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Chapter 17: No One Believes You

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After lunch, Cassey received the order to bring a box of energy stones. He knew that fire energy stone was Dewitt’s attribute stone. In the reserve armory, they were sufficient, and most of the grades were not low. Although Dewitt had an eternal energy stone, it still needed a typical energy stone to replenish it when the demand was substantial.

Additionally, although the energy in the Eternal Energy Stone was persistent, its purity was not necessarily higher than that of some high-order energy stones, which were suitable for wearing all year round for emergency rescue. In peacetime, they preferred to choose high-order energy stones.

However, with this theory, Wen Jin’s way of things was utterly unacceptable.

After seeing that box of fire Lingshi, Wen Jin almost felt that these people’s brains were broken. Dewitt still had an excellent spiritual stone on his body. It was not known how much higher the purity of Dewitt’s spiritual stone was compared to an ordinary spiritual stone, but it could cycle reiki itself. Why not use a good item if you already have it and can absorb from it? Why did they have to find these disposable ones?

So when Cassey came to Dewitt’s office with several boxes and opened them on the table, Wen Jin was very unhappy and didn’t even want to put his paws on the spiritual stones. “Chee.” What do you want these for?

Cassey saw Wen Jin the least since he frequented the room very few times. As soon as he moved his hand, the little fox came up, and he remembered that the veterinarian said that he liked shiny things. He couldn’t help laughing. “Marshal, this little thing wants some for itself, too? What kind of energy stone does it like?”

“Chee!” Wen Jin turned his head fiercely. You are a little thing, you are all small things!

Archie, on the other side of the room, could not help shaking his head, thinking that Cassey had not seen the energy stone that the little fellow had distinguished before and had tied the fire energy to Dewitt. If he had seen it, he would not have said such a thing at the moment.

After Wen Jin finished his ferocious glare against Cassey, he glanced casually over the box on the table. It didn’t matter if he hadn’t scanned his perception over it, but when he did, he was frightened by the scan. He unexpectedly found an earth stone with very disordered spirit from the five abundant fire-stone rows.

Wen Jin hesitated slightly, but could not care for anything else. He went straight to the stone and cocked his head.

Wen Jin’s movement quieted the room. Even Cassey was curious about how the little fox suddenly became so interested in the stones. Dewitt took the lead in responding and asked with a frown, “What’s wrong?”

Wen Jin plucked the stone out of the box with his paw and squinted. “Chee.” Big fool, someone wants to hurt you.


Finding a discordance in a Lingshi was very small. If it were big, in the past, ten out of ten people in Honghuang would have avoided it for fear of inhaling a bit of unhealthy reiki that would damage their veins. Even Wen Jin didn’t like this reiki very much, let alone the problems it would cause in Dewitt’s body.

And then, this spiritual stone…

Wen Jin’s nose moved, and his eyes flashed with a hint of disgust. There was the smell of bugs.

Wen Jin was not very fond of the Zerg. This white fox always regarded his beauty as his pride, so he didn’t like ugly foxes very much. Although Dewitt was completely different from the white fox in appearance, Wen Jin liked looking anyway, especially at the strong abdominal muscles. Dewitt’s body had been badly damaged by the Zerg poison, and perhaps due to the influence of the contract, Wen Jin subconsciously hated and rejected the Zerg even more.

“Chee.” Wen Jin stretched out a furry white paw and picked the stone out of the box directly.

Clunk! The sound of the stone as it fell on the table.

“Ah!” Energy stones were very precious things for those with abilities, especially those in front of Dewitt, which were all high-level. When Cassey brought them over, they were all packed in a brocade box for fear of jostling them. Now, being pushed out of the box by Wen Jin’s rude claw, Cassey could not help but take a step forward. If it weren’t for Dewitt sitting at the table, he would have rushed out.

Dewitt’s eyes moved and reached out to touch the stone that had fallen on the table, but it was once again held by the little fox.

“Chee!” It’s not that I dislike you but can you touch less of this kind of thing? It’s your weakness! You have more than one person’s life connected to you now! 

Wen Jin cried out with great dissatisfaction. Although he had seen these Terran’s lie and smile at the same time when he was eating and drinking among them before, Wen Jin still found it interesting. As long as it did not offend his interests, it was an excellent choice to be a fly on the wall. But this big fool was now his little tail and he was in a boat with him, so he needed to be a bit more cautious.

Wen Jin patted Dewitt’s hand again with the soft pads of his paw. The latter rarely understood the other side’s intention of waiting. When he saw the other party stop moving, the little fox turned around and walked around the table. Finally, he bit a handkerchief and covered the Lingshi.

At that time, Cassey’s eyes were as big as a copper bell. He watched the little fox block his superior from touching the energy stone and then found a piece of cloth. His superior quietly waited for the fox to pull the stone covered in the cloth towards him. After that, he grabbed the soul stone with his handkerchief according to the meaning of the little fox. Watching these two scenes happen in front of him, Cassey hardly knew which one he should be shocked by first.

Dewitt, who picked up the stone, looked at it for a moment. “Where’s the detector?”

Cassey was stunned. When the stones were brought up, he had checked them and supervised it with his own eyes. But he would never question Dewitt’s judgment. He immediately felt bad in his heart and turned to look for the detector.

“This stone… it’s not right?” Archie, who had been standing beside him, also understood what Wen Jin was trying to say. He looked at the stone in Dewitt’s hand, and his face was solemn. “Cassey had this taken from the warehouse, and he must have checked it before he brought it up. All of this could be a problem. Couldn’t that mean even your hangar isn’t clean?”

Dewitt did not speak, his eyes were a little deep, and his other hand touched Wen Jin’s body, but he was kicked by the latter.

“Chee.” Somebody else is here. Don’t touch me.

Cassey came back very quickly, and the machine was placed on the table, but he hesitated. “Marshal, for safety, you can only get this machine. The rest are strictly recorded, and you need to have set restrictions in place before using it. This is a portable version, and the values it shows are not necessarily accurate…”

Dewitt put the stone on the table and the cloth over the stone. Casey took it immediately. But at that time, he had an intuition. In fact, what kind of inspection was not significant. Marshal seemed to have decided that the stone must be a problem in other ways because of the little fox.

The idea flashed through Cassey’s mind, and the energy stone was put into the machine.

Ten minutes later, the three men in the room were all had heavy moods. Cassey looked at the test results, and his hands shook a little. He stood straight and looked ashamed. “Marshal!”

The little fox, who was already lying down and was about to fall asleep because of this slow and magical way of identification, was shaken by his cry.

“Chee.” Not only Cassey but also Dewitt’s face is not very good. He thought that the biggest problem would be the change of the Zerg after being in a coma for a month. Secondly, the unsettled political parties in Capital Star. He did not expect that even his legions would be compromised.

Even their commander’s energy stones that were under heavy protection had been manipulated. What about other places?

Wen Jin wanted to roar at the tall and black man, but he tried to resist it. After all, the man’s emotional shame was so full that it seemed as if he could give him a knife at the moment and immediately thank himself for his crime without complaint.

He licked his paw and looked at Dewitt’s blackface. Wen Jin could not help sighing as he thought his little tail was too weak. He was just a worm. If he could find it, the Terran people could not deceive him. A delicious tribute would be good enough payment; just don’t touch me all day and all night. Those zerglings could not touch a single hair on Dewitt’s head even if they wanted to.

Only those in this room knew about the compromisation, and they all reacted differently. Cassey, who was instructed by Dewitt, rushed out with blackface.

“Cassey is really straightforward. You can imagine that it’s very unusual for him to take a portable testing machine and hide his emotions when he returns it. Will it be easy for him to do so?” Seeing this, Archie was worried.

“He can do little about it, not just by brute force.” Dewitt didn’t seem to care much. “Besides, if I didn’t want this effect, I’d let someone else come when I took the instrument.”

Archie insisted when Dewitt still wanted to absorb energy and even moved Mrs. Margaret, demanding that she wait to meet Dewitt at least until they went back to capital stars to see Old Lin. Archie’s stern countenance did not stretch a little until he gave some stern warnings to Dewitt before turning away. However, when he left, Wen Jin suddenly smelled a faint odor from him, very faint, but it still caught it and could not help frowning.

When Wen Jin was thinking about why the Zerg smell was so weak, a big hand suddenly touched his head. The former turned his head and gave Dewitt an in-depth look.

“I believe you.”

Huh? Wen Jin was stunned.

“But just because I believe you is not enough. I brought the instrument here to let Cassey see the results.”

Dewitt’s voice was sincere. Wen Jin recovered from his initial confusion and probably understood what the other party was saying. He could not help narrowing his fox’s eyes and wagging his tail behind him.

“I know you have extraordinary abilities. Even if you don’t want to show me now, I can wait. Until then, I will keep all your abilities secret.”


The author has something to say: 

Question: A sunshine like man?

Wen Jin: I don’t like it.

Q: A cunning man?

Wen Jin: I don’t like it.

Question: A man like Dewitt?

Wen Jin wagged his tail unconsciously.


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My kitten is white and soft and at the stage where he’s not too big on cuddling or even petting. This story is an Utter Delight. I feel like I’m reading fan fiction of my cat. XD

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So cute😍 im really falling in love with this💘 i wish for more🙏

September 22, 2019 11:02 pm

Wen Jin just saved Dewitt from serious trouble. This little forx is really something! From now on I bet every shipment of fire stones for Dewitt will be first checked by Wen Jin.
I just hope that the smell on Archie was just transferred from someone else, and that it is not a sign of the friend’s betrayal, please no!

Thank you for the chapter!

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Thank you for the update!
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September 23, 2019 8:13 pm

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