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Chapter 55:  Research Institute

Translated by Yan of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Everyone trembled when Qi QingLin’s aura suddenly exploded in the room. JinYu also looked at him, a little puzzled. This person was truly quite strange – ever since he came back and heard about that abnormally large beast, he had remained silent before abruptly flipping out now. Could it be that his dumb little brother did something shameful? 

JinYu was thinking that a little jokingly, but he couldn’t help reaching out to hold Qi QingLin’s hand. Judging from how he looked right now, something major had probably occurred. After all, someone like the boss wouldn’t become like this because of something trivial. 

“QingLin?” JinYu said. Qi QingLin started when he heard that, and he abruptly resurfaced from his thoughts before he smiled a bit apologetically at JinYu.

“… I thought of some things.” After saying that, Qi QingLin turned to look at Shan Bailu, who had been stretching his head in their direction the entire time. “Come here.”

Even though Shan Bailu had only been here for two days, he was already very well aware that there was an even more vicious boss in this shop besides JinYu. When Shan Bailu saw Qi QingLin transform from a person into a black qilin, he had almost kneeled. Only then did he realize just how reliable of a supporter his leader had… speaking of which, wasn’t the Qilin clan only supposed to have that useless guy who only knew how to play cool? Why was there another one? Ah ah, rumor had it that the head of the Qi clan had an eldest son who died early, could it be this guy? 

In any case, Shan Bailu had thought about it for an entire day after arriving, but he still hadn’t figured out Qi QingLin’s identity. But that didn’t impact his fear and obedience towards Boss Qi – even his leader sometimes listened to the boss, so why would he, a lowly manual laborer, give a damn?

“Boss! What orders do you have for me?” Shan Bailu ran forward very obligingly.

“Your family has a training satellite, do you know what the training practices are?” Qi QingLin asked straight away without even looking at Shan Bailu’s expression.

Shan Bailu was stunned when he heard that. He tilted his head and thought about it before his face suddenly paled and his hands started to shake a little.

“Little Third? What’s wrong?” JinYu couldn’t help but ask after seeing Shan Bailu’s behavior. Shan Bailu came back to himself before he smiled grimly at JinYu and turned his head slightly towards Qi QingLin.

“Actually, logically speaking, I shouldn’t know about that kind of classified information. After all, even though I’m a legitimate successor of the mountain wolf clan, I’m not my big brother. Except before, when I was being disgraceful, me and a few of my rascal pals took back a few of our families’ basic beast taming manuals out of curiosity… after we looked at them, we didn’t eat anything for the rest of the day.” Shan Bailu glanced at the little broken wolf crouching in the beast pile after saying that, and he stiffened his face. “The next day, father told big brother, second brother and me to get our beasts. Big brother and second brother took away all the good and strong beasts, so only this little broken wolf was left in the greenhouse. Originally, father and big brother were planning to throw it away, but because I found out about it the day before, I felt sorry for them and didn’t want the little wolf to be killed.

“Back then… on our mountain wolf clan’s satellite base, I saw that there was a research institute dedicated to beasts. Everything that went in to be studied… well, never mind.” Shan Bailu’s face was already very pale by now, and his mood had become gloomy as well. He walked over and picked up the little wolf and hugged it in his arms. After quite a while, Shan Bailu finally spoke again. “Captain, I feel like maybe that roaring golden lion beast escaped from some family or government or military’s research institute. Or else, even the roaring golden lion king wouldn’t be so large.”

JinYu’s expression became similarly ugly at that. Even though he had more or less guessed that golden-furred Tibetan mastiff had something to do with research institutes, he still received quite a shock after hearing what Shan Bailu said.

Even if JinYu couldn’t really understand what the research institutes were like on this star, but his intuition and his understanding of those fanatic researchers told him that the research institutes weren’t anything good. There would definitely be dissections, transplants, and experiments. Naturally, there would also be the most ultimate experiments.

From what JinYu could see, research institutes were quite an extreme existence – either extremely important, or extremely crazy. But here, the research institutes Qi QingLin and Shan Bailu were talking about were – needless to say – definitely the latter type. That’s why Qi QingLin would have such a gloomy expression, and that’s why Shan Bailu would look so listless.

That’s why such an abnormally large golden Tibetan mastiff would exist.


At that moment, in the underground meeting room of the Long clan, the number one clan out of ten big clans in the southern parts of the capital star. There were three middle-aged people and three women, as well as two young men, who were all gathered together with extremely serious expressions. One of the middle-aged men, who was wearing a military uniform, was currently looked furiously at one of the young men, whose face was dark red with the distinct outline of a handprint across it.

“You evil creature! Absolutely disgraceful!! How do I have such a useless son who can’t accomplish anything?! Such a mistake can happen after going to the research base once! Do you know how precious the beast that ran away is?! Do you know how much manpower, physical resources, and wealth our Long family used to create such a S-level powerful beast!! You’re really something, you want to directly go up and ride that beast’s neck?! Do you know how arrogant the roaring golden lion beast is?! We finally managed to control its wild nature and changed its genes so it grew numerous times larger, and we even erased its ability to rebel! Next, all we had to do was control its body’s current state and then we would have succeeded, but yet you infuriated it and let it escape!! You you you…!! Despicable!!”

The middle-aged man was about to reach out and hit him again but was stopped by one of the women sitting next to him. “Are you really trying to beat him to death?! He’s our only son!! Besides, it’s not as if Changli hasn’t ever succeeded before. If you beat him to death, I won’t keep living either!!”

The woman started to cry bitterly. Meanwhile, some anger and regret flashed through the young man named Changli’s eyes. He hugged his mother and also remained silent.

“… you two! You two ah!! Do you two want to bring the Long family to its knees!! Within one week, I want you all to mobilize all of the Long clan’s people and power, and find that beast for me no matter what!! Or else, there’ll be big trouble!!”

After the middle-aged man angrily howled at the people in the room, he strode away. The remaining four men and three women in the room silently shared a look as they watched him leave, before they all finally departed as well, leaving behind only the mother and son.

“Changli ah Changli… my unfortunate child, I will find that roaring golden lion beast no matter what before your second uncle and cousin do! Or else your position as heir to the Long clan will be in danger!!”

A vicious look flashed across Long Changli’s eyes at that, and he patted the woman’s shoulders before he said with a dark expression, “Mother, be at ease. I will definitely be the first person to find that brute. If I can’t find it… nobody else better think to find it either!!”

While the Long clan was uniting together because of the chaos following the missing manmade S-level beast, time had slowly crawled into the deep night.

There wasn’t really any nightlife in Anjie, as everyone was safely ensconced inside their homes, asleep. In and outside the newly repaired Beast Store number 138, all the beasts and humans were also comfortably resting, while Shan Bailu’s occasional sleep-talk cursing money came from the lobby of the first floor.

ErHei was freed from door-watching duties because of the two jackal dogs Shan Bailu brought. However, ErHei had enraged the final boss today, so it knew very well to sleep outside. On the second floor, a certain little black Qilin boss was resting quite well in the arms of his mate. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the two red dots that were less than twenty centimeters away from him, considering whether or not to just lower his head and bite.

Suddenly, the little black boss raised his head and looked sharply outside. The next moment, there was the sound of something heavy landing in the courtyard, startling the three beasts on guard duty, as well as a few A-level beasts who were gathering together out of vexation over missing the show.

“Aooooooo! Woof woof woof woof!!”

“Woof woof woof woof!!”

“Woof woof woof woof!!”

The three beasts barked immediately, and even if JinYu was a dead pig at this time, he was still woken up. He angrily got up before he felt a prick of pain and numbness come from his head, and he nearly missed the bed.

“What are you doing?!” JinYu gritted his teeth as he looked at a certain boss feigning innocence.

“You’re fine… I brushed against you accidentally. Ah, let me go down and take a look. Judging from the smell, it seems like it’s that big fellow that came by earlier today, but yet it doesn’t sound quite like it. Something’s probably happened to it, you should hurry and go down to take a look.” After saying that, little boss Qi jump straight down from the second story balcony, making JinYu  grind his teeth.

However, in the end, as a relatively qualified beast shop owner plus beast tamer plus underground doctor, Big Boss Jin still went down to scope out the scene very responsibly. But the first thing he saw was a golden-furred beast – only slightly smaller than DaBai – that was currently writhing on the floor, white froth coming from its mouth. It scared the rest of the beasts in the room, making them all retreat. Only Qi QingLin and DaBai and the rest didn’t; instead, ErHei even went forward quite a few steps.

“What happened?!” JinYu had already more or less guessed after seeing the golden beast, but he didn’t dare confirm it.

Aoooo woof woof! Aowuu aowuu … !! 【Boss! Boss Boss! Hurry and look at my uncle! Hurry and save it please!! It’s about to die! It’s delirious!! Wuwuwuwu! Boss, save m-my uncle please, I-I will sell my body to you!!

JinYu didn’t have time to twitch his mouth when he heard that. He rushed forward before he was stunned by the state of the beast’s internal organs. This was the first time he saw the light inside of a beast be so chaotic and strange; there were quite a few things that didn’t belong in its meridians and internal organs as well. Even just from the outline, JinYu could tell that these were the results of the so-called research. And it was precisely the results of that so-called research that were, at that moment, deeply tormenting the beast that was already on the brink of death.

“I’m going to destroy those damned researchers—!!” JinYu’s face suddenly grew sinister, and the aura around his body changed too.


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Thank you for the chapter!!! This is getting serious and I can already see the beating these mad researchers are about to go through. No mercy!

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Please do!!! TT Save them beasts, O Honorable Great JinYu YY and his partner, QingLin >.< I'm pissed, too..

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It seem like boss Jin is leveling up!!

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Desde hace unos capítulos sentía que veía venir una guerra inminente, llego el levantamiento de bestias contra humanos. Yeiii

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