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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Due to Lin Han’s encouragement, and because the hug was too tight and careless, something did get on his body through his clothes. His hands hadn’t been wiped clean and had a little fishy smell, and he could only gently pat He YunTing’s back.

He YunTing was still trying to calm his breathing, as if he felt that too much haste and busyness would make Lin Han feel uncomfortable. He wasn’t even willing to say anything, only doing his best to hold the person in front of him. It was hard to have things in his life that he couldn’t control, he hated everything that he couldn’t grasp, it seemed to represent his inability, or the powerlessness that his heart didn’t want to admit.

The feeling of being wrapped in desire was much more fierce than he expected. He still felt Lin Han’s delicate soft fingers, his not very skilled movements and his very light breathing. He felt the urge to swallow him up, and in the midst of this, there was Lin Han.

He YunTing’s body was hot, the soft fabric on his chest felt like it was burning him, seeping with thin sweat, provoking the itch Lin Han left. He YunTing felt the Omega’s very soft body, but he was only hugging him submissively, without any extra movement.

“Okay.” After a while, Lin Han heard He YunTing’s breathing gradually become stable before he gently got up and pushed He YunTing’s shoulder, “Do you want to go wash?”

His tone and actions were very gentle, helping him, there were really no other actions, and there was no need for He YunTing to have any burden and uneasiness. He YunTing didn’t really know much about this, he wanted to try to give back to him like what Lin Han did just now, but he dodged, “I’m fine. You go wash up.”

Lin Han seemed really tired, so when he spoke his voice was much lighter, but every word was serious, he wasn’t as perfunctory as He YunTing.

“Does anything come to mind? Or… is there anywhere uncomfortable?” Lin Han still blushed a little when he said this, and just when he wanted to put his head down, he saw a splotch of cloudy liquid stain on their clothes, and dodged a little before he looked at He YunTing again.

“No need… No need to help me.” Lin Han rarely spoke nervously and bit his lower lip, “Omegas are not the same as you.”

Both seemed a little embarrassed. He YunTing actually hated himself. He stood up in Lin Han’s gaze, his clothes and hair were in disarray. The room had no lights on, his face was sunk in the shadows, looking more and more deep and handsome.

The only thing was that there was a confusion in his eyes that he didn’t understand.

The lust in his heart was so strong that it could eat the person in front of him in the next second, but he hesitated to reach out. He was afraid that he would swallow him up, drag him into the abyss, and hurt him with a power that he couldn’t control.

He didn’t dare.

“Don’t you worry.” Lin Han knew He YunTing’s thoughts, curved his eyes and grabbed his hand, “Don’t be scared of that either. Look, I’m standing here properly.”

He YunTing gathered his eyes and pursed his lips. After an unbearable silence, he finally opened his mouth. “Why?”

Someone who obviously only seemed to be serious about his work could now be so attentive and soothe him in a way that he himself didn’t dare to think about; someone who was obviously an Omega with a physique so poor that he couldn’t live normally without nutrients, yet he could do this.

It was clear that they hadn’t known each other for long.

Lin Han sat down on the bed and wiped his hands clean. In fact, there was certainly some inevitable tension and throbbing from the actions just now, and for a moment, his hands went limp when he heard He YunTing’s low gasp.

He stood up, smiled, opened the door, and pushed He YunTing towards the bathroom, without answering immediately. When he was about to leave, he couldn’t resist standing on his tippy toes and kissing the tip of his nose, saying, “There’s no such thing as why.”

“Mr. Lin…” He YunTing blurted out.

“All right, listen.” Lin Han moved away a little, trying to sound less nervous, “Because you are Mr. Lin’s lover.”

He used to think that He YunTing called himself this to seem rusty, but now he was attached to these words for the first time. Even if everyone else called him that, He YunTing was different from them.

Lin Han rearranged the bedroom and threw their dirty clothes into the washing machine before returning to the living room. He glanced over and Grr was already completely immersed in the drama, oblivious to what had just happened.

The paperwork for work had been handed over in full, so he could return to work tomorrow and continue his unfinished research. He ordered his dinner, listened to the sound of water in the bathroom, and raised his eyes to look at the Oddbound creature who was chasing the drama like an obsessed man, and couldn’t help but smile a little before opening the work report that his colleague had sent over in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, He YunTing didn’t end up staying for dinner. He took a combat shower and just came out when his private communicator rang.

Usually when it was this late, it wasn’t a good thing.

He YunTing put on his clothes and reverted back to his usual appearance, contrasting with the tall man wearing sunglasses and baseball cap in the afternoon.

The communication was simple: Qi Jiamu was back.

The good news was that he was unharmed and no one found out that he had been at the academic lecture where Xu Zhiheng had his accident.

The bad news was more than one thing.

The official explanation for the incident at the lecture, which was intended purely for academic exchange, was that there were radicals at the venue who disagreed with Xu Zhiheng’s academic views — but they were contained and Xu Zhiheng escaped safely.

“I was more impressed with the people who were on the battleship before.” Qi Jiamu said, “I wasn’t surprised to see Luo Qi’s people on the scene.”

After all, the face of the radicals had almost been revealed, but they just hadn’t been able to find a handle that would hold him on the judgment bench. Since Xu Zhiheng’s safety was also threatened, his old friend Jiang Lian finally sat down and started to find fault with the radicals as well, and no longer stayed out of it like before. So the parliament in the past few days was very exciting, the speakers on both sides of the fence spent all day long attacking each other, and struggled to have something that could really bring down the other side, only the dispute became more and more obvious. Grr, even if it didn’t quite understand these things, it would watch the news every day on the two factions of the confrontation, would still give face to bounce a little to show respect.

“But I saw one more person.” Qi Jiamu recalled, “It was the one who was a close friend of His Highness the Prince at the time, the one who stood behind him all day.”

It was Xi Yuan.

But Qi Jiamu added that apart from Xi Yuan, he didn’t see anyone else related to Wen TianYao. According to Wen TianYao’s character, if he was present, then he would have brought more than one close friend. After the attack on the warship by the Zerg and what Lin Han had read earlier, he felt more and more that Wen TianYao was just a front for the radical faction to block the gun, and at present did not know what Luo Qi had used to tempt him to join his banner willingly — of course, it might seem to Wen TianYao that it was Luo Qi who joined his banner.

“He hides it well, but I’m sure I’m not mistaken.” Qi Jiamu said, “The reason I came back in the past two days is because after they left, I found something strange at the venue site and wanted to bring it back to show you. It seems to be… related to Professor Xu’s research.”

He YunTing contacted Lu AnHe, who still remained in Xu Zhiheng’s laboratory and was preparing to return to the base, heard Qi Jiamu say so, and hurriedly reported the current situation to He YunTing.

After all, it would be too obvious if they met at the base, and several people discussed it before finally deciding to directly rendezvous in Xu Zhiheng’s laboratory.

Probably after knowing about him and Ji Meng, Lin Han felt some heartache, but Lin Han also had no position to appear there, not to mention if there were any accidents he might also trouble He YunTing protecting him, and he didn’t want to drag his feet.

He YunTing didn’t even have time to eat before he left, and when he was about to go out, Lin Han saw that the dirty clothes were washed and dried, and Grr had also finished his plate of food and was rolling around in the sand to clean himself.

Lin Han sent him to the door without saying anything, he patted He YunTing on the shoulder and said, “Be safe. I’m going to work tomorrow, so I guess I won’t be able to come to the base to see you anytime soon.” Lin Han said, “Don’t run to me when you’re free, it’s always good to rest more. If you miss me, my communicator is always on.”

Speaking of this, Lin Han remembered that the first time they opened the video communication, it was He YunTing who racked his brains to get him to come to the base and didn’t know what method to use, and finally when he asked Lu AnHe to communicate, he accidentally pressed the video communication switch and only then did the two get through.

At that time Lin Han asked him why he was invited, He YunTing’s words were clumsy, and subconsciously said that Mr. Lin was beautiful.

Thinking of this, Lin Han couldn’t help but smile a little, and then indulged himself in a gentle inhale on the side of He YunTing’s neck, smelling a bit of his favorite ebony fragrance, before saying, “Go ahead.”

It was just a brief parting, and both of them found it more than ordinary.

Only no one could have predicted how things would turn out.

After He YunTing arrived at Xu Zhiheng’s lab, Qi Jiamu pulled out a research report he found at the venue. Oddly enough, it had little to do with the Burning Blood that the radicals had been pressing for lately, but it also didn’t match the content of his lectures. It was a harsh, rigorous proposal for the feasibility of combining Zerg genes with human cytokines.

The vision presented a number of seemingly very reasonable ideas, from why the Zerg evolved to this point, and could even have a human mind, and could be based on the constant improvement of the mecha, and it could also have a different evolution and powers.

But when Xu Zhiheng just finished reading this report, his entire face went white. His lips trembled as he said, “This is… This is the idea I came up with back then along with the Burning Blood experiment, but it was just a theory. This report was destroyed a long time ago. Why… did it suddenly appear here?”


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May 17, 2022 1:54 pm

I love how close He YunTing and Lin Han are now.
This all sounds very unsettling and ominous.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Thanks for the chapter!

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Thanks for the chapter! 

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I’m not sure what was happened before HYT showered. Can’t picture the scene in my head, they’re too subtle.
Those splotches liquid stain on their clothes? What was that? Sweat? Precum? Or cum? Did they just come by hugging?

June 16, 2022 3:24 pm

Thank you for the chapter.
I kinda fighting was coming what with the foreshadowing. I wonder if other genders were used to experiment with too. Say like a certain popular clumsy, pure hearted alpha?

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