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Chapter 10: The Suddenly Upset Dewitt

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

That afternoon, Dewitt took Wen Jin for an examination. When he went to the laboratory with Archie, he stopped. “Two rooms?”

The latter paused and did not respond. He looked at the laboratory in front of him and then answered, “Ah, yes, because you have a lot of data to be monitored and recorded and then it needs to be sent to the Academy of Sciences, so they can gather the data in the laboratory. There will be instruments on this side. This sanatorium was not equipped with a veterinary room, and the doctor was transferred from the nearby planet two days ago. The equipment was also brought by them and is a bit large. It’s in the adjacent subordinate laboratory.”

“Two days ago?” Dewitt frowned.

“Yes…Temporarily transferred,” Archie was a little embarrassed. “I wanted a different veterinarian to come, but the old man was too old to endure the long journey. The have mobile devices that came over from the capital star long ago, but they were transferred over here on a different trip. I checked the medical team’s information. This laboratory is in the middle of the next room, separated by glass, so there should be no problem. I will accompany them later.”

“Mobile devices.” Dewitt stood at the door and looked closely at the veterinary team in the next room. “Can’t we move them to the main laboratory?”

“No way,” Archie said helplessly. “Some of the things they brought were too big to pack.”

His thin lips had been stretched in a straight line. He knew that the question he had just asked was redundant. If he could arrange it in a room or let him accompany the little fellow for the examination, Archie would have done it in the first place. His heart was clear.

Dewitt looked down at the little fox sleeping comfortably in his arms. He reached out and pinched his warm ears and rubbed his belly for a moment.

This fellow had been sleeping in his cage this afternoon. He woke up and hugged him all the way.

In Dewitt’s eyes, Wen Jin was a little boy who had just been born. He was smart, but a bit too intelligent. When he held him in his arms, he always worried about whether he was using too much strength. To throw him to a medical team that didn’t know the details of the little fox was not very reassuring. But, if the little fellow was bound to him, he would stay with him all the time, and there would be more dangerous situations in the future when he goes in and out of the battlefield.

While Dewitt was thinking that, Wen Jin was completely awakened since the other man could not stop rubbing his ears. Wen Jin, who seldom had a rest and a comfortable afternoon nap, was half-awakened by the noise of their conversation on his way here. He had enough sleep in the afternoon, but he was sleeping using Dewitt’s body temperature. Since he liked his partner’s body temperature very much, he slept very comfortably.

The full fox was in a good mood. In Dewitt’s arms, the adults neglected the little fox as he yawned. A small tear spread from the corners of his eyes, and he looked at Dewitt sleepily.

“Chee?” What?

Dewitt rubbed the little fox’s head and shook his head at Archie. “No, do it separately. I’ll take it first.”

Get in? Where to? It seemed that from the very beginning that the reiki had become very thin. Did Dewitt take him out of the room? Would he get good food?

With this in mind, Wen Jin’s ears shook, and he immediately lifted his upper body with his paws. He looked around curiously. His tail flicked gently, and his eyes were about to shine. He had no fear in his expression.

But soon, when he was brought into the laboratory and saw the cold instruments, his eyebrows creased unconsciously and the excitement on his face disappeared.

He was impressed by these things. When he first came to the world, similar things were moving around on him, especially the long rod-shaped thing. It was cold, without any temperature at all. At that time, someone swept it around, brutally, and stabbed him several times. At that time, he was injured, and his consciousness was not stable. Even though he was poked until he felt pain, he could not call out with a scream.

Those people would stick things to his skin, and they didn’t know what they were doing. Wen Jin hated the bitter coldness. If he hadn’t just come out of the void, wounded and could not move, he would have broken everything, including the bodies of the people holding the instruments.

“CHEEEE!!” Initially, Wen Jin was curiously looking around, but it only took a second before he turned his eyes away, twisted his head, and clawed up Dewitt’s chest. A small white face stared up at Dewitt with eyes like black holes. Wen Jin thought that he was so good to him, but he wanted to use these cold things to poke at him. Was it revenge?

“Physical examination.” Dewitt thought he was afraid and reached for his back. “It’s going to take a little longer. Be patient.”

“Chee!” What kind of physical examination? What kind of body did he have? Can these things be clearer than him? Wen Jin thought and turned around. A paw had clawed Dewitt’s shoulder. He thought it was unreasonable to talk to these people and wanted to run away directly. However, when he looked back, he realized that the door behind Dewitt had been closed for some time, and he would not be able to make it with his short legs.

This was a closed space… The warm tail realized he was going to be frozen.

“Marshal.” Several members of the veterinary team looked at each other. One of the sweet-looking girls took a step forward and laughed at Dewitt. “My name is Anna. I’m the assistant doctor in charge of the examination. You can take it to the medical box. There are toys we prepared in advance.”

“Chee!” Wen Jin was a bit manic. He wanted to refute everything. What toys? Did you bring me here to eat me?! No matter how delicious he was, he didn’t want to go into that box!

Wen Jin’s struggles were pronounced, a pair of claws clung tightly around Dewitt. He knew that grabbing onto this wicked person was his only means of survival. But the problem was that he would not be able to get Dewitt to open the door…

The little white paw grasped Dewitt’s shoulder tightly, and his face resisted. Although Wen Jin did not want to express it, his ears were drooping unconsciously. For a moment, not to mention the tight grip he was holding Dewitt with, even Archie could not help seeing the little one resist. Archie began to seriously reflect on whether they could go to the central laboratory. There were vacancies, or they could make staggered arrangements. Could he have Dewitt accompany the little fellow to finish the exam?

Although it was right to cultivate the independence of the little one, it was still too small after all…

At that moment, a few sharp bird cries suddenly came from the window. The next second, a colorful bird flew through the window into the secondary laboratory. It was Archie’s beast.

“Caicai!” Originally still meditating, Archie saw Caicai and his eyes lit up instantly. He rushed to Wen Jin and said, “Caicai is coming, and he can accompany you for the examination….”

What a silly bird! Wen Jin didn’t want to see it at all. His patience had reached its peak even though he was impressed by Dewitt these past two days. But just now, Archie’s words made him keenly aware of another thing.

What is it? Caicai could accompany him for his examination? Let that foolish bird accompany him for an exam? What about the stupid man he’s stepping on?

Wen Jin loosened his paws and did not take Dewitt. He retreated, and his eyes cleared a little. He stared at Dewitt; his sharp claws were stretched out, and several scratches were left on Dewitt’s shoulder. “Chee!” You want to put me in there to be poked to death!

But Dewitt did not realize Wen Jin’s intention, as if he was worried that he would be relentless in a few seconds, he quickly took the little fox to the inspection box, then deliberately placed him in front of the pile of toys.

Wen Jin was furious. His sharp claws were exposed in the air, whining and screaming, struggling, swearing to death and even began to brew the reiki in his body. However, he had not been in the air for five seconds before he suddenly stopped.

His claws were retracted, and the little fox settled down. Wen Jin obediently went into the inspection box. His dark eyes were fixed on a shining Lingshi in the toy pile, and his eyes remained motionless.

Anna, on the other side, smiled with a clear smile. “A beast that just entered a contract will feel uneasy when it leaves its owner. We anticipated that. So we prepared these little toys. We’re lucky that it likes them. There’s an ordinary energy stone that has been used up. There’s a little energy in it, so it shines. It seems to like shiny things.”

Wen Jin had utterly lost his sight. This was a spiritual stone!

Although there was not that much spirit left in it, it was a true Lingshi. Wen Jin’s claws were firmly fastened on the Lingshi, and his dark eyes were shining.

Seeing Wen Jin calm down, from the veterinary team to Archie, they all looked relieved.

Only Dewitt, whose eyes fell on the little fox who wasn’t paying attention, frowned. His uniform was still covered by a bit of beautiful white hair, and there were traces of the young fellow struggling in his hold. Just now, though he was worried, he was concerned about that situation. It seemed that his heart was somewhat satisfied…?

Now, without saying a word, the little fellow turned away from everything to look at the wasted Lingshi, not even sparing him a glance.

He didn’t know why, but Dewitt suddenly looked at the empty energy stone and was very upset.


The author has something to say: 

Lingshi:??? Why do you want to pierce my heart?


T/n: You may have noticed that we are using both Lingshi and energy stone though they mean the same thing. When Wen Jin thinks about these stones, he thinks about them using Lingshi, while Dewitt and the others refer to it as “energy stone” so to show the difference, we will be using both terms. 


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When Wen Jin finally regains his ability to speak, Dewitt will be drowned in complaines and Archie will be lashed out at for this examination alone. I can’t wait to see their faces.

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