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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


He YunTing was wearing sunglasses, so Lin Han couldn’t see his expression clearly, but still felt his uneasiness. All around were people coming and going, they seemed ordinary at this moment. They could be two employees of an online convenience store in Q district who came to the zoo for a break, or a married couple who came here to mark the occasion. Strangers who didn’t know them would wish them well, smiled kindly, and told them they looked very much in love.

Lin Han paused for a long time after asking that question.

When Grr finally became impatient with the confrontation between them, He YunTing only whispered.

“Yes.” His voice was a little hoarse with the sensuality of a deep kiss, but with a cold tone that was uniquely his, “But…”

“No buts.” Lin Han interrupted him, grabbed his hand and stepped out of the shadows.

“Let’s go, Grr is waiting.” His voice was light and quick as he led He YunTing into the zoo.

He YunTing followed in silence.

It wasn’t until Lin Han returned from buying the ticket, and handed it to He YunTing, that he finished his previous sentence, “I don’t know why you’re so deeply guarded, and I don’t understand if it’s because of me or something else. But I have faith in you, and you have to have faith in me too.” He said, “What’s the big deal? Isn’t that right, General?”

Bringing Grr to this place proved to be the absolute best choice Lin Han had made since bringing him back from the Oddbound galaxy.

The zoo in District Q was the largest zoo area in the Empire, not only for viewing, but also for research, teaching, and so on. It was impossible for a first-time visitor to finish the tour, and since the two of them only had half a day, they could only pick a few of the most popular locations.

Grr’s contact with the outside world after coming here was basically on TV, but the good thing was that it was diligent and good at learning, although often limited in understanding but brimming with curiosity. So from the start of the park, it was excited as it rolled around Lin Han’s body, going from his pocket, to into his collar.

Not only were there some of the most popular and now almost extinct creatures on earth, with different names and species, but in the Oddbound Biology Museum next door, there were also a lot of Oddbound creatures that even He YunTing had never heard of.

Usually at such times Lin Han couldn’t help but ask the other, if he had ever seen such creatures before and what they were like in the wild.

He Yunting didn’t say much, but still tried to answer his questions.

When holding hands for a long time, the feelings and words weren’t so important, it was enough just knowing that the other was next to you.

Before Lin Han came, he specially checked why there were no Kudzuars in the zoo. The information said that there would have been few of these things in the Empire, it wasn’t only because of habitat reasons, they were all rather sticky and were almost considered a pet.

As for the ThudThuds, it didn’t appear in the zoo because it was too big to be transported, plus it was really uncomfortable with the Empire’s water and soil.

Grr was so happy that he soon forgot about the handful of food Lin Han had forced into his mouth when he arrived, and instead scurried around happily.

The staff saw it and kindly gave Lin Han a bag of fruit souvenirs only available in the Oddbound bio system. Although he couldn’t eat it, it was a good choice to give Grr as a gift.

He YunTing was tense the entire time, accompanying Lin Han like a bodyguard, hardly speaking, just silently accompanying the two. Unfortunately, there was too little time, and when they left, there were still several pavilions they hadn’t had time to visit.

The little guy obviously enjoyed himself, so Lin Han only had to promise to bring him when he had time in the future, until Grr got excited and became lively again.

It was already late when they went back, and Grr was so happy that he didn’t even get dizzy. He fell asleep in Lin Han’s arms directly when he went up, and he was quiet until he got home.

And after returning home, Lin Han turned on the TV for Grr, saw He YunTing was about to go to the bedroom to change clothes, and suddenly called out to stop him.

“He YunTing. What I said this afternoon, do you want to think about it? Don’t go back to the base yet, okay?”

As Lin Han closed the door to his room, He YunTing felt calm.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

Even the moment the room door closed, the desire that had previously dissipated at the zoo entrance resurfaced. In his heart, he understood what Lin Han meant and that there was nothing wrong with what he said.

“I won’t do anything else,” Lin Han said, “If it reminds you of anything, or if it’s unpleasant, just push me away, okay?”

Lin Han reached out and pressed his hand onto He YunTing’s skin, and even though he hadn’t moved down, he felt the unease He YunTing could hardly resort to, and the trembling he was trying to restrain. 

What exactly was he worried about?

This question had always troubled Lin Han, but there was never an answer.

Lin Han was never a person who was discouraged when he encountered a problem, he could break into the core area alone and stand firm, naturally he also wanted to try to answer the doubts he was now facing.

Without trying, how would he know where the solution lied?

“I’ll help you.” He said.

Even though he said so, he was still slightly shocked when he probed with his hand.

In that moment Lin Han remembered many things that hadn’t happened, such as the Alpha’s size. With his physique being so poor, it might be necessary to take two more supplements when the time came.

Lin Han was completely shocked when he really came in contact with it.

He couldn’t say that he found a solution to the problem, but at this point, he felt something different than before. He speculated whether mind-reading was related to his spiritual power, and whether that would in some way be affected by a spiritual power that didn’t belong to him. Or rather, after touching him too many times, he couldn’t only hear those heart sounds that could almost be called unpleasant, but also vaguely perceived He YunTing’s raging emotions, and even unconsciously conjured up certain images.

The image was of a brand-new M2742, already fired up and in exile in a deserted border area, driving aimlessly, looking up at the rare Erinnerung Nebula, the entire universe covered with a vast and romantic purple. Stranger still, the skylights on the roof of the mecha were opened, and the stars seemed to fall in next, sailing through space with them.

And the second cockpit was filled with the sweet scent of restraint, an Omega was wrapped with ribbons around his eyes, his fine white skin against the cold porthole, flushed with a pale pink peach color.

His expression was very painful, his open mouth gasping for air, with an almost scream that couldn’t be restrained in the starry sky that left saliva. The cabin temperature was so hot and cutting that it could burn people. As an Alpha obviously born handsome, he had restraint, but was rough like the most primitive beast, and didn’t give the other a chance to breathe.

Not to mention the statements that could make him bashful and instantly red in the face.

Lin Han subconsciously let go of his hand, his heart wasn’t like his own. The temperature of his hand was frighteningly hot, not knowing if it was his own body heat or if it was brought over from somewhere.

He YunTing wasn’t surprised by Lin Han’s action, and even sighed in understanding.

“You saw it all.” He said. He YunTing was about to sit up from the bed in the next second, trying to find an excuse to leave this place. The light ebony scent lingered in the air, evidence of his ghastly desires, and he had no way to deny it.

“I scared you.” He dropped his eyes, trying not to let his tone fluctuate, “Do…”

He YunTing couldn’t finish the last ‘n’t.’ Because Lin Han not only came back over, but even used his body to force him to lie down on the bed, which was many times softer than the beds at the base.

“It’s a little scary.” Lin Han was actually nervous too, but the words came out fairly easily, “I accept your apology. So, as the one who made a mistake, you should be sincere.” Lin Han’s fingers were long and delicate, and his movements were gentle. “I said I’m just helping you, so don’t move around.”

He YunTing’s expression showed a rare blankness.

Lin Han felt that such a confused him was rare, even though he couldn’t even call himself calm now, after all, it was his first time doing such a thing. But he still leaned over and kissed the corner of He YunTing’s mouth, saying, “Be good,” and then softened his tone and said, “Alright?” just like coaxing the little dumpling that was currently catching up on the drama in the living room.

He YunTing lay on his back on the bed, looking at the snow-white ceiling. After a long time, his eyebrows moved very lightly, as he replied in a low voice, “Okay.”

This kind of thing wasn’t difficult. He YunTing was still wearing the same clothes he wore when he went out with Lin Han today, the silk soft fabric didn’t make him feel any discomfort, Lin Han’s movement was slow at first, tentative.

“He YunTing,” Lin Han called his name, “relax a little.”

It was no longer a monotonous ceiling in front of He YunTing’s eyes. It was as if he was back in the border area, and the two were more than that. The mecha’s skylight was open, and when he opened his eyes, it was the purple Erinnerung Nebula.

Lin Han saw He YunTing lying beside him on the side, with his own less skilled movements in an effort to sink into Lin Han’s soft pillow, opened his mouth to catch his breath, the back of his neck raised slightly, the knot of his throat rolling up and down.

He had years of intense training so his body didn’t have a trace of fat, all the lines were perfect and attractive, not a point more nor less, and in this condition now, his muscles on the side of his neck were tense. Even the slightest movement carried an unspeakable erotic meaning. But his eyes were still the rare blue color of the Empire, if before they were like a river of ice that hadn’t thawed, now they were filled with gurgling spring water.

Brushing away the cold of winter, filled with only the gentle and loving tenderness that remained.

Lin Han didn’t remember how long it lasted, only that his hands were too sore to continue. He YunTing fiercely used his other hand to hook him up to his lips, closing his eyes and kissing him hard.

That taste wasn’t good, and He YunTing hesitated for a moment.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Han propped himself up to look at him, lost his smile when he heard He YunTing’s heart at the moment, looked into his eyes and said, “Give me a hug. He YunTing, hug me.”

This sentence was the same as when Lin Han was in heat, He YunTing was in a bit of a trance, as if he hadn’t been able to come back from that nebula himself, just chasing the other’s words subconsciously.

Lin Han’s hands weren’t clean, after finishing this sentence, he was just about to draw a piece of paper to wipe it, when he was embraced by He YunTing.

This time, he hugged him tightly, still covered in sweat, only to become less hesitant under Lin Han’s encouragement and held him firmly.

“It’s alright. I’m just going to wash up, what are you worrying about?” Lin Han also reached out and wrapped his arms around him, smiling as if He YunTing was only really worried about such a simple problem, “Don’t be afraid to get me dirty.”


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May 17, 2022 3:36 am

I think He YunTing’s fear is what it’s always been and that is hurting Lin Han, either through losing control during sex or with the biting needed to fully mark him. I thought Lin Han was aware of that?
What an erotic chapter, although the way Lin Han methodically thinks through the possible ‘hurdles’ of sex with HYT (who is, apparently, larger than LH anticipated), is kind of amusing.
They are getting closer.
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 17, 2022 3:40 am

I don’t think Lin Han is at all worried about getting him dirty 😏

September 20, 2022 1:53 am

So did LH give HYT a hand job?
Thank you so much for translating and editing❣️ 谢谢

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