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Chapter 72: Fifth World (13)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


For the time being, Samuel left behind a lot of the Holy Church’s crap. After Samuel led the Templars to the frontier, he began to try to deal with favors for ordinary people. Because of their disappointment with the Holy Church, the people put their hopes on the Son of God. When they learned that the Son of God was coming, they were so excited that they almost cried with joy. Although they were all poor and hungry because of being plagued by demons, they still took out the food they had collected and offered it eagerly. After all, this food was their most precious thing.

Samuel didn’t show the slightest dislike for the gifts offered by the people. He accepted them willingly but didn’t force them to give him anything. He thanked the people sincerely. Even though the Templar Knights of the Holy Church, who were born noble and were used to a life of luxury, found these ordinary and even inferior foods extremely difficult to swallow, with the Son of God as an example, no one was willing to show their own delicacy and pickiness. They all swallowed them with a cherished attitude, mimicking the Son of God with a smile.

Without the high, solid and isolated walls between the Holy Church and the commoners, the Knights of the Holy Church went into the public, eating the common food that the common people ate, and living in tents with poor conditions on the front line. Soon, these Knights, who were not bad hearted, firm-minded and still had simple beliefs, abandoned the bad habits of the aristocrats, realized the value and loveliness of the ordinary people, and reversed the class concept that had been engraved in their own consciousness. They were deeply moved by the people’s trust, dependence and respect for them, and their sense of responsibility and desire to protect was unprecedentedly high.

At that moment, they were not only fighting for the glory of the Holy Church. More importantly, they were using their weapons and holy light in their hearts to protect the thousands of people behind them.

Among this team who was gradually persevering with a simple style, the only one who still enjoyed special treatment was Bai Duan.

Long before he decided to leave the Holy Church, Samuel put a lot of delicacies and treasures into his space ring, enough for Bai Duan to eat and clothe himself. Every time he went back to camp with Bai Duan, Samuel would secretly open a small kitchen for him, trying to feed his thin, white and tender lover.

That’s how selfish he was. Samuel chased the Templars out of their warm nests, dragged them to the front line to hone them, and reversed their three outlooks. However, he did not want Bai Duan to deal with the same things at all. Instead, he hoped that he would still live as luxurious as he did in the Holy Church.

As for Samuel’s care, it would be false to say that it didn’t touch Bai Duan’s heart. He tried to refuse, but every time Samuel was so excited that he would press him on the bed, hold him in his arms and feed him with his mouth. There was a saying that went: ‘as a servant, one is not qualified to refuse the master’s request,’ so, he could either eat it himself, or…he was forced to eat them in a ‘special’ way, and then could also perform the ‘important’ duties of a ‘close’ servant.

Bai Duan’s strength was low, and he couldn’t resist the strong Samuel. After struggling many times, he chose the former, looking regretfully into Samuel’s eyes. Then Samuel looked at Bai Duan’s lips and licks his own lips.

Bai Duan suddenly felt a cold chill down his back, “…”

Sometimes, he couldn’t stand the Son of God. His mouth was always bitten, okay?!

It was clear that he was more cooperative in bed, but somehow, Samuel was always struggling, as if he would never be satisfied. Did he rely on the protection of the holy light and his strong recovery ability? That’s not how the holy light should be used!

Although there was no sense of decency, Samuel made his little servant angry. Samuel was still the Son of God who was ‘respected by all the people’ and ‘holy and noble.’

Under the influence and guidance of Samuel, the group of Knights, who still had pure faith and had no hesitation to leave the Holy Church’s greenhouse, had become a brave, pure and firm army. When they had great righteousness in mind, the holy light on their weapons was more dazzling and powerful.

The Knights felt this change, were more firm in the path they found, and more confident in Samuel, who lead them in the right direction, and regarded him as their one and only commander and true master.

As for the filthy and depraved Holy Church? It was no longer where they belonged.

The people wholeheartedly trusted the Knights to protect them and gave them the purest faith. The Knights wholeheartedly gave back to them and protected them from being attacked by demons.

This kind of emotional interaction formed a virtuous circle, which made the always turbulent border calm and stable, and also greatly hardened the purity and cohesion of this team.

After polishing his future team, Samuel was finally ready to complete another wish of his original body; the plan of destroying the coming demon attack.

Now, the Templars had grown up a lot, which made the demons feel great pressure. Samuel could clearly feel their stupidity and uneasiness, and that they were no longer calm and stable while he was gathering strength.

The Holy Light had always been the nemesis of demons. Only when the holy light was declining could they dare to expand their ambitions. Now, however, under Samuel’s direction, the holy light in the hands of the Knights had the hope of rekindling. The demons absolutely did not want to see this come true, nor did they dare to delay at all.

Even if they were not fully prepared, they had to fight hard and gamble on their natural enemies in order not to waste their long-term preparation and eliminate their foes.

All Samuel had to do was to give that final push and urge the demons to act as soon as possible for everything to go according to his plan. Because he wanted to go deep into the devil’s nest, Samuel made perfect preparations in the early stages of his departure, so as not to accidentally capsize the ship by the dock.

Of course, in order to pretend that it was a pure ‘accident,’ he didn’t tell the rest of the people about his plan, and also successfully fooled all the Knights. However, he couldn’t deceive Bai Duan’s eyes.

Although he was not a qualified ‘servant’ and often ignored his master, Bai Duan never ignored Samuel’s every move — initially it was due to vigilance, but later the reason for his attention gradually changed. Bai Duan didn’t have a God’s perspective of Samuel’s overall situation and didn’t understand the other party’s plan, but he had an instinctive feeling and quickly noticed Samuel’s ‘abnormality.’

Standing behind Samuel, Bai Duan said with a quiet voice, “What are you going to do?” 

Samuel’s actions were stiff. He suddenly felt like he was experiencing heart failure for being caught doing bad things behind his lover’s back. Standing up, he turned to Bai Duan and gave him a teasing smile, “Why? You care about me?”

Unfortunately, Bai Duan didn’t believe his playful and smiling face at all. His expression was abnormal and indifferent, “Are you going to do anything dangerous?”

Samuel gave a dry cough, but he had no choice but to spread out his hands, “I really want to do something a little dangerous, but don’t worry, I have the right measures. I will come back safely,” he said softly.

Bai Duan pursed his lips and his face grew ugly, but he knew that he could do nothing. Although he had some skills, he was not opportunistic. Even if he followed Andre and Samuel to learn a few moves later, he could not be used in the battlefield at all. What’s more, the enemy they were facing was a demon that had no weakness except the fear of holy light. Bai Duan, who was a mortal and had no holy light source in his body, could only become an anchor to Samuel. Even if he reluctantly followed, he would only be making the other side’s situation more difficult.

So it didn’t make sense to ask. Even if he knew what dangerous measures Samuel was going to take, he could only watch the other party leave. Bai Duan’s face was extremely ugly. Samuel tried to calm his mood, but he needed to leave.

“I have to come back…” Leaning down and kissing Bai Duan’s forehead, Samuel tried to make the atmosphere less grave. “You haven’t admitted to our relationship, that from body to heart, everything belongs to me. How can I risk myself before hearing that?”

Bai Duan didn’t answer, and for the first time he didn’t refute. He silently followed Samuel out of the camp, watching him meet with the Knights who were ready to go, and get on his horse. When he went back to his tent, he found that his palms were punctured by his fingernails and his flesh was dripping blood.

Even though he restrained his feelings and constantly reminded himself of the inexplicability of his feelings, Bai Duan still couldn’t resist Samuel’s ambiguous provocations and tender, considerate care. But now he was gone.

When Samuel was with him all the time, he could still deceive himself. But when Samuel left his sight and faced a dangerous situation alone, Bai Duan could no longer ignore his real thoughts.

Even though the feeling was abrupt and weird, Bai Duan had to admit that he really liked Samuel and could not leave him or face the possibility that he may be harmed. Even though he knew that Samuel would never risk his own safety or fight an unprepared war, Bai Duan still couldn’t help worrying and panicking. Was this the so-called ‘love’? He was not under the control of reason, even if he knew the rough road ahead, he could never look back.

With a slight exhalation of breath, Bai Duan finally gave up the struggle completely, and the heavy stone that had been pressing on his heart was also obliterated in a flash, turning to dust. For the first time, he felt so relaxed and comfortable.

If Samuel could come back safely this time, he would admit it. Even if he was not as humble and noble Samuel and could only be a hidden lover forever; even if he finally believed wrongly and became the victim of the other person’s love game, it didn’t matter. This was his own choice, and he would have no regrets.

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