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Chapter 40: Can you become a person?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Eve’s pale golden eyes opened, the whole emergency room exploded. Especially after her eyes consciously fell on Dewitt, her eyes fixed on him and she mouthed, “Marshal”.

“Oh my God, how can this be…” There was a whisper in the corner.

“Was the spirit of the beast on the monitor just now? Did the fox disperse the poison?” There was also discussion outside the door.

This rescue has attracted too much attention. For the recent scientific research institute, which aimed to break down the Zerg poison completely, it can be said that it had attracted too much attention. At this moment, all the attention attracted by this rescue had fallen on Wen Jin.

Several scientists who specialized in the study of beasts almost lost their eyes when they looked at Wen Jin.

If the person holding Wen Jin wasn’t Dewitt, they would rush up with all kinds of research instruments, waving them around on the spot.

Professor Lin’s eyes were shining, but this enthusiasm from the scientist was ultimately pressed into reason by him. He cleaned up the emergency room with a serious look and drove all the idle people out of the emergency room. To be safe, he wanted to leave Dewitt and Wen Jin behind, but he had to stop because the little fox turned his head in a right way.

The main reason why Wen Jin was unwilling to do so was that when Eve came to her senses, the voices of others were small and Mary was the one who reacted the most violently.

She directly jumped over and clasped Wen Jin’s neck, then began to “chii, chii” and cried crazy tears. Wen Jin had just stopped collecting energy from the Eternal Lingshi, and this was the most crucial time where he needed to concentrate, so he was unexpectedly directly embraced by Mary.

The muscular Mary was not a girl at all when she was crying. She was short and buried her head in the warm breast half her size. Then she began to rub madly against the soft triangular chest fur in front of the warm breast. As she rubbed and cried, the warm triangular hair was wet in less than two seconds.

“Chii!” Benefactor, you are my benefactor from today on! “Chii!” She buried her head a little more and said in a trembling, crying voice, “I want to thank you, thank you and all of your family!”

Wen Jin: …

Faced with a sudden overflow of enthusiasm, as if the words were coming from a sister, Wen Jin was somewhat at a loss and was not ashamed to take out the gesture of roaring that he used on Fitt to push Mary away. His paws stepped on the bed somewhat confused and finally turned his head. Black beans looked helplessly at Dewitt and hummed a soft “Chee-” through his nose.

Then Dewitt was captured in an instant.

In fact, when Mary rushed to hold Wen Jin, Dewitt was a little prickly. His mind was filled with the words that Cassey had consoled him a short time ago, “little fellow is not young, maybe he has gone to find a girl’s house” and he persuaded himself constantly to look at the little white fox lovingly as an old father as he was to make friends.

Girl’s house.

Make friends.

Girl’s house.

Make friends.

Dewitt thought he was a good man for his subordinates, but just now, he comforted himself and wished that his eyes could turn into razor blades. Then he directly looked at Mary’s hair and accomplished the brilliant achievement of “abusing his subordinates when they were unconscious”.

Fortunately, despite Mary’s enthusiastic embrace, Wen Jin still remembered to give Marshal empty lap a look, which enabled Dewitt to maintain his sanity. Otherwise, Dewitt, who had been greatly stimulated by the Zerg attack on Wen Jin today, doubted that he might not be able to resist doing something irrational. 

So on some level, Wen Jin’s pitiful look saved Mary’s hair.

‘It’s a pure embrace,’ ‘It’s a symbol of friendship,’ ‘Little fox has made friends, maybe I should be like an old father at this time’ and so on. Dewitt tried to brainwash and comfort his inner barrage, successfully fulfilled his mission and immediately after receiving that look, it provoked him to pull Wen Jin out of Mary’s embrace!

Looking at her new benefactor and idol being pulled out of her arms and by the Marshal no less, Mary dared not speak out. She only continued to shed a few tears in spite of her grievances and then stayed by Eve’s bed, constantly looking out the window with her eyes reluctantly in the direction of Wen Jin.

“Marshal.” Cassey kept thinking about Eve waking up, almost looking back three times at the monitor behind him. His voice was filled with joy. “Did you see that? Eve just seemed to have woken up.”

In the isolation compartment, the two people were undergoing systemic decontamination. They were not wearing protective clothing when they first entered the compartment, so they needed to be disinfected.

“Yes.” Dewitt responded.

“Little white fox is really good.” As Cassey spoke, he could not help staring at the soft dumpling nestled in Dewitt’s arms. Then he saw that Wen Jin’s black bean eyes swept him up and down, and looked at him as if he were saying, ‘Hum, you know each other.’

The little arrogant look amused Cassey but the little fox had just saved Eve. Cassey now looked at Wen Jin with tender eyes, almost as if he were going to squeeze out all his tenderness of more than twenty years on the spot to supply Wen Jin.

Before the goose bumps began to creep up, Dewitt moved slightly sideways and cut off Cassey’s eyes.

“Chee…” Wen Jin pressed his paw on Dewitt’s chest and thought with some disgust that everyone around was so unrestrained. In one afternoon, he had gained a sister and a little fan whose eyes were so enthusiastic that he felt like an idol. It was too cumbersome to be an idol.

The little fox whined and shook his head with a melodramatic sigh.

He said nothing, but Dewitt scraped his finger on the tip of his nose as if he had seen through what he thought.

Looking up into each other’s eyes, Wen Jin’s pointed ears trembled.

“But Marshal,” Cassey had been used to Wenjin’s attitude for a long time and did not expect the fox, who could jump up and fight even the marshal fiercely, to give him any good looks. Looking out of the door, he said to him, “The little fox is in the limelight and the people outside will certainly not stop.”

“Yes,” said Dewitt, looking out of the window and sweeping through the three men waiting at the door with cold eyes, “I’m not good enough.”

Cassey seemed to think of something. He turned his head quickly and blinked. “Marshal?”

This time, from the beginning of his return to Capital Star, Dewitt had been unable to settle down, he had to return to the Ministry of Military Affairs, and fight for the Uttar Star Alliance, even Cook did not want to move for all of it. Cassey’s nerves were thick; he felt strange, but he couldn’t describe it and he didn’t know why.

“Do you know why I’m late in returning to the Army?” Dewitt said, putting Wen Jin on the cushion next to him, rubbing a hand on his belly, then unlocking the cuff link at his wrist before stretching out his powerful hands to wash them.

Cassey shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t have much time. I have only one or two years, at most, to live.” Dewitt’s eyes dropped and his gaze fell on his hands. His deep eyes were obscured and difficult to see.

Wen Jin wanted to yawn, but he couldn’t stop yawning when he heard this. He looked at Dewitt like he was a fool.

Ancient gods and beasts coexisted with heaven and earth. He was not a God beast, but it was no problem to live for thousands of years. This small tail was taking advantage of his life. Now he was telling his subordinates that he had only one or two years of life.

His little tail was not a big liar, right? What kind of deception is this?

Cassey, behind Dewitt, opened his mouth, apparently stunned as he didn’t expect the topic to turn in that direction.

Limitation of life for high-ranking ability users was a pain in every soldier’s heart and a big stone in Cassey’s heart. When he was guarding Dewitt in Liberec, his whole heart was desperate. Eve, Allen, Marshal… all of them met with an accident. If these people died one after another, leaving him alone to face Cook, Cassey thought it was better to just die with them.

“Marshal…” Why did he suddenly mention such an unpleasant topic?

“This position is meaningless to me. It’s the same whether I return to the army or not. I can’t stay in Asier for too long.” Dewitt’s voice was a little faint. “I wanted to see if anyone could save all of Assyria.”

In the 20 years of frontier struggle, the whole country said that he was a hero and the only miracle who could save Assyria. The “only” cap was placed on Dewitt and he carried it for nearly twenty years. He had no regrets. Even when he knew he was going to die, the first thing he thought about was not whether he had any unfinished wish in his life, but what he could do for Assyria before he left.

It was the best choice to cultivate a person who could hold his position.


Cook, who knew nothing but internal strife and only held interests in the House and Sendo, a military newcomer who apparently wanted to put pressure on him using the back door, Dewitt hardly knew what words to use to describe them.

The large-scale beast poisoning in the Capital Star or the suspected toxin that caused Zerg poisoning; none of them had been resolved.  The story of Utta Star capturing the frontier inhabitants was exposed and Eve’s situation meant the future of all the Zerg-poisoned soldiers was guaranteed. Even the future of Assyria, when facing the Zerg again was possible. But, now, standing in front of the Scientific Research Institute, the three men from the upper political ranks were all coming for him.

These people could not see the twenty years of dedication. They could only see the resources in his hands and were even thinking about how to divide up, even the small white dumpling was in their schemes. 

And what he could see for an Assyrian future was fresh blood and a hairless fox. 

After he had washed his hands, Dewitt put the cuff links on again and said something to Cassey. After a pause, the latter immediately stood up and saluted the army personnel.

Looking at Cassey’s back, Dewitt swept through the door again and then walked into the decontamination room with Wen Jin in his arms.

Outside the door, the men were talking. 

“… Did Marshal just take a look at us?” Fitt always felt goosebumps rise around Dewitt. How could just a glance make him like this? It had to be fake, right?

“He’s still so tough.” Sendo touched the medal of merit on his chest. “I don’t think it will be so easy to negotiate in a short time.”

Shen En answered, “After the contract is complete with a qi beast, its life and death are linked with Dewitt. This negotiation failed before it even started.”

Sendo looked down. “But it was for the great benefit of the empire and it was for him to be sacrificed as a marshal. Besides… After all these years, he’s been sitting in this position for too long, Marshal. Don’t you feel unwilling to let him go?”

Shen En took out an electronic cigarette from his pocket. Through the smoke, Sendo could not see Shen En’s expression.

“He has an independent legion, mineral stars and his own rich real estate. Nobody cares about it at all now. I don’t understand the tolerance of the Prime Minister.” Sendo said coldly, but he was still thinking about the pigeon he had just released over an hour ago. “The prime minister did it like he wanted to raise a maniac who could betray the Empire at any time.”

Shen En paused, opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something. His eyes swept Sendo up and down and he was absolutely a “petite” soldier and an even more “powerless” figure. But behind him was a good family, so that he was able to sit in such a rich non-conflict monitoring station for two years. This could be said that he was sailing smoothly on green clouds. 

Looking at the dazzling lines of medals hanging Sendo’s chest and Dewitt’s plain military uniform, as if he was a rookie soldier, Shen En closed his mouth and smiled. He did not reply to Sendo. His eyes fell on Fitt, who was still rubbing his arms and he sneered, “Is that so? You’d better leave.”

“I won’t.” Fitt rolled his eyes and straightened his chest with assurance. “I have to stay and help you.”

Shen En looked at him and said vaguely, biting his cigarette, “Okay, I’ll try to stop farting around.”

Sendo looked back at the two of them strangely, always feeling that the three of them did not seem to be on the same planet. How were they still in a joking mood?


The decontamination room was a closed, transparent space and when Dewitt came in with Wen Jin, the door behind him was sealed. Wen Jin was sensitive to the sealed environment. Once the door was closed, he sat up from Dewitt’s arms.

“Why?” Wen Jin’s claws kneaded Dewitt’s shoulder and he looked a little uneasy at the closed door.

“Decontamination.” As Dewitt said this, he pinched Wen Jin’s restless claws and covered Wen Jin’s nose with his other hand. Soon, gas filled the glass room.

This gas had no smell, but that was just for a normal person. Dewitt’s sense of smell was keen among the ability users and he could smell it, that also included Wen Jin.

Wen Jin was trying to break away from Dewitt’s palm, but when he faintly smelled the smell outside, the action instantly flipped as he tried to cling to Dewitt’s palm and cover his wet nose.

The smell of the disinfectant was so unpleasant, he feared that his fur may become disgusting for a long time after. With this in mind, Wen Jin couldn’t help but stretch out his hind legs and try to hide his fur restlessly.

Wen Jin pedaled for a while, while Dewitt, who had stared at Wen Jin’s fleshy thighs for a long time, suddenly lifted him up and kissed Wen Jin heavily.

It was a real one, the kind where he buried his face in the fox’s fur. This idea has appeared many times in Dewitt’s mind, especially when Wen Jin’s feet showed as his belly faced toward the sky. Dewitt had seen it many times. It was just enough time for him to bury his face in the fur. 

After thinking for so long, he finally buried his face in Wen Jin’s fur, although it was the fur on his back, but when the soft and fluffy fur, with the unique fragrance of the little fox touched the tip of his nose and he could feel the temperature that belonged to solely to Wen Jin, Dewitt felt nothing but joy in his heart.

“Chee!” Wen Jin was stunned and returned to his mind. He frantically began to struggle, lifting his hind legs as he tried to pedal away from Dewitt, but Dewitt… bit him!!

Wen Jin’s brain exploded.

It was a real bite! Dewitt actually grabbed his back paw and put it in his mouth directly! 

“Chee!” In the moment Wen Jin went stiff, Dewitt decisively fled the scene of the crime and completely separated his face from Wen Jin’s back.

Wen Jin was so angry that he wanted to beat him with his paws. He waved them around as he “chittered”, but he had just rushed up when another hatch opened and he could not touch the man’s body.

WIthin the next second, a burst of gas filled the glass room.

What a horrendous smell!

Wen Jin waved his paws in the air and took them back in a second. The fox got into Dewitt’s arms and buried his nose deep in his coat. Yes, he was clever enough to find the only gap between the buttons and the cloth and then stuffed his nose into it.

“Chee!!” Through the clothes came a muffled curse and the black bean eyes were full of resentment.

“Are you afraid?” Dewitt was curious as he watched the little fox cower for the first time.

“Chee,” he said, huddling in Dewitt’s arms.


“What are you afraid of? Death?” Wen Jin remembered the deceptive scene he had just witnessed.

Dewitt was stunned. He felt as if Wen Jin had misunderstood him. “I’m not afraid of death.”

“You must be afraid,” Wen Jin said confidently. “Everyone who can’t find a wife is afraid of death.”

He wondered if the little fellow was looking at him as if he was the star in a soap opera. Dewitt touched his nose. “I didn’t say I couldn’t find one…”

“You may indeed die.” Wen Jin licked his injured paw, gave Dewitt a cold stare, then put his paws in front of him, then opened a few small claws, “Next time you dare to do something to me, I’ll scratch you to death.”

Dewitt was indifferent to his threats. “You don’t like me very much?”

Wen Jin rolled his eyes. “What does this have to do with likes and dislikes?”

“I didn’t lose my temper when you moved around on me.” Dewitt said lightly.

Although chaotic “kneading” could be interpreted as a baby trying to get milk, but Wen Jin had kneaded other places like his chest and abdominal muscles. When this behavior was translated to a human, it was basically equal to wiping his hands. If it was not Dewitt, Wen Jin would have undoubtedly been chopped to death on the spot.

Wen Jin’s neck, like something had been punctured, shrunk with a guilty heart.

“Little one,” Dewitt looked at the little fox’s round melon head and fragmented images of Wen Jin being shy and secretly eating tofu appeared in his mind.  In these images, Wen Jin was very much alive, and he still wouldn’t let him touch his butt. Suddenly, Dewitt leaned forward and his thin lips were close to Wen Jin’s ear as he said meaningfully, “Can you become a man? “

Wen Jin was petrified on the spot as if he had been caught in Dewitt’s vest zipper.


“Marshal.” When Dewitt walked out with the little fox in his arms, Sendo shouted at him.

At this moment, the corridor outside the emergency room was absolutely empty.

The technicians who had just been watching, had been cleared out and all disappeared from their sight. Now only Sendo and the two mountains he brought were left in the hall.

Even Eve’s parents had been invited into the isolation room beside them.

Dewitt gave him a side glance.

Sendo looked at Shen En as if he wanted Shen En to speak first. After all, no matter what he thought, there was still too much class difference between him and Dewitt.

However, Shen En was concentrating on playing with his electronic cigarette, which suddenly broke. He did not even have to say “you first” to him.

And worst of all, after a glance, Sendo suddenly noticed Fitt who was trying to talk like a fool. As he saw it, Sendo quickly braked his attempt to break their script. “Everyone saw that just now.”

However, as soon as his voice fell, his terminal rang.

Wen Jin felt that Dewitt’s eyes on him were weakened. He secretly pressed the small zipper of his waistcoat and breathed a sigh of relief.

Sendo turned off the communication and continued, “This beast has different abilities, so I think it is imperative to study him.” Fearing that his manuscript could not be finished in time and that his winding remarks would make Fitt impatient, Sendo decided to play a straight ball directly.

However, just after he had said this, the terminal rang again, the same number as it had been before.

Dewitt looked at Sendo hanging-up the terminal for the second time and he interrupted him suddenly, “Just pick it up.”

Sendo was stunned and subconsciously picked up the communication. What he didn’t notice was that Shen En’s eyes looked between Dewitt and him when his terminal rang for the second time and then suddenly showed an expression of ‘Ah, that’s really going to happen.’

Sure enough, in the course of the communication, Sendo’s face became darker and uglier. Three minutes later, Sendo hung up the phone and looked at Dewitt with dead eyes. He gritted his teeth and kept recalling the contents of the phone. He felt his whole face burning with panic.

The man with brown hair appeared unwilling. He seemed to think of something. He looked down at the wristwatch on his wrist and then stretched out his finger and plucked it off his wrist.

He remembered that Cook had given him the news that Marshal’s body was not perfect at all.

If it’s here, right now, he could overwhelm Dewitt…

Dewitt looked coldly at his movements as if he were looking at an ant. “It seems that I have not been back to the army long enough.”

As soon as he spoke, a fierce fire burst out of him and Sendo, the closest to him, turned pale in an instant. He could feel the fierce pressure hitting his energy core like a fierce beast. He looked at Dewitt incredulously as he turned pale with trembling with his lips.

“I thought the position of Marshal was enough to explain everything and that I didn’t need to make it clear. But you don’t seem to understand it at all?” Dewitt’s eyes seemed to be full of aggression. “I will not attend the Uttar banquet, nor will I continue to participate in defensive measures and details and the Dewitt Corps will no longer provide guidance, assistance or personnel to be dispatched throughout the defensive process after the arrival of the emissaries. There are two mines I have that supply energy stones to Asier. A third party’s price is four times higher than the one that was signed between me and the House of Representatives two years ago. I will reconsider renewing the contract before the expiration with the House of Representatives next month.” With a cold voice, every word Dewitt said, the pressure he released was one point heavier and when he finished all the words, Fitt had sunk down on the ground.’

His face was panicked, limbs trembling, hands and feet backward half a meter, looking as if he could cry at any time. Fitt sat down with a loud noise, as if he had turned into a giant hammer and he hit Sendo’s knee, the only thing that was left holding him up.

Sendo clenched his teeth and tried to straighten his chest. He wanted the medal on his chest to give him strength. He asked aloud, “Marshal Dewitt, have you forgotten who you are and what your duties are as Marshal? I’ve checked the data. The fox is cunning and charming. Don’t you – “

Before Sendo even finished, the fox in Dewitt’s arms suddenly moved and, the next second, unlike Dewitt’s fierce pressure from all sides, a short but extremely sharp pressure hit Sendo’s leg hard. His whole body trembled and his legs seemed to have been cut off by that energy. He lowered his head incredibly and his knees touched the ground the next moment.

Looking up, it was Wen Jin who poked his head out of Dewitt’s arms, a pair of small, indifferent, condescending eyes looked down on him. Dewitt’s voice sounded out once more. “I remember, soldier. It is you who forgot who I am and I’ll just say it just once….” Dewitt thought that he had made a mistake earlier. Anyone after Cook, he would teach them a lesson and make it clear to all of them.

“No one can touch him.”


The author has something to say: 

Dewitt: Except for me. 🙂

Sendo: Hold back, you can’t let me rely on Fitt for anything!!


Having written several dark chapters, today’s explosive length finally reversed Dewitt’s mood. In the next chapter, Dewitt’s body will begin to recover completely and it be sweet until the end.~

In other words, I know many children are curious about when Wen Jin will become a man. In this respect, this author is having fun. The figure of the fox has not really been thought about, but it must be beautiful. Dewitt likes little dumpling. Once Wen Jin’s appearance comes out, he will be emotional. I think it’s unfair to Wen Jin. He likes Dewitt but if Dewitt is stimulated by his figure, it won’t be fun any longer.

So when Dewitt comes up with the idea that he has fallen in love with a fox, Wen Jin will become a human and dive directly into his arms.

By the way, after Dewitt’s growing affection for Wen Jin, the fox will drop, that is, Dewitt will guess that he can become a man and then he will seduce Wen Jin to willingly change in front of him.

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