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Chapter 9: Confession

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When the day was slightly bright, An Jiu woke up. It was impossible for him to have the habit of sleeping until noon every day. Maybe it was because his master’s breath was beside him, which made him feel at ease. And they were safe enough now. An Jiu only woke up once or twice during the night.

After An Jiu woke up, he opened his eyes, lay on the bed and looked at the crystal light in the ceiling without expression. After a long time, he carefully turned his head to the window and did not know what he was thinking. An Jiu was a person who was expressionless and couldn’t show any emotion. (Except, of course, when it was about Xia Qian’an!) He was unpredictable. He was also intolerable in the aspect of feelings, but he was still with Xia Qian’an.

The person beside him moved, An Jiu immediately looked back to his master, his eyes held a gentleness that he didn’t realize was there.

The face of the person in front of him was so delicate that he couldn’t be distinguished between the male and the female. His skin was very white, like a deathly white that hadn’t seen the light for a long time. He could see his blood vessels, a vibrant blue color at a close look. An Jiu thought of his master’s aversion to strangers, and now he had an explanation.

“…Mn.” Xia Qian’an unconsciously made a sound, his body rubbed against An Jiu’s side, his hands were still clasped around An Jiu’s arm, his eyelashes were slightly quivering. He was about to wake up, but he went back to sleep a few seconds later, presumably because the man next to him made him feel at ease.

The bed was very big and wide, and there were many places left for him to sleep on. This room was not Xia Qian’an’s bedroom as it was located on the second floor. Yesterday, he wanted to move An Jiu to the second floor, but he was still recovering and had to let An Jiu stay in the room on the first floor.

As for Xia Qian’an’s staying here, his explanation was that he was taking care of the wounded. However, this explanation was far fetched, and he knew the uneasiness of his master. So he put down what he had been abiding by in his heart. Maybe he also had some selfishness in his heart and wanted to be closer to his master.

As An Jiu thought, looking at his master’s eyes gently, his usually expressionless face loosened.

It was around seven o’clock and it was already bright outside. Xia Qian’an didn’t like the light and he would normally draw the curtains closed before going to bed. But considering An Jiu, he didn’t pull the window tightly last night. Now the sun was shining through the glass, Xia Qian’an frowned and opened his eyes.

After getting up, Xia Qian’an took An Jiu into the bathroom to familiarize himself with toiletries and teach him to use modern things. There were disposable toothbrushes in the bathroom. Xia Qian’an didn’t want to go back to the second floor, and so he had to make do with them.

Since An Jiu was a shadow guard, and the medicine Xia Qian’an gave him was better, hisinjuries were almost healed and there was no problem getting out of bed and walking.

After washing up, the clothes bought by Xiao Zhang, a driver entrusted by Mrs. Li, were also sent into the room. As soon as they left the bathroom, they saw several sets of clothes on the bed, and the things on the bed were also cleaned. After changing clothes, An Jiu walked out of the bedroom behind his master. As soon as he came out of the room and saw the outside, An Jiu was in a trance, but he quickly returned. His face was still calm and expressionless.

The floor was smooth and he could see his own reflection, and the walls around were also white and clean. The floor area of the room was very large, and filled with all kinds of things he hadn’t seen before. He felt like he had come to a magical place.

Xia Qian’an, eighteen, was the illegitimate son of his father. The real estate certificate of the house where he lived now was in his name. He lived in the suburb, and there were several villas nearby, but Xia Qian’an seldom went out and had not seen his neighbors. The surrounding air was good and quiet, which was suitable for him.

Although he was an illegitimate child, he was in a better position than other illegitimate children. After all, his character and illness made it impossible for him to compete for any family properties. Xia Qian’an seldom appeared in front of people except for necessary banquets or family gatherings.

Breakfast was milk, porridge and soup dumplings. Xia Qian’an first instructed An Jiu how to eat soup dumplings with the spoon to prevent him from being scalded. The soup dumplings were Xia Qian’an’s favorite. The soup inside was thick and fragrant and it tasted good. The dough outside was also very soft and Xia Qian’an could eat five or six in a sitting.

An Jiu ate one, and then looked at his master’s eyebrows and eyes. His master liked this kind of dumpling very much. Hmm… He also thought it was delicious, so he ate another one. His master’s life here was better than that in the palace, and there were no hidden dangers. The place where he lived could be said to be magnificent. No wonder he could cultivate his temperament.

After breakfast, Xia Qian’an took An Jiu back to the room to apply medicine. The wounds on An Jiu’s body had started to scab, though the deep ones would still need several days. After applying the medicine, Xia Qian’an sat on the chair beside the bed with a troubled look. He didn’t know how to explain this as it would be unbelievable to An Jiu.

“Master…” An Jiu doubted. His master looked a bit embarrassed, what did he want to say?

“Ah? An Jiu… In fact, I… I’m not your master.” Xia Qian’an said, his head slightly lowered, and he dared not look forward.

“…Uh huh.” When Xia Qian’an heard him answer, he was not in any mood. Xia Qian’an could not guess what he thought. He picked at his finger and went on.

“My name is also Xia Qian’an. I didn’t know why two years ago, I woke up and became your master. Well… You can understand that, before me, the body was your master’s but the soul was not.” Xia Qian’an tried to speak clearly. He didn’t speak very much, so he didn’t know how to express himself. The way he spoke was a little bumpy.

He was also a little uneasy and afraid that after An Jiu knew the truth, he would not be close to him. After all, he was not his master. He had to tell him the truth, since Xia Qian’an didn’t want to cheat him.

“Mn, I know, you have different personalities.” An Jiu looked at his master, attentive and loyal.

“Eh? You… You knew?”

Xia Qian’an looked up, shocked.


“So… Your feelings for me…”

“I have only the feeling of master and servant for my former master, but for you… There is a feeling of master and servant… ” An Jiu paused, saw Xia Qian’an was lost, and continued, “but the important thing is I love you…”

I know that you are not my master, so my love for you is better than my loyalty to you. My loyalty to the master is protection, and my love for you is protection.

“Then… It’s agreed… You can’t leave me…”

“Mn, I swear.” An Jiu reached out to wipe the tears off Xia Qian’an’s face gently. How could he make his master cry?

“Mn… Call me An’an later. It will be troublesome if you call me master.”

“…” An Jiu opened his mouth, thought about it, but could not call out. It… it was too intimate. An Jiu’s ears were a little red. Xia Qian’an unconsciously flirted with his own shadow guard.

“Ah? No way? But… names between lovers can… can be intimate.” Xia Qian’an blinked. He had some doubts as he remembered a TV drama he had seen before. That’s how it was on there.

Xia Qian’an had just cried. His eyes were wet and his pale face was stained red because of his shyness. An Jiu shifted his eyes awkwardly. Cough… Inexplicably, he felt that his master was a little… Cough… tempting.

At last, his shadow guard’s name became An Jiu, and the name of Xia Qian’an became An’an.

“Mrs. Li, clean up the room next to my bedroom, and… Contact the designer. I want to customize some clothes.” Xia Qian’an said, his face was a little unnatural and his body was a little stiff. He hadn’t seen Mrs. Li for two years, and he didn’t adapt to his approach.

“Yes, Young Master.” Mrs. Li said with a kind face. She had taken care of the Young Master since he was a child. This was the first time she saw the Young Master working hard to overcome his own obstacles and try to communicate with others for the sake of someone. Mrs. Li was a little jealous of the Young Master’s friend, although the man looked better than the stars on TV.

Xia Qian’an, in order to make An Jiu adapt to this place faster, took An Jiu to explore the house a little, and explained the function and usage of everything slowly. An Jiu thought that the world in the future was really amazing, and he needed to learn a lot now, so that he would not drag down An’an’s hind legs, and he needed to integrate into the life here as soon as possible.

When they were studying, Mrs. Li also walked by many times. Seeing that the Young Master could get along with his friend normally, Mrs. Li was very pleased. Unexpectedly, the Young Master could also make friends. But thinking that the man was covered in blood a few days ago, Mrs. Li was worried. His friend, didn’t have it easy? Was he the successor of a family who was almost assassinated by the enemy?

Hm, Mrs. Li admitted that she had been watching too many TV dramas of that kind. Her imagination was a little overzealous.

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