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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han only learned of this news in the afternoon.

Before He YunTing left the night before, he only had a general idea, plus he had to go back to the Research Institute and sleep early, and only after dealing with the morning’s business, he barely had the time to learn about it from others. Last night, he realized that something was wrong, and today the news that the V Proton Star was out of control, to say that it was a coincidence wasn’t really credible.

Since it was a direct order, not through Wen TianYao nor through the council, it had reached the point where it was necessary to send He YunTing. The V Proton government directly sent a message of distress, and the Empire, in order to show their own importance to their star, certainly agreed to this request.

Because it was a sudden situation, the news was all in the emergency broadcast of this matter, the people of the Institute naturally also discussed it. But after all, the fire didn’t burn their own house, so they had some other meanings between their words.

Lin Han was walking to the break room when he heard the assembly department discussing the matter. After all, those who could enter the Institute were all people who had gone through layers of screening and cultivation, and were in the core area, even if someone didn’t mean to, there was some subtle sense of class in the words.

“I went to V Proton once some years ago, nothing interesting, traffic is inconvenient, many things are still not available,” said one of them in uniform, “when the core area of the barrier agent have come out to the fifth generation, V Proton over there could only buy the original version of the barrier agent. “

One of them patted him on the shoulder and explained, “It’s normal for blockers to lag over there, since they’re basically beta.”

“Yes,” the previous person nodded and sighed, “the news is quite serious this time, and they actually asked the General to go in person…”

“Is it really that serious? But they shouldn’t use too many mecha. After all, there aren’t any Zerg, maybe it’s a conspiracy, and since V Proton Star recently received too little attention, something happens so they must take advantage of it now to have a little presence.”

“Yes, and this time they directly sent the General out which also means that they are taking it really seriously. His strength is undoubted, so this is really quite clever. Making the entire M Star give attention to him, while also solving the problem.”

“Yes, I just think it’s a bit of a big deal to let General go, he’s the one who was sneaked up on and still managed to fight one against five, and finally came back from the border area.”

The news of the warship was only half released, so most people only knew how brave He YunTing was, and didn’t care that he had also brought someone with him at that time, and how much danger the two had gone through together.

When they saw Lin Han coming to get the nutrients, they called out to him, “Lin Han, you just returned from the base, right? How does it feel to follow the practical training? Is the General a particularly scary person?”

Lin Han originally wanted to leave directly, but finally hesitated for a moment and stopped in his tracks. He glanced at these two colleagues, whom he didn’t know very well. They only knew that V Proton’s resources weren’t as good as the core, and that it was full of Betas, and that He YunTing was cold and impersonal, like a stone that could never be warmed.

These people, perhaps they weren’t bad in nature, and worked quite hard, but were limited by the so-called identity gender and the core area into creatures who only cared about themselves.

They were born with some sense of superiority and wouldn’t understand why some Alphas were willing to be stuck in a place where resources were scarce when the core was so good, always at the forefront and not worried about being left behind. Like spoiled children, they didn’t know that in fact, from the moment they were born, their fate had been categorized in that lesser category of survivor deviation.

Lin Han listened, his hand on the cap of the nutrient, not unscrewing it. Lin Han looked at them and wanted to say no. He YunTing wasn’t cold at all, but on the contrary, he’s incredibly gentle. Every hug of his was warm, every kiss was cherished, even the markings between creatures were packed with reason to be gentlemanly and careful.

But when the two men saw that he didn’t speak, one of them said for him, as if sympathetically and understandingly, “Well, you can guess a good deal from your silence at this moment.”

“It’s true that General is a better hero for us to watch from afar.”

“I heard that it’s quite easy to work in the base, although I also admire General, if I worked with him, I guess I’d die of cold.” Another colleague also chimed in, “People who followed the practical training last year said the same thing.”

Probably because Lin Han was an Omega, despite their good intentions, his colleagues would unconsciously take care of him and be extra lenient with him — even if he himself didn’t actually need it.

“It’s hard for you, you can’t get used to it at the base, I guess, it’s good you came back.” The first colleague saw that he had been holding the nutrient in his hand for a long time, and also obediently and kindly extended his hand and asked, “Do you want me to unscrew it for you?”

Lin Han subconsciously dodged, not letting the other party touch him, “No, thanks.”

The two of them didn’t care and continued to discuss what they were just talking about.

When they got to the point of “I don’t know how many days it will take for He YunTing to return from his trip to V Proton”, Lin Han couldn’t hold back and asked, “When did the news say He was leaving?”

The colleague didn’t know who this “He” referred to, after all, in the Empire, such ranking officers were usually not called by their first names, “Who?”

“The General,” Lin Han added.

“Oh oh, didn’t the message just say that they were leaving immediately…” One of the colleagues spoke half his sentence, and watched Lin Han walk away while taking off his protective clothing and dust goggles for mecha operations, “What’s wrong?”

After all, Lin Han was known as a workaholic at the Institute, and it wasn’t uncommon for him to spend the night in his office or in the mecha in the R&D center.

“Ask for a leave of absence for me, and count it towards my annual leave.” Lin Han said as he walked away from work for the first time before it was time to leave, “Something came up and I have to go back.”

Lin Han packed up in the fastest way possible, without even changing his uniform, and was about to walk out of the office. But when he was just about to lock the door and leave, the previous impulse smoothed out again, and he had a rare moment of confusion.

He YunTing had gone, where was he now? Where should I go to look for him, and will it affect him?

Lin Han only felt overwhelmed at this moment, and didn’t even know if he should call He YunTing capriciously, after all, after returning from the base, their work gradually didn’t intersect much.

But before he could walk out of the Institute, he heard a commotion coming from the entrance.

“Mr. Lin, is Mr. Lin here—” the intern in charge of the message called out his name, and when he saw Lin Han heading for the door, he hastily called out to him, “Mr. Lin, there’s a man in uniform at the entrance of the Institute, saying he wants to see you for something. He said he was looking for you.”

Lin Han’s heart jumped and he hurriedly ran towards the door.

The intern said there was a man in uniform, but he couldn’t name him, so it shouldn’t be He YunTing or Lu AnHe. Lin Han didn’t have time to think about this, he just focused on walking out.

At first he didn’t see He YunTing’s flying machine and lost a point in his heart before he saw Qi Jiamu who was standing aside and saluted him.

“Mr. Lin.” He spoke to Lin Han and pointed to the mecha he drove over, “The General’s inside waiting for you.”

All his apprehension from a few minutes ago dissipated, and Lin Han nodded towards Qi Jiamu and walked over.

He YunTing was dressed formally, exactly as he had been when he had taken the warship to the border area. He kept his head down, his military cap covering his eyebrows, and the mecha cabin had only the lights on to keep the system functioning at a basic level, like on the news, with coldness that rejected people.

But after hearing the ringing from the hatch, he suddenly changed.

Lin Han just walked in a hurry, didn’t control his breathing, and bumped into his eyes, inexplicably a little nervous, “…You’re here.”

“Lu AnHe was too busy to contact you, because he’llll be leaving soon, and the flying machine can’t be used, that’s why I borrowed his mecha to come over and see you.” He YunTing’s tone was calm, “You should know all about it.”

“I also heard it from my colleagues, so I hadn’t…” Lin Han was just about to say that he hadn’t learned too much yet when he saw He YunTing extend his hand towards him.


He only said one word, but Lin Han understood what he meant in a moment.

Come, I’ll tell you.

You can listen.

Lin Han put his hand up and quickly learned what had happened between the previous day and now, as well as the causes and consequences.

It wasn’t at all what V Proton Star since the jurisdiction for too long need some imperial attention, but there had really been a very serious riot, and it was all related to the report from the night before.

And Xi Yuan’s name also passed through He YunTing’s hands, to Lin Han’s ears.

After a short silence, He YunTing continued to speak.

“Qi Jiamu will stay here.” He YunTing explained, even though he knew Lin Han could read his mind, he still spoke in detail. “I will let him keep in touch with you, and I will also ensure your safety.” His fingertips rubbed Lin Han’s palm, “No matter what, safety first. Don’t contact Xi Yuan alone under any circumstances—” He YunTing’s voice turned serious, “Not even if Qi Jiamu is around, okay?”

Lin Han felt He YunTing’s worry and nervousness; it was the first time these emotions were displayed so bluntly in front of him.

The other was obviously a person who wasn’t even willing to say more than a few words, but at this moment, he grabbed the last bit of time and explained everything in detail.

“The communication system of V Proton Star is still quite alright, so if there’s anything, you can contact me, and I will definitely return when I see it. If not, then wait for me to return.”

“Got it.” Lin Han’s heart felt a gripping feeling again. He blinked his eyes, trying to shake off certain emotions. He pulled the corner of his mouth, knowing his smile must’ve been unsightly.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Han reached out and poked his nose, saying, “He YunTing, you’re so naggy.”

The other man wasn’t expecting him to say that, and was a bit confused for a moment.

【Are you angry?】

Lin Han’s eyes felt a little sore, so he simply leaned into his arms, “Have I ever been angry with you?”

“Yes,” even now, He Yunting was still very principled in telling the truth, “I came to the repair room at that time, and you didn’t want me to come near you.”

Lin Han thought it was funny, “Why are you saying that? It’s not like you didn’t know that I was in heat.”

Lin Han avoided the topic and quickly went up to kiss him, and tasted him lightly, “But I get it. I’ll listen to everything. I’ll wait for you to come back.”

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