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Ageless Seducer

Author: Máo hòu

Seme: Li PanEn 

Uke: Chen Lan 

Chen Lan, 36, has a 16-year-old face. Everyone who knows his real age is stunned. His boyfriend calls him the Ageless Seducer. The Ageless Seducer is a cheeky, good looking fighter, the white in the waves. He seems coquettish, but is, in fact, conservative. He only loves his boyfriend Li PanEn. 

Chen Lan, the Ageless Seducer, is a bartender in a bar and likes standing up for the weak. Every time he comes back with a wound, Li PanEn is usually angry and distressed. The Ageless Seducer has to exert his demonic power, grind hard and soft, so that he can make every effort to seduce his family’s Xiao PanEn, and successfully turn the contradiction into something not invisible.

Li PanEn met Chen Lan when he was 18 years old. Since then, his heart has been tied to Chen Lan and he never left. He broke off his relationship with his family and went abroad to study (with Chen Lan). His childish, middle-aged and violent temper gradually flattened Chen Lan’s edges and he successfully captured himself a little loyal dog.

This pair has always been destined for one another. 


Chapter 1: From the Beginning of the First Encounter

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Chen Lan has a very deceptive face and is often called an Ageless Seducer by his family’s Xiao Pian’er.

“Guess how old he is, and you’ll get a free drink from me.” Having people guess Chen Lan’s age had always been Meng Chuan’s favorite game, he used this trick to win many people’s money. Meng Chuan was the owner of the Queen’s bar and he was a real spitfire, as beautiful as an orchid.

“Here’s a hint.” Chen Lan was wearing a satchel shirt and vest. His two fingers loosened his bow tie, revealing a sexy neck. He leaned forward, pressing against the bar and teasingly close towards the customers that they couldn’t help but swallow their spit.

“This year is my life year. 1” Chen Lan smiled, a shallow pear vortex forming at the corner of his mouth. He was born with a baby face, his skin was white and tender, and he cut his bangs to shamelessly show off his face. He looked like a young star you would see on TV.

The customer widened his eyes and said, “Twenty four? I can’t see it. You look like you’re sixteen or seventeen-years-old.”

Meng Chuan ‘pft’ as he smiled, saliva spraying into his drink. Chen Lan pushed him aside with disapproval, hooked his finger at the customer to come closer, and whispered into his ear, “This baby is twelve years old.”

“Chen Lan, you’re so shameless!” The singer on the stage couldn’t stand it, and directly scolded him from the stage, “Who here doesn’t know you’re thirty-six!”

Chen Lan turned around and waved away those words, “You talk too much.”

The customer’s jaw almost fell to the ground.

“Hey, this uncle is an Uncle, and his temper is vicious.” Fang Meng was a talker. He was guilty of playing in the same bar for three years of running. He had long hair and howled that he would save the world with his guitar. 

In the whole bar, Chen Lan had the potential to be the straightest man, but he was the actual homosexual.

“Chen Lan, you are such a riot. Your family’s Xiao Pian’er won’t scold you when you go back home smelling like smoke?”

Chen Lan let out a ‘humph’ and a snort before saying, “Whoever smokes here is not up to him.”

Xiao Pian’er, real name Li PanEn, was Chen Lan’s boyfriend and a graduate student of B University. They had been living together for more than six years now.

When it comes to the nickname of ‘Xiao Pian’er,’ 2 it was a joke that stemmed from Chen Lan’s illiteracy.

At the age of eighteen, Li PanEn was still a rebellious young man. Chen Lan didn’t know of the problems in his family but Li PanEn had left school and would get drunk at the bar every day. Chen Lan was a bartender in that bar at that time. When he saw such a child, he thought it was funny, so he went to flirt with the young man.

“Child, you should only drink once you are grown up.”

Li PanEn’s eyes were so cold that he could freeze people. He didn’t speak after hearing those words, and instead, he put his ID card directly on the bar.

When Chen Lan saw the name on the card, he couldn’t recognize the character in the middle, but it didn’t matter. After years of being illiterate, he naturally looked at the word and just flipped it over.

“Oh, Li Pian, that’s a good name. I’ll call you Xiao Pian’er.”

Li PanEn’s face was green at that time. It took a long time before he quietly sighed and uttered the sentence, “That character reads as ‘Pan’…”

Chen Lan didn’t listen to him. He thought the boy’s serious appearance was particularly funny. He patted him on his shoulder and handed him a glass and some peanuts to eat. “Look at how lonely you are. This brother will help you find a girl.”

Li PanEn was tall and big, at least half a head taller than Chen Lan. With Chen Lan’s hand on his shoulder, it almost looked like he was hanging on him. Li PanEn didn’t like to be close to people, but surprisingly, Chen Lan’s smell didn’t bother him. In the end, they didn’t go to get a girl, instead, they played video games in a private room all night.

During this period, Chen Lan found out the reason why Li PanEn never wanted to go back home. Li PanEn liked computers and wanted to learn to program. However, his family thought that learning programming was not a business. They wanted him to study law. Both sides did not give in and the conflict grew, so Li PanEn finally decided to run away from home. He did not go to school and wandered outside all day long.

Chen Lan couldn’t bear to listen to this. The child was in his third year of high school and there were only a few months before he would need to take his college entrance examination. What would he do if he couldn’t catch up with his studies for the exam because he was out playing truant? Chen Lan was mad that Li PanEn was not taking such a thing seriously!

Li PanEn was quite mature yet, but his thinking was very heavy. When he came to drink, he would not go anywhere else and would talk about committing suicide and playing truant, breaking Chen Lan’s heart.

Just after the Spring Festival, all the gangsters outside began to become active again and the street that the bar was located in had a high crime rate with easy areas for those crimes to occur. Chen Lan didn’t want Li PanEn to be out wandering around by himself. So after Li PanEn got drunk, he would always carry him back to his home.

His home was just a small broken apartment that had barely 30 square meters of space, with a single room, a toilet, and a small balcony, where he kept his stove. And when the weather was good, Chen Lan would cook for Li PanEn.

Li PanEn found it strange how when he was at home, he would get into a lot of trouble with his parents. But when he came to Chen Lan’s, he seemed to have found warmth in that small room. He would help buy vegetables and even washed them. Occasionally he also helped Chen Lan by washing his socks too. Overall, he was a good kid.

Chen Lan didn’t take this change seriously at first or didn’t think about it at all. His self-awareness for the past thirty years was as a straight man. Every night, he slept in the bed next to Li PanEn, but he didn’t think it was wrong. And sometimes after taking a bath, he would even walk around the apartment without his underwear (the apartment wasn’t big). 

Until one night, when Li PanEn had a fever and groaned constantly as he tried to fall asleep. Chen Lan held the eighteen-year-old in his arms and patted his back to coax him to sleep without saying a word. As a result, Li PanEn became hard. 

What’s more, Li PanEn was muddled at that time so he thought that he was dreaming, and whispering Chen Lan’s name, he rubbed himself against the other until he came.

Chen Lan ended up being very confused. He had flirted with so many girls before that it was comparable to the number of hair he had on his legs, even so, he could never get a girlfriend. Instead, the boy he had randomly helped was attracted to him. What’s the matter? Was God so jealous of his beauty that he wanted him to be gay?

Chen Lan was already thirty at that time. He knew that he could not let the child continue to sink into such a path. He was able to firmly decide this in his mind, but the child was not necessarily on the same page as him. In the end, Li PanEn was too young. One day, he would understand what he needed to do and he could not delay others.

That night, Chen Lan sent Li PanEn back to the school dormitory. He pretended to be his legal guardian and gave lots of gifts to his teachers and bowed his head while Li PanEn looked at him coldly in the distance, his eyes full of loathing. Chen Lan felt a shiver run down his spine when he saw him. He felt guilty on the spot and swore that he should never fall into this child’s hands in the future, or else he would be eaten alive.

What he said was like a prophecy. Later, Li PanEn didn’t only eat him alive, but he ate him up till there weren’t even bones left.

However, Li PanEn was also quite obedient. Chen Lan wanted him to study hard, so he really started to study hard. But he made a condition, saying that if he was admitted into a top university, he would study his favorite major, and Chen Lan had to get together with him.

Who was Chen Lan? He, who had been in the society for more than ten years, nodded his head almost immediately. In any case, he should stabilize this person first, as for whether he would do as he had promised, they could talk about that later.

The top university Li PanEn spoke of was in B City. Chen Lan didn’t know how Li PanEn performed academically, but even his illiterate self had heard about the harsh admission conditions for that school, so he didn’t take the condition seriously. That was until Li PanEn came to him with the admission notice and asked him to go to B City with him.

Chen Lan was confused again. He read the admission notice over and over again several times. He was happy that this child was really promising but worried at the same time.

“Xiao Pian’er, your parents… did they agree?” Chen Lan asked.

“I’ve broken up with them,” Li said dismissively.


Li PanEn’s face was cold, “They discriminated against homosexuals and didn’t like my profession. In their eyes, I was just a tool to fight for power…” Speaking of this, Li PanEn suddenly stopped speaking, no matter how Chen Lan asked him, he still refused to speak more.

Chen Lan didn’t speak, but his heart blew up. Listening to Li PanEn, it seemed that it was not only a problem with his school and major but also a matter with his parents’ work. In a word, he had never asked what Li PanEn’s family did for a living. He thought of when he had met Li PanEn for the first time. At that time, the child showed that he had extraordinary financial resources. The alcohol at the bar was not cheap and several cups would cost thousands.3 

However, Li PanEn did not even blink when he paid. And his clothes were all low-key luxury brands, he looked like a high-end model in public. His handbag for his books also cost just as much as Chen Lan’s pay for half a year.

“You…You let me think.” Chen Lan said.

He did not want to agree to Li PanEn immediately, but the other was rather impatient. In front of a group of guests, he urgently yelled, “You promised me!”

With his voice, all the customers at the bar turned to him, and Li PanEn yelled repeatedly, “Chen Lan, I like you! I’m serious!”

Well, in any case, he couldn’t stay at the bar any longer now.

The next day, Chen Lan disappeared. 

Li PanEn searched all the places he could think of for him. Chen Lan had resigned from his job. There was no one at his apartment, and he had taken everything from his wallet. The shop he often went to said they had not seen him around. At first, Li PanEn was full of hope. He thought that his confession to Chen Lan was too intense and that the other only wanted to hide for a while. Later, he became more and more discouraged, and gradually he became gloomy.

The day before he left for university, Chen Lan was still missing. Li PanEn could only pack up and leave for B CIty alone. 

But unexpectedly, less than a month after he had come to B City, he spotted Chen Lan again in a bar. The latter also obviously saw him, and both of them were stunned.

“Xiao Pian’er….” As soon as Chen Lan opened his mouth, he was punched by Li PanEn, and his nose started bleeding.

“You lied to me!” Li PanEn glared at him. “I have been looking for you for more than two months!” He roared and couldn’t help but shed tears, like a child who had his candy taken away. His face was covered in an aggrieved look.

This fist was full of his powerful hate for the other. But Chen Lan didn’t care about his nosebleed because when he saw Xiao Pian’er drunk and shedding tears, his heart ached so badly that he clenched his teeth and went to hug him.

“Un, it’s my fault, I was wrong, don’t cry, don’t cry…”

“Don’t leave me again…”

“Un, I won’t go. As long as you don’t drive me away, I will never go.”

“Then you have to stay with me.”

“Un? Okay! We will be together.”

That night, Li PanEn did not return to school. He got a room in a small hotel near the bar and slept with Chen Lan.

Chen Lan, who had been a virgin for thirty years, didn’t expect that he would fall into the hands of a younger person. It was even worse that it was a younger person because this little boy made him unable to straighten his waist after their first night.

“After thirty years…” The next day, Chen Lan ‘hissed’ a breath and looked at Xiao Pian’er’s face and felt guilt. He couldn’t help sighing.

Soon after that, Chen Lan rented a house between the school and the bar, and they officially started living together. He wanted to rent near the school so that Xiao Pian’er could get to school earlier in the morning, but he was afraid that it would be too close and other students would know that the two of them were together. After all, it was not a glorious thing to live with a 30-year-old uncle. 

The bar was in the central business district, but there was a direct subway line to it. He was afraid that Xiao Pian’er would not be safe coming back from school at night. Besides, the bar was in a triad district. It was not good for a university student to live in such a rowdy area. 

Xiao Pian’er was an excellent student from the top university, and Chen Lan didn’t want this child to live in an area that would compromise his rank. So he chose a place beside a park, one that was quiet and convenient.

Only his maternal heart would think about such a small matter for this long time.

Li PanEn didn’t like Chen Lan’s job, but he couldn’t resist Chen Lan’s insistence. Besides, he hadn’t been out in society yet. The tuition fees were earned by Chen Lan’s job, and he had no right to interfere with him.

His family did have money, but shortly after his decision, his credit card had been cut off. He was spoiled from a young age, had no sense of crisis, and no habit of saving money. Fortunately, Chen Lan was prepared to pay for his tuition, and even filled his meal card and bought him clothes.

Li PanEn successfully graduated from the undergraduate program. He was very qualified and hard-working. He was liked by a professor at that time and had been guaranteed to enter a research project for his doctorate. But Li PanEn didn’t want to. 

At that time, he knew that it was not easy to make money. The cost of living in B City was high. Chen Lan made a lot of money, but it was still really hard. He didn’t come back until the early morning from the night shift. Their work and rest times were opposite and they couldn’t see or touch each other often so Li PanEn was very unhappy about it.

He didn’t expect that Chen Lan would find out about it from a talkative classmate. At that time, Chen Lan was very happy. “This is a good thing. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Graduate student! My Xiao Pian’er is going to graduate school!”

Chen Lan didn’t cook that day. He took Xiao Pian’er to the professor and invited people to have a good drink in a fine dining restaurant. The professor was still a little confused. He didn’t know who Chen Lan was, and because he didn’t look like an elder, he couldn’t decide what to call him for a while. Chen Lan’s face was too deceiving and he looked like Li PanEn’s younger brother.

“Well, I’m his uncle. I’m thirty-four, though I look young.” Chen Lan drank a little, and his tongue had gotten loose. He patted the shoulder of Li PanEn who was sitting beside him, bursting with joy. “My Xiao Pian’er is a good child, professor. I’ll ask you later. Please teach him well. Don’t go crooked for such a good seedling!”

The professor nodded his head repeatedly, but he felt that this was not quite right. Before he could think about it, he was pulled over by Chen Lan, stuffed with a red envelope, and saw that the weight of the thickness was not light. “My Xiao Pian’er will be in your care for the research project.”

Li PanEn was surprised. He knew how much Chen Lan earned in a month. After all these years, he had to pay the rent, pay for water and electricity, pay for his tuition, and manage the lives of two people. Chen Lan was reluctant to buy a more expensive belt for himself. He always had the cheek to go to Meng Chuan and rub around. How much money could he have saved?

He took Chen Lan’s hand and was pushed back by the man. Chen Lan came to his ear drunk and licked his auricle. The heat swept through Li PanEn’s face and Chen Lan smiled, “It’s OK, be at ease. Uncle has money…”

Li PanEn almost hardened.

Bearing through this, he had to send the professor back home. Afterward, Li PanEn carried the drunk Chen Lan back. On the way, as they passed a carved stone statue in the park, Chen Lan suddenly jumped off his back and held the stone statue.

Li PanEn pulled at him but Chen Lan waved him away, rubbed his face against the stone statue, and suddenly had tears streaming down his cheeks. Li PanEn never saw Chen Lan cry in his life. He was stunned on the spot.

Holding the statue, Chen Lan cried and laughed, “Xiao Pian’er… I tell you…my family’s Xiao Pian’er has been admitted to graduate school. You dare look down upon me…” 

When he got to this point, Li PanEn knew that he would never refuse Chen 

Lan anything. Now he was not only studying as a graduate student but also striving to capture Chen Lan.

In the evening, Chen Lan turned out the light, hooked his arms around Li PanEn’s neck, kissed him over and over, as if praising him with a little red flower seal. “Xiao Pian’er… mmn… I like you so much…”

Li PanEn bit his shoulder, “Uncle only likes me? Doesn’t he love me?”

“Mnn… Uncle…loves you…”

Li PanEn held him tightly and released into his deepest place. “I love you, too.”

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Translator Notes:

  1. Life year here refers to zodiac years. So if he is considered a Monkey, Horse, etc, these happen every 12 years. So he could be 24 or 36 years old.
  2. Li PanEn’s name in Chinese is 李爿恩, the word 爿 looks like the reflected version of 片, since Chen Lan didn’t know the word, he just thought of it as 片, which is pronounced as Pian. As such, he called him little Pian son.
  3. 1000 yuan is 141 USD. So one cup would be about 300 to 400 USD


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