else, he would’ve already killed me out of embarrassment.

In his heart, he found it both good and unfortunate that Lan WangJi didn’t remember. It felt as though he’d secretly done or eaten something he shouldn’t have and was hiding alone in a corner, snickering at how nobody found out but disappointed that he couldn’t share the delight with anyone. Involuntarily, his eyes caught sight of Lan WangJi’s lips again.

Although the corners never lifted, his lips looked quite soft, and did indeed feel quite soft.

Wei WuXian unconsciously bit at his own lips and started to space out again, The GusuLan Sect is so strict, and Lan Zhan isn’t romantic at all, so he definitely hasn’t kissed any girls before. What do I do now? I happened to have received the grand honor. Should I tell him? Will he be so angry that he starts crying after he knows? Oh, well… He might do so when he was young, but probably not now. And it’s like he’s a monk made of wood. It’s possible that he’s never even had such thoughts before… Wait! The last time he was drunk, I asked him ‘is there anyone you like’, and he said yes. Maybe he’d already kissed her? But judging from Lan Zhan’s habit of self-restraint, he’s probably really careful about not crossing any lines. They probably never kissed, or even held hands. Speaking of it, maybe back then he didn’t even understand which type of ‘like’ I was talking about…

After Lan WangJi finished applying the ointment, somebody knocked three times at the door. Lan SiZhui’s voice came through, “HanGuang-Jun, everyone is up. Will we be leaving?”

Lan WangJi, “Wait downstairs.”

The group left the city and was parting ways before the city’s tower. Originally, the disciples weren’t as familiar with one another. They had only visited the others during discussion conferences at their respective sects. However, during these past few days, they’d been through both the cat corpse’s incidents and a thrilling day at a haunted city with the others. They’d even burnt paper money, snuck liquor, argued, and cursed other people together. In summary, they already knew one another quite well. Before the departures, all of them were reluctant to leave, taking their time in front of the city gates to discuss when to visit one’s discussion conference and when to night-hunt at another’s place. Lan WangJi didn’t hurry them, either. He let them chatter on as he himself stood silently under a tree. Under Lan WangJi’s eyes, Fairy didn’t at all dare to bark or run around. Crouching under the tree as well, it stared anxiously at Jin Ling, wagging its tail at him.

Taking the chance that Fairy was being watched by Lan WangJi, Wei WuXian grabbed Jin Ling’s shoulder and walked for some time.

Mo XuanYu was one of Jin GuangShan’s illegitimate sons, which made him a half brother of Jin ZiXuan and Jin GuangYao. In terms of the generations, he could be considered Jin Ling’s uncle as well. Thus, he walked as he righteously talked to Jin Ling in a patronizing tone, “When you go back, don’t keep on arguing with your uncle. Listen to him. Be careful from now on. Don’t run around trying to night-hunt alone again.”

Although Jin Ling was from a prominent sect, rumors didn’t let anyone off. With both of his parents gone, it was only natural for him to want to prove himself to others as soon as possible. Wei WuXian continued, “What are you? Fifteen? Most of the disciples around your age haven’t hunted any amazing beasts either, so why should you be so eager and strive for such a first?”

Jin Ling sulked, “My uncles were also fifteen-or-so when they became famous.”

Wei WuXian commented in silence, That’s not the same! Back then, the QishanWen Sect was still on top and everyone had to watch out. If they didn’t fight and cultivate as much as possible, who knew if they’d be the next one to run out of luck? During the Sunshot Campaign, you’d be hauled to the battlefields no matter if you were fifteen or any other age. Now, since the situations is stable and the sects are at peace, of course the atmosphere isn’t as tense and people don’t cultivate like they’re crazy. There’s no need anymore.

Jin Ling added, “Even when the dog Wei Ying was around fifteen when he killed the Tortoise of Slaughter. If he could even do it, why can’t I?”

Hearing his name come right after the word before it, Wei WuXian blood run cold. He somehow managed to shake off the goosebumps on his back, “He was the one who killed it? Wasn’t it killed by HanGuang-Jun?”

After the mention of Lan WangJi, Jin Ling looked to Wei WuXian in a strange way. He wanted to say something, but held it back, “You and HanGuang-Jun… Nevermind. It’s your own business. Anyways, I don’t care about you guys at all. Have fun being cut-sleeve. The disease is incurable.”

Wei WuXian grinned, “Hey, how is it a disease?”

He was laughing in silence, He’s still thinking that I’m shamelessly nagging Lan Zhan?!

Jin Ling continued, “I already know the meaning behind the GusuLan Sect’s forehead ribbon. Now that it’s already like this, then stay by HanGuang-Jun’s side properly. Even if you’re a cut-sleeve, you should be a modest one. Don’t go about messing with other men, especially people from our sect! Or else, don’t blame the results on me.”

The “our sect” that he said included both the LanlingJin and the YunmengJiang Sect. It seemed that his ability to tolerate cut-sleeves had increased, that as long as it wasn’t anyone from the two sects, he could turn a blind eye to it.

Wei WuXian disagreed, “You little brat! What do you mean ‘messing with other men’? I’m not that terrible of a person. Forehead ribbon? There’s a meaning behind the GusuLan Sect’s forehead ribbon?”

Jin Ling, “Come on! You know what it means. Stop getting so carried away. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Are you Wei Ying?”

At the end of his reply, he suddenly tossed out the straightforward question, taking Wei WuXian by surprise. Wei WuXian responded calmly, “Do you think we’re similar?”

Jin Ling was silent for a while. Then, he suddenly whistled and called out, “Fairy!”

Having been called by its owner, with its tongue sticking out, Fairy sprinted over. Wei WuXian broke into a run at once, “Be nice! What are you sending out the dog for?!”

Jin Ling, “Hmph! Goodbye!”

After he said goodbye, he proudly marched in the direction of Lanling, probably still afraid to see Jiang Cheng in Yunmeng’s Lotus Pier. The disciples from the other sects went off in different directions as well. In the end, Wei WuXian, Lan WangJi, and the juniors of the Lan Sect were the only ones left.

As they walked, the juniors couldn’t hold themselves from turning around and looking back. Although Lan JingYi didn’t say anything, the reluctance to leave was written all over his face. He asked, “Where are we going next?”

Lan SiZhui, “ZeWu-Jun is currently night-hunting in the Tanzhou area. Are we going to directly return to the Cloud Recesses, or go over there to meet up with him?”

Lan WangJi, “Go to Tanzhou.”

Wei WuXian, “Great. Maybe we can even help him. We don’t know where next to search for our dear friend’s head, anyways.”

The two walked in the front while the rest of the boys followed some distance behind them. After walking for a while, Lan WangJi spoke up, “Jiang Cheng knows who you are.”

Wei WuXian was sitting on the donkey as it slowly trotted forward, “Yeah, he knows. What can he do, though? He doesn’t have any evidence.”

Unlike the possession of bodies, there was no evidence to the sacrifice of bodies. Jiang Cheng only determined the fact through how he looked when facing a dog, anyway. First, Jiang Cheng had never told anyone that Wei WuXian was afraid of dogs; second, only those familiar with him would be able to judge things based on reactions and expressions, since there couldn’t be any conclusive proof. Even if Jiang Cheng finally chose to stick flyers that said the YiLing Patriarch Wei WuXian was scared of dogs everywhere he could, everyone would probably still believe that the SanDu ShengShou had finally become crazy after searching for the YiLing Patriarch for so many times and failing every attempt.

Wei WuXian, “So, I’m actually really curious. Just how did you recognize me?”

Lan WangJi replied in a calm voice, “I am also really curious as to why your memory is so bad.”

They arrived at Tanzhou within a day. Before they met up with Lan XiChen, they passed a garden along the way. Seeing how the garden was big and majestic yet had no-one to care for it, all of the disciples went inside out of curiosity. As long as it wasn’t anything against the sect rules, Lan WangJi never stopped them, which was why he let them inside. In the garden, there was a pavilion and a few fences, a table and a few stools, all made of stone, for people to enjoy the scenery. However, through years of wind and rain, one corner had fallen off the pavilion and two of the stools had toppled over. There were no plants or flowers in the garden, only brittle branches and withered leaves. This garden had been abandoned since a long time ago.

After the juniors roamed eagerly around the garden for a while, Lan SiZhui spoke up, “This is the garden of the Damsel of Annual Blossoms, is it not?”

Lan JingYi was confused, “The Damsel of Annual Blossoms? Who is that? Does the garden have an owner? Why does it look so worn-down? It seems like nobody has been caring for it for a long time.”

Annual blossoms were flowers that had short flowering periods and only bloom during certain seasons. There were many varied types and colors, which filled the entire garden with fragrance when they bloomed. Hearing the name, Wei WuXian couldn’t help but recalled something.

Placing his hand over one of the pillars of the pavilion, Lan SiZhui thought for a while, “If I remember correctly, it probably is. This garden used to be rather famous. I read about it on a book once, in the chapter The Blossoming Spirit of the Florist Damsel. In Tanzhou there is a garden, and in the garden there is a damsel. Under the moonlight, if one should recite poetry, when she deems it fine, she grants them an annual blossom, the fragrance of which persists for three years; when she deems it poor or when the rhyming does not pass, she casts a blossom at their face, then fades away.”

Lan JingYi, “So if you recited the poetry wrong she would throw a flower at your face? Hopefully the flowers did not have thorns. Or else, if I were there to try, my face would definitely start bleeding. What sort of fae was she?”

Lan SiZhui, “I would not call her a fae. She was more like a spirit. The legends have it that the earliest owner of the garden was a poet. He planted these flowers himself and treated them as friends, reciting poetry here everyday. Affected by the emotions of the poetry, a spirit crystallized from the flora of the garden and became the Damsel of Annual Blossoms. When someone came, if their poetry was decent and allowed her to remember the one who planted her, she would be happy and give them a flower. If the poetry was wrong or did not sound pleasing, she would emerge from the bushes and hurl a flower onto the person’s face. The one who had been attacked would faint and realize that they had been thrown out of the garden after they woke up. Ten years ago, an endless number of people would come to this garden.”

Wei WuXian, “Romantic, romantic. But I know for sure that the GusuLan Sect’s Library Pavilion wouldn’t hold books that say such things. SiZhui, be honest. Tell us what book you were reading and who gave it to you.”

Lan SiZhui blushed and sneaked a glance at Lan WangJi, worried that he’d be punished. Lan JingYi asked, “Is the Damsel really pretty? Or else why would so many people come?”

Seeing that Lan WangJi had no intentions of scolding him, Lan SiZhui secretly let out a sigh of relief. Only then did he smile and reply, “She probably was. After all, she crystallized from such pleasant things and was such a romantic spirit. But in reality, nobody had ever seen the Damsel’s face. Because of how even if someone did not know how to compose poetry, it was more than easy for them to memorize a few poems, most people had received the Damsel’s flowers. Even when there came the rare person who recited wrong, they would not get to meet her since they were knocked out immediately. However… one person was the exception.”

Another boy asked, “Who?”

Wei WuXian let out a light cough.

Lan SiZhui, “The YiLing patriarch, Wei WuXian.”

Wei WuXian coughed again, “Uh, why’s it him again? Can’t we talk about something else?”

Nobody paid him any attention. Lan JingYi waved anxiously, “Be quiet! What did Wei WuXian do? He was such a big villain—what did he do, this time? Did he snatch the Damsel away and take her outside?”

Lan SiZhui, “Well, no. But, in order to see the Damsel’s face, he went out of his way to come to Tanzhou all the way from Yunmeng. Whenever he came to the garden, he would recite the poetry wrong on purpose so that the Damsel became angered, hit him with flowers, and threw him out. When he woke up, he would crawl back inside and continue to recite incorrectly. After this repeated for more than twenty times, he finally saw the Damsel’s face. After this, he would go about everywhere praising how beautiful she looked. However, the Damsel was rather irritated as well. She did not show up for quite a while. Whenever he came, she would pound him with a rain of flowers. The scene was truly more wondrous than any wonders.”

The boys bursted into laughter, “Wei WuXian was such an annoying person!”

“Was he really that bored?”

Wei WuXian touched his chin, “How was it boring? Who hasn’t done a couple of such things when they were young? Speaking of it, why do people even know about something like this? And it’s even seriously recorded in a book. That’s pretty boring as well, if you ask me.”

Lan WangJi was looking at him. Although still expressionless, an unusual glint hid beneath his eyes. He looked as though he was laughing at him. Wei WuXian thought to himself, Hey, Lan Zhan, don’t you dare make fun of me. I know at least eight—if not ten—of your embarrassing stories from when you were young. I’ll tell them to the boys sooner or later and destroy the inviolable, irreproachable reputation they have of their HanGuang-Jun.

He declared, “You children are so hyper all the time. You’ve definitely been reading idle books instead of focusing on cultivation. When you get back, make sure HanGuang-Jun punishes you by making you copy the sect rules. Ten times.”

The boys wailed, “Ten times even when doing the handstand?!”

Wei WuXian was also shocked. He turned to Lan WangJi, “Your sect makes disciples do handstands while copying? That’s awful.”

Lan WangJi replied calmly, “There would always be someone who did not learn their lessons by simply copying the sect rules. Handstands not only guaranteed better performance in the future but also benefited cultivation.”

Of course, Wei WuXian was the someone who never learnt his lessons. He pretended as though he didn’t know what Lan WangJi was talking about. Turning around, he found himself glad that he didn’t have to copy the scriptures while doing handstands.

In high spirits from listening to the stories, the boys decided that they’d camp at the Garden of Annual Blossoms for the night. Camping was common during night-hunts, anyway. The group gathered a pile of dead branches and dry leaves from around them and finished making the bonfire. Lan WangJi went away to patrol the area, not only making sure that their surroundings were safe but also setting up an array in case of any night attacks. Stretching out his legs, Wei WuXian sat by the fire. Now that Lan WangJi was gone, he finally had a chance to clear up his confusion, “Right. I need to ask you guys a question. Just what is the meaning behind your sect’s forehead ribbon?”

Hearing this, the boys’ expressions changed at once. They’d all started to stammer. Wei WuXian’s heart skipped a beat and then thumped faster and faster.

Lan SiZhui asked in caution, “Senior, do you not know?”

Wei WuXian, “If I knew would I still have asked? Do I seem like that bored of a person?”

Lan JingYi mumbled, “Yes… After all, you could even do something like tricking us to line up and look at that sort of thing…”

Wei WuXian poked at the fire with a stick, releasing bursts of sparks, “Wasn’t that for you to train yourselves and get out of your comfort zones? It really is effective. If you listen to what I say, you’ll definitely benefit from them in the future.”

Lan SiZhui seemed as though he was carefully choosing his words. He only answered after a long while of hesitation, “Okay. The forehead ribbon of the GusuLan Sect means to “regulate oneself”. Senior, you know this, right?”

Wei WuXian, “Yes. And?”

Lan SiZhui continued, “And the founder of the GusuLan Sect, Lan An, had said that one can only let go of all regulations when they are with the one they love and cherish. So, the message that has been passed down the generations is that, uh, our sect’s forehead ribbon is a special object that is very, very personal and sensitive. One cannot easily give another permission to touch it, one cannot take it off as they please, and one absolutely cannot tie it on someone else. It is prohibited. That is, unless, unless…”

He didn’t need to finish his sentence.

By the bonfire, the young, innocent faces blushed many shades of red. Even Lan SiZhui couldn’t continue speaking.

Wei WuXian felt almost half of the blood in his body rush to his head.

The forehead ribbon, the forehead ribbon, th-th-the…

The forehead ribbon was indeed quite significant!

He suddenly felt that he really needed some fresh air. He sprang up and darted outside, only managing to find his balance by holding onto the bark of a wilted tree. He exclaimed in silence, … Good Heavens! What in the world have I done?!

Back then, at Qishan, the Wen Sect held a grand Discussion Conference. The conference was to last for seven days. Each of the seven days’ entertainment had been planned to be different. One of those days involved an archery competition.

The rules of the competition were as follow. Any disciples younger than twenty were to enter the hunting grounds. Of the more than a thousand life-sized paper mannequin targets, only one hundred were possessed by fierce spirits. If one shot the wrong target, they were out at once. One could only stay in the competition of they continuously shot correct paper mannequins that held evil spirits in them. In the end, the disciples were ranked by who shot the most, who shot with highest accuracy, and so on.

In such an event, of course Wei WuXian would be participating as one of the YunmengJiang Sect’s contestants. Before the competition, since he had been listening to the sects’ debates for the entire morning, he was feeling unusually groggy. His spirits only lifted as he heaved the bow and arrows onto his back. Yawning as he walked toward the hunting grounds, he suddenly caught sight of a handsome boy with a fair face and a cold demeanor to the side of him. He wore a red round-collar robe with sleeves that had tight openings and a belt of nine golden rings. This was the uniform attire of all of the juniors who came to the Qishan Discussion Conference. On him, it looked exceptionally good. He had a dash of elegance, a few traces of vigour, but a whole lot of good looks. One couldn’t help but brighten up at the sight of such a boy.

The boy was in the middle of trying out his bow, carrying a bundle of arrows with white-feathered fletchings. Brushing past the bowstring, his slender fingers made the it sound as though it were a guqin string, strong yet beautiful.

To Wei WuXian, the boy felt a bit familiar. After he thought for a while, he finally remembered and greeted the boy with enthusiasm, “Hey! WangJi-xiong, it’s you!”

At the time, it had already been a year since Wei WuXian studied at Gusu and was sent back to Yunmeng. After he arrived at Yunmeng, he told the people there all about what he had seen in Gusu, especially things such as how although Lan WangJi’s face looked nice he was so stiff as to do this, so boring as to do that. Not long afterward, he had forgotten all about his days at Gusu and continued to fool around in the lakes and mountains. In the past, he had only seen Lan WangJi in the plain “mourning clothes” of the GusuLan Sect’s uniform, never in such a bright, eye-catching outfit. Along with that overly-pretty face of Lan WangJi’s, now that they met again, Wei WuXian’s eyes had momentarily been blinded by his looks, failing to immediately recognize him.

On the other hand, as soon as Lan WangJi finished testing his bow, he walked away at once. Awkwardly, Wei WuXian turned to Jiang Cheng, “He ignored me again. Huh.”

Jiang Cheng glanced at him with indifference, also deciding to ignore him. There were more than twenty entrances to the shooting range; each sect’s was different. As Lan WangJi walked toward the entrance of the GusuLan Sect, Wei WuXian sneaked over before he could. Lan WangJi shifted to the one side, and he shifted to the side as well; Lan WangJi moved to the other side, and he moved to the other side as well. In short, he simply refused to let Lan WangJi pass.

In the end, standing where he was, Lan WangJi raised his chin slightly. In a serious tone, he spoke, “Excuse me.”

Wei WuXian, “You’re finally gonna talk to me? Were you pretending that you didn’t know me or that you didn’t hear me?”

Not far away, the boys from other sects all stared at them. Some laughed, some exclaimed. Jiang Cheng clicked his tongue impatiently. With arrows on his back, he walked toward another entrance.

Lan WangJi raised his eyes coldly and repeated, “Excuse me.”

A faint smile by his lips, Wei WuXian raised his brows and turned to the side. The arch door of the entrance was rather narrow. Lan WangJi could only brush by him as he walked in. After he entered, Wei WuXian shouted from behind him, “Lan Zhan, your forehead ribbon is crooked.”

All disciples from prominent sects took great care to maintain their appearances, especially those from the GusuLan Sect. Hearing this, Lan WangJi reached to adjust it without a second thought. Yet, the forehead ribbon was clearly as proper as always. Turning around, he casted an annoyed look at Wei WuXian. The latter only laughed as he turned to the YunmengJiang Sect’s entrance.

After everyone had entered and the competition had officially began, one by one, disciples left due to accidentally shooting normal mannequins. With each shot, Wei WuXian brought one down. Although he was slow, he never missed once. The number of arrows in the quiver soon decreased by seventeen or eighteen. Just as he was thinking about what would happen if he shot with his other hand, suddenly, something drifted to his face.

Softer than even the touch of catkin blossoms carried by the wind, the object made Wei WuXian’s cheek itch. Turning around, he saw that Lan WangJi had somehow already walked near him. With his back facing Wei WuXian and front to a paper mannequin, he was in the process of drawing his bow.

The ends of his forehead ribbon danced in the breeze, gently brushing against Wei WuXian’s face.

He squinted, “WangJi-xiong!”

With his bow already in the shape of a full moon, Lan WangJi still responded after a short moment of hesitation, “What?”

Wei WuXian, “Your forehead ribbon is crooked.”

This time, Lan WangJi refused to believe him again. As he released his arrow, he replied without even turning around, “Ridiculous.”

Wei WuXian, “It’s true this time! It really is crooked. Just watch if you don’t believe me. Let me straighten it up for you.”

He proceeded as he spoke, grabbing the ribbon tail that kept on fluttering in front of his eyes. Alas, however, his hands were simply too unruly. In the past, he made a habit of pulling on the Yunmeng girls’ braids. Whenever he touched a strip-like object, he’d have the urge to tug it. Thus, without a second thought, he tugged it this time as well. However, since the forehead ribbon was already slightly askew, a bit loose, now that he pulled on it, it fell from Lan WangJi’s forehead at once.

The hand that Lan WangJi held the bow with immediately gave out a shiver.

He only managed to turn around after quite a long while. Slowly, his eyes finally locked into Wei WuXian’s.

Wei WuXian was still holding the soft ribbon in his hand, “I’m sorry. It wasn’t on purpose. Here, you can tie it up again.”

Lan WangJi’s expression was darker than ever.

It almost seemed as if a cloud of black fog hovered over his face. As he clenched his arrow, veins climbed over the back of his hand. He appeared so angry that his body was almost shaking. Seeing that even his eyes looked bloodshot, Wei WuXian couldn’t help but squeeze the forehead ribbon, Am I sure that the thing I pulled off is a forehead ribbon and not some part of his body?

Shocked that he dared to squeeze it, Lan WangJi snatched the forehead ribbon from his hands as fast as he could.

Wei WuXian let go the moment he snatched it. The rest of the Lan Sect’s disciples ceased with their attacks as well, and everyone came over. Arm around his younger brother, Lan XiChen talked to the unspeaking Lan WangJi in a low voice. All of the others seemed similarly serious, as though they were facing a powerful enemy. They shook their heads as they spoke, glancing at Wei WuXian with odd, indescribable looks on their faces.

Wei WuXian only heard a few vague terms, such as “accident”, “calm down”, “no need to worry”, “a man”, “the sect rules”, and so on. He felt even more confused. After glowering at him one last time, Lan WangJi turned around and walked alone toward the outside of the range.

Jiang Cheng came over and asked, “What did you do, this time? Didn’t I tell you not to tease him? Your day just won’t be complete unless you dig your own grave at least once, huh?”

Wei WuXian shrugged, “I said that his forehead ribbon was crooked. I was tricking him the first time but the second time was real. He didn’t believe me and got mad. I didn’t pull off his forehead ribbon on purpose. Why do you think he’s so angry? He’s not even participating in the contest anymore.”

Jiang Cheng mocked, “Isn’t it clear? It’s because he especially hates you!”

The arrows behind him were almost all gone. Seeing this, Wei WuXian got to work as well.

Throughout all these years, he never really paid much attention to this incident. In the beginning, he actually did doubt that the forehead ribbon held a special meaning to the Lan Clan. After the competition, though, he forgot all about it. Now that he thought about how the other disciples of the Lan Sect looked at him…

With his forehead ribbon taken off by a brat without any consent or whatsoever in front of everyone’s eyes, Lan Zhan managed to hold himself back from shooting Wei WuXian to death right then, right there—people with good manners were so scary!!! He was indeed worthy of the title HanGuang-Jun!!!

And, thinking about it some more, Wei WuXian realized that he touched Lan WangJi’s forehead ribbon more than just once after the incident!!!

Lan JingYi puzzled, “What is he doing, walking here and there like that? Did he eat too much?”

Another boy added, “And his face is switching between red and green… Is it something that that he ate?”

“We did not eat anything special in particular… Is it because of the forehead ribbon’s meaning? He seems a bit too excited. It seems like he really loves HanGuang-Jun a lot. Look at how happy he is…”

Wei WuXian finally managed to calm down after walking around a bush of withered flowers for about fifty times. Hearing that last sentence, he was between laughter and tears. Suddenly, he heard the noise of somebody stepping on dried leaves behind him.

From the sound of the footsteps, he could tell that it wasn’t a child. Lan WangJi had probably come back. Quickly adjusting his facial expressions, Wei WuXian turned around to see a black figure standing within the shadow of a dead tree nearby.

The figure was quite tall, quite straight, quite dignified.

It was missing a head, though.

Translator’s Notes

Fae: Previously translated as yao… It just didn’t seem right to have demon, ghost, monster, and all of a sudden a pinyin.

Catkin blossoms: Filling the skies with white, fluffy seeds, catkins have long been the subject of many renowned poets in China. Of course, in places like Beijing, it’s quite annoying for people with allergies.

*GUYS! I know a lot of you have read the novel already and want to answer questions for those who haven’t, but PLEASE don’t post spoilers!

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