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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han had the urge to roll his eyes, and it was the first time he found someone who could elevate the matter to this level, “I don’t think my inability to dance can affect the glory of the empire.”

The old-fashioned officer was unmoved, “The prosperity of the empire depends on everyone.”

Lin Han didn’t bother to explain, “I’m closing the door.”

“Mr. Lin, don’t…” The man tried to persuade him, but to no avail.

Finally Lin Han firmly refused the teacher from the educational corps on the grounds that, “You can teach me after you have taught the General first.”

What was He YunTing thinking in his head, Lin Han was crying and laughing at the same time.

Lin Han ordered takeaway, then opened a nutritional supplement, squinted at the sunlight outside the window, opened the window, then leaned over to the sofa and turned on the electronic screen, shaking his white legs and eating while listening.

“It was reported that the day before yesterday, at the Prince’s private banquet, there was an assassination attempt of His Highness. His Highness Wen Tianyao was furious, and said that he must find out the truth…”

Wen Tianyao’s face appeared on the semi-holographic electronic screen.

He was still wearing a suit that symbolized his status, and there was anger between his eyebrows, but he restrained himself when he opened his mouth and reverted to his gentle and elegant appearance, talking eloquently to the camera. Wen Tianyao’s facial features were really not aggressive, and the aura of his hands and feet was quite good, so it was quite clear why he was loved by people.

Lin Han threw the empty nutrient packets into the automatic trash can and recovered his strength. He began to think back to the first time he met Wen Tianyao.

The news said he was easy-going and had no attitude, but when he checked the previous reports, he found that only the days when Wen Tianyao lived in a group home as a commoner were plain, but the rest of the time he wore a fancy suit with floral flags on the cuffs and a dark pattern with the family crest that explained his identity.

He was very proud of his identity and was sure that he would take over the entire Imperial M Galaxy, just like his father.

But Lin Han felt that something wasn’t right.

He remembered the frown on Wen Tianyao’s face when his private aircraft stopped at the Institute. He also remembered the dinner party that day when He YunTing was nearly injured.

Admittedly, it was a personal feeling that the Prince himself couldn’t be so stupid. How could a person who was as neutral as He YunTing be so blatantly harmful to others?

Maybe as an Omega, he was naturally more sensitive, Lin Han felt for the first time that maybe he shouldn’t have put on the gloves at that time. Maybe he could have given He YunTing a little help.

His mind paused, but then… He YunTing was the one who gave him the excuse of cleanliness to wear them.

When it came to He YunTing, all of Lin Han’s clear and concise thoughts fell away; Mr. General was too amazing to be considered in the realm of normal people he knew. Lin Han ate dinner, turned off the TV and started to clean up the house.

The place where he lived alone was small and there wasn’t much stuff, so it was easy to organize.

Lin Han lived near Teikoku University, and when he opened the window, he could still see many students wearing different college uniforms. Every time he saw these faces, he fell in a trance. The eight years he spent at the academy had gone by too fast to be true. He turned his head and saw a picture frame that he had just put away, on which was a gentle and serene female Omega.

She was his mother.

Lin Han didn’t lack money, and he didn’t spend it frivolously.

The place where he was now was the most prosperous planet in the entire M Galaxy, but before he came to study at the Imperial Army University, he lived with his mother in Q District, which was far away from here.

The Q District was populated by civilians and was the most populous area in the entire empire. Due to the large number of people, the security was inferior to those core areas, but it was more lively.

Lin Han had never seen his father since he was born. He heard from the neighbors that he passed away when his mother was pregnant, and his mother never liked to talk about it, so he didn’t ask since he was young and knew better.

The memory of his mother was more beautiful than others’ and more gentle than others’. She would make a small cake with her own hands on each of Lin Han’s birthdays, then curl her eyes and say, “Happy birthday, Han Han.”

Even if Lin Han had never been anywhere else as a child, his mother would tell him many stories about the outside world.

Lin Han was most interested in the ‘Galactic Exhibition Hall’ in the core area, as she called it. She said there was a place in the core of the imperial capital that Lin Han would like. There were a lot of strange and exotic things stored there, things that he couldn’t imagine, and there was no place that couldn’t be filled.

The Galactic Exhibition Hall was quite a curious place, but also very interesting. The showroom also had the function of storage, which meant that each person could put one thing they considered the most precious into custody, they could choose to display it, but also choose to store it silently, without outsiders seeing it.

But no matter who it was, each person could only use the storage once, and could only take it back once.

There were so many people in the empire, of course, not everyone would deposit — because most people think that the most precious things were to keep for themselves, putting it elsewhere wasn’t quite safe.

And if they chose to deposit, they’d have to pay an extremely high storage fee, which was also the reason why many people were discouraged.

Many dignitaries would store many things they thought were precious, and didn’t hesitate to show it off, so the Galactic Exhibition Hall had many peculiar things. For example, His Majesty the Emperor stored the mecha key he used in his first conquest, while the Empress stored a plain sarong, saying it was a symbol of her love.

Some people stored pieces of meteorites, others extracted their own pheromone and sealed it; others plucked a delicate flower from a distant galaxy that the Empire had never seen before, and used special means to store it for eternity.

It was a unique storage place, more like a strange museum.

Lin Han was incredibly curious about it.

When he first heard about it, he was so excited that he shook the mecha model in his hand and said that he wanted to store it too, that it was his favorite mecha, and that he wanted to store it until he was old enough to pick it up.

His mother didn’t deny him directly, but said gently, “Think about it again, HanHan. It must be the most treasured and precious thing,” she said, “whoever it is will only get one chance. Han Han is still young and will surely meet something more precious.”

Later Lin Han asked her mother if there was anything she wanted to store.

His mother smiled lightly, patted Lin Han’s back, and put him to sleep. She said, “For an ordinary person like me, the most precious thing is Han Han.”

Lin Han thought that when he reached the core of the empire in the future, he must take his mother with him to see it. He wondered what was the most precious thing for others.

But probably because the body of a celibate Omega was much weaker than the average Omega, plus having given birth, Lin Han wasn’t yet an adult when his mother’s health started deteriorating. Later, when Lin Han was sixteen years old, as he stepped into the Imperial Army University, he was already alone.

His mother was very gentle even when she left, pale and lifeless on the hospital bed, she raised her hand and touched him feebly, saying, “Han Han, you have to celebrate your own birthday from now on. But don’t forget, mom will say happy birthday to you every year. No matter what, when you encounter anything in the future, don’t let yourself get too upset. Mom will be sad too.”

Since he thought of his mother, Lin Han lost all expectations of the Galaxy Exhibition Hall, which he had been longing to visit after arriving at the core area — after all, other people’s stories, and how to have a good time, were just other people’s stories.

He had no intention of understanding the lives of others, and was quite happy with his own life. The mecha models he talked about storing at the time were long gone, and he wasn’t the same kid he was when he learned to design, repair, and build.

Since he couldn’t fly through the galaxy, he used his own hands to polish every piece of metal.

As the sky darkened, Lin Han looked at his mother’s picture in the frame and came back to his senses little by little.

A thought came into his mind at some point. This idea was really odd, even Lin Han himself felt puzzled. The last second, he was still thinking about his mother.

Lin Han looked up at the boundless and silent night sky.

He thought, Could He YunTing also be storing something precious in the Galaxy Exhibition Hall?


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March 27, 2022 2:55 pm

Good question!
Nice little look at Lin Han’s past; how sad he never knew his father and lost his mother so young.
So is the Prince faking being ‘normal’ and a man of the peope, or is he controlled by a Zerg?
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 27, 2022 2:59 pm

Thanks for the chapter! Fascinating thought!

March 27, 2022 5:44 pm

Lin Han is a good observer and a great person! This prince is really suspicious! Thanks for the chapter!

November 5, 2022 5:58 am

You could also store something precious like memory, my dear.

Since he did not met or knew his pops then I’ll assume for now that it was his majesty or some prominent figure. 🥲

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