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HS Chapter 61: Valentine Short Story: ‘Prior to their first’4 min read

HS Valentine Short Story: ‘Prior to their first’

T/N: So  I went to check up on the author’s weibo account and found this little HS snippet; it’s mainly jokes and funny scenes, so don’t take them seriously. Enjoy.


Lu LaoBan went to the gymnasium to pick Xiao Li Zi up. Seeing Li Sui’s sweat-covered muscles made his breath quicken.

After 10 minutes, Li Sui finally finished his training session and walked out. He noticed that no-one was in the waiting room, so he asked an employee, “Excuse me, where’s the man who was sitting here just a moment ago?”

“Hmm? He was here a while ago. He probably went to the toilet,” the employee replied.

And thus, Li Sui sat there and waited. After a while, Lu Shang came back.

And Li Sui noticed that his cheeks were slightly flushed.

“Your face looks a bit red, and your skin is hot. Do you have a fever?” Li Sui asked worryingly.

“No. It’s just a bit hot in here,” Lu Shang said without looking at him.


At night, when they slept together, Li Sui would very naturally hug Lu Shang, and he never made a move.

Lu Shang carefully touched Li Sui’s abdomen, but his hand was immediately caught by Li Sui.

“What’s the matter? Your hand is so cold, are you feeling cold?”


No, not cold, just want you to make a move already.


The next day, Li Sui went to work. So, Lu Shang locked himself in his study to watch ‘sex-ed’ videos in secret. He thought that he couldn’t look totally inexperienced in front of the kid.

As he watched the video, he tried imagining himself as the MC, and Li Sui as the other party. He actually reacted to it… Usually, he had great self-control, but it seemed that it was constantly failing in recent days. He quietly sat there and waited for the feeling to go away.

By the way, it had been a month after they both confessed, but they had only kissed twice. What did that mean?

Why is that kid suddenly so gentlemanly? Didn’t he use to be very good at taking advantage of the situation?


That night, Lu Shang opened his drawer full of medicine, and he noticed that one of the medicine bottles was empty, so an idea popped up in his head. Yes, this is it!

Lu Shang drove his car to a pharmacy, and circled his car around outside the store, so much that it even attracted the security guard’s notice.

“A bottle of aspirin and a pack of condoms, a bottle of aspirin and a pack of condoms, a bottle of aspirin and a pack of condoms…” he finally got out of his car and mumbled under his breath as he walked towards the store.

The second he went in, he said to the salesman, “Give me a bottle of condoms.”

Salesman, “……”

Lu Shang, “……”

“Ehh, we don’t have condoms in bottles, want to try the ones in packs?” the salesman said while holding his laugh in.

Lu Shang was silent as he nodded.

“Which size do you want? We have S, M, L, and XL.”

Lu Shang thought carefully, then he reached a conclusion – How am I supposed to know, I haven’t even seen it yet!

“Why do you need to think so long about your own size?” the salesman asked oddly.

Lu Shang again replied to him with silence.

The salesman understood, not sure what he understood, but he gave him a weird smile, “We have this universal size one, it should fit most people. How about you go home and try it first? Then you will know which size to get next time.”

Lu Shang nodded his head, and he stared at the salesman putting his stuff into a bag. Lu Shang had to emphasize for some reason, “I’m helping a friend to buy it, that’s all.”

Hmn. I guess I didn’t lie, I’m buying it for my boyfriend after all.

The salesman continued with his mysterious smiley face, “We are doing a promotion right now. If you buy two packs, we will give you a bottle of lube for free. Are you interested?”

A few middle-aged women walked into the store a bit earlier, and upon hearing that, they all looked their way.

Lu Shang lowered his head and scratched his nose a bit, “Yeah, sure… I’m in a rush, can you hurry up?”


You all know what happened that night.


Somehow, Li Sui heard about that later on, and he never let Lu Shang buy those two things ever again.


As Li Sui thought about that, he shook his head, “The size was completely off.”

T/N: lol Lu Shang why did you think your child is not an XL?

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Toru Oikawa

*I just can’t 🤣🤣🤣
poor Lu Shang 😋

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali

So happy to hear about Lu Shang and Li Sui again. Really hope there’s more. Lu Shang is so naive. I laughed so hard at no. 4, poor shy Lu Shang, love him so much. 🤗 Just let your man do it.


I’m can holding my laughing. Thank you


Lol, so Lu Laoban has his share of airhead moments too, ha… Thx for this extra, made me wanna read ch. 34 over again 🙈😃😃



thank you!!!!!


Good stuff thank you!


Ahh… cute

I love to read short stories about them.
– It’s almost like reading updates on real-life person 🙂


😂😂😂😂 he’s so adorable, I cannot! 😁😂😂😂

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