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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Jing Man put his arms around the teary-eyed dragon child and gently coaxed, “Xiao Jin, don’t be afraid, it’s okay. The wings are still fine.”

Actually… He was not sure.

Throughout the years, he had not seen any western dragon wings with feathers. After all, scientists had limited the expression of genes in order not to create sutured monsters.

And orthodox western dragons had fleshy wings. He bit his lower lip and cast a look of help to Mu CangZhou. The latter understood and came over to lean on his side, clutching Xiao Jin’s claws with his long knuckles.

Mu CangZhou said in a calm and composed tone, “Xiao Jin is fine, father has seen this kind of case before, you are too strong in absorption. Is it true that all the gold and silver jewels in that room have disappeared?”

Jing Man’s eyelashes fluttered in thought, and for a moment he couldn’t tell if Brother Mu was just casually speaking the truth or stating it.

Still, Xiao Jin obviously listened. He tilted his head to look at Mu CangZhou, golden brown eyes with vertical pupils gradually rounded, eyes full of expectation.

Mu CangZhou smiled and continued, “You can hide these feathers when you get the hang of it, and then you’ll be just like everyone else.”

“And although they look soft and fluffy, they are actually made of precious metals. Don’t believe me? Feel them.”

Hearing him say that, Jing Man realized.

No wonder when he picked up Xiao Jin today, he felt that the baby was more than ten pounds heavier than before… He thought that he had slept in a daze last night, and his hands and feet were weak today. He also followed suit and said, “Yes, Xiao Jin, don’t be afraid, such golden wings are especially beautiful. If you get lost in a crowd, just open your wings and Daddy will be able to find you accurately!”

With the warm and calm tone of the two, the dragon child’s emotions gradually calmed down. He explored his claws to grab the wings in front of his eyes and carefully fiddled with them. Finally, he sniffled and stopped crying, “It’s really pretty.”

After coaxing Xiao Jin, the two of them walked to another room labeled [Microclimate].

When they opened the door, there was an elegant and beautiful fragrance, refreshing the heart, a sniff seemed to sweep away all the bitterness.

Peach blossoms were in bloom.

A twenty-centimeter-long branch of peach blossoms floated on the water surface, adorned with seven or eight pink, exuberant flowers. Unlike the five-petaled peach blossoms that are often seen in the past, the flowers from ZhiZhi were double-petaled.

The petals cascade, there were two or three layers, some plain, and some bright. This cut flower branch floated and sank with the water, stained with many crystal water droplets.

Seeing this, he was stunned, but couldn’t find his second child. Jing Man was worried.

Before he got anxious, Mu CangZhou raised his wrist and pointed to the bottom of the pool.

Jing Man squinted, quickly walked over, and fished out his second child. As he dried them off, he scolded, “ZhiZhi, why are you sleeping in the water?”

He just habitually asked a question, not expecting the little tree person, who did not like to talk, to answer. The result was a soft, sweet, indistinguishable child’s voice that came softly, “Water, comfortable.” 

At the sound of this, Jing Man’s eyes widened in surprise, “ZhiZhi, you can talk?”

After confirming that these were the words of his own second child, great joy spread in his heart.

Good child! In one night, the second child grew several centimeters, not to mention the flowers that were torn off ruthlessly also grew and blossomed, and the most important point! They can talk!!! He took the little wooden person, who had grown a size taller, in his arms and kissed them happily.

Previously, his second child did not speak at all, nor did they pay much attention to their two fathers, just like a small tree growing wildly. Now, although they did not actively talk to people like Xiao Jin, they at least gave a response.

Being treated with affection by Daddy, ZhiZhi was also very happy, carefully following their brother’s example and rubbing against Daddy’s hand, in return for a bigger kiss.

Mu CangZhou came over and inspected the newly emerged flowering branch.

The branches were still tender, a smooth green skin. However, the flowers were healthy, vigorous and blooming, growing in groups of three or five against the stalks and adorning the narrow peach leaves.

The flowers grown by the treants would not disappear at all except by violent removal. However, there was a cycle of budding, faint blooming, glorious opening and complete withering.

Some treants didn’t like to watch their flowers fail, and would pick them off early before they faded, so that new buds would grow the next day.

Jing Man sat on the ground, one baby in each hand, and said to himself that the Five Seasons Hotel was the right place to be.

Both babies had grown at once, and when the trip was over, he wanted to give a big shout-out to the microclimate nursery suite that came with the room!

After checking the room, Mu CangZhou came back with a sullen look and said, “ManMan, I’m afraid we have to change the room.” In Jing Man’s puzzled gaze, he explained, “The precious metals and gems in the next room are half missing, and the fertility of the soil in this room is also somewhat depleted.”

Jing Man nodded and asked, “By the way, Brother Mu, after changing the environment, can the children stay in such a good state of growth?”

Mu CangZhou lowered his eyes and shook his head. He laughed softly, “No, the energy in their bodies is almost at its limit, they need time to digest it properly.”

Jing Man gazed with a hint of cunning, blinked and looked at Mu CangZhou with a wet gaze. He said, “Then, let’s not change the room yet.”

Yes, in case there were two bedrooms in one suite…

The two of them would logically have to sleep in separate beds.

It’s true that Brother Mu shouldn’t have kissed him in a daze this morning, but Jing Man knew in his heart that he had woken up first… He woke up from his sleep, how could the dream calculate this?

And the kiss, as well as the two in a very well-fitted, inseparable embrace. He really couldn’t say in good conscience that he hated it.

Sensing something, Mu CangZhou smiled and nodded, “This room is really nice, so let the children absorb the energy first.”


At lunchtime, the golden feathers on Xiao Jin’s wings had not yet subsided.

It was not a good idea to go out with this distinctive western dragon image, so the four of them decided to stay in the hotel and order take-out.

Jing Man opened his personal terminal. The first thing that caught his eye was Feng Huo’s moving live stream…

[Feng Huo: ManMan, we’re taking Xiao Ze to the egg breeding base!]

[Feng Huo: #picture# I’m still late, there are more than 20 couples in front of me.]

[Feng Huo: Hey? This time, the physical examination program is not quite the same as the previous one, the checklist has three pages, which is much more complicated than before. And the parents’ blood and information must be collected.]

[Feng Huo: We’ve been to seven or eight departments, and there are more than 20 departments, so my head is bald. But my brother said as long as Xiao Ze is okay, these are not difficulties!]

[Feng Huo: ManMan, are you still not awake? The signal is not very good, I’ll find you again when our physical exam is over.]

He laughed quietly, took pictures of Xiao Jin and ZhiZhi’s new appearances and sent them over to Feng Huo to show his own babies.

After that, he entered the snack street and started to order food. Today, he wanted to eat Sichuan cuisine, so he ordered chicken noodles with double peppers, sliced pork in water, bamboo shoots in golden soup…

After dinner, he went to the Shui Family Dumpling Store. Brother Mu did not eat yesterday, and his heart was still thinking about it. While waiting for the meal to come, Jing Man browsed the star network for a while.

An official video caught his attention –

[Tianhu News V: Thanks to Chief Mu and his team curing the babies of the prolific placenta disease, the egg breeding base in our area is overcrowded and the people are happy to welcome the babies. However, some people are happy, while some people are worried.]

[Recently, the hatchling egg of an aquatic couple in Tianhu District was born early. It is reported that this is the sixteenth incident of premature birth of babies this month, eight times higher than before. Now, let’s focus on the people involved.]

[#Ms. Aqua, who wishes to remain anonymous#: This was the first time my husband and I bred eggs and did a lot of preparation. The doctor’s estimated due date at the time was a week later, and we couldn’t get an appointment with a private midwife, so we decided to come to Tianhu District early to register.]

[The baby was born prematurely within two days of arriving here… Wuuu, I was so worked up I turned into my original form and couldn’t change back to a human. Aquatic hatching is very dependent on the environment, the baby’s life was in danger, it really scared me… Thank you all for your help, especially Dr. Mu, thank you so much…]

[Tianhu News V: Our reporter contacted all the parents of the local hatchling eggs that were laid prematurely and learned what they have in common, so the general public should pay great attention.]

[1. Breeding eggs at Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base

2. All are first-time parents

3. The parents have enrolled in a parenting tutorial by the well-known parenting guru, Shen Chengzi

4. The parents have used a new egg shell cream made by Xiu Yan Personal Care


This hot and interesting news that didn’t report the same thing at all was a big headache for Jing Man to read. It marked a portion of the video material they put out as the source of the star network. However, a dozen seconds of it showed himself, Brother Mu, Xiao Jin and ZhiZhi in the same frame. The picture was warm and looked like a family at first glance.

Although the face was pixelated, acquaintances could certainly recognize him at once.

The problem was that the name of his mother’s company was called Xiu Yan Personal Care…

So no surprise, this news would definitely appear in her company meeting!

When the time came, he couldn’t hide the fact that he secretly raised a child with a wild man behind his parents’ backs!

The only thing his parents asked of him, the wild son, was to follow the family tradition and refuse egg breeding. When he fell in love in the future, he had to go through natural childbirth with his lover…

Unless the lover found was male, he must be explicitly married and forbidden to fool around outside.

Ahhhhhhh… Going to be killed by my parents! Immersed in his thoughts, his chaotic brain became a cookie that was almost softened by water.

After a long time, Jing Man lifted his head. He straightened his clothes and showed his most handsome side.

The peach blossom eyes looked at Mu CangZhou with affection, and his teeth loosened, releasing the berry-colored lower lip that had been bitten with a red mark. He said, “Brother Mu, let’s get married and elope directly in Tianhu District! There’s no time!”


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