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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


There was a moment of silence between the two of them, and for a while the only sound was the low hum of the mecha’s engine running.

He YunTing didn’t explain too much, Lin Han also didn’t ask why he didn’t take him too, both had their own tasks and work. Even if they were reluctant, they couldn’t immediately leave everything behind, they simply stayed in this tiny space in a warm atmosphere.

“When do you leave?” Lin Han asked softly. After a few seconds, he felt that he wasn’t quite ready to express himself and asked again, “You can stay with me for a few more minutes.”

He YunTing reached around the other man’s waist and said, “Soon. If there’s enough time, I’ll go straight to your house and wait for you downstairs.”

Hearing this, Lin Han pulled He YunTing’s hand over and stroked his fingers, “Last time you left in such a hurry that you forgot to leave your fingerprints on the door.”

He YunTing raised his eyes for a moment, not expecting the topic to suddenly turn so quickly.

Lin Han took a breath and said, “But it’s okay, I’ll just go back and enter your information. You can come up later if you want, don’t wait downstairs alone.” Seeing that He YunTing didn’t say anything, Lin Han felt that he looked easy to bully and pinched his face, “Did you hear me?”

“Yes.” The man let him do it and answered in a whisper.

“He YunTing,” Lin Han called out to him, suddenly withdrawing his voice.

Why do you look so silly and nagging?

It’s not like you at all.

But he didn’t say it, just pursed his lips and swallowed the words, saying, “It’s okay.”

He YunTing was sitting in the driver’s seat, with a military appearance that was neat and meticulous, even his sitting posture was very standard. If they put aside the little doubt in his blue eyes, he was still the sun that people looked up to.

Lin Han didmón’t know what he was thinking, as if he had been wearing the label of ‘obedient’ and ‘meek’ for more than 20 years after meeting He YunTing. He had been torn clean, saying that it was okay to be ignorant and unaware, he just wanted to be a little more capricious in front of him, and anyway, the other man gently tolerated him.

He thought so, and also did so.

The driver’s seat was obviously large, and it wasn’t impossible for two people to sit properly side by side, but Lin Han came closer, one hand pushed He YunTing’s shoulder, pressing him towards the backrest, and the other hand supported the bottom of the driver’s seat, pushing his body forward and then sitting across He YunTing’s lap.

How sticky was he?

He YunTing was still in the position of being squeezed by him on the back of the seat, and now they were almost stuck together, and because of Lin Han’s movements, He YunTing’s uniform became less flat and rubbed against Lin Han’s skin with folds.

He YunTing first stiffened for a moment, then cooperated with his movements and reached out to clasp him into his arms.

Lin Han, who had gotten what he wanted, finally curved his eyes a little.

Neither of them spoke for a while, and Lin Han, in He YunTing’s embrace, looked out of the mecha cabin along with the display.

The Institute had been dealing with mecha all year round, and sometimes certain pilots would come here because of various problems with their mecha, so it was nothing new to have mecha parked at the entrance.

He saw the two colleagues who had been talking about He YunTing earlier walking out one after the other, as if they had agreed to have dinner together after work, talking about something as they walked. When they ran into the mecha in front of them, they paused in confusion and exchanged words, probably curious as to why the newest mecha assigned to the base was now parked here, and whether something had gone wrong.

Lin Han was able to see them through the display.

The colleagues didn’t know who was inside and didn’t care, so they quickly left.

Lin Han watched their shadows leave without a glance, and suddenly felt a warmth on his waist and a familiar scent close to him.

“What’s wrong?” The two were so close that even though He YunTing’s voice was clearly not loud, it still caused Lin Han’s eardrums and chest cavity to vibrate gently.

After the confession, there was less silence between them, and He YunTing started to make an effort to talk more. For example, at this moment, Lin Han was staring at the monitor and thought he hadn’t finished his work, so he asked, “Are you going back?”

“No, I’m not going back.” Lin Han hurriedly said, “I just ran out early.”

While they were talking about you.

He YunTing ws still a cold and insubstantial label, the two people passing by earlier would’ve never thought that this was the same unapproachable General they were talking about.

He would also worry, also panic, and would take the last bit of time to meet with his lover, silent against the parting. After all, no one knew that it turned out he also loathed parting.

“You let Qi Jiamu come over to me, so how will you return to the team later?” Lin Han asked, buried in his shoulder.

“It’s already arranged and parked at the berth, he’s still doing the final count, and I just borrowed Qi Jiamu’s mecha to come over.”

Although they mentioned concealing, Qi Jiamu went to the border area to pick them up, so it was unlikely he didn’t notice something. Instead, he took the initiative to cover for them without saying a word, and never made any meaningless inquiries or speculations about their relationship.

“What about his brother?” Thinking of this, Lin Han asked, “No need to prioritize me, let him protect Professor Xu first. After all, the last incident only happened a short while ago, maybe the other side will take advantage of this time to strike again, which would be worse.”

He YunTing didn’t speak immediately, he obviously already considered this issue.

Lin Han understood what he was thinking and said to He YunTing, “I will report to you every day on time, and I won’t go anywhere.”

He was answered by the other man’s tightening arms.

The two of them were crammed into the apparently spacious space in a position that looked incredibly mushy.

Lin Han sat on him, and he felt that he wasn’t in heat, but he was as soft as a puddle of water, as if he could melt into his body and surround him in a moment, so that there would be no separation between them, and he could accompany He YunTing to face all the unknown that was to come. He hugged He YunTing back with his arms. The other hid a little, but finally did not want to end this hug, so Lin Han listened to his heart with a thousand words of reluctance, in the gap of nasal soreness suddenly gave birth to some gladness.

I’m glad He YunTing can’t read minds, so he can’t hear those capricious emotions inside me.

He wouldn’t be less upset than the other, and even wanted to keep him, accompany only him, only care for him, and love only him.

So that was alright, it was alright.

Luckily He YunTing couldn’t read minds.

Otherwise he might really become more vulnerable because of these emotions of his, and then both of them would be clingy, like the ones he saw when he was a child, those inseparable lovers in the civilian area who stuck together all day long.

There was no intention to break out of the civilian area, just falling in love, as long as they could embrace each other, then life and death would just be the blanderst of words.

That wouldn’t be real.

“Forget it, don’t think about that.” Lin Han smiled anew, helplessly or somewhat reluctantly, also using all his efforts at the moment, “General, give Mr. Lin a kiss goodbye, okay?”

He closed his eyes, but wasn’t as active as before, his eyelashes fluttered gently because of his breathing, his lips curled up like sweet and rosy towards the time petals that desperately needed to be cherished.

He YunTing didn’t hesitate this time, lowered his head and took it.

Lin Han felt that this kiss was a bit astringent, as he wasn’t crying and He YunTing looked as calm as usual. He YunTing kissed slowly, even his sucking became careful, like he wanted to remember every inch of Lin Han’s mouth.

Lin Han, unsurprisingly, smelled a fragrance of ebony and something rose up with desire, but they both ignored it.

They clearly just wanted to have a good kiss.

It was only when He YunTing’s communicator rang that Lin Han licked his lower lip and tapped He YunTing on the shoulder as a reminder.

“Boss, it’s all arranged.” Lu AnHe said, “We’re at the berth of the L Zone, so you can come directly when you’re ready.”

Although Qi Jiamu wasn’t going, his mecha was temporarily commandeered, so he could bring He YunTing over along the way.

“Hmm.” He YunTing breathed calmly, “I’ll be there soon.”

Lin Han gave him a look, slowly got up from him, stood up, and helped He YunTing straighten his clothes that were a little wrinkled by him.

He YunTing let him do it with his eyes downcast, and finally said, “Then, shouldn’t Mr. Lin return now?”

Lin Han didn’t answer the question immediately, only patted the wrinkles on He YunTing’s shoulders, then straightened his shoulder patch and tie, and solemnly checked again, “Mn, it’s fine.”

“Then you…”

“I’ve heard that there are Oddbound creatures in the L Zone berth that like to eat a lot.” Lin Han looked around, “Drop me off on the way, I’ll go buy some of their food for Grr. It’s tired of eating everything at home lately.”

He YunTing didn’t say anything, nor did he poke Lin Han, who obviously lived in the core area, but had to go to the L Zone to buy something at his own peril.

“I won’t bother you, I’ll just give you a ride.” Lin Han said.

“Okay.” He YunTing finally didn’t refuse, just called up Qi Jiamu and told him to go back to the cockpit, and the three of them proceeded together towards the L Zone berth.


Although the Crown Prince gave the order directly, he didn’t tell the people at which berth they left from, and because of the urgency of the situation, the battle wasn’t as grand as when they boarded the warship before, and seemed very low-key.

In order not to draw attention to himself, Lin Han took the initiative to ask Qi Jiamu to stop when he was almost at the rendezvous point and said, “This is it.”

After all, there was a third person present, so He YunTing just responded with a “yes”.

The two of them looked deeply into each other’s eyes, but Lin Han still couldn’t hold back and grabbed He YunTing’s hand.

【Wait for me to come back.】

He blinked his eyes and finally forced himself not to hesitate before leaving the mecha.

And coincidentally, Lu AnHe also happened to bring people over to gather with He YunTing.

Xu Zhiheng, who originally said that he wanted Qi Jiamu’s protection, appeared in front of the two at this moment.

Wasn’t he not going to appear here? Lin Han thought.

The reason why Lu AnHe brought him here as a cover was probably because Xu Zhiheng couldn’t be found, and let Xu Zhiheng get on his mecha while he was still in the group. Lu AnHe also saw him, but in order not to draw attention to him, he just gave Lin Han a hurried look and walked towards the berth.

But he couldn’t conveniently say anything now, he just nodded towards Xu Zhiheng as a greeting.

Xu Zhiheng gave Lin Han a polite look and smiled at him.


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