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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


In the end, Lin Han couldn’t even remember how many times the other said “I love you”, and couldn’t tell if it came from between his kisses, or through his rejuvenated hands, directly into his heart. He only remembered He YunTing’s fingertips wiping the corners of his lips, and the embrace that wanted to rub him into his body.

He could finally embrace him without any excuse, either to comfort, to caress, or for no reason at all, as long as he wanted to.

Lin Han finally stopped crying, and there were still nutrients and water in his room, so He YunTing got up to get them for him, handing it over.

The large dose of nutrients in the past few days had made Lin Han disgusted at the sight of the packaging. He didn’t eat it the previous few days because of a stubborn streak, unwilling to be dragged down by his body, plus the fact that he later recovered his mind-reading skills, he had been holding back on eating.

Lin Han frowned, without knowing the reason, he now suddenly was very repulsive toward nutrients. He first drank water, blinking his eyes, then focused on He YunTing.

Just now He YunTing kissed him too hard, and Lin Han’s original two open buttons now looked more messy. The Omega’s body couldn’t withstand the fiddling, his lips looked more red and plump, and his eyes were only on He YunTing’s figure.

The two had just taken a slight break from the previous atmosphere, and at the moment both were surrounded by ambiguous embarrassment.

Lin Han, in order to relieve this awkwardness, sat on the edge of the bed and took small sips of water, but still couldn’t hold back and had to look at He YunTing when he took a sip. He finished half a glass of water, and didn’t want to take the nutrition immediately, so he had to helplessly look up again, wanting to say something.

But He YunTing noticed his movement and took the water cup out of his hand and put it aside before approaching Lin Han again, looking down at him for a while and then taking him into his arms again.

In this position, Lin Han pressed his side against He YunTing’s chest, listening to the undisguised heaving vibrations within the other’s chest cavity. He YunTing freed a hand to gently caress Lin Han’s ear, caressing his earlobe with little purpose, then immediately letting go.

Even if it was only for a moment, Lin Han could read his concerns.

“He’ll be fine.” Lin Han said, “I’ll wait with you for news.”

He YunTing was silent for a while before saying, “I know he will be fine protecting himself, but I don’t know…”

“Do you mean Professor Xu?” Lin Han asked after thinking about it.

He YunTing didn’t deny it.

Lin Han didn’t know how to comfort him, he could only hug him. After all, he just heard a general idea, so some details weren’t quite clear, “If you don’t mind, you can tell me.”

Lin Han liked to listen to Xu Zhiheng’s lectures when he was in college, he seemed to be quite noble, and only absorbed in his own research. But, if a student was willing to have a discussion with him, he would also take a lot of time to answer questions.

However, Lin Han, with different majors, just sat in the back row and listened to the lecture every time, and left when it was over, without trying to ask any questions. He didn’t expect Xu Zhiheng to remember him, and he even took the initiative to greet and shake hands with him, so Lin Han was a bit flattered.

Lin Han once admired Xu Zhiheng’s academic thinking and friendly attitude, he didn’t seem to be anxious or angry about anything, except this time. Because only a very few people knew about this, and Qi Jiamu could participate also because He YunTing had promised to give Qi JiaZe a charge that wouldn’t be enough to kill him, before releasing the news that Qi JiaZe had been executed by him, and then sending him secretly to Xu Zhiheng’s place through Lu AnHe to see if he would get better.

And if something happened to Xu Zhiheng, then it was likely that the rest of the plan would be disrupted.

“Wen TianYao is obviously just being pushed out by Luo Qi to block the bullet. I read him more than once when he was on the battleship, and he’s really unaware of the current situation.” Lin Han recalled for a moment before telling He YunTing, “And because there was no other suspicion at the time, I didn’t reach out to touch the others.”

But from the information He YunTing gathered in the past few days, all traces were wiped clean, and the Zerg really seemed to be just an accident. After returning the equipment, the sergeant acquiesced to receive punishment, and willingly accepted all inquiries, but ultimately failed to point out who changed the a group’s arsenal, and who was able to conceal the truth and go to great lengths to send Qi JiaZe to the warship.

But at the moment, it seemed that all the accidents pointed to He YunTing alone. They didn’t care that the sun of the Empire was destroyed in their hands, they only thought of using various methods, whether it was Zerg, Burning Blood, or cutting off the rescue, to not let He YunTing come back.

Considering it from that angle, along with the kidnapping of Xu Zhiheng, the research on Burning Blood could be taken to the next level, and the other side’s plan would be even more perfect — if Xu Zhiheng was willing to work for them.

If it wasn’t necessary, or if something really happened to Lu AnHe, He YunTing couldn’t always show up in person.

“I’ll wait with you.” Lin Han repeated.

He YunTing answered, but didn’t let go of the hand holding Lin Han.

Both of them were first time lovers, neither had any experience, but at this moment, both instinctively wanted to be closer to each other, and would stick to each other. Lin Han was a little embarrassed, but he really couldn’t let go of the warmth of the moment.

His thoughts were still racing, when a moment later he grabbed the corner of He YunTing’s coat, “Do you remember… that deputy named Xi Yuan?”

Wen Tianyao was good at saving face and loved pomp and circumstance. The previous so-called public sentiment was only to package his own pro-people image. Therefore, it was common to have people following him around.

Xi Yuan was one of the people who were following him for a long time; he was low-profile, silent, but sharp, so he had Wen TianYao’s trust.

“Does he have problems?” Lin Han looked up and asked him.

“I’ve checked.” He YunTing replied, “Since we left the warship, Lu AnHe has been watching him, and from the time he returned to the Empire until now, there was nothing special about his movements. He’s helping Wen TianYao, and he seems normal.” He YunTing’s tone shifted a bit, “Of course, some places involving the Crown Prince really can’t be investigated in detail, so we can’t completely rule out suspicions.”

Lin Han found a breakthrough, “In that case… let me help you.” He looked into He YunTing’s eyes, his tone was sincere, as if he was afraid that he wouldn’t agree, with a hint of pleading, “I’ll just shake their hands and tell you what I hear, okay?”

He YunTing looked at him with downcast eyes and suddenly said something that had nothing to do with the present, “Lin Han, you haven’t drunk your nutrients yet.”

Lin Han’s expression froze for a moment, looking at the package in his hand that gave him a headache. In fact, if he forced himself to drink it, it would be over, at most he would be uncomfortable for a bit.

But since the two had just gotten together, Lin Han suddenly remembered when he wanted to hold He YunTing’s hand before.

He wanted to be uncharacteristically capricious again.

“I don’t want to drink it.” Lin Han tentatively tugged at the other man’s shirt with his fingers and raised his eyes into his again, “I’ve been drinking it for many days, or in extra doses, and it’s especially hard to drink.” Lin Han saw that He YunTing didn’t speak, so he carefully added another sentence. “Really.” 

He YunTing was just about to speak when his communicator rang.

Almost instantly, He YunTing’s back straightened reflexively, and the corners of his mouth became cold and flat as usual, the warm atmosphere dissipating for the most part.

Lin Han looked at his icy face as he pressed connect.

“Boss, it’s me.” The moment Lu AnHe opened his mouth, Lin Han saw He YunTing’s originally tense shoulders finally slacken a little.

“Professor Xu is fine.” Lu AnHe briefly and concisely reported the situation, “That Omega is not the same as… Qi JiaZe.”

There was a slight fluctuation in his tone, as if he remembered the appearance of Qi JiaZe when he was shot three times in a row at close range and his pupils mutated.

“It’s a little harder to deal with than the average Burning Blood, but not as tricky as him.” Lu AnHe said, “The execution was carried out without incident. The other side didn’t find out my identity, and I have sent Professor Xu back to a safe place. The only problem is that I couldn’t reach Qi Jiamu because I cut off communication just now.”

Probably because he had a good feeling about Qi Jiamu sacrificing his life to bring He YunTing back from the border area, and because his strength was really reassuring, Lu AnHe added, “But I believe that even if he had arrived at the scene and saw that Professor Xu was already safe, he would’ve returned in time and nothing would’ve happened. Neither was hurt, I was trying to block for Professor Xu, but he pushed me and rolled to the ground, so we both dodged.”

Lu AnHe’s side was quiet, sounding like he was in Xu Zhiheng’s private research room. He seemed to say something to Xu Zhiheng, and Lin Han heard that the other party didn’t sound too panicked even after the incident, and remained calm, thanking Lu AnHe.

Lu AnHe finished the report, and then routinely told He YunTing some other precautions, and to ensure the safety of Xu Zhiheng, and that he could temporarily only return to the base after three days.

He YunTing replied with two sentences, then cut off the communication.

Lin Han reached out and touched He YunTing’s neck, feeling his mood finally easing, before saying, “It’s okay, Lu AnHe is okay, and so is Professor Xu.”

“I’ve come into contact with Qi Jiamu many times during his previous practical training, he’s very smart and will come back safely.” Lin Han said.

He YunTing gave a “hmm”, as if he had relaxed a bit, and raised his hand again, continuing the position where he was hugging Lin Han. But after a few seconds, he recalled the issue that was left hanging in the air, “You didn’t drink the nutrient.”

“……” Lin Han didn’t expect him to continue where he left off, as he opened his mouth and continued to look reluctantly at the thing in his hand.

After He YunTing learned that Lu AnHe was safe, that capricious mood Lin Han had resurfaced. He wrinkled his nose a little and tried to persist, “He YunTing, I don’t want to drink this.”

He came a little closer and softened his voice like he was talking to Grr, but with a tone that could be described as petulant, “Okay?”

Lin Han felt He YunTing freeze.

No one had ever dared to talk to He YunTing like that, and he knew that it was an unreasonable request in light of his body and mental strength, plus Lin Han’s physique was already bad, so nutrients were a necessity.

If another person spoke to him like that, he would have only swept a glance indifferently and not even bothered to talk — after all, he didn’t need this kind of time-wasting conversation at all, and would just force others to do it.

“Okay?” Lin Han saw that he didn’t move, and was emboldened further, repeating himself.

“…” He YunTing didn’t move for a full half minute. After a while, he spoke stiffly and said, “No.”

“…Oh.” Lin Han was a bit lost, but he didn’t care too much. After all, he still had to drink the nutrition, and he just suddenly wanted to say that. He wanly handed the nutrient to He YunTing, “Then you can open it for me.”

After all, He YunTing had always taken the initiative to help him screw it open before handing it over. Lin Han couldn’t tell what kind of mentality he was in, he just thought that since he couldn’t escape this disaster, he must find another way to get something from it. He didn’t know whether this kind of thinking was good or bad, but he didn’t want to think about it right now.

This time He YunTing finally didn’t refuse and obediently took it.

Lin Han didn’t look up, and was waiting for He YunTing to return the nutrient to him after opening it, when he suddenly felt an almost scalding breath leaning over.

The next second, his lips and tongue were sealed, and He YunTing, with his most hated nutrient in his mouth, held his face and leaned down to kiss him.


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May 11, 2022 12:55 pm


Everything I want to say comes out sounding more suggestive than I mean for it to, lol. With that in mind…the bar was just raised on how to nurse an ill or weak lover. 🤣

Thanks for the chapter!

May 11, 2022 3:37 pm

Haha, Clever way to make him drink the nutrients. I like Lin Han is going to be of great help solving the investigation with he’s mind reading and also getting into trouble.

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Thanks for the de chapter!

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
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Hehe.. he would like to drink the nutrition later, just because his husband feeding him.. personally.. m-mouth t-to mouth.. ara~ I’m so embarrassed writing this, and also reading the last part.. 😅

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aiyo. mouth feeding 🤭
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