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Chapter 58: Cornflower

Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Neither of them was interested in holding a wedding, so after getting the marriage documents, they flew back to China and began Lu Shang’s recovery training.

Lu Shang’s rehabilitation period lasted for one and a half years. Apart from indoor training which were guided by a coach. Li Sui accompanied him as Lu Shang trained by climbing the hill every day. There was a country park around five kilometers away from the Lu house. There was a healthy hiking trail in the country park and it was a good place to train.

At first, Lu Shang could only climb half a kilometer of the trail, it was obvious that at the end of the trail, he found it difficult to even raise his feet. Whenever Lu Shang reached the steeper part of the trail, Li Sui would keep close behind him. Li Sui was afraid that Lu Shang might accidentally fall. Fortunately, Lu Shang had strong willpower, he seemed to be fine except for some panting after a long hike.

“How do you feel? If you feel any discomfort, don’t hide it.”

Lu Shang stared at his own palm and gasped, “I’m just a little hot and somewhat itchy…”

Li Sui laughed and said, “Itchy? Maybe because your body hasn’t exercised for a long time. Just take it slowly.”

“Is this what strength feels like?” Li Sui clenched his hand into a fist, he seemed to be surprised.

“Yes…” Li Sui looked at Lu Shang’s face, he felt happy but at the same time a bit sad. Lu Shang had been suffering from illness for so many years. For him, “feeling uncomfortable” was the norm. Now, his body was slowly recovering, he could feel the strength in his hands and feet again, and he was suddenly full of energy almost every day. It was natural for him to find that incredible.

Li Sui stared at the ring on Lu Shang’s ring finger, he reached for it and said, “Come with me for a walk in the woods.”

It was dusk, so many elders were playing chess in the park, the two of them strolled through the hiking trail while holding hands, that attracted a lot of people’s attention.

A little girl carrying a basket past by them, Lu Shang saw a bouquet of cornflower in the basket and stopped, “What day is today?”

“The 7th of June.”

After Li Sui replied Lu Shang, he himself immediately remembered as well, “We should go pay our respects to the ancestors?”

Lu Shang smiled lightly, “Hmn. This year, I need to take you to meet my parents.”

Since Lu Shang said “meet his parents”, Li Sui naturally dared not be late. He got up very early and changed into a formal suit, they drove to the flower market together.

The flowers were carefully selected by Lu Shang himself every year, this year was no different, Lu Shang bought a bouquet of blue cornflowers that were all blooming beautifully.

“Why Cornflowers?” Li Sui helped Lu Shang get the bouquet into the car.

“Do you want to know? It’s a little long.”

T/N, Yes, this chapter is so long ToT

Li Sui nodded.

“As you have heard, my father was a soldier and went on missions while hiding his heart condition.” Lu Shang said slowly, “In one of those missions, besides him and several other military personnel, there was also a German army doctor from Red Cross.”

“A German army doctor?”

“Hmn. My father’s physical fitness was quite good, he was much better than me. Most of the time, he was no different from a healthy person, and he hid his condition very well. But during one of the missions, the army doctor found out about his condition. Instead of reporting it, the doctor gave him a lot of support and treatment.”

“The original plan of that mission was to go across a mountain, then ambush the enemy at night. Unfortunately, there were heavy rains, so the only bridge leading to the other side collapsed. They changed their route, but that new route involved going through a minefield. Originally, the plan was feasible, since they had a map listing out where the landmines were, but unexpected there was a mole and the map got swapped out.”

“That’s dangerous.” Li Sui asked.

“Yes, since the map was swapped out, it means that the marked points were inaccurate, it would be very dangerous for them to cross. They were all soldiers and commands were everything. They didn’t want to miss this opportunity to attack the enemy, so they decided to send a person to demine the place1.”

Li Sui said, “They wanted to send your father?”

Lu Shang nodded, “My father was often alone since he wanted to hide his condition, so he was suspected of being the mole. After their superiors gave the order, he decided to obey and took on the task. He also knew that there was a very slim chance of survival, so before leaving, he went to bid farewell to the doctor, he also gave the doctor a Cornflower as a token of thanks, which was Germany’s national flower.”

Lu Shang paused for a while before continuing, “But unexpectedly, before leaving, the doctor injected him with some anesthesia. He changed into my father’s military uniform, and went for him.”

Li Sui was slightly shocked.

“When my father woke up and hurried to find the doctor, it was too late. His lower half was blown to bits, leaving only a charred body behind. It was said that inside the doctor’s burnt palm, the small Cornflower was still in good condition.”

“After the mission was successfully completed, the mole was found. They came back and was met with high praises. My father was awarded the position of senior officer by his superiors for his outstanding contribution, but he refused. He left the army and started a company with some of his comrades2.”

After hearing the full story, Li Sui didn’t know what he was feeling in his heart, “That army doctor…”

Lu Shang smiled lightly, “You want to ask, did they have a thing?”

Li Sui turned his head away a little as Lu Shang looked out of the window, “He’s probably the only one who knows the answer to that question… We’ve arrived.”

Lu Shang walked up the stairs and turned back to see Li Sui wearing a sad face. It seemed that Li Sui had not yet recovered from the sadness of the story, Lu Shang asked, “What’s wrong?”

Li Sui held Lu Shang’s hand tightly and said with a smile, “Fortunately, we were born in a time of peace.”

” I don’t think we should compare ourselves with them. I’m different from him. He’s healthier than me.” Lu Shang looked at Li Sui and laughed, “But I’m luckier than him.”

Li Sui smiled back.

The two of them climbed up the stairs hand in hand. When they reached the top, they ran into Meng XinYou.

“It’s you?” Her gaze went past Li Sui and fixed on Lu Shang. She was a little confused. After a while, the shine in her eyes turned dim. She turned back to Li Sui and said, “Have you also come to visit old Lu’s grave?”

Li Sui nodded.

Meng XinYou did not shy away and said directly, “He looks just like Lu Shang. You’ve been looking for someone like this for a long time, haven’t you?”

Both Lu Shang and Li Sui were stunned. Li Sui understood, Meng XinYou did not recognize Lu Shang at all. That wasn’t too surprising, given that Lu Shang had been doing a lot of rehabilitation exercises for months. Compared with the past him, he was looking much healthier. Plus, he was wearing his leisure clothes, so it was a little hard to tell that they were the same person.

Li Sui did not argued and nodded a bit.

Meng XinYou sighed, “You really did love him a lot. He has been gone for so long, but you still can’t forget him.”

“How have you been lately? I haven’t thanked you for what happened in the shareholders’ meeting before,” Li Sui said.

Meng XinYou looked blissful as she said, “That’s nothing. And I’m a mother now.”

“Really? Congratulations,” Li Sui felt happy for her from the bottom of his heart.

The two of them had brief exchanges, while Lu Shang went to the grave first on his own.

Maybe it was just Li Sui’s imagination, but he found the smile of the man in the picture much kinder than before.

“You don’t have to worry about my heart condition anymore,” Lu Shang placed the flowers on the tombstone and sat down on the ground. “I’m married. I’ve brought him here to meet you. Whether you like it or not, I’m with him for life.”

“Dad, you used to say that people like us should keep to ourselves and not drag others down with us. I didn’t do as you said, but I’m still doing pretty good now, aren’t I?”

There were footsteps behind Lu Shang. Li Sui knelt down beside Lu Shang and held his hand, their rings touched, Li Sui turned to the man in the photo and said, “I will take good care of Lu Shang. You can rest assured, as long as I breathe, he will never starve. If I wronged him in anyway, you can come to haunt me anytime.”

It was a pious and solemn speech, at least Li Sui thought it was, but Lu Shang laughed all of a sudden instead.

“What are you laughing at?”

Lu Shang didn’t cease laughing, he said to the tombstone, “Did you hear that just now? You can haunt him anytime.”

Up on the mountain, a timely light breeze blew past them. Lu Shang stood up and patted the dust off his clothes, “Let’s go.”

“So soon?” Li Sui quickly followed behind him, “Say, when will you go to my hometown to see my mother?”


The shadows of the two men faded away from the graveyard. In front of the tombstone, the blue cornflowers swayed gently in the wind, as if someone was smiling and nodding at them3.

Half a year later, at the front gate of the prison.

A skinny old man walked out with a bag. Li Sui looked at him twice, he exchanged a look with Lu Shang, who was in the car. After getting an affirmative response, Li Sui took a deep breath and walked forward to carry the man’s bag for him.

“You are…” The old man’s turbid eyes stared at Li Sui, and after a moment, the man’s expression changed, “You are…”

Li Sui did not answer his question, he only said, “Get in the car, we should get something to eat first, then you should get a hot bath.”

“Son…?” The old man looked at Li Sui with tears in his eyes, his hands were trembling violently.

Li Sui didn’t hurry him, he just stood beside the car door and let the man look at him all he wanted. Li Sui was tall and handsome, and he had a strong temperament. When compared to the old man in front of Li Sui, no one could see a trace of their father and son relationship.

Nearly twenty years had passed, while Li Sui didn’t have any deep memories about this man, he didn’t enjoy seeing the desolation in his eyes.

When the car started moving, the old man finally calmed down and asked, “Were you the one who helped reduce my sentence?”

Li Sui glanced at Lu Shang, “It’s not me, it’s my spouse.”

The old man was shocked, “Your spouse? Why didn’t she come with you?

Before Li Sui answered, the old man responded and said, “Oh… It’s better that she doesn’t.”

Lu Shang who was driving turned his head back and asked Li Sui, “Should we go to the school first or eat first?”

“Go to the school first, we should deal with the paper works first.”

The old man didn’t understand, “Where are we going?”

“I have arranged a job for you, you will be topping up the students’ electricity usage cards. You only need to work three days per week, they will provide you with food and a place to live in. You will have winter and summer holidays as well, the welfare provided are the same as teachers.”

As the old man listened, a little bit of loneliness showed in his eyes. When he started thinking a little bit more though, he also found this treatment natural. Li Sui had already overdone it by helping him get out of prison, he even prepared a life for him. With how the man treated him and his mother before, it was a real wonder that Li Sui was willing to help him. Naturally, Li Sui had no obligations to accompany him, plus he had his own family now.

The place they were dining at was near the school. Li Sui ordered a few dishes and an extra bowl of winter melon and shrimp porridge, he also ordered some omelet egg rolls.

“Don’t add any seasoning in the porridge. Spread the omelet thinly,” After ordering, Li Sui handed the menu back to the waiter.

The old man looked at Li Sui’s polite temperament and he was full of doubts.

Lu Shang parked his car and walked into the restaurant. He sat down beside Li Sui and said with a smile, “Nice to meet you, I am Lu Shang.”

“Nice to meet you too…” The old man squinted at the two men across the table and he sensed that something was odd.

After the food was served, the man finally realized what exactly was odd. His son was too concerned about this man called, Lu Shang. The shrimps’ intestines were not cleaned out, so Li Sui just naturally took the porridge. Then he picked out all the shrimp one by one, cleaned them and gave them back to Lu Shang. He was so meticulous that it was obvious that they weren’t just ordinary friends.

The man then looked at Lu Shang, he was eating with a somewhat familiar, polite temperament. He also accepted Li Sui’s care very naturally, as if they did this every day. During their meal, Li Sui’s mobile phone rang once. Li Sui took the mobile phone out of his own pocket then naturally handed it to Lu Shang. The old man caught a glimpse of the pair of matching rings they were wearing, and he was shocked.

After seeing that, he had a lot of mixed feelings and he didn’t even remember the taste of the food anymore.

After lunch, the two men brought him to the school’s dormitory. Li Sui helped him clean the room while Lu Shang went to get some daily necessities for the man. When everything was done, it was already late in the evening.

“I’m not going to have dinner with you then. This is from Lu Shang. You can take it,” Li Sui handed him a card. “I will come and visit someday.”

“Son,” The old man stopped him.

Turning back, the old man’s eyes were full of complex emotions, “You… Is he your spouse?”

“Yes, we are married.”

The old man seemed to have something to say, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he knew he was not qualified to question him. What kind of life Li Sui had in the past years? What kind of experiences did he encounter? What did he liked? As a father, he did not know the answers to even a single of those questions.

“Father, be a good person in the future,” Li Sui moved his eyes away, his gaze lowered to the ground, “When you have time, go to Mom’s grave and burn some incense.”

The old man looked at him and nodded slowly, “Okay…”

“Then I’m going,” Li Sui finally looked at him and turned to shut the car door.

On the way back, Lu Shang was still the one driving. Li Sui sat beside him, and he was a little lost. He didn’t know what to think. As they were waiting for the green light, Lu Shang reached out his hand to squeeze Li Sui’s palm, and he laughed softly, “Are you sad?”

Li Sui came back from his thoughts, he held Lu Shang’s hand back and brought it to his lips, then he said with the back of Lu Shang’s hand at his mouth, “Lu Shang, you are the best.”

“Don’t overthink things too much. The past is the past,” Lu Shang comforted him. “Your family is my family. No matter what your attitude towards them is, I am always on your side.”

As Li Sui listened, he reached out his arm and grabbed the steering wheel, he drove the car to a quiet street, then pulled the handbrake. He just suddenly pounced on Lu Shang and said, “Let’s have sex.”

It was so sudden that Lu Shang’s forehead hit Li Sui’s chin.

“Sorry, did that hurt?” Li Sui hurriedly look at Lu Shang’s forehead, but before Li Sui’s hand reached it, Lu Shang took the lead and rubbed Li Sui’s chin.

He said, while laughing at him of course, “You are all grown up already, but you still have zero tact. You just pounce on people like a little puppy.”

Li Sui took Lu Shang’s hand away from his chin and looked at Lu Shang’s forehead carefully for a bit. Fortunately, the hit was nothing serious. He did not see any unusual scratches or swelling. After confirming that, he went in and kissed Lu Shang, “I only pounce when I see you. You are my spouse, after all.”

After that, Li Sui hintingly pointed at himself and asked, “Besides, which part of me is small?”

… Lu Lao Ban looked at him and silently swallowed saliva.

Li Sui quickly adjusted the back of the seat, then moved over to Lu Shang’s seat, and he held Lu Shang up face to face on his lap. Then, he encircled Lu Shang in his arms with both arms tightly until he felt content, “I wanted to hug you even when we were eating with my father.”

“I’m afraid the shock would have been too much,” Lu Shang laughed lightly.

Li Sui withdrew a little and said earnestly, “Lu Shang, thank you for all the things that you have done for my father.”

At first, when he learned that Lu Shang used his connections to reduce his father’s sentence, Li Sui was very shocked. He did count his father’s original sentence and wondered if someone had intervened. He didn’t know that it was really Lu Shang who intervened, plus he did it so early on that they weren’t even together when Lu Shang did that.

Lu Shang did not speak, he only rubbed his forehead on Li Sui’s.

“Say, did you already like me back then?” Li Sui asked in a soft voice.

Lu Shang narrowed his eyes and resolutely diverted from the topic, “What about you? From what point onwards did you have such impure thoughts towards your benefactor?”

Li Sui tightened his arms, “When I was working in the bar, there was a man who believed in God. Every day he’d mumble something like ‘Dear lord, dear lord’. When I saw you for the first time, I thought you were ‘the lord’ he was talking about. At that time, your every move radiated with holy light in my eyes.”

As Lu Shang listened to his words, his mood soured a little, “I should have gone looking for you earlier.”

Li Sui shook his head, “I’m good now. There are so many lovers who are separated from each other in this world. I’m so happy that I can hold you in your sleep every night. You don’t know. Sometimes I laugh in my dreams, because dreaming is a waste of my time when you are my one and only dream. But when it comes to cherishing what I have, I don’t really know how to either. All I know is that I must hold on to you all the time, just like now.”

Lu Shang’s operation two years ago traumatized Li Sui so much that he dared not slacken even now. Every time Lu Shang thought about that, he’d feel extremely guilty. Lu Shang was the one who made the decision, but it was Li Sui who had to bear the consequences. He could not imagine what Li Sui must have felt when he sent him away on the plane; he was under so much pressure while Lu Shang was unconscious. Fortunately, the result was good. If Li Sui was left behind, Lu Shang would most likely hate himself even as a ghost.

When Lu Shang met Li Sui’s affectionate eyes though, he felt nothing but softness in his heart, he took the initiative to kiss Li Sui on the lips. Lu Shang tried soothing him by saying, “It’s all right now. Whether you hold me tightly or not, I’m still yours, the only task left for us is to grow old together.”

Lu Shang had always been a passive person. That active kiss of his’ was like a signal that spread at lighting speed, Lu Shang could almost immediately see Li Sui’s big, invisible tail wagging. Li Sui bit Lu Shang around the neck delightedly, and his teeth pinched on the most sensitive part of Lu Shang’s skin gently.

As Lu Shang got bitten by him, he subconsciously shrank his neck back a bit, and he laughed as he backed away, “And you say you’re not a puppy. You’re so bitey.”

When Li Sui heard the tease, he left a hickey on Lu Shang, then he said while intentionally blowing hot air into Lu Shang’s ear, “I am a puppy, a huge German Shepherd that only eats you. Woof!”

“You don’t look like a German Shepherd, more like…”


Lu Shang laughed and said, “A poodle.”

“Well, if so, I’m a poodle that only goes to rut when with you.” After that, Li Sui held Lu Shang’s head still and joined their lips in kisses after kisses.

There was limited space in the front seat; they were holding each other tightly, and their breaths were blending together, as their skin continued to rub against each other. The atmosphere quickly turned lustful. Lu Shang was affected by his affectionate kisses, the desires in him rose, and he reached out to pull on Li Sui’s shirt collar.

Li Sui was shocked, he moved back a little to look at Lu Shang.

Lu Shang’s eyes were filled with thirst as his slender fingers unbuttoned Li Sui’s shirt, “Let me try.”

Li Sui was both stunned and excited. He went along with it and let Lu Shang take his clothes off, showing his good-looking chest. After years of careful maintenance, the scars on his body were less evident, leaving only clear creases formed by muscles. Lu Shang put his palm on Li Sui’s abdomen with envious eyes. Li Sui knew that Lu Shang liked it, so he deliberately flexed his muscles a few times, “You like it?”

Lu Shang nodded without hiding it. He had to admit the body of a young, strong man was very attractive. Especially someone like Li Sui who was always full of energy. In this aspect, Lu Shang was rather superficial. After all, with Lu Shang’s physical condition, even though the surgery succeeded, muscles were something he’d never gain.

“My everything is yours,”4 Li Sui held Lu Shang’s hand and said.

Lu Shang leaned down with a smile and kissed him. At the same time, he took off his own clothes and untied his belt. After taking off all his clothes, he adjusted his position on Li Sui’s lap carefully.

“You!” Li Sui was completely stupefied by his actions. The first thing he did was to look for something to cover Lu Shang up, fearing someone else might see him.

From time to time, cars drove past them. The distant, setting sun shone golden light through the glass windows, sprinkling gently onto Lu Shang, making him glow.

Doing something so exciting in broad daylight… Li Sui’s intellect was intoxicated with excitement, he was getting dizzy and his breaths quickened. It took a long time for him to remember that the car window was tinted. People couldn’t see the inside clearly through the glass, as long as they didn’t come too close.

“Are you cold?” Li Sui hugged Lu Shang’s waist and carefully adjusted the direction of the air conditioning in the car away from Lu Shang.

Lu Shang shook his head; he almost never took the initiative in sexual stuff. His face was flushed now, so clearly, he was a little embarrassed. Li Sui looked at him and swallowed a gulp of saliva. Lu Shang pretending to be calm but failing was just too cute; Li Sui knew that his brain was going to overload from the cuteness.

Lubricants and condoms were always stocked in the car—they were put in the compartment under the seat, though they were rarely used. In fact, just in case, those things were always around whenever the two of them were alone together. Lu Shang got the lube out and squeezed some on his own fingers. He then knelt down on Li Sui’s lap and began expanding himself.

This was always done by Li Sui, so Lu Shang wasn’t really used to it and frowned slightly. He was taking this so seriously as though he were taking some sort of an important lesson.

As his lover, Li Sui naturally would not pass up on Lu Shang showing his affection to him so actively. In truth, Li Sui was hard since much earlier; just seeing the usually chaste Lu Lao Ban stripping in front of him was impactful enough that his member was stiff.

Although Lu Shang liked to joke and tease, he was in fact very sensitive. Especially in this respect, Li Sui always put him first, so he usually wouldn’t make Lu Shang take the initiative, and he’d always top. Now, Lu Shang was willing to break out of his comfort zone for Li Sui. While Li Sui was touched, he also had a tiny devilish thought. He sincerely hoped that this would leave a good impression on Lu Shang, and it would be even better if he liked doing it this way, as that meant he could unlock more ways of having fun in the future.

The temperature in the car steadily increased, as their breaths mingled with each other. When Lu Shang inserted his third finger in himself, he was already sweating a little on his forehead, and his movements became difficult. Li Sui knew that he was too nervous to relax, so having to force his fingers in was painful.

“If it hurts, then don’t, it’s fine,” Li Sui kissed him and tried comforting him with words.

Lu Shang panted, and there was moisture in his eyes. He shook his head stubbornly after hearing what Li Sui said. That made Li Sui’s heart clench in a way that he had never encountered before. It took a lot of Li Sui’s restraint to not interrupt him; he only stroked his lover’s waist and teasingly rubbed the sensitive spots on his chest, which caused Lu Shang to tremble.

Under Li Sui’s purposeful guidance, Lu Shang gradually relaxed; the two of them looked at each other, and they exchanged a deep kiss. Lu Shang unbuckled Li Sui’s belt as their tongues intertwined, letting Li Sui’s bulging member out.

In the distance, the light from the setting sun gradually weakened; the weak light went into the car. Lu Shang looked down and subconsciously retreated. He didn’t know whether it was because there were light, or because Li Sui was especially excited today. The size of it was slightly mind-blowing, and Lu Shang’s face twitched a little. He didn’t realize that he had been taking in something this big before.

“Are you scared?” Li Sui laughed.

Lu Shang swallowed and laughed, only the laugh seemed a little forced, “Of course not, it’s not the first time.”

After that, he tore a condom open and put it on him. He squeezed some more lubricant out and smeared it at his entrance. Then he positioned himself and ground his butt at the tip of Li Sui’s erection. He moved downwards slowly.

Li Sui hurriedly held his waist, fearing that Lu Shang would hurt himself from being too forceful.

It was quiet inside the car, and the lewd watery sounds from their movements were loud and clear. Lu Shang frowned; he closed his eyes, and his breathing grew ragged.

Fortunately, they had sex quite frequently, so although there wasn’t sufficient expansion, the entry was still quite smooth. Seeing his beloved endure discomfort just to please him turned Li Sui’s heart into mush. “Do you feel okay?” Li Sui asked while affectionately kissing the sweat off Lu Shang’s head and patting his back.

Lu Shang did not reply, he only hung onto Li Sui’s shoulders and gasped. Li Sui looked down and took a glance at Lu Shang’s soft member. He was definitely in pain.

Li Sui didn’t dare move, he suppressed the impulse to just ruthlessly penetrate this man until he passed out.Instead, he waited for Lu Shang to adapt and helped him sit all the way down until his whole erection was swallowed.

They seldom had sex in this position. Thus, the both of them were new to this. The sensation of Li Sui’s hard member rubbing against Lu Shang was extra clear with this posture. Even just a small movement sent shivers through their entire body. Li Sui knew Lu Shang’s body very well, so he knew that with this position, he could easily reach Lu Shang’s most sensitive spots. Sure enough, Li Sui only moved a little, and Lu Shang’s toes curled up immediately.

Li Sui mischievously poked at that spot a few times; Lu Shang couldn’t hold it in and a few muffled moans spilled out. Lu Shang’s member also began to harden, leaking a few drops of transparent liquid.

“Is this comfortable?” Li Sui asked in his ears with a smile.

Lu Shang was overwhelmed and in his confused state, he only gave a vague “hmn” sound as reply.

“Move on your own, if you want more,” Li Sui said.

Lu Shang was panting badly. He raised his head from Li Sui’s shoulder and looked at him. Lu Shang’s eyes looked innocent and a little helpless. Yet, Li Sui was especially fond of seeing Lu Shang conflicted between reason and desire, so he deliberately stopped moving, and instead he waited for Lu Shang to grab his arms in a frenzy and move slowly on his own.

Lu Shang moved his body up and let most of Li Sui’s member out carefully, then quickly thrusted it back in on his own. Lu Shang’s neck was red as he repeated while muffling his moans. Li Sui almost went crazy seeing Lu Shang fucking himself in front of his eyes. He never thought the stimulation from this would be so great.

“Lu Shang, don’t hold your voice back. I want to hear it,” Li Sui licked his neck and encouraged him.

Lu Shang was older than Li Sui, and his personality was quite timid. Unless he just couldn’t hold back anymore, he would always try his best to not make any sounds when they make love, lest he be embarrassed afterwards.

It was quite rare for Lu Shang to be so enthusiastic in sex. Li Sui would never let the chance go. He protected Lu Shang’s head with one hand, so that it wouldn’t hit the front car window, and teased his private spot with the other hand.

The car’s suspension system was well made, every thrust was accompanied by the car’s rebounding. Lu Shang didn’t know how to control his strength; with the added motion from the car, Li Sui’s member repeatedly scraped against his insides, making his mouth open to let out a slightly hoarse moan.

At the same time, Lu Shang felt the hard object inside him growing in size. Li Sui seemed to have run out of restraint, and contrary to his earlier words, he began actively thrusting in and out of Lu Shang with force.

The thrusts suddenly became more frequent, and after some weak struggling, Lu Shang gave up completely. He threw his head back and let drops of sweat slide down his neck as Li Sui turned his breathing into a complete mess.

“Does Lu Lao Ban like me fucking you?” Li Sui embraced Lu Shang and repeatedly caressed his naked back. It felt so nice that he was reluctant to stop. Lu Shang was raised in a rich family, so his skin was so good that it didn’t feel like it belonged to someone of his age. It was tender and delicate to the touch, and Li Sui liked it a lot.

Seeing that Lu Shang did not reply, Li Sui added, “I won’t continue if you don’t answer me.”

Every thrust accurately assaulted Lu Shang’s most vulnerable spot, he was swept away by waves and waves of pleasure. Lu Shang felt a burst of dizziness in his brain; he had completely succumbed to his desires long ago. His brain wasn’t functioning, and he had no idea what Li Sui was saying, so he just mechanically replied, “Like…”

“What do you like?”

“Like you… fucking me.”

“Who am I?”

“Li Sui.”

“And who is Li Sui?”

“I… my lover… Hmn!”

Li Sui was still not satisfied; he lifted Lu Shang’s legs up, and pressed him against the steering wheel, exposing his butthole to the greatest extent. He began ramming in and out of him mercilessly, pulling his member out entirely and going in again, not stopping until the rim of Lu Shang’s hole was a little flushed.

Seeing the usually chaste and elegant Lu Shang stretch his legs open and actively cooperating with him fueled Li Sui’s lust at an unprecedented rate. Lu Shang had his legs on Li Sui’s shoulders, his toes were all curling up and his eyes were murky, there was no sign of his usual elegance left anywhere.

“Ah… Hmm…” Lu Shang was obviously feeling extremely good. He was completely out of it and gave up on muffling his voice. He gasped and groaned along with Li Sui’s assaults. The car was filled with lewd moans and wet sounds.

During the whole time, Li Sui stared closely at Lu Shang’s face; he didn’t want to miss seeing even a second of his lover’s expressions, especially when he was being fucked by none other than him, feeling so good that he couldn’t even finish a complete sentence.

They didn’t know when the sun had set outside. Lu Shang’s throat was getting numb from moaning, but Li Sui still had no intention of stopping at all. Lu Shang’s member was so hard that he couldn’t take it anymore, he reached his hand out, trying to touch the tip of his own erection. Li Sui noticed this quickly, and he forcefully imprisoned both of Lu Shang’s hands behind his back.

In less than two minutes, Lu Shang gave up, and he begged, “Let me cum…”

“Nope.” Li Sui didn’t even raise his head, and he kept going.

“Li Sui, be a good boy. Please…”

Instead of being moved by Lu Shang’s begging, Li Sui intentionally rammed into him again, making even the corners of Lu Shang’s eyes red.

“Don’t bully me…” Lu Shang choked a little as he protested.

Usually, if Lu Shang begged him like this, Li Sui would definitely, immediately do what he asked. However, partnered with Lu Shang’s lewd expression, the effect of his begging was completely nullified. Li Sui also had a layer of sweat covering his forehead. He took a bite on Lu Shang’s neck and pretended to be mean, “I’m going to bully you. Today, you can only cum from my thrusting alone.”

Lu Shang felt his brain go numb. Pleasure was accumulating in his brain, but he could not find a vent for it. He gasped for air as tears began to overflow his eye sockets, dripping down from the corners of his eyes.

Looking at Lu Shang’s expression of being driven mad by desire, Li Sui felt as if he was going mad as well. A voice inside him was shouting maniacally, urging Li Sui to run rampant and make him cry some more.

Li Sui took a deep breath, then dragged the already exhausted along Lu Shang to the back seat. There, Li Sui lifted Lu Shang’s legs up and started a new round of assault in the slightly more spacious environment.

Continuous wet sounds echoed through that narrow space, and the car was full of their hormones. Under Li Sui’s accelerating pace, Lu Shang arched his neck and opened his mouth; he didn’t make any sounds, only his tears overflowed.

Li Sui was extremely sensitive to his lover’s state. He knew that Lu Shang was feeling extremely comfortable and that encouraged him to move harder. Li Sui kept plunging at full force, until he felt wetness at his own stomach, and there was the smell of semen in the car. Lu Shang really did cum from Li Sui’s thrusting alone. The white, milky liquid stained both of their bodies.

After releasing, there were some intense contractions at Lu Shang’s rear. Li Sui had to stop the thrusting, he leaned down to kiss him, and turned to gentle grinding instead. The contractions lasted for a while, and when Lu Shang recovered from his dizziness, his eyes were already filled with tears. When Lu Shang finally looked up at Li Sui, both of them had the same thought, they couldn’t live without each other anymore.

That was how their love was. Seeing himself inside Lu Shang’s murky eyes, Li Sui felt as though Lu Shang could only have him in his mind.

“Did that feel good?” Li Sui teased.

Not only did it feel good, it was amazing. Lu Shang thought that maybe they could do this more often.

Seeing that his lover was satisfied, Li Sui felt extremely accomplished. He held Lu Shang in his arms and quickly thrusted into him for a few more times, then released inside of him.

When the two of them were all sweaty and resting in each other’s embrace, the sky had already turned dark. Li Sui didn’t want to move, he wanted to just sleep here till the next day with him, he kissed Lu Shang again and again as he said, “I like you so much…”

Lu Shang was too tired to open his eyes, but hearing the words, he turned his head around to Li Sui. The two men looked each other in the eyes and smiled. Lu Shang quickly moved his eyes away, though.

“… I will settle it with you when we get back,” Lu Shang smiled as he pulled Li Sui’s face.

“But you liked it, didn’t you?” Li Sui took Lu Shang’s hand away and looked at him with puppy dog eyes. That move affected his lower body and Li Sui’s soft member slipped out from Lu Shang. Li Sui hesitated for a moment and mumbled something.

Lu Shang did not hear him clearly and asked, “What is it?”

Li Sui raised his head and laughed a little, “…The condom broke.”

There wasn’t any immediate change to Lu Shang’s expression, he slightly moved his limbs. Really, he felt an odd warm liquid leaking out of his behind down to his legs. With a realization, his face turned red; he was embarrassed, but he did not have much energy left to deal with Li Sui. He was so tired, and with the air conditioning on, he just felt extremely sleepy.

Li Sui, however, was full of spirit. He got some paper towels and tidied up the two of them as Lu Shang fell asleep. They were going to have to clean up properly when they got back home. Li Sui didn’t dare neglect tidying Lu Shang up properly, fearing that Lu Shang might get a stomachache from it. However, looking at Lu Shang sleeping peacefully on his side, naked, showing his tender skin and pretty bodyline, Li Sui just found it too irresistible. He could not help but hold him in his arms for a few minutes first before driving them home.

Coincidentally, a police officer came by and saw their car. He thought someone must have parked their car here illegally, so he took some pictures of the license plate and issued a ticket. When he stuck the ticket on the car window, he noticed that the lights were still on, which made him wonder if someone was in the car.

The glass was tinted, so he couldn’t see clearly from outside, but when he stuck his head to the window, he could still see a little of the car’s insides.

Li Sui already noticed the policeman walking towards them a lot earlier, so he got a coat to cover both Lu Shang and him. He pressed Lu Shang’s head onto his own neck to hide his face. The policeman circled the car two times before finally looking inside, only to be met with a very unfriendly glare.

The policeman was glared at sharply by Li Sui, and he was shocked. Instantly, he backed away and retreated; then, he quickly got on his motorcycle and drove away.

As there was noise, Lu Shang woke up, his voice was still a bit hoarse, “… What’s wrong?”

Li Sui rolled down the window a little, he reached his hand out and took the ticket off the glass. Li Sui the ticket in front of Lu Shang.

Lu Shang took it and after a glance, he stuck it on Li Sui’s forehead and said, “Here, your overnight fee.”

“That was only worth two hundred yuan?” Li Sui asked.

Lu Shang rolled over and went back to sleep.

Li Sui laughed and asked, “Lao Ban, I’m not satisfied with my stay. I’m still hungry, so can I buy another round?”

When Lu Shang heard that, his eyes snapped wide open, he stared at Li Sui. He was trying to confirm whether Li Sui was joking.

Li Sui looked like this was natural and said, “Look, you are still awake.”


Hmn, right. I should have pretended that I fainted.

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Translator Notes:

  1. In case you are wondering, the demining here means pushing someone off the mountain, the person will roll down the mountain and activate all the landmines there, so the others would know where to walk. So, I was wondering how the demining here worked, so I went to check and apparently, there were stories about it, a person who was already heavily wounded voluntarily rolled across a field to open up a safe path for his comrades.
  2. T/N, His “comrades” think he’s the mole and somehow he still thinks opening a company with those “comrades” is a good idea.
  3. Chinese usually think that one can feel light breezes when a ghost past by or reply.
  4. So, everything that makes me whole, ima kimi ni sasageyou. I’m yours. lol sorry that just popped up in my mind.


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