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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han first froze for a moment, then chuckled.

Compared to the hands of the pampered prince, He YunTing’s hands were indeed a bit rougher. It may be because he didn’t care about maintenance, or maybe because of a complete lack of time, but He YunTing hands had at least two thin calluses. When Lin Han’s index finger pressed against them, the not-so-fine, slightly harder than the surrounding skin touched along the nerves of the fingertips, sending a little bit of strange dullness to his heart.

But his hand was warm, and his mind was clean.

So Lin Han didn’t let go at first, but opened his mouth and called out to He YunTing, “General.”

The other party’s deep blue eyes moved to his face.

Lin Han wanted to tell him the truth, on one hand he was afraid that He YunTing wouldn’t believe him, on the other was that even if he did, it would be even more embarrassing when combined with his previous inner thoughts.

But he couldn’t tell what emotions were at work, and he didn’t want He YunTing to misunderstand him.

So Lin Han took the initiative to touch the calluses on He YunTing’s hands with his fingers and asked, seemingly inadvertently, “This, is it from practicing guns and driving mecha?”

He saw the light in He YunTing’s eyes flash for a moment, before he lowered his eyes, and said “hmm”.

【How can I get rid of the calluses?】

“…” Lin Han didn’t expect his first reaction to be like this, so there was a momentary hesitation in his thinking, and after a while he said, “General has worked hard.”

He YunTing looked at Lin Han with some confusion and didn’t speak, 【Ah.】

Lin Han felt that such a way of communication was really new, the interlocked hands were the medium of communication between the two, and he would try to talk to He YunTing’s heart without being misunderstood even if the other person wasn’t good at words.

“I mean,” Lin Han’s tone was soft, “these are proof of General’s honor, and I’m proud of you.”

【So he doesn’t hate it.】

Lin Han was relieved to see the misunderstanding lifted, and was just about to withdraw his hand when He YunTing’s voice came to his ears again.

【Mr. Lin is so nice.】

Lin Han, who didn’t expect to be suddenly issued a nice guy card, “…”

He YunTing’s inner thoughts were much more straightforward than his own, and this wasn’t the first time Lin Han had read them.

Fortunately, this time was much better than the previous several times, and Lin Han wasn’t angry. He was just about to let go of his hand and say goodbye when there was a loud noise from the door.

“By the way, Boss, the last time you said that…” Lu AnHe pushed the door while carrying milk.

A second later, his mouth opened wide uncontrollably. He didn’t expect to see such a scene just after entering the door—

Mr. Lin had a smile on the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were soft and gentle, while his cold white five fingers were still on his boss’s hand, and although his boss’s expression remained unchanged, when he looked down at Mr. Lin, the emotion in his eyes was something he hadn’t seen for a long time.

The two of them looked at each other in silence, the end was the love tangled around his heart, ambiguous and silent.

Lu AnHe felt that his description was excellent.

He instantly “hissed”, then covered his eyes with a milk bottle, quickly turned away from the scene; “You guys continue, I suddenly have something…”

He very thoughtfully closed the door.

Although Lu AnHe slipped quickly, the two still let go of their hands at the same time, and each took a step back.

This was the first time Lin Han had faced this situation, and felt a rare embarrassment.He subconsciously rubbed the root of his index finger with the belly of his thumb, which had just touched He YunTing’s thin callus, without looking into the other’s eye.

The Omega’s body started to get soft due to the lack of lunch and the lack of nutrients, and fatigue and weakness also appeared.

Lin Han felt a little sleepy, holding back his tiredness to say goodbye to He YunTing, but he didn’t know if it was because he had been working too long, or if it turned out that mind reading was also physically demanding, but he stumbled a little on his legs, his body slipped, and he fell forward uncontrollably.

Luckily, He YunTing was quick to pull him, so Lin Han didn’t fall and stood up straight again.

He YunTing used some force on his hand this time and squeezed Lin Han’s wrist.

【Mr. Lin is so delicate.】

“……” Mr. Lin, who didn’t think he was weak, frowned. He wanted to speak.

【Luckily, he didn’t fall down, otherwise it would have hurt.】

So Mr. Lin’s eyebrows unconsciously soothed a little more.

He YunTing let go of Lin Han and looked at him to see that he really didn’t rub anywhere else, and then said, “Mr. Lin, just rest here. I’ll ask someone to bring you some nutrients.”

Lin Han blinked and wanted to refuse.

But his D-ranked physique made Lin Han hesitate, after all, if he walked slowly back to his room again, he might really fall down the corridor because he had no strength.

“I won’t bother Mr. Lin,” He YunTing added. As he said that, he was sure that Lin Han would not refuse and tapped his communicator to order someone to send nutrition and lunch over.

After all, it was He YunTing himself who sent the communication, and in less than three minutes, the head of the internal affairs team knocked on the door and brought in the items he asked for.

Lin Han leaned back on the sofa and saw He YunTing pour him a glass of water first, then took the nutrient and unscrewed it before handing it to him, “Mr. Lin, have a good rest after eating, I—”

He YunTing looked up at the command room.

The rest room next door was occupied by Wen Tianyao, and behind him was a complex operating table with various images displayed on a light screen, and the communicator in the command room would also ring from time to time, which wasn’t a suitable place for a lunch break.

He YunTing pondered for a moment.

After a few moments, Lin Han saw He YunTing move the high swivel chair next to the console, and moved it to the highest level in front of the sofa, trying his best to block the light for Lin Han.

But a chair couldn’t cover anything after all, so after thinking about it, He YunTing found his cloak.

The cloak, which was normally only used for important occasions, was now casually unfolded by him and put on the chair, holding a small piece of quiet and dark space for Lin Han.

But he was still not satisfied. Two seconds later, He YunTing unbuttoned his jacket, loosened the collar, and took off his pale blue military jacket, but fearing that Lin Han wouldn’t want to, he hesitated for a while before handing it to Lin Han, “You can use it to cover up.”

Summer in the M Galaxy always came late, and now it was March with a bit of spring chill. At this moment, He YunTing only had a shirt left on his body, and Lin Han could almost see the perfect lines hidden under the thin fabric.

And he was holding He YunTing’s warm jacket in his hand.

Lin Han had the illusion that this man, who always had a stern face and looked very unsympathetic, was using all his efforts to take care of him in a clumsy and silent manner.

Lin Han never considered himself a “delicate Omega”, he had been alone since he entered the Imperial Army University, able to finish his studies early, design alone, work alone, and live independently alone. And at this moment he surprisingly didn’t want to argue with this idea — because he suddenly coveted this brief care.

He took a couple of seconds before making a sound, “…Thank you.”

He YunTing gave a low voice “hmm” and didn’t speak again.

Probably because he was really tired, Lin Han thought he would lose sleep, but he was so sleepy that he fell asleep on the sofa after eating the nutrition.

During the haze of consciousness, someone came in and out of the command room from time to time, but the sound was very small, and he didn’t know if He YunTing had specifically ordered it. His body was still covered with the jacket, with the fragrance of ebony, and like a magical sleep aid, he could find a peaceful sleep in the tedious and depressing dream.

And finally, he was awakened by another voice.

Wen Tianyao didn’t notice the quiet corner when he stepped in the door, and once he pushed the door, he raised his voice to greet He YunTing, “Good afternoon, General—”

Lin Han frowned, but still didn’t open his eyes.

He didn’t know what He YunTing had said, and Wen Tianyao’s voice was then slightly lowered, “Okay, I understand.”

Lin Han didn’t want to affect He YunTing’s work because of his own relationship, and was just about to rub his eyes to get up when he heard Wen Tianyao chatting with He YunTing, and the topic was still about him.

“Mr. Lin is an Omega, it’s understandable that his physique is a bit weak.” Wen Tianyao said.

He couldn’t hear He YunTing’s reply, but only heard a few seconds later when Wen Tianyao spoke again with a little bit of urgency, as if he was sure of something. Wen Tianyao’s tone made Lin Han feel uncomfortable, and he said, “Since General is so concerned about Mr. Lin, why don’t I help you? After all, I can talk to Mr. Lin—”

This time Lin Han finally heard He YunTing’s words.

“It’s not necessary.” He YunTing’s voice was cold, and no emotion could be detected, “Mr. Lin and I are also quite chatty.”


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Sue R
Sue R
April 5, 2022 10:27 am

Good the General stand firm, no need for the 3rd party. Thank you for the update.

April 5, 2022 11:26 am

Yeo, both of you please continue blocking Wen Tianyiao.
Surely LH cannot continue to doubt HYT. Tell him about your ability asap!
Thank you for translating and editing.

Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
October 27, 2022 3:36 am

this noisy Prince.. I started to feel annoyed at him.. tsk

July 24, 2023 8:29 pm

Lu AnHe is enough of a bridge

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