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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han’s face didn’t change, only the tip of his eyebrows gently raised, the tone of his voice sounding a little surprised. Although Wen Tianyao’s first sentence made him feel a bit complicated, the second sentence was the focus now.

He wasn’t surprised that Wen Tianyao had something else in mind, but for the time being, he didn’t know what the so-called ‘start from him’ meant.

Lin Han showed a difficult look, “But…”

Wen Tianyao seemed to interpret his difficulty as constraint and awkwardness, and took the initiative to say, “Of course, it’s okay if you don’t want to, no pressure.”

This was usually called a retreat to advance, after all, with his status and position, if under normal circumstances he offered to back down, then the other would usually be in a sorry mood because of his understanding, and would instead re-commit.

But all this presupposed that Lin Han’s hand wasn’t on his hand.

The Prince’s palm had a sticky feeling, which made Lin Han feel a little uncomfortable.

Lin Han smiled lightly after listening to the other party’s self-righteous heartfelt speech, withdrew his hand, and spoke again with a point of gratitude in his voice, “Then thank you, Your Highness, I will go alone.”

Wen Tianyao’s face obviously changed, as if he didn’t expect things to develop differently from what he had brainstormed, but still maintained his poise and could only go along with it, “Okay.”

Lin Han nodded to Wen Tianyao, and turned his head to leave.

He wasn’t worried about what Wen Tianyao would do to him at this moment, maybe he just wanted to use him as a pawn. Now Wen Tianyao was alone, and in He YunTing’s territory, if he still remembered his identity, he wouldn’t act rashly.

“Mr. Lin,” when Lin Han was about to leave, Wen Tianyao really opened his mouth again, “when I studied in the Imperial Army University, I also dabbled in a little bit of related knowledge, so I have some curiosity, and want to ask Mr. Lin, but don’t want to disturb your work. “

Lin Han put away the smile, even the extra expression didn’t want to appear on his face, “Okay.”

Lin Han went into the mecha library, he lightly opened the door, and didn’t specifically greet Wen Tianyao, only busying himself.

“When did Mr. Lin come to the base?” During Lin Han’s break, Wen Tianyao, who seemed to be interested in both mecha and Lin Han, asked.

“Only a few days ago.” Lin Han said, “I’m not familiar with the area yet.”

Wen Tianyao then casually touched on a few more topics, and Lin Han replied casually, looking a bit perfunctory. But Wen Tianyao didn’t seem to care.

Lin Han continued to work on his own. After all, it was a mecha for new recruits, and many of its features were a bit old, but the internal procedures and parameters could still be used with a few changes. After a while, Lin Han arrived in front of a tall mecha.

The tenth generation QT, one of the contributors to the battle with the Zerg that year.

From this generation, the Institute began to experiment with establishing a link between the mecha hub and the pilot’s mental energy, which could significantly improve combat performance and also reduce consumption.

This mecha looked like it hadn’t been used for a long time, so there shouldn’t have been a problem anywhere, and the pilot himself hadn’t sent it in for inspection because of something, and the mecha system was updated quickly, so it was put on hold.

After all, Lin Han couldn’t have been more familiar with the design, and after getting into the cockpit and tossing it around, he managed to start the mecha.

“Tenth generation QT, number m2764, ignition complete. Fuselage activated. AI hub on. Cockpit ready. Please instruct.”

Lin Han was just about to open the self-test, but as soon as his hand touched the screen, Wen Tianyao’s voice came from beside him in a cold tone.

“Is this the mecha that annihilated many Zerg back then?”

Lin Han originally let him in because he wanted to know what he had planned for him and for He YunTing, but his work was interrupted so he couldn’t help but frown, not understanding why Wen Tianyao didn’t have anything to say, “Hmm.”

Wen Tianyao also entered the cockpit, saw the movement of Lin Han’s hands and said, “I heard that this was designed by Mr. Lin at that time, it’s really impressive.”

If a normal person was praised by the imperial prince, he would probably be overjoyed, Lin Han stopped his hand to continue the overhaul, but didn’t answer. He felt that Wen Tianyao would continue talking.

As expected, Wen Tianyao continued, “It’s a pity that I didn’t get to join the General’s expedition back then, but I’m still a bit excited to see it now.”

The topic of conversation finally led to He YunTing.

Lin Han pretended to be interested, “Your Highness also drives a mecha?”

“I’ve learned, I know a little bit.” Wen Tianyao didn’t seem to intend to talk about it, “I just thought of that battle back then. At that time, my father and the old men of the council forbade me to go, so I had to wait for the good news — honestly, that has always been a regret in my heart.”

Lin Han gave a “hmm”.

“Speaking of which,” Wen Tianyao’s tone suddenly became strange, “there’s another reason why General He won the battle back then, does Mr. Lin know?”

When Lin Han and Wen Tianyao came out of the mecha library together, it was just about lunch time.

This time Wen Tianyao didn’t pick a less crowded place to walk, so many soldiers saw him and immediately saluted nervously, while Wen Tianyao smiled and responded one by one, successfully gaining many flattered looks.

He was really as he was portrayed to be, not a strict person, and very easy-going.

Lin Han walked behind him. Wen Tianyao said he was going to the command room to find He YunTing, and politely offered to let Lin Han join him.

In the mecha library, Wen Tianyao spoke to Lin Han in a tone of reminiscence.

He said He YunTing was brave and resourceful, but they were all irrelevant topics, and seemed to really just come to chat casually with Lin Han to pull in the relationship.

Everyone said that Wen Tianyao was from the neutral faction like He YunTing, neither warming up to the idea of establishing diplomatic relations with Zerg like the peacemakers, nor thinking about how to use force to solve the problem like the radicals.

And it was true that Wen Tianyao didn’t mention any of the factions by name, but just praised He YunTing, saying that one of the reasons for winning the battle was that He YunTing intercepted some of the opponent’s intelligence in advance, thus killing them all.

But what the intelligence itself was, and where it came from, Wen Tianyao didn’t mention.

If Lin Han didn’t have the ability to read minds, then today’s chat would have looked like nothing more than a down-to-earth prince chatting about the glorious past to the Empire’s excellent mecha masters.

Unfortunately, Lin Han heard the name of another person at the end by asking Wen Tianyao to hand him a tool.

Luo Qi, also known as the most active radical in the council.

Lin Han couldn’t stay too long after all, but he could barely hear a thing or two from Wen Tianyao’s words.

But strangely enough, what Lin Han originally wanted to know was why someone would try to assassinate He YunTing at the dinner party, but that didn’t show up in Wen TianYao’s mind.

Could it be that this incident really had nothing to do with him?

What was certain, though, was that Wen Tianyao wasn’t a neutral person.

He was a radical through and through, just like Luo Qi.

He wanted to pull him in first, and then starting from him, He YunTing would eventually become a part of their side.

As for why they wanted to pull in He YunTing by approaching him in a roundabout way… Lin Han pursed his lips. It turned out that in the eyes of others, he and He YunTing… Sure enough, there was an unusual relationship.

Lin Han followed Wen Tianyao into the command room. Lu AnHe was eating, and the General, who had an unusual relationship with him in the eyes of the Prince, was flipping through the list of promoted recruits in his hand.

When they saw Wen Tianyao coming, they both stood up and saluted, while He YunTing put his eyes on Lin Han behind Wen Tianyao.

Lin Han took the initiative to explain, “I met His Royal Highness on the way to the mecha library.”

“Yes, I casually chatted with Mr. Lin for a while,” Wen Tianyao naturally took over and said to He YunTing, “I commandeered a little of Mr. Lin’s time, does the General mind?”

He YunTing didn’t answer, but his deep eyebrows didn’t move away from Lin Han.

Luckily, Lu AnHe could talk and lightly chatted with Wen Tianyao and changed the topic.

Wen Tianyao also didn’t stick to this topic, “I just wanted to come and take a look at this year’s selection. I also want to know if there are any outstanding newcomers this year.”

He YunTing raised his eyebrows at hearing this and said nothing else, after all, Wen Tianyao would come at this time every year. He handed the list in his hand to Wen Tianyao and Lu AnHe added, “Today is the fourth day of the second round. The main selection is the balance ability and basic control ability of the preparatory technicians…”

Wen Tianyao looked at the list and then looked at the screen behind He YunTing and nodded.

“But it’s lunch time, His Highness the Prince can read the reviews an hour later. There’s a break room next door, do you want to take a break first?” Lu AnHe suggested, “I’ll ask the team to bring you lunch.”

Wen Tianyao said “Okay” and walked around Lu AnHe to Lin Han, “I’ll come back later then. But I had a nice chat with Mr. Lin today.”

Lin Han smiled politely, “Me too.”

His tone sounded sincere, as if he had listened to everything Wen Tianyao had said before and believed that he was a good prince with a neutral stance.

Lin Han said, “But I have other things to do this afternoon. I’m afraid I can’t continue to chat with you.”

Wen Tianyao was in a very good mood and didn’t forget to say goodbye to Lin Han as he walked to the door, “It’s okay, Mr. Lin’s work is important, we can talk later if there’s anything.”

Lin Han nodded his head and offered his hand, “Okay.”

Wen Tianyao naturally wanted to maintain his image, and would give Lin Han face, shaking his hand.

【This beautiful Omega truly is a good liar.】

Wen Tianyao went to rest first, and Lu AnHe had other things to deal with, so only Lin Han and He YunTing were left in the command room for a while.

Lin Han hesitated how to convey the information he knew to He YunTing.

After all, what he knew was still too little, too little to be integrated into a complete conclusion.

If he abruptly said that Wen Tianyao was a radical, He YunTing might not believe it if he said it without proof.

Lin Han hesitated for a moment, but planned to wait until he knew more before finding a compromise way to tell the other side.

He saw that He YunTing was still working and couldn’t be disturbed, and he hadn’t eaten lunch and hadn’t used his nutrition, so he planned to tell He YunTing that he would go back first.

“Then I’ll go back to my room too, General,” Lin Han said politely.

But Wen Tianyao always made him feel uncomfortable, so Lin Han drew a piece of paper and wiped his hands.

He YunTing answered after a while, “Okay.”

Lin Han somehow felt that He YunTing wasn’t in a good mood at the moment, so he tried probing, “What’s wrong?”


Lin Han didn’t expect He YunTing to tell him, so he wasn’t angry, “Okay, I’ll go first then.”

“Wait.” Lin Han almost reached the door, He YunTing seemed to hesitate for a moment, but still opened his mouth.


He YunTing’s expression was cold, but Lin Han just heard a little bit of aggravation, “Mr. Lin has mysophobia.”

Lin Han was stunned for a moment, not knowing whether to answer or not. He couldn’t tell He YunTing the real situation, the real purpose of his initiative to shake hands with Wen Tianyao.

“Forget it, it’s fine.” He YunTing said again, like he didn’t want to know the answer.

He YunTing also walked to the door and extended his hand towards Lin Han, “Goodbye Mr. Lin.”

Lin Han looked at He YunTing’s action and was a bit dazed. He YunTing’s action could be said to be abrupt and stiff.

Lin Han thought, The last time we said goodbye, we didn’t shake hands then.

He had delicate features, his white uniform set off his black hair, and his eyes were moist and pure black. When he looked at He YunTing with such a stunned expression, his eyes widened slightly, looking soft and innocent. He was like a clean and white drawing paper, while He YunTing was like a starry ink, one stroke was meticulously drawn on by the other.

He YunTing didn’t want to move his gaze away, and his hand was hanging in mid-air, as if he didn’t feel embarrassed.

It took Lin Han two seconds to grasp He YunTing’s meaning. He wanted to shake hands with him to say goodbye. Lin Han wasn’t wearing gloves now.

After all, he had just convinced himself that he shouldn’t actively try to understand what He YunTing was thinking, and that he shouldn’t pry into his thoughts again and again.

But now that He YunTing had extended his hand to him, Lin Han felt that he couldn’t ignore it rigidly. If he refused He YunTing, what would happen to him? Would he show a disappointed expression? But He YunTing was already a person who couldn’t smile, and his face wasn’t rich in expression.

That’s why, if he was happy or sad, it wasn’t visible.

He YunTing saw him hesitate, as if reminding Lin Han, but also as if looking for a step for himself, tensed the corners of his mouth and repeated himself, “Goodbye Mr. Lin.”

This sentence was like a watershed. If Lin Han didn’t want to, he could just answer “goodbye” and leave, but if Lin Han understood He YunTing’s meaning… 

Thinking of this, Lin Han suddenly felt that the person in front of him was somewhat cute.

The corners of his mouth were always straight and his face was always cold — always saying the wrong thing and never saying what he wanted.

Lin Han blinked, and a little soft warmth suddenly sprang up in his heart.

Even though he tried not to make the curve of his lips too pronounced, the smile made the tips of his eyes curve down.

——He YunTing was the one who reached out first, not the one who had to read minds.

He repeated himself to him.

“Okay, I’ll see you later, General.”

Lin Han pondered for a bit, before shaking his hand.

【Are the gun calluses on my hands too rough?】

【Why does he always shake other people’s hands?】

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Sue R
Sue R
April 4, 2022 10:50 am

🤣🤣🤣🤣 General you are very cute even though you were drinking vinegar.

April 4, 2022 11:26 am

I think Lin Han should tell He YunTing what he knows now; it might seem inconclusive and irrelevant, but possibly more meaningful added to other findings LH is unaware of.
Misunderstandings are the bane of these two! Please just tell him!
I can’t help but wonder if the Prince in fact is a Zerg host 😬
Thank you for translating and editing.

April 4, 2022 11:30 am

This general is too freaking cute, I can’t handle it. I love this story so much already.

April 4, 2022 12:52 pm

Cute 😊😊😊

April 4, 2022 3:29 pm

Thanks for the chapter! Be honest with our adorable general, lol.

April 4, 2022 7:26 pm

He wants to know you! But dont want to hear your naughty thoughts, u know! 😂😂

April 13, 2022 2:24 am

I don’t think the Prince is a host of Zerg. More like he has an inferiority complex toward He YunTing. If he had joined the past battles together with He YunTing then maybe he would have been the one praised all over by the Empire people. Since it was mentioned that he actually not pure, plain, and close to the people, but overly proud of his title and position as the only Imperial Prince.

Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
October 27, 2022 3:24 am

I didn’t know on I should laugh or cry at his thoughts.. like Lin han, I just find him cute like this.. 😅

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