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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han looked at the person in front of him and his heart softened in the end. He was clutching the snacks that a certain adjutant thought he had hidden well in his hand, and his palm was slightly sweating, “I’m not angry.” 

In any case, the matter of hearing the other party’s thoughts was originally not allowed by the General.

The only thing Lin Han was sure of since discovering his special ability was that when his hand touched another person’s skin without obstruction, he could hear what is in the other person’s mind at that moment, which might be the words that were about to be said at the moment, or may be the subconscious mind that hadn’t been realized yet.

Of course, whether he was aware of it or not, Lin Han wouldn’t lie.

General would certainly not be able to say those words, as for whether it was the subconscious… Lin Han hesitated, after all, when he yanked off his gloves earlier, that moment was too short, He YunTing didn’t have time to say anything else, just immediately tried to keep himself from facing it directly.

Lin Han’s heart was in turmoil.

He felt like he should be angry, but he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to be angry about.

“Mn.” When He YunTing heard Lin Han’s words, he seemed to finally let go, and his voice didn’t seem as cold.

“Then…” Lin Han moved his eyes from the snack bag to He YunTing’s face, “General, I’m leaving?”

“Mn.” He YunTing continued to respond briefly. But he seemed to be thinking about something, and after a second there was another movement. He opened the box of snacks again, re-grabbed a large handful and held it in his hand, and threw it into Lin Han’s arms, still not saying a word.

“…” Lin Han had the feeling of crying and laughing for the first time, “General, how old are you today?”

He had heard of He YunTing’s deeds, due to his natural mental strength, pheromone and physical strength, he joined the army much earlier than the average person, plus later on, he was born into war and made many marvelous achievements, was deeply appreciated by the emperor, and was exceptionally promoted several times, which made him the object of admiration of millions of people.

The youngest Mr. General’s eyes darkened a little, as if he felt that the date of birth had little meaning, and casually said, “I forgot.”

But soon he moved his lips again, “But today, I’m happy.”

Lin Han was stunned.

It took him a few seconds to remember why He YunTing had said that.

Because he himself told him happy birthday today.

Lin Han hugged the snacks in his hand tighter, and finally brought a little light-hearted smile in his voice, “Then, I will wish you happy birthday everyday on the General’s birthday in the future.”

“Mn.” Although the answer was the same, the last bit of gloom in He YunTing’s eyes was brushed away.

“Bye.” As he prepared to launch the craft, he said to Lin Han, “These days, be safe. If you need anything, you can look for Lu AnHe. Or for me.” He YunTing said the last sentence very quickly, as if he wanted to override his own words, ‘Look for Lu AnHe.’

“Okay.” Lin Han said. He remembered the dagger that had been thrust at He YunTing today, and the man who had stolen the sample when they first met. He didn’t know what had happened or what He YunTing and the others would investigate from, but he felt a little uneasy.

Thinking about it, Lin Han suddenly looked at his hands.

“General,” he called out to He YunTing.

The light of blue eyes fell on him in response.

“If you have doubts about anyone, you can choose to tell me if you don’t mind or if it’s not confidential,” Lin Han was still holding quite a few of Lu AnHe’s snacks, looking down at the flowery and green bags that were completely unlike a soldier’s preference, as he spoke in a clear voice, “I might be able to help. “

He knew He YunTing standing in this position wasn’t easy, and also knew he must have faced what happened today countless times.

Even though the man in front of him was still a little defensive about his thoughts, he must be a kind person anyway. Maybe this insignificant ability of his can help him.

After all, it was at the Prince’s dinner party that something happened, and it was He YunTing who was almost injured, so no one dared to neglect it.

He YunTing was still not resting these days, training and his life was as usual, everyone else was glad that the General wasn’t injured at the dinner party that day, but still was fearful of the full vigor of the General.

Only Lu AnHe took the time to change He YunTing’s bandages every day, complaining, “It’s all because of the last two times, otherwise the injury would be almost healed.”

He YunTing didn’t say anything, just frowned and waited for Lu AnHe to finish the rewrapping.

Seeing his unhappy expression, Lu AnHe asked, “Boss, does it still hurt?”

He wanted to ask if he wanted to ask the team doctor for an anesthetic, but he understood that He YunTing would definitely refuse and held it back.

“It’s okay.” He YunTing said with little emotion.

“I’m trying to be as careful as possible, it will be fine soon, bear with me.” Lu AnHe said, nimbly wrapping his shoulder, then he suddenly thought of something, “Then when Mr. Lin redid it…”

He YunTing swept him a glance, his tone of voice cold, “Also didn’t hurt.”

Lieutenant Colonel Lu felt aggrieved, “Oh.”

The report on the autopsy of the Omega who killed himself at the Prince’s dinner party was also handed over. Lu AnHe quickly put away his joking thoughts, took it, quickly read it over, and handed it to He YunTing. When He YunTing finished browsing from start to finish, Lu AnHe spoke.

“The one from last time can’t be found anymore, but according to the people who witnessed him, there was a scar at the gland of that person as well. This one this time…” He pointed to the report in He YunTing’s hand, “It’s exactly the same.”

He YunTing didn’t speak, only looked at the words on the report.

“Preliminary identification of the deceased’s blood pheromone concentration value is too high, and the entire body was in an excited state at the time of death.”

This sentence was strange.

At first glance it looked like a description of the rutting period, but anyone who had seen the scene wouldn’t think so. If they were in heat, as stated above, it was obvious that no inhibitor was used. If an Omega didn’t use inhibitors, how was it possible that none of the people in the room smelled his pheromone?

It was simply impossible not to leak out at all.

And an Omega in heat had little strength at all, but He YunTing used a lot of strength in restraining that person, not to mention He YunTing was an Alpha, so there was an inherent power disparity between the two. How could an Omega have so much strength when stabbing or killing himself?

But when the man died, he looked no different from a soft Omega. The big problem was that these people were like puppets on a string, and the people behind them didn’t seem to have much hope that it would work, and if it failed, it was just one less insignificant pawn.

There were too few clues.

He YunTing closed the report.

Lu AnHe looked up at him, “Boss, what should we do? I’ve been secretly checking all the people I’ve contacted recently for any Omegas with a wounded neck gland.”

“Okay.” He YunTing nodded, thought of something, and asked, “Who else has come to me recently?”

Those people he was talking about were obviously the main peacemakers and radicals who had been arguing all day.

“Recently, all of them, especially after hearing about this incident of yours, have been talking about coming to condole.” Lu AnHe said, “Although it’s just speculation, I don’t think His Highness the Prince can be ruled out as a suspect.”

He YunTing’s eyes turned cold and his fingers clicked on the report one by one, “Keep checking. Also,” he pondered, adding, “Get a vague idea of who Wen Tianyao has been in contact with recently — the key depends on which side the contact is with.”

Lu AnHe nodded his head and pushed the door open.

Only He YunTing was left to stare at the information on the report, his brow wrinkling deeper and deeper.


But before that, Lin Han had an unexpected guest on his short rest day.

In the past, he would often choose to stay at the Research Institute on his day off and be done with it, but recently, his workload was really scarce, and remembering He YunTing’s words a few days ago, he finally decided to go home and rest.

Probably because he was relieved of work, Lin Han, who was never sleepy, slept most of the day at home alone. He was awakened by a knock on the door, he yawned and answered the door in a daze.

“Hello Mr. Lin, my name’s Chen and I’m your dance teacher.”

Lin Han had a rare lazy sleep and looked at him with dazed eyes for a long time, almost thinking he had hallucinated from sleep.

The dance teacher, who claimed to be Chen, was wearing a straight uniform, with a serious expression and a pair of slightly old-fashioned glasses, and the entire person looked meticulously tense.

Lin Han saw that the right side of his uniform was labeled ‘third mecha base cultural and industrial group.’

Lin Han’s eyebrows jumped and he had a bad feeling. However, the other was very polite and patient, repeating what he had said before.

Lin Han rubbed his eyes, “I’m sorry, I’ve never had a dance teacher before. Sorry about that.”

“Indeed you haven’t.” This Teacher Chen looked very old-fashioned, “But I’m really here to teach you how to dance.”

“…?” Lin Han looked at him with a helpless face, “No matter who asked you to come, I won’t learn.”

The two of them were at a standstill for a while, and the man pushed his glasses and told the truth, “The General sent me.”


“He said Mr. Lin couldn’t dance, so he asked me to come and teach you.”

“…What else did he say?”

“General also said that it was imperative that Mr. Lin learn.”

“……” Lin Han recalled what he had said to He YunTing that day. Besides telling him that he might be able to help, he also said that he would wish the other person a happy birthday on his future birthday as well.

…So, He YunTing probably understood that he would dance with him on his birthday in the future?

Not necessarily.

Lin Han raised his hand to close the door, “Tell him there’s no need.”

But the dance teacher didn’t give up, he stuck to the door frame and didn’t move. He came with a mission. General said that if Mr. Lin insisted on refusing, he should say this. So the man reluctantly fixed his mind, held up his glasses, and the reflection of the glass flashed in front of Lin Han, as he exclaimed, “For the glory of the empire!”



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March 26, 2022 11:41 am

I think the General is trustworthy and if Lin Han’s ability will prevent further bloodshed, and help get to the bottom of Omegas that appear to have had their glands tampered with, he should definitely consider opening up to him and assisting.
So the Prince is looking a bit dodgy 🤔😕 He would be a tough one to deal with, as he’s Royalty.
Learning to dance for the good of the empire, indeed 😆 What’s He YunTing like!
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 26, 2022 1:09 pm

Does it look like someone is wary of Lin Han stepping on his toes while dancing? 😅😏 Sending a dance teacher especially, He Yun Ting must hope Lin Han will dance with him from now on. Good luck to the General in convincing his prospective partner to learn it.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 26, 2022 4:54 pm

These two manage to surprise me, the interaction between the two will be very interesting. Thanks for the chapter!

March 26, 2022 5:45 pm

Thanks for the chapter! So omegas are being manipulated in some terrible way…

Sue R
Sue R
March 29, 2022 6:36 pm

This is hilarious. Thank you.

March 31, 2022 12:33 pm

😀😀😀 the general is amazing lol

April 2, 2022 7:53 am

Hahahaha…learn to dance. For the empire, of course.

Thanks for the chapter!

Dummy dum
Dummy dum
May 25, 2022 1:43 pm

For the glory of the empire!

November 5, 2022 5:39 am

LH: I won’t learn!
HYT: For world peace!

🤣😂… I love this man.

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