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Chapter 10: Study

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After a week of recuperation, An Jiu’s wounds healed. During his recuperation, he didn’t relax. He still remembered that he should seize the time to learn the knowledge and common sense of this alien world.

Xia Qian’an was also helping to make An Jiu integrate faster. He tried to explain what An Jiu didn’t understand in plain words as much as possible. During this time, he would also have trouble in Mrs. Li’s place.

Xia Qian’an also tried to overcome his own obstacles and get along with the domestic servants. He used to be by himself, and it didn’t matter if he didn’t talk to others. But now he had another person in his life, and he was still an ancient man who didn’t understand modern common sense. So he thought he should also try to live a normal life. An Jiu would not stay at home with him all his life, so in order to help An Jiu, he tried to change himself, even though the process would be very difficult.

The change in Xia Qian’an was noticed by An Jiu early in the morning. Although he didn’t know the reason, An Jiu was very happy. It was a good thing that his master could change. After all, people were a group species. It was not good to be too lonely.

When Mrs. Li saw her Young Master’s change, she secretly wiped her tears. Recently, the Young Master’s condition had become more and more serious. She thought it would be impossible to cure, but she didn’t expect that things would change. Her Young Master now actively contacted people.

The source of Xia Qian’an’s change was unknown to An Jiu, but Mrs. Li was very clear about it. Since the appearance of the Young Master’s friend, the situation of the Young Master was gradually getting better. Now the Young Master seemed to be changing for him.

If An Jiu guided him to contact more people and actively cooperate with the doctor, it was not impossible for him to get better. She needed to find time to discuss this with An Jiu. Since he was a friend of the Young Master, it was okay to ask his friend for help, right? Mrs. Li pondered over it. Should she mention this to the master?


The Living Room

Xia Qian’an was dressed in cotton household clothes, nestled on the sofa, holding a cold cake, and eating it while watching TV. An Jiu was sitting next to him, looking at the book his master had chosen for him, and trying to digest the knowledge inside. As a shadow guard, fast learning was necessary. Fortunately, he had a good memory, and could basically write down everything after reading it once or twice.

Now the third stage of his study was to learn modern common sense. Of course, this study would take quite some time. After all, there was more to modern common sense. At present, he was focusing on the common sense of law and life. As for other fields, he would study slowly later.

An Jiu was watching intently. He used a silver spoon to scoop up a cold and sweet dessert and put it between him and the book. An Jiu glanced over at his master, then opened his mouth to eat and continued reading.

Xia Qian’an blinked and put his hand back, then scooped a spoonful into his mouth and continued watching TV. His expression was still serious, but his reddish ears betrayed him.

Those love guides were still very useful. Now, it was not very formal for him to get close to An Jiu. Xia Qian’an thought while eating cakes and occasionally feeding An Jiu. His attention was no longer on the TV.

A few days ago, Xia Qian’an went online to find out how those in love acted everyday. After all, he was a newbie in this respect, and there was no one around him to learn from. Unexpectedly, he opened a door to a new world.

The reason, of course, was that what he typed at that time was [the daily love between two boys], so he mistakenly entered the realm of fujoshi’s, and then he began to browse the web page, finally knowing the meaning of ‘gong.’

But he didn’t know how to divide the gong and shou, so he asked Mrs. Li if there was a problem. After eating the cake, Xia Qian’an took out his mobile phone and lay on the other side of the sofa. He wanted to lie on one side with his legs bent, but thinking about the guidance in the love guide, he stretched his legs out and put them on An Jiu thighs.

An Jiu didn’t turn his head to look at him, but leaned back and relaxed as much as possible to make his master’s legs more comfortable. He was not accustomed to his master’s more intimate actions, but he was happy.

He knew that these were checked by An’an from the Internet. An’an was trying to get along with him more intimately and so he would naturally cooperate with him. Moreover, he also liked this An’an very much. Even if he was shy, he would stick to the guide. It was lovely.

When Xia Qian’an found a comfortable position, he entered into a chat group. After reading the chat records, he began to ask questions.

[How to distinguish between gong and shou, and how to solve it?]

[Why? Caught a new one? I want to come and watch. ~(≧▽≦)/~]

[The new couple is so adorable, I want to touch.]

[As soon as I entered the rotten gate, I felt like I was in the sea. Since then, I have been a passer-by in the field of moral integrity, and another one has joined me to express a warm welcome. ~(≧▽≦)~]

[Newcomer, there are many types of gongs and shous. You still have to learn. When you read more novels, you will know.]

[That’s right. I’ve been a fujoshi for ten years. O(∩_∩)O]

[Mn… It is a master and a servant. The master is a modern man with a social anxiety disorder who went to ancient times. The servant is the shadow guard of the master, seeking analysis. O(∩_∩)O]

[Shadow guard is gong, master is shou! Identification completed!]

[Ah, I’m also cute. Shadow guards attack! ~(≧▽≦)~]

[The Lord is the shou for his servant, the loyal dog is the gong for him. Since he is someone with a social anxiety disorder and a precious young man who has passed through modern times… I’ve been able to automatically complete the story.]

[It’s a pity that most of the current novels are written for shadow guards. They are always gongs. The plot is not to my taste. Fortunately, the guards can have plenty of food and clothing.]

[Yeah? Seek links! Seek novels! I also want a seke!!]

[The character of a gong is implicit. What do they do when making sauce?]

[Of course, it’s the shadow guard who takes the initiative! There must be training in this aspect when training!]

[But do you think that as a shadow guard, he will take the initiative to communicate with his master?]

[I’ve been able to make up for the two people’s secret love for each other, but they implicitly refused to pick it out, and then misunderstood the sad reconciliation and misunderstood the tangled love of the sad reconciliation.]

[Your imagination is big, old fellow!]

[Then… Master will take the initiative? Isn’t he a modern man? Shouldn’t he be more open than the ancients?]

[Old fellow, did you forget that the setting of the protagonist is self closing?]

[In other words, would it hurt to be hurt by that?]

[What do you use as a lubricant?]

[If they take good measures, it won’t hurt!]

[Why? How do you know, have you tried?]

[I’ll tell you, how many pairs of people do I have around me?]

[You’ve exposed it!]

[Roll away!!!!]

Xia Qian’an looked at the contents of the chat, fell into deep thought, looked at An Jiu with the book in his hand without a trace, and then continued to ask them questions. Although he didn’t understand some of the things they said, their content was very useful.

[What is gay?]

[Newbie, how can you ask such a stupid question? Are you really a newcomer in the world of fujoshi?]

[Come here. Sister will give you some knowledge about gay films.]

[A delicate flower of the motherland, it’s so crooked. Indeed, it’s our duty to build a fujoshi society.]

After An Jiu put down the book and turned his head, he saw the quiet sleeping face of his master. An Jiu carefully removed his feet from his thigh, got up, bent over and picked up his master, then walked steadily up to the second floor. Xia Qian’an rubbed his head, found a comfortable position, and then calmed down.

After dinner, Xia Qian’an rarely went back to his room instead of going for a walk in the garden. An Jiu also went back to his room to continue reading. He was now seizing all the time to study.

When Xia Qian’an returned to the room, he locked the door, opened the computer and opened his email. There were several video links sent by the sisters.

After thinking about it, Xia Qian’an put on the earphone and clicked on the first video link. A few minutes later, Xia Qian’an’s face became more and more red, and his vision of watching the screen became more and more erratic. Suddenly, his hand shook, and he immediately took off the earphone, snapped the laptop heavily closed.

Then he fell onto the bed and covered his head.

“Young Master An, may I have a talk with you? About the Young Master.” Mrs. Li took advantage of the fact that the Young Master hadn’t got up yet, and wanted to tell Young Master An about his specific situation quietly, which was decided after careful consideration.

“Mn.” An Jiu nodded, Master’s matter? Indeed, he needed to know the details, and Mrs. Li, who had taken care of his master for many years, could provide him with information.

“That is to say, the Young Master… The reason for the change in An’an is because of me?”

“Mn, I hope Young Master An will have more interactions with him. It’s better to take him out to have a look… Alas, the Young Master hasn’t been out for a long time.”

“…Ah, I’ll try…”

After An Jiu and Mrs. Li finished talking, she turned around and left. He hated other people’s proximity, seldom talked with others, and didn’t often go out.

Am I the source of change? Master… An Jiu eyes become deep, his lips slightly curled. Then, master, let’s work together! You change for me, and I will become better for you.

An Jiu opened the door and walked in, only to see a cocoon on the bed, only half of his head was out of the covers and An Jiu’s eyes flashed a smile. An Jiu walked to the bedside, gently pulled open the quilt, and saw his master’s flushed face. Did he have a fever, was this the reason for wanting to hug the quilt to sleep?

“An’an, get up.”

“Ah… An Jiu?” Xia Qian’an opened his eyes in a daze, maybe because he just got up, his brain was a little confused, and his voice was a little coquettish.

“Mn, I’m here.” An Jiu bowed his head and kissed his master on the forehead.

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