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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


He YunTing usually gave the impression of being cold and rigid, with flat lips and an apathetic aura. But when he took action, he was almost reckless and impulsive, as if he had been holding back for a long time, until his love couldn’t be hidden and overwhelmed the other.

His tie was caught by Lin Han, half hanging. His clothes were no longer meticulous and wrinkle-free, and even now his movements had become fierce, but he still looked very handsome, and his eyebrows were furrowed with a strong and pathos of deep emotion.

Everyone was proud of him, the news sang his praises all day long, he was like the sun that would never be dusted, always heroic and strong, never falling. But no one knew his fragility, no one thought that their sun could also be sad, would also be in a deserted room, hesitating, sinking in his heart, before having a calm and composed look.

Lin Han wondered if he hadn’t happened to come over, and He YunTing hadn’t had the chance to say those words after such a bloody denial — would he have gotten such a response.

People only loved the sun, but they didn’t care that even the sun could be timid and uncertain in front of their lover.

Lin Han was held so tightly by him for the first time that he didn’t want to think about anything else for a while, only feel the other’s breath from his nostrils and trembling lips.

This was hardly a kiss, because He YunTing was directly biting him — he bit Lin Han’s lower lip. Since the action was too impatient, they even knocked teeth, but he didn’t stop. He nibbled several times on his sweet lips before slowly trying to calm down, but because of the lack of rules, he was busy continuing to press his lips against Lin Han’s. For a few seconds, he didn’t continue to move.

Lin Han was held by him against the door, and he even forgot to shed tears, his mind finally sorting out the current situation after a short blank. But he had just cried a little too hard, and even though he tried not to be embarrassed, the sobbing didn’t stop immediately. So Lin Han’s shoulders rose and fell very lightly because of the sobbing, as their soft lips brushed against each other’s, brushing against He YunTing’s chin.

He YunTing then moved away a little like he was just waking up from a dream.

The two of them stared at each other.

Lin Han saw his own face in He YunTing’s blue eyes. He now looked a little stupid, the corners of his eyes and cheeks were covered in tear marks. An Omega’s body was already more delicate than normal, and his lower lip became more red than the surrounding color because it was bit by He YunTing. Lin Han blinked and held his breath.

He didn’t repeat the question he had just asked, perhaps he had already learned the answer from He YunTing’s actions, perhaps the sadness in the other man’s eyes was so heavy that Lin Han couldn’t even say anything. He wasn’t unwilling to love him, nor was he unwilling to kiss him.

Lin Han’s heart was pinched hard, as he, at this moment, understood all the other’s uneasiness and hesitation. He obediently didn’t struggle, only reached out and wrapped his hand around the other’s back, comforting him as they had done during their first embrace.

“Don’t cry.” He YunTing finally spoke, his voice was deeper than the night, dry and low, “I’m sorry.”

Lin Han’s arm hugging him paused for a moment, then added some strength.

Even now, He YunTing was still apologizing to him.

Even though Lin Han was almost brutally unreasonable in saying what was once on the other’s mind, even though He YunTing didn’t do anything wrong at all, he still wasn’t confident and was apologizing to Lin Han.

He YunTing was confident and conceited on many occasions, but became humble and cautious when facing him. Lin Han didn’t know what He YunTing had been through all these years to become what he was now, keeping all his emotions in his heart, deep inside. He never owed anyone, but in the end he couldn’t even have love.

Lin Han really wanted to cry, and the more intense emotions the more they were suppressing the tear glands, making him just look at He YunTing, unwilling to even shed a tear.

“You don’t have to be sorry.” He said in a shaky voice, “But I want you to love me.”

His eyelashes were still stained with half-dried tears, clinging together in a sticky mess, but his eyes were as beautiful as they had been when they first met.

“He YunTing,” Lin Han called his name, reaching out to feel the warmth of the other man’s embrace and resting his head on his shoulder, his voice soft. “You have me. Don’t be afraid.” He said, “You can kiss me, it’s okay.”

After hearing that, He YunTing’s tense emotions completely relaxed, but he was still silent. He held Lin Han’s hands with a little more force, suspended him in the air, and then re-sealed their lips.

This time, He YunTing finally understood how to do it, his lips were a little dry, almost a little rough to kiss. His hands were hot and fast as he pinched Lin Han’s waist, no longer recklessly sucking and biting. After a short time of their lips being together, there was further action.

Lin Han was actually nervous, but still tried hard to respond to him, and even cooperated by taking the initiative to part his lips and inviting the other to kiss him. His lips and tongue were very sweet, and even the breath when the tips of his nose were touched was with a hazy aroma. He was born to be loved, no need to be locked in a glass room, he was a perfect and sweet treasure in itself.

Soon He YunTing was getting better at his guidance, finding a response that belonged only to him in the depth and exploration, like an unspoken secret between them.

Lin Han’s lips were brimming with saliva from He YunTing’s kisses, and the corners of his eyes were still red. He YunTing moved upwards without any help, licking away his tears bit by bit, and then going slowly downwards, licking and kissing his Adam’s apple.

Lin Han’s skin was delicate and white, as if a gentle pinch could leave a red mark engraved with the other’s name. And Lin Han gave in to all his greedy movements, allowing him to have his way, and even sometimes tightened his arms around him encouragingly, only to let out an inaudible, pleading whimper or two when the kiss was almost too much to bear.

By the time they both recovered, Lin Han had been carried away from the doorway by He YunTing and pressed into the bed a short distance away.

There was some kind of reaction surging between them, and although He YunTing wasn’t as embarrassed as he had been in the mecha before, he was still a little uncomfortable; too tempted by the person in front of him to let go.

Lin Han was aware, he even smelled a little bit of very faint ebony pheromone.

He seemed to have seen through it all, and even though still a little shy, he didn’t deliberately resist. He YunTing was suffering too much, Lin Han just wanted to hold him like this. As long as he could stay with him, as long as he could give him love, then kissing and making love was no more than natural.

As long as the other man wanted it, he would give him his everything.

The other man carried him over with a little too much movement. Lin Han was pinned to the bed and kissed, and now his shirt was in disarray, two of his buttons had been undone at some point, and his soft skin was blindingly white, with stars of light red on top of a snowy white.

He YunTing finally stopped.

He slowly got up from the bed, half-kneeling on the edge of the bed, his chest gasping for air as he looked at Lin Han. He knew Lin Han wouldn’t refuse him, but no matter what, now was not the time.

Lin Han didn’t say anything more and understood He YunTing’s thoughts. But he still stretched out his hand and pulled He YunTing towards himself. He YunTing was stunned for a moment and pressed back against Lin Han.

Their heartbeats overlapped, but they didn’t move any further.

Lin Han patted him on the back to comfort him. If you still have any worries, embrace me.

“He YunTing,” Lin Han said in his ear as he wrapped his arms around his neck, “I also want to say I’m sorry. I’m really a mind reader, I wasn’t lying to you.”

Now that they’ve opened up to each other, there was nothing more to hide. Lin Han’s voice was soft, with a little bit of hoarseness after crying, as he told He YunTing all about himself.

“That’s why I was a little defensive when you came to the Institute.” Lin Han said, “The reason why I wore gloves was also because of this. The same goes for Wen TianYao,” Lin Han recounted to He YunTing about meeting the other person at the mecha library that day, “I heard him trying to use me to get to you, and that’s why I told you about it.”

He YunTing nodded and listened quietly.

“It wasn’t anything else at the time, I just thought you were a bit… weird.” Lin Han weighed his words, “I didn’t expect you to be so different from what you seemed to be.”

He YunTing buried himself in the nape of Lin Han’s neck and wiped the corner of his lips, gesturing for him to continue.

“I also apologize for touching your hand because sometimes I do want to know what you’re talking about.” Lin Han was a little nervous when he said that. “But then in the border area, my mind reading went away. Now I think the reason was because of excessive mental energy consumption,” Lin Han recalled, “And… A few days ago, when you came to me, it hadn’t recovered even by then.”

Lin Han’s face burned a little when he thought of his fever that day, and he couldn’t help but ask, “Did I say anything that day? I fell asleep later and couldn’t remember.”

He YunTing’s lips twitched and subconsciously said, “No.”

【Called me a coward.】

Lin Han put his hand on He YunTing’s hand and quickly let go of it, after hearing these words. He couldn’t help but laugh a little, “Actually, I’m a coward too.”

When He YunTing heard these words, he realized that his mind had just been read again.

“I’m sorry.” Lin Han apologized first, “If you don’t want me to hear you in the future, just tell me and I’ll put on my gloves in advance.”

“No need.” He YunTing returned quickly this time, “No need to wear them.” He lifted his head from Lin Han, took the initiative to put his hand in front of him and asked, “Then Mr. Lin knows what I’m thinking right now.”

Lin Han thought for a moment and said, “Don’t call me Mr. Lin.”

He YunTing said, “Okay. Then I’ll say it.” A few moments later, he said. “Lin Han,” He YunTing said in a low tone, with full depth of feeling, putting his hand up and saying, “I love you.”

【I love you.】

【I love you.】 

【I love you.】

He looked into the other man’s eyes, his thoughts and words overlapping, and kept saying to him, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Lin Han felt like he was about to cry again.

When he was finally on the verge of shedding tears, he was kissed again by He YunTing. He was still holding his hand, so those confessions weren’t prevented from being pronounced just because they were sealed by his lips and tongue. They struck his heart one after the other, bringing tremors.

【I love you.】

“I love you.” He YunTing’s kiss this time carried full possessiveness and wasn’t gentle. But at the end of the kiss, there was a very different kind of tenderness that was the opposite of that. This tenderness turned into a mist that coalesced into water droplets, which then gently fell on his heart.


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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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