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Chapter 80

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin just opened the forum and searched for half a day. He couldn’t find the posts he saw before he was visited by Dewitt. It was no wonder that, at this moment, the browsing volume of the whole Star Network was exploding, let alone an hour ago, the posts a few minutes ago couldn’t be seen in a flash.

Wen Jin thought about it and simply clicked a post on the home page.

[Multi-graph stone hammer analysis paste, rational discussion: Why have the Qi beasts recently fallen into a troublesome autumn?]

[Ruby: The heat has been high since the previous video exposure. The quarrel between those who support the contract beast and those who don’t has become a big one. By visiting our country today, the Uttar Prince will give you a guess about the contract beasts, which I have recently analyzed. If there are any inappropriate points, please point out.]

Wen Jin finished looking at the main post and continued to brush it down. He found that this Ruby seemed to be the kind of analysis on the Prince with his own fan group who was very famous in the forum.

After looking through the top posts of nearly twenty pages of fans below, Wen Jin came to the next post.

[Ruby: Recently, we are all discussing about the contract beasts in the mountain area and in the mutant area. I think you can put these things aside for a moment. Let’s start with the beast attack with the high-definition video. First of all, this is an underground arena, from the scene, whether Cecil or the Qi beast have faced the possibility of death and there was no referee to stop it. You can judge that this is a deadly fight – not until one of them will stop. The form of death fighting has been popular from a long time ago, with Qi beast between Qi beast, the deadly fight is the most interesting place to visit is the Colosseum. Back to the point, there are few deaths between humans and beasts. After searching the relevant documents, I found a very magical thing, that is, [picture] This is the schedule of nearly 50 deaths between humans and beasts held in the underground gladiatorial arena in the past year in Assyria. It can be seen that the arena is full and the venues are all winners.]

Wen Jin looked at the data brushed together and some of them became unconscious.

[Ruby: Let’s look at Cecil’s game record [pictures] and this game record [pictures]. I just want to say that Cecil has the experience of fighting and the data is very beautiful. That is to say, the strength gap between the two sides was very wide that night. According to the high-definition video at that time, Cecil was full of spirit and the beast obviously had many wounds on his body. I don’t want to stir up emotions. I just want to say that it was absolutely an unfair death fight and according to the past routine, the game should be theoretically correct. It should end with the death of the contract beast.]

Under the unfair deadlock, Wen Jin saw a lot of replies.

[! Ruby speaks out my mind very much. Every time I talk about the wounds on Qi beast, someone scolds me. These people don’t even think about it with their brains. A wounded Qi beast, how on earth can win such a beast contestant win in underground gladiatorial arena?]

[Give you the lid of the pot. Somebody must come and spray you. You said that the fight for death was unfair. You signed the life and death status and still did not face the reality.]

[… The analysis of ruby has been posted a lot, which is one of the most important prophets in my heart. But if you look at this trend, do you still have to go for the beast style? I thought I’d pick up some big stuff, but now I’m going to be flat and disappointed.]

[Ruby: To that end, I went over all the recorded videos I could find in the past fifty deadly fights, totaling thirty-five. Later, I was surprised to find that in the past, all the fights between people and beasts were players with fairly good data and beasts with apparently poor mental status, totaling thirty five games. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence. There is only one explanation for this, that is, the gladiatorial arena intentionally creates the result of man’s victory over beasts. But this latest battle has completely overturned the past. Was it a mistake in the arrangement of the arena?]

[Ruby: I don’t think so. As I said before, it’s an unfair fight and the ability of the beast is obviously too much under Cecil. But in the live video, the beast almost killed Cecil in one bite. Please note that before killing Cecil, Cecil hit the beast in the abdomen with his fist nearly twenty times. [Picture] This is Cecil’s body value in the past competitions. With his physique, ten punches are enough to kill a strong beast. The beast received twenty punches, but did not die. After that, we can see the state. It’s like going without injury. If Cecil hadn’t dared to leave his hand on the field of death, I think I have reason to suspect that the beast was injected with medicine, that is to say, Cecil might have been killed, the result was deliberately arranged by the arena.]

[Ruby: It’s not necessary for the arena to arrange such scenes to frighten the audience. It must be very meaningful for him to do so. So suddenly after the alliance, a bunch of caravan attackers, as well as the rapid release of videos on the Internet and those videos can not find the IP address, I think that this matter from beginning to end, it is already obvious, it is the result of the gladiator’s own self-directed. Ask which audience is watching a video of their own watching things. Do you have to deal with ip?]

[… It makes sense to think that the analysis of Ruby is quite reasonable, especially that Qi beast  was injected with medicine. I am a medical student. I agree with it 100% and have a more specific detail. This Qi beast has a claw that was sprained in a fight and then twisted when he stood up. His face is not painful [pictures] and he exerts himself. There’s no pause. There’s absolute drug injection.]

[Fuck me. Stare and gape, but it still feels wrong. This arena did it by itself. Why, in order to frighten people, they dare not go to their place to play and stop doing business?…]

This comment was forwarded directly by Ruby.

[Ruby: I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, too. That’s because the logic here is not valid, so I didn’t post it late. However, when the Prime Minister met with the Uttar Prince today, the prince was picked out with pictures similar to those of the Internet celebrity Ju before, I finally got the message. You see, this is Gourmet Street. The one with mask and white fox is Marshal and his contract beast. The other is Ju. At that time, it was Ju who proposed a game between contractual beasts. I would like to point out here that the contractual beast, whether you recognize it or not, is the tradition of Assyria. The Uttar do not sign with contractual beasts. That is to say, the contractual beast named King Tiger is by no means JU’s. What is its identity?]

[Ruby: Thank you for my latest video about the beast. It’s almost half an expert in this field. I searched for a long time. Finally, I found it in an extremely secret underground arena. Notice that it was in the arena. It’s called Tiger King. It’s the ace player in the arena. Here I want to ask, if Marshal had not made an appointment to play JU here, how could JU manage to borrow their most trump card beast from an underground arena in such a short time? There is only one answer. Either he has a lot to do with the Colosseum, or he has planned with Marshal and borrowed from Marshal.]

[… What the fuck? Wait, I can’t keep up with the big logic. Why are we talking about JU? Why should we pay attention to the underground arena?]

[For upstairs popular science, underground arenas are between people, because people sign life and death before they go on stage, so they belong to a semi-legal institution in the empire, that is, to step on the edge line, but underground arenas are completely illegal. The videos and scenes inside are very bloody, more horrible and bloody than the arenas and the items inside are also bloody. Absolutely beyond the imagination of normal people, its existence is now not even known to many Assyrians, is completely black, this place involves a lot of big guys, confidentiality is done very well, can borrow the trump card beast from it… Ordinary people can’t do it and the identity of the Internet celebrity can’t do it either.]

[Marshal was still in a coma when JU was on fire and when he met Marshal, Marshal woke up less than a week ago. There should be no plan ahead of time… Besides, if Marshal and Uttar are all together, then I think Assyria can declare its demise from today on. I’m the first possibility. But Ju has a lot to do with the Colosseum… I suddenly had a creepy feeling in my bedroom.]

“Fuck…” Wen Jin saw that he had goose bumps and recalled all the lines in his mind.

They first poisoned the Qi beasts and after they were protected by Professor Lin, they began bombing the research institutes. The most destroyed research institutes were the Qi beasts-related research rooms. Then they even followed the Qi beasts all the way to the suburbs, which could be said to be relentless pursuit. Without Wen Jin and Dewitt, the Qi were destroyed. The beasts were likely to die there.

A wave of uneven waves rose again, that matter had not been completely covered up, an underground Gladiator competition, once again the beast will be raised to the top of the wind and waves. The Assyrian fear of the Qi beast was aroused by changing human beings and large Qi beasts and Qi beasts attacking scientific research institutes. The fear was then thoroughly ignited by an underground Gladiator video.

Wen Jin had a shocked face, stretching out his hand and continuing to scroll down, the contents behind him were exactly the same as those in his brain. Ruby links everything that has happened lately and ultimately points out who is trying to provoke contradictions between Assyrians and beasts.

Wen Jin and the netizens in the posts eventually expressed the same sentiment with one voice. “Are they on they here for the beasts?”

Dewitt looked at the post in front of Wen Jin and seemed to have a good grasp of it. He answered, “Yes.”

“Why?” Wen Jin frowned and asked unconsciously.

As he asked, his eyes were still scanning the posts. Then he found the latest Ruby passage, a little familiar with it. It seemed that he and Dewitt have discussed the question of why the Qi beast was contested by the Uttars. Dewitt looked at the posts in front of him, then turned his eyes out of the window and then said the same words that Ruby were posted on the forum, “The Uttars were stronger a thousand years ago. The Uttars now and the Assyrians are stronger now than the Assyrians a thousand years ago. On what basis did the ancient Assyrians defend their land against the ancient Uttars?”

Wen Jin was stunned.

“With their beasts.”

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November 24, 2019 9:56 pm

Thank you for the chapter! This Ruby is good at steering discussion and raising waves.

November 25, 2019 3:35 am

Now it feels like i’m starting to understand things….. clearly

December 8, 2019 7:55 pm

thank god for there’s someone like ruby to steer up the discussion. i wonder where she came from? the animal lover in me is silently brewing anger at the manipulative way the utaars turning people against the qi beast. the previous events at the coliseum is making me wish to be transmigrated inside the story and fight people at the forums 😂 if it was me, i will communicate with the beast meetup circles (since it looks plenty when wen jin searched for it) and hound the HOR for beast rights. then look for animal rescue groups to put behind… Read more »

August 22, 2020 12:19 am

Me: FINALLY! They finally realised!!!

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Nice synopsis chapter. Tied up many loose ends.

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