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Chapter 16: Soft Paw Pads

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As the chief medical officer of Dewitt’s Regiment, Archie also received the alarm from the energy fluctuation and was very uneasy. Others may think that such energy fluctuations were the result of Dewitt’s improved health or even excitement caused by the energy density on the alarm. After all, for the Legion, nothing made them happier than the Marshal’s successful recovery. But only Archie knows that it was impossible for Dewitt to run such density of energy in his current physical condition. Otherwise, it was likely to cause an energy storm. 

Although the average life expectancy of ordinary ability users was about one hundred and fifty years, the more advanced ability users usually only lived to about forty-three years old. Even in science colleges, only a few people knew that life expectancy should be three hundred years based on the physical qualities of the ability users, but so far only a few could live to that age because of the energy storms.

Dewitt was thirty-nine years old this year, four years away from the average life expectancy of high-ranking ability users, but he was the most powerful ability user in the history of the Empire, and it was inevitable that an energy storm would sweep over him earlier.

So Archie saw that the energy fluctuation did not stop. He could not help sending a message to Dewitt asking about the other party’s status. After being rejected, he was not confident enough to stay away from his room. After receiving the other party’s consent, he immediately went into Dewitt’s room. As soon as he entered the door, Archie saw Dewitt sitting in his chair with a flat face and a new blanket on his desk… No, it was the little fox?

Archie paused and went forward to find that Dewitt was holding a spoon with steamed eggs, which were still warm. They were Potterbird’s eggs, and they tasted delicious. Archie had the kitchen prepare them for the little fox. The fox was recovering from a serious injury and was still young. It was best to use this kind of thing to supplement his nutrition, and this little fellow seemed to like the soft yellow food very much.

But today’s little fox was not the same. Dewitt put the spoon in front of the little fox for half a day. The latter didn’t even eat, and he drooped on the table and did not move. Archie could also see the dense fog from its back.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Dewitt in good condition, Archie put down the snack, approached, and asked.

Dewitt looked up at him.

“Chee!” Wen Jin, who had not been in high spirits, saw Dewitt’s action as if in an instant, his spirit had come back. He immediately raised his head and shouted fiercely at Dewitt, which was mighty.

Archie frowned and quipped, “Oh, this is jealousy? I haven’t seen you for half a day. Your feelings have been well sublimated.”

“Chee.” Why does this man always talk nonsense? Every day he talks, he lies with his eyes open and Wen Jin was depressed but it was inconvenient to turn his head. There were many emotions in his eyes. His head hung down,  his eyes drooped, his chin tucked in, and he chattered to himself. 

Dewitt, however, remained motionless and continued to deliver the spoon to Wen Jin. “Do you want to eat or not?”

He said these words, but Wen Jin always felt that they smelled a little threatening. He thought that ten minutes ago when he had become a fox cake on the floor, it was like someone had taken his mobility away. His fur felt like it was going to blow up and his sharp claws itched.

But his eyes moved, and he saw the spoon in front of him. He thought that he had to struggle with his neck to force himself not to lick the fragrant eggs. He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, and his eyes glowed. He pretended to be forced to accept the unequal treat, and he shouted at Dewitt, “Chee!” Eat as you like, but don’t tell anyone what just happened!

After that, the little fox kept opening his mouth, biting off the eggs from the spoon and just swallowing them without chewing. The furious white face could not help but show an enjoyable expression.

He didn’t know what type of eggs they were. The outer layer was a little hard, but after biting in, it was soft as water that broke apart in his mouth. Although the outer skin was a little cold, it was still warm and tasty inside. But it was just because it was not a dense food that people wanted to take another bite immediately after they finished eating.

Wen Jin took only one bite and immediately glanced at the bowl secretly. His eyes were bright, but his body still remained motionless on the table, looking like a good child.

After being together for these last few days, Dewitt knew something about this little fellow. He wanted to add another spoon to feed him subconsciously, but then he thought about something. He didn’t move the spoon and pretended not to know what the little fox wanted to do.

“Chee” After a while, the anxious Fox began pushing his hand, making a chitter sound with his voice and even stretched out his tender tongue and licked his nose.

My heart seems to be poked by something soft. Archie swears that at that moment, he saw something unprecedented in the eyes of his friend; rich feelings.

“What’s the situation?” Seeing the little fox eating happily and wagging his tail secretly, Dewitt continued to tirelessly feed spoonful after spoonful of food and Archie suddenly questioned and felt sad about his past position of “favorite person.”

As soon as his voice fell, Wen Jin, who had eaten happily, became stiff and did not eat any more eggs.

Dewitt glanced at him and continued to put the spoon in front of him, answering Archie’s question, “It’s a tantrum.”

That’s what I said, but the words were drowned out. Archie swallowed his saliva, told himself to get used to it, and asked about the energy fluctuation.

Archie was a wood reiki genius and was very sensitive to energy changes. If Dewitt’s body produced such intense energy fluctuations, there would be no reason he couldn’t feel it. He was quite sure that Dewitt, who was sitting in front of him now, was no different from a few hours ago. What about the violent energy fluctuation just now?

Dewitt was silent for a moment. He did not try to help Archie’s figure it out but in principle, what had just happened had nothing to do with him. He had no right to take over.

After thinking for a while, Dewitt said, “Help me prepare some energy stones.”

Archie gave him the snacks he brought, frowned and disapproved. “Are you going to go back?”

Dewitt’s original plan was to return to the Academy of Sciences; first contact Old Lin, then consider the matter of his energy nucleus. Old Lin was an absolute authority expert in this field after all, and energy absorption would continue until then. In his body, the Zerg poisoning had been solved, but the problem of the energy storm was still latent. He couldn’t take it lightly. When the little fox absorbed energy, he sat outside. At first, although he felt a lot of pressure, the energy core also had signs of restlessness, but it was different.

He felt that his energy core began to yearn for energy, even to connect to the pulse around it and began to become smooth, like it absorbed something pure. He had not felt this feeling since he was thirty-seven years old. His intuition told him that this might be an excellent opportunity.

Thinking of this, his eyes fell on Wen Jin, who was biting at the eggs. He touched the little head and was not angry when he was pushed aside. “Yeah.”

Wen Jin guessed Dewitt’s thoughts; when he absorbed energy, he didn’t pay attention to the spillover. As a matter of fact, what he didn’t absorb was taken by these people. This is true for all people. In the past, on the Honghuang continent, he and his Master lived in the mountains for many years with extraordinary spirits and did not move for hundreds of years. There were even people who had organized some factions there; they were quite big, easily hundreds of people.

However, the spirit of monsters and beasts with ancient blood was really different from that of ordinary people. After all, the extraction ability of monsters and beasts was absolutely unique. Even the spirit scattered out was quite valuable, and since it had been scattered out, it was not a loss to be absorbed by this contract with him.

However, there was one thing Wen Jin had always been curious about. Dewitt was a genius among his people. His veins were very suitable for celestial cultivation. In Wen Jin’s former world, Dewitt would be the pride of heaven, the kind to be scrambled for by the big wigs, but here his body energy was very chaotic as if he did not know what to do. The reason was that the ability to build a foundation could barely be counted at a later stage and they were seemingly close to creating a dan, but reiki could not be chaotic, so it was not the way to go. In the past, there were often monks who died of explosions on Honghuang. It would be better for him to think back carefully.

Both of them were now barely crew members on a boat. He could tolerate building gangs at the foot of his mountain. He had done nothing wrong except to quarrel and throw stones down occasionally. He could still cover up such a small tail.

Dewitt, who had no idea that he was being examined by Wen Jin, convinced Archie that the bowl of eggs in his hand had been fed to the fox, mainly during the time Archie watched himself.

Wen Jin was thinking about covering his small tail in the future and in the twinkling of an eye he saw Dewitt eating a piece of meat on his favorite plate. That kind of meat stick smelled good. It was next to a small bowl of eggs. Wen Jin thought it was specially prepared for him. Save your eggs and devour them.

And even if Dewitt ate one, the two chatted, and Archie also ate one. After that, the Dewitt guy even went to grab another one!

Wen Jin’s patience reached its limit. He rushed up, bit off the strip, and then gave Dewitt a hateful look. In front of him, he ate the strip and licked his paws very thoroughly. “Chee.”

How can the little tail scratch you again?

Looking at the little fox whining suddenly, Archie thought that his new look was a bit cute. He thought that he had seen the soft paw pad of the little fellow occasionally before. Suddenly he felt a little itchy to know what it was like to be hit by them, so he reached out his hand to tempt the fox with a piece of dried meat.

However, one hand was faster than him. Dewitt snatched the jerky Archie wanted to give the fox quickly. Then he looked at the little fox with pleasure, felt the soft paw pads of the little fox, and looked up at his friend unhappily.

Archie, who was not able to touch the fox and was stabbed by glares: “…”


The author has something to say: 


One day, Dewitt was caught by a little fox while eating meat strips, and then the dark meat strips fell on the crotch of his pants. 

Dewitt raised his eyebrows: Do you still want to eat?

Wen Jin: No, no more!!


Sorry for the slow pace in the coming chapters. Please blame me, sorry, do not dislike me. TAT


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