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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Mr. Xiao Jing seldom goes out, and dined at Long’s for most of the year. When he went out for a long time, Long Gui was both happy for him and looked forward to his return soon. As a friend, she was happy that he could finally go to enjoy the outside world. But privately, she wanted to see Xiao Jin and the other babies sooner.

Two days ago, Mr. Jing slipped and opened the live stream. Long Gui didn’t catch it in time, but she watched the recording several times!

Ah! Why didn’t Mr. Jing turn on the live stream for a little longer that day? She just saw a tiny furry paw and a strand of magical hair, and wanted to see the full picture of the babies!

It was just about dusk, and there was another hour or two left before the shift would be over.

Long Gui counted on her fingers how many days Mr. Xiao Jing had been away from home, and was itching to turn on the video screen again.

The pop-up screen of the recording has now taken up half of the screen.

Long Gui took a glance and was surprised, “So that’s a peach blossom on the branch of the little treant? How is it different from ordinary peach blossoms?”

“Because it’s a double-petaled peach blossom.” Jing Man had just stepped into Long’s, heard Sister Long’s question, and naturally picked up on it.

Long Gui nodded and said, “So it’s like that, thanks for the tip, I’ll do a search…”

Wait, this voice! Her heart beat faster, and looked up in surprise. There were two men standing in front of her, enjoying the moonlight and the fine view of their male companion! It was Mr. Xiao Jing and the other father of the child that she had been longing for!

Not seen for a while, their appearance had not changed at all, but they looked a lot more intimate. They were pushing a milk white stroller with printed silver snowflakes and dark patterns. It appeared to be a very extravagant-looking baby stroller.

Jing Man looked at her with a smile on his face, “Sister Long, it’s been a long time.”

“Welcome! You’re finally back!” Long Gui stood up and took a cursory glance, the space inside the stroller was divided into six equal parts with six babies!

They actually brought out all six hatchlings today! The ones that were still in eggs were there! Looking around, the other diners started to look this way, and Long Gui hurriedly took them to a private room. As she walked, she asked, “Mr. Xiao Jing, where did you guys go play? Big Bear not come with you today?”

Jing Man, “To give the children a health checkup. Big Bear is now at my parents’ house.”

Health checkup? Long Gui’s heart mentioned, “Are the children all right?”

“Shh, go in and I’ll show you.” The thin index finger was raised to his lips, and Jing Man curved his peach blossom eyes.

At the word, Long Gui nodded heavily, his cheeks flushed with excitement.

Bringing people to the room first, she moved quickly to serve tea and water, opening the menu for diners to help themselves…

After that, she looked at the stroller with bated breath and said, “Mr. Xiao Jing, do you need to bring a stroller for the kids now?”

He wanted to make Jing Man happy so that he wouldn’t get too angry when he talked to him later. Mu CangZhou came over and pulled the stroller into a bed and answered instead, “No, this has a change function.”

“Hiss, is this June Snow’s special stroller? I thought it looked familiar just now.”

Long Gui gathered her skirt and squatted down to tease the kids.

The first time she saw Xiao Jin’s wings, she was surprised, “Do western dragons have feathers on their wings?!”

Mu CangZhou glanced at Jing Man, who was engrossed in a sea of menus, and explained with a sigh, “Xiao Jin absorbed an excessive amount of precious metals and gems, which are temporarily stored in the metal feathers, and will slowly disappear afterwards.”

Xiao Jin was familiar with Long Gui and was very respectful of the person who brought him sweet and fragrant milk cakes.

After finding out that she liked his wings, he specially twisted his body and flapped his wings twice to show the full view to her.

The little dragon child looked at Long Gui with watery eyes and called out in a child-like voice, “Good day, Auntie.”

Long Gui’s heart was struck by cuteness, and touched Xiao Jin’s wings with trembling hands, “Xiao Jin, long time no see, do you want to eat milk cake today?”

“Milk cake!” Hearing this, the three babies hiding at the other end of the crib behind their egg siblings also quietly showed their heads.

They didn’t know Long Gui well, so they just hid themselves.

Now that they saw their older brother and she get along well, they were no longer afraid.

Surrounded by double the cuteness, Long Gui’s heart bursted, and she couldn’t wait to grab the kids now and become a mother!

Genes were really amazing, these four children have different races and different original forms.

However, the little faces have inherited the advantages of the two fathers, different looks, but all good-looking!

Long Gui’s gaze swept over the babies’ faces one by one, and immediately waved his hand, “I’ll give you four milk…”

The sound of her voice stopped abruptly and her movements were frozen in place, as if someone had pressed the pause button.

Milk cake! Say it!

All four children blinked their big eyes and looked at her with anticipation.

In the end… Auntie was not moving! How strange!

The four children moved this way and that to see what was going on.

Mu CangZhou froze, “…”

He was just focusing on Jing Man, thinking about the warmth of the daylight gathered on him, sweeping out the light and shadows so beautifully.

He forgot to separate the medusa child from the others, and his petrifying eyes took effect on Long Gui.

Realizing that something was not right, Jing Man knitted his brows and came over to wave his hand in front of Long Gui’s eyes.

As a result, the other party’s eyes did not focus at all, still maintaining a hand up and mouth open.

“Petrified for half an hour, is it?” Seeing this scene, Jing Man, with a headache, took the initiative to pick up the conversation.

Mu CangZhou nodded, “Pure human is half an hour, other races have a margin of error of about ten minutes.”

Unsure if Long Gui could hear him now, Jing Man came to Mu CangZhou’s ear and asked in a whisper, “What about Oriental dragons? The long striped kind.”

Mu CangZhou, “Flying dragon in the sky, wood of the five elements. Water produces wood, petrification time will be reduced.”

Jing Man murmured, “That’s less than half an hour… Let’s wait a while.”

Hearing the sound of walking outside the door, he tapped his head and hurriedly said, “Right, Brother Mu, let’s go guard the door. Cut off the food delivery people, don’t let them in.”

The two fathers slipped to the door and pretended to chat, blocking the view of the others.

Only the children and the petrified Long Gui were left in the room.

As a result, because Long Gui did not move for a long time, fear rose in ZhiZhi and FanFan’s hearts.

The little treant changed their expression and reached out to pull the still blooming peach blossom branch to see if they could provide help.

The other little white tiger thought that the milk cake to the mouth was gone and meowed with a cry. He angrily held his tail to his mouth and curled into a ball.

The eldest child and the fourth child hurriedly shouted to Daddy to come to the rescue, but the sound was so low that Daddy could not hear them at the door.

They looked at each other and took the responsibility to coax the other two.

When Jing Man returned to the room with the food, he saw the dragon child holding the little white tiger, patting him on the back with his paws like an adult, and chanting, “There must be milk cake to eat, brother will not let FanFan go hungry.”

And Xiao Shui stood with a stinky face and clasped fists, his hair in two strands, one wrapped around ZhiZhi’s left hand and one around the root of the peach blossom branch.

Guessing what had happened, Jing Man’s heart warmed and he hurriedly put down his dinner plate to take up the responsibility of coaxing the child.

He asked Xiao Jin to understand the situation.

He told ZhiZhi, “ZhiZhi, didn’t Daddy say so? Don’t tug on the flower branch, even if it doesn’t hurt, it takes time and energy to grow out.”

Mu CangZhou also came back and he echoed, “The more energy you accumulate in your bodies now, the healthier you will be when you first take human form in a year, the better your growth and development will be.”

“You don’t want to be a one-year-old baby when your brothers are three or four years old, do you?”

“No more!” The peach blossom branch shook with shock, ZhiZhi does not want to be the only little baby.

Instead, Jing Man tapped the table, “Three or four years old?”

Mu CangZhou nodded, he does not want to hide anymore.

In 3020, the egglets in the Sky Blue Star egg breeding bases transformed into one-year-old children a year after they broke their shells, yes.

But wait until 3032, their technology will be upgraded again.

If the hatchlings in this year accumulate enough energy and knowledge, then after the human transformation, they can age by a few more years.

Most of them are three or four years old, but there are also cases where they transform directly into six-year-olds.

Their six eggs were brought back from the future, so they also have the ability to grow fast.

However, now was not the time to talk about it, he pointed to the clock hanging on the wall.

Mu CangZhou, “It’s been almost twenty minutes, so everyone hurry up and return to their position before Long Gui is no longer petrified.”

The two fathers led by example and resumed their seats, the first child unfolded his wings, and the second, third and fourth child hid behind their egg siblings.

Jing Man squinted his eyes and whispered, “Xiao Shui close your eyes and don’t look at Auntie!”

“Oh!” The medusa’s ink-blue hair was windless, blocking the line of sight.

The next second, the power of the Petrifying Eye lifted, and Long Gui’s time began to flow again.

She finally spat out the last word, “–cake!”

Well, the attitude of the children seemed less expectant than expected, Long Gui withdrew her hand, her heart a little lost. And for some reason, her raised arm was a little sore.

She shook it off, not thinking about it.

Mu CangZhou came over and said with a calm demeanor, “Children, why don’t you thank your aunt for the milk cake and come and eat it quickly.”

Then he sent Long Gui to the door without a trace, and she disappeared for a little longer…

Walking to the door, Long Gui scratched her head, always feeling that something was not quite right.

Long’s is now serving food so fast!

She just said the menu one moment, and the next moment they arrived?

Back at the front desk, she tapped her fingers on the table, unable to figure out the hurdles, and finally decided to look through the private room menu.

She finally relaxed when she saw the [Milk Cake x4].

No way! Since she said she would give it away, of course she couldn’t charge for it, so she immediately started to change the menu.

Just after the menu was changed, she looked up and saw the other little sisters in the restaurant gathered around. They all had expectations and gossip on their faces.

One of the waiters smiled and raised her hand and asked, “Sister Gui, did you get the little dragon child?”


Inside the private room, Jing Man pulled the door a crack, watched secretly, and returned to his seat after finding nothing happened.

During this time his heart had been hanging high, fearing that someone would notice something.

Now, he can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

You know, this was the first time the petrifying eyes of the fourth child attacked! If we had not cooperated well, it would have been exposed!

If we hadn’t worked together to do “bad things”, we would have been comrades in the same trench.

Jing Man raised his eyes and looked at Mu CangZhou.

After Long Gui left, Brother Mu started feeding his children the milk cakes, without even touching his own chopsticks.

It’s a perfect father who puts his children first, extra points!

At this time, Mu CangZhou was helping the tiger to eat. He wished for the whole tiger to dig in and used wet paper towels to wipe FanFan’s little paws. The action was gentle, and the muscles on the arms are slightly bulging, outlining the smooth lines.

The gradually sloping daylight shone on the polished spoon, and the light reflected into Jing Man’s eyes.

Jing Man’s eyes were blinded and he could not see anything.

In his mind, an image suddenly appeared out of nowhere –

Moonlight Bear was injured, the muscles around his waist were turned over, the skin was open and bloody, and it was painful. There was no one of his kind around him, but there was a red tiger cub with him, whose features were eight points similar to FanFan’s.

The red tiger’s claws scratched the rocks with deep marks, wailing and howling to the sky.

With tears at the corners of his eyes, he used the tip of his tongue to help the moonlight bear lick the wound one by one, and also chewed bitter herbs to put on the wound, tending the moonlight bear with great care.

After that… he regained his mobility, and Mu CangZhou still took care of him without fail.


In this picture, he was the moonlight bear and the red tiger was Mu CangZhou.

“ManMan, you eat first.” Abruptly, a gentle, low voice came, snapping him back to reality, and a colorful, vibrant life was born before his eyes.


The author has something to say: 

Mu CangZhou: ManMan is not talking, I’m panicking.

Jing Man: QAQ, WHY!


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