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Chapter 11: The Man

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Dewitt was still worried about what would happen to him when he came in with the little fox in his arms. Now, however, the little fellow didn’t let go of the energy stone in his paws. Even under the guidance of the female doctor, he rolled over obediently to cooperate with the examination and Dewitt’s eyes were a little irate.

“It’s not looking at you.” Archie, who stood beside him, felt it was rare to see him like this and deliberately stimulated him.

Dewitt’s face remained unchanged. “Is this year’s physical examination over?”

With these words, Archie’s expression of joy and gloating was wiped away at once, and then he began to suffer bitterly. Yeah, what qualifications did he have to laugh at the little fox? The little fox sticks so tightly to Dewitt that it can be checked as it plays with a small energy stone. Caicai’s habit of running away from home had not changed, and the waves were endless. Getting him to take an annual physical examination was the number one problem as he never did it with cooperation…

Looking at that cute little fox, Archie gritted his teeth and stared at the bird standing on the windowsill with his head tilted.

Archie went out of the room angrily, and Dewitt followed him straight away. He did not look at Wen Jin anymore. He felt that he would be overwhelmed.

But his leaving was caught by a little one who thought he left for a completely different reason. Wen Jin patted his paws angrily on the inspection box. His fur was bristling with his unhappiness. He held his stone in his arms and thought that this should be the kind of emotion those in operas sang about. Wasn’t this the so-called resentment from a person who did not turn back and never appeared again? What were they called? Slag man? Yeah, slag man!

When the other doctors saw the situation, their eyes also showed understanding. When they received the invitation, they thought that the Marshal cared about this beast. Young beasts were always sensitive to the temperament of others, especially strangers, but the Marshal did not even say a word of comfort to accompany him for the examination. Sure enough, he did not even say a word of encouragement. … Even if it is a contract, the beast was still young. The Marshal didn’t care about it at all. The turnaround of his health was mostly due to the contract beast in front of them.

“Does it seem to like energy stones?” A young veterinarian from the veterinary team looked curiously at the soft white fox lying on the water bed, feeling that the little fellow was still very bright. “Just now, he was making a lot of noise and refused to have an examination.”

“Yes,” said Anna, the female doctor who started the examination, looking at the data in her hand, reaching out to touch the little fox with great satisfaction. She was not angry when she was dodged. She looked down and curved her eyes in a smile. “I’ll go and get two more for you to play with. Be good.”

Wen Jin didn’t understand but thought the woman’s laughter was pretty lovely, so he flicked his tail and stared at Anna with black eyes. Now and then he sniffed and stared at Anna with a dull look, which made the latter laugh.

Someone frowned and said, “Come on, it’s just a beast. Is Anna going to get more energy stones so that it can play with them for fun?”

“It’s the Marshal’s beast, Cohen. I’m showing it the correct attitude.” Anna’s casual voice came from inside. She sighed as others did not value the beast. There were too few people who wanted to do this, and there were many people with different kinds of good and bad attitude.

“Is it the Marshal’s contract beast? Judging by the Marshal’s impatient appearance earlier, and that he didn’t even look at it before he left, he doesn’t seem to care about it at all.” The man named Cohen scoffed at Anna’s statement and looked at Wen Jin with disgust. “But then again, such a weak beast to bond with the Marshal. It has the good luck of eight lifetimes.”

Dewitt was absent and, without a translator, Wen Jin could not understand their conversation. He was absorbed in the gloomy green stone in his hand, and his heart was thrilled.

All worlds had some spiritual stones on them, and Wen Jin could feel that such a small spiritual stone had quite the capacity. Before its energy was used up, the capacity of the stone should not be too small. The same stone could accumulate dozens if not hundreds of spiritual strands that could let him increase his mana. Then, maybe, he could finally try to open his magic artifact.

Thinking of this, Wen Jin’s eyes flashed with a ray of light, as if he saw the hope of remedying his demon Dan. He wagged his tail, stuck out his tender tongue, and licked his nose. An abacus flashed through his head. The length of time he needed to open the artifact was based on how much reiki he had. Besides, he needed a lot of energy to repair his body. He didn’t know how much energy he had exchanged for the silly big one that left him behind. How many Lingshi would he need?

Wen Jin conscientiously began to think about this problem and at the same time, Caicai, who was standing at the door from the very beginning,  started staring at him. Of course, Wen Jin was aware of it. At first, he didn’t take it seriously. When he was bored with it, he could not help looking at the bird. When the bird first came, he was busy fighting with Dewitt, and they didn’t look at each other very well.

However, Wen Jin, who looked at it, couldn’t help laughing and shivering on the mat, which made the researchers around him feel very strange. Only the purple bird understood that he was laughing at and gave a strong condemnation in his eyes. “Chirp!”

Yes, it was a bird with purple plumage, but it had a lot of colorful fake feathers. It was full of the smell of Archie and most importantly… He had pink fur on both sides of his face. It was authentic pink. Don’t mention how funny it looked.

Wen Jin could hardly understand Archie’s obsession with the color of the bird’s feathers. To make it look like this, he had to name it Caicai (colorful).

Wen Jin could not help congratulating himself on this. Fortunately, Dewitt didn’t advocate giving him any confusing names, even if he didn’t recognize them, he would be heartbroken to listen. With his paws, he pulled the stone into his arms. Wen Jin wagged his tail. He wanted to know where the stone came from and how to get more. Although he could not communicate with the people here, there was a bird in front of him. Although a little ugly, looking at its age, it should be quite old. Would it know a lot about it?

Wen Jin thought, squinting and staring at Caicai, “Chee! Chee!” Silly bird, do you know this kind of spiritual stone?

“Chirp and chirp -!” However, the purple bird ignored him and began to scream.

“Chee!” Don’t be silly. I know you understand! Wen Jin said, then Anna came back.

“Did they have a good chat?” Anna laughed. She had taken out several new spiritual stones, one of which was full of energy. Most importantly, that one that was full of energy was a water spiritual stone! Wen Jin was most familiar with its gentle aura!

In the past, this kind of reiki was more or less found in a top-grade reiki stone. Moreover, in this world of rare reiki, sensing the energy contained in it made the fox’s eyes shine.

Wen Jin stopped scolding the bird in an instant, turned his head, and stared at the stone in her hand with black eyes. The little expression made Anna laugh. “You like these little stones.”

“Chee.” The innocent little white fox’s tail flicked. As a fox demon, Wen Jin very shamelessly enjoyed the benefits of his meng.

However, such a scene, made the purple bird ridicule him, “Chirp!” Silly fox!

Wen Jin pretended not to hear and continued to stare at the spiritual stone. The spiritual stone was much more important to him than the ugly purple bird next to him.

“Anna, did you come out with a full fifth-order energy stone? Even a water base… It’s too luxurious.” Cohen stared at the blue stone with a gleam of avarice and a frown. It seemed that he was not used to Anna’s style.

“Only this one has been found from the water system. I grabbed all five colors together to see what color it likes. Besides,” Anna looked at the little fox with straight eyes. “Didn’t you see it? It likes the energy stone of the water system very much.”

Anna said while putting all the stones beside Wen Jin. Sure enough, as she said that, Wen Jin quickly took the water Lingshi from beside her and it seemed like he could not let it go.

“The energy stone of the fifth-order water system is so precious…” Cohen seemed very disgusted with Anna’s remarks, but he could only put aside his complaints and curse in his heart.

The quiet room made the inspection quicker. In about an hour, Wen Jin’s entire examination was completed.

Anna took the report and handed it to Dewitt, who came into the room on time, but … it was Archie who took the sheet. Because Dewitt, who finished his series of examinations, did not stay in the room for any extra moment. He was competing with Wen Jin. To be exact, Wen Jin stuck his belly tightly to the examination box and refused to let Dewitt pick him up.

When he left him in this room, he was so decisive that he didn’t look back. Now he wanted to run and hug him again! Dumb man, big fool!

Wen Jin growled and pushed away Dewitt’s hand with his paws. Once he pushed it, Dewitt’s face became ugly.

“… It’s fast.” Archie looked at the angry little fox and laughed at Dewitt inexplicably. He found that he was the only one who could respond to Anna now.

“Yes, this little fellow is quite good. After we gave him the energy stone, he cooperated with the examination very well. He’s astute.” Anna laughed. “And we found that among all the energy stones, the most favorite one should be the water system energy stones, but we don’t know if it’s because he can feel the energy inside.”

Looking at the stone under the little fox’s white furry paw, Dewitt, who had been resisted, heard this sentence and asked dimly, “Do you like this stone?”

“Chee!” Yes, I do. What’s wrong?

“I’ll buy it for you.” Dewitt said, “Can we go back?”

What does this fellow think of him? Do you think you can cheat him out of this bright stone?

“Chee -” Buy ten first!

Looking at the little greedy look in the black eyes of the white fox, although he couldn’t understand the other side’s whining, Dewitt seemed to imagine that the other side was holding up his small chest to express a lot of meaning and immediately felt itchy, “Yes.”

“Chee.” White-haired claws rested very uncompromisingly on Dewitt’s hand.

The latter immediately took the little fellow into his arms and touched the little fellow’s round head without pause for a second. After rubbing it several times, the face of eternal facial paralysis showed a trace of unconscious satisfaction.

After witnessing the interaction between man and beast, they saw a faint expression on the Marshal, who was known for his fierce, iron blooded looks. Suddenly, people felt that the world had become a bit magical.

Especially Cohen, his face was red, and he wanted to hide in a cave.


The author has something to say: 

Dewitt: I haven’t touched my baby’s fur for one hour, forty-six minutes and seven seconds, miss him.

Archie: I don’t know anybody here!

Anna: Cohen, what’s wrong with your eyes?


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