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Chapter 12: Change

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Since Xia Qian’an took the first steps, he had been ‘abducted’ by An Jiu occasionally. Sometimes going shopping, sometimes going out to learn more about the different times. Personal contact and experience would leave a stronger impression than just learning from books. An Jiu was very clear about this.

Of course, they could only let him go to places with only a few people, but with such a result, Mrs. Li and the driver uncle were very satisfied. They were also very happy that the Young Master could recover in a good way, so their attitude towards An Jiu was better.

Young Master An had a high face value and was sincere to him. Although it was not clear when he would leave, Mrs. Li hoped that he could stay for a long time, because his presence was beneficial to the Young Master’s recovery. After all, the Young Master had changed to the way he was now mostly because of him.

As for the change in Xia Qian’an, his eldest brother Xia Mujiang found out that his brother’s social anxiety disorder had suddenly changed, and there was a man of an unknown identity around him. He still viewed that with distrust. Regardless, he couldn’t make a big fuss about it, but he was waiting for investigation results; he felt that the man posed a certain threat.

“Watch them, and keep your eyes on him.”

“Yes, boss.” His subordinate left.

Xia Mujiang’s body relaxed and he leaned back. His fingers were tapping on the table regularly as his eyes stared indifferently at the computer screen, and he looked so serious that it was as though he was looking at some important documents.

However, at this time, there was a picture of two men on his monitor—An Jiu and Xia Qian’an. Someone had taken that photo secretly. The Xia family had great genetics; Xia Qian’an was exquisite and beautiful, but Xia Mujiang was cool and handsome, more like his father. Xia Mujiang did not care much about Xia Qian’an, his younger half-brother; what left the strongest impression was his illness and his delicate appearance. Oftentimes, he would get mistaken for a girl.

Among his father’s many illegitimate children, Xia Mujiang thought that Xia Qian’an was the most pleasing one, as he would neither fight for power nor cause him any trouble. Moreover, he learned things very quickly. He didn’t often go out to fool around, and few people knew his identity. As for what he wanted to do, Xia Mujiang was not against it. As long as it did not threaten the interests of the Xia enterprises, he would not mind even if he liked men.

An Jiu stayed for a few months, and a lot of documents, such as an ID card, were created with Xia Qian’an’s help. In modern times, ID cards were like a pass. Without it, there would be a lot of trouble, and one couldn’t do much without it.

An Jiu still lived in Xia Qian’an’s house. It didn’t matter if they were master and servant. Even after Xia Qian’an confessed to An Jiu that he was not An Jiu’s real master, An Jiu lived there under the terms of such a relationship.

Their daily life was plain and warm. Once every few days, they went out for a walk. Xia Qian’an was no longer so nervous that he turned pale as soon as he left home. At least he could keep his face as usual with strangers near him.

When they didn’t go out, they either stayed in the bedroom or in the practice room. An Jiu had almost remembered the modern ways, and he learned the modern characters as well. At the very least, he could read ten lines of modern simplified characters at a glance, and using modern communication like cell phones and computers was fine, too.

However, An Jiu seldom used computers. He really couldn’t understand some of the things. Sure enough, he stayed at his master’s side and observed. His antique thinking couldn’t understand the Internet language at all.

Xia Qian’an either practiced the piano or read books every day. Recently, he has had more things to study—after all, he was still at a college age. Although he did not go to school and stayed at home, tutoring was inevitable. 

He had been bothered by one thing recently—Mrs. Li had become aware of their relationship. One day, she happened to catch them while they were being intimate.

It was an accident. They were not so… um… open. To do that kind of thing, they did of course mind the time and place, and did it only in the bedroom and the practice room for the most part. They did not know that she would suddenly come in. Xia Qian’an didn’t know what expression to face Mrs. Li with these days. After all, Mrs. Li was the first person to know that they were lovers.

Mrs. Li was very upset, and couldn’t find someone to talk to about it. What was this relationship between the Young Master and Young Master An? No wonder the Young Master’s attitude towards him was different than towards others—but how to say it…

Master An was also a man. How could two men be together? How did they get to know each other? Why didn’t she know the Young Master had such acquaintances? Mrs. Li was puzzled.

After a few days’ secretive observations, Mrs. Li found that her Young Master and Young Master An were sincere, and she slowly admitted that her age was the reason for being unable to accept it. She decided to be more open-minded and less stubborn with new experiences.

Furthermore, it was the Young Master’s matter. If the Young Master was determined to be with Young Master An, she couldn’t object, could she? However, after accepting it, Mrs. Li had to worry about it again. Would the Young Master be on the more painful side as the bottom? After all, the body structure of men and women was not the same. Wasn’t her Young Master too weak?

Forget it. Don’t worry about it. Master An was there. So, Mrs. Li resolutely put her worries aside and went out to buy them some lubricant.

A few days later, Xia Qian’an found several bottles of lubricants by the bed, and his face went red. He or An Jiu couldn’t buy such things. Mrs. Li was the only one who knew, so it must have been her.

“What’s this?” An Jiu picked up the thing that Xia Qian’an had not yet hidden.

“… No… It’s nothing. Give it to me.” Xia Qian’an hesitated, his eyes twinkled, his face still pretended to be calm, but his red ears had exposed his embarrassment.

“… Is that right?” An Jiu looked at him. Although there was no expression on An Jiu’s face, he knew that Xia Qian’an reaction was strange.

“First of all… Ah…” Xia Qian’an was startled by An Jiu suddenly pulling him over, and he squeaked in An Jiu’s arms.

“Master… remember… I can read these words.” An Jiu’s deep voice reached Xia Qian’an’s ear.

Xia Qian’an shuddered and his heartbeat was faster than normal. Why did An Jiu make fun of him? He wanted to have back the old An Jiu who used to be silently by his side. Although this one was better than the previous, hadn’t he adapted himself too well to the idea of ‘love?’

“Mn… let me go first! Mn, mnn…” With his sensitive earlobes getting bitten, a shiver slowly spread all over Xia Qian’an’s body; drained of strength, he leaned onto An Jiu.

“Master…” An Jiu hugged Xia Qian’an and sat on the edge of the bed, with Xia Qian’an’s head resting on his neck. An Jiu’s long hair had been cut, and his shorter hair showed his face. When shopping, he had a high return rate.

“An Jiu, it’s… Daytime…”  Wasn’t it not good to masturbate in the daytime?

“Mn…” An Jiu muttered, leaned over to cover the other’s mouth with his own; he lightly licked his lips and then pried Xia Qian’an’s mouth open. He was gentle and careful. Even so, he still didn’t think it was enough. He was more and more addicted to his master’s taste. He should take his time; he couldn’t frighten his master.

Xia Qian’an, who was lost in the other’s kiss, didn’t notice. An Jiu’s eyes were so deep that they were like a black hole, sucking him in.

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March 1, 2020 7:13 pm

Thanks for the chapter! She is one awesome lady, 😂🤣, buying lube…🤣

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It is official Mrs. Li you are the best.

Thank you

June 18, 2020 4:53 am

Someone is getting eaten slowly. Hahah

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MrsLi is the best.
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Mrs. Li’s mindset is very good uwu. At least she’s not like some people. AND she bought them lubes ehehehehe

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No0o0o0 I’ll follow this cus I think this novel is cute nonetheless but An’An being the bottom is such a dissapointment. I kin him so much cus I also suffer from SAD and didnt want it to be used as a excuse for him to be shy(after all, I’m a top).
Hdheenwioai if anyone has any recommendations of the reater being a top/seme/dominant I’d like em 😔

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