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Chapter 33: First Capital Star Beast Hospital

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After JinYu shamelessly threatened the kind and innocent (?) beasts with vegetarianism and shutting them into a small dark room, he left the pet store with Long ChangXiao. Big Boss Qi followed them as this matter had something to do with his partner and he could never stand by.

Long ChangXiao’s carriage was not pulled by unicorns, but by fine white steeds with wings that were just as good as unicorns. When JinYu approached these beasts that were called White Feathers (白羽), the leading White Feather affectionately rubbed JinYu with its head, while the latter touched the White Feather’s back with a smile as he seemed to be whispering something.

“… If someone who didn’t know the situation saw this, they would think that Boss Jin is the owner of the carriage if it wasn’t handled properly.” Long ChangXiao lamented as JinYu boarded the carriage. “You are very popular with the beasts… Do you like beasts very much?”

JinYu couldn’t help laughing when he heard such a familiar questioning. He was pulled aside by Qi QingLin just as he was about to answer before the latter expressionlessly replied, “He naturally likes those beasts. Otherwise, why would he open a pet shop?”

Long ChangXiao looked at the man in front of him with slightly displeasure as he raised an eyebrow. He tried to restrain himself but finally he could not help saying, “Excuse me, Sir? I wasn’t asking you just now. Furthermore, is the relationship between you and Boss Jin at the point where you’re able to answer for him?”

To Qi QingLin, this was an extremely insidious question. While this sentence was an inquiry, it was also a subtle blow to oneself and incited disharmony in the relationship between JinYu and him—

What is your relationship with Boss Jin? How can you speak for him? Who do you think you are? Moreover, I wasn’t asking you, yet you’re the one opening your mouth. You really don’t have any respect for JinYu.

Boss Qi was awfully familiar with these questions that contained hidden meanings. His stepmother was always saying this kind of things when she saw him. She did not feel comfortable if she went without saying it one time, almost like itchy beasts were crawling all over her body.

But at this time, Boss Qi finally felt that that there was a beneficial purpose for his stepmother’s existence. Otherwise, he would be defrauded by this sinister dragon bloodline hybrid if he could not understand anything. So now Big Boss Qi, who understood the words of Long ChangXiao, was very calm. First, he hugged a goldfish that was raising his eyebrows before letting go quickly. Then he said, “You can never interfere with our relationship. So you should drop the idea forever. As for your reply…I’m concerned about his physical strength. Can’t I help him save his saliva? It’s not like he has to be the only one to answer your questions.”

T/N: JinYu (MC’s name) and goldfish are homophones. Both are jin yu in Chinese (金余 and 金鱼).

Long ChangXiao’s expression did not change when he heard the words, but his gaze became more serious. The man in front of him refuted his words with a watertight argument. Sure enough, he was not a soft character. However, Long ChangXiao felt that the man was under a misunderstanding with regards to a certain aspect. Why was this guy always looking at him like… he was a rival in love?

Young Master Long was stunned for a while once he thought of this. Then he seriously observed JinYu and Qi QingLin before he obediently fell silent.

Why was it only now that he had noticed that the relationship between the two men seemed a little too close? But were they really in the kind of relationship he thought they had? JinYu was not showing any obvious expressions. Could it be the wishful thinking of this man who was suspected to be a Qilin? Or was he forcing himself upon JinYu?! Instantly, a feeling of discomfort bubbled out of Long ChangXiao’s heart. No matter how strong one was, it is wrong for them to force themselves upon others. En, he had to find a time to have a good talk with Boss Jin. If it was really like what he thought, he could help JinYu to escape from the fellow’s evil clutches using his Grandpa’s or the beasts’ reputation…

Long ChangXiao had basically fallen into his fantasies at this time. He did not notice JinYu staring at Qi QingLin, and the small movement of the latter raising his eyebrow and scoundrelly insisting on clasping hands. Maybe in a way, Young Master Long was fairly concerned about this competent Boss Jin who was pleasing to the eye, so much so that he did not want to pay attention to the aspect he should take note of at all.

With this slightly bizarre situation in the carriage, JinYu and the two arrived at the First Capital Star Beast Hospital – the hospital with the most luxurious, most complete medical facilities, and where the most authoritative figures of beast medical treatment and the related personnel resided.

JinYu showed a rather shocking and amazed look on his face after getting out of the carriage and seeing the First Capital Star Beast Hospital, while scolding with all kinds of envy and jealousy in his heart, you’re all quacks who are only concerned about your image and are full of corruption, yet you don’t properly treat the beasts! He absolutely refused to admit that he had been suppressed by this Beast Hospital that was more than a hundred-storey tall, creating a psychological shadow.

“Boss Jin, let’s go. My beast is on the 100th floor.” Long ChangXiao said after he nodded to JinYu and got out of the carriage. Then he walked to his subordinates and the doctor-in-charge of his beasts who had already been waiting in front of the hospital. When he arrived here, Young Master Long still cared more about the situation of his beasts rather than his strange ideas.

“How is BaiWei?” Long ChangXiao pelted them with questions as soon as they met.

He was facing a young man who looked so beautiful that he could be regarded as a male or female. If it wasn’t for his Adam’s apple, JinYu might have thought that he was a beautiful woman at first sight. Judging from the white coat on the man and the name tag on his chest, he should be one of the doctor-in-charge in this Beast Hospital.

The young doctor was obviously very happy with Long ChangXiao’s arrival. He was about to say something, but his smile stiffened after hearing Long ChangXiao’s inquiry. Within a few seconds, it changed into a sad and heartbroken expression, “… Chairman Long, don’t be too sad. There will always be high-ranking beasts.”

Long ChangXiao’s expression turned extremely ugly when he heard this, “Don’t tell me that BaiWei is dead?!!”

What kind of cosmic joke is this?! He had just invited the person who may be able to cure BaiWei, but Baiwei was unable to survive till he arrived?!

“No, no. Sir, you’re thinking too much! BaiWei is not dead. It’s just that it can’t even receive an infusion… It will not be able to hold on any longer if there’s no other way.” Long ChangXiao’s subordinates rushed forward to explain upon seeing that their own boss was about to fly into a rage. They thought to themselves, could this doctor stop making such misleading remarks at this time? Even if you want to attract the attention of our master, you still have to choose the right time, okay?

Long ChangXiao’s expression lightened a little upon hearing the explanation from his subordinates. He quickly turned to JinYu, who had been following him but had not spoken a word,

“Boss Jin, shall we quickly go in?” His beast could not wait any longer. He had to seize every second.

When JinYu heard Long ChangXiao’s words, he moved his gaze away from the young and handsome doctor before nodding sharply, “Okay. In addition, I will require a private room. No person or machine will be allowed to disturb me at that time.”

He had been paying attention to the male doctor all this while. According to the experience of Big Boss Jin in his last life, a man who could change from joy to sorrow in a second and have no qualms about it was the number one target to guard against. In addition, JinYu did not have a favorable impression of this type of man who obviously liked to use sex appeal to attract people. Not to mention that the man was looking at himself with an unhappy and dangerous expression, looking exactly like JinYu had robbed him of ten thousand purple gold coins!

Fuck! What are you looking at! Continue looking and Lao Zi will really rob your purple gold coins! Lao Zi will go to your house in the middle of the night and plunder your all family ** fortune!!

Jin Yu bluntly gave the young doctor who stared at him a supercilious look, and then raised his foot and prepared to leave. But just as he was about to step into the state-of-the-art Beast Hospital, a trace of maliciousness flashed though the young doctor’s eyes. Yet, he smiled and reached out to stop JinYu’s entry in the next moment.

“Hello. Although I don’t know what relationship you have with Chairman Long, there are many important Level B and Level A beasts in our First Capital Star Beast Hospital. Chairman Long’s beasts are of the highest priority in our treatment, so it’s better if you don’t not enter as you please if you’ve just come to visit.”

JinYu’s impression of this doctor and the high-class Beast Hospital instantly fell into the negatives. He immediately decided that he would have to go to this pretentious fellow’s house in the future. If he didn’t lead his beasts to steal, rob and eat everything in this fella’s house, then he would really have no capability!!

After thinking about it, JinYu crossed his arms and did not even retreat by a step as he sneered, “An important medical patient? Then why are your important medical patients becoming weaker the more you treat them? If they were even more important, are you all going to give them so much ‘importance’ that they die? You still have the nerve to speak when you’re so irresponsible! Let me guess, half of the beasts which received treatment from you were ‘restraining their grief’ and the remaining half went to see a psychiatrist after being discharged?”

In that instant, the young doctor’s face suddenly paled, looking like he really wished to eat this goldfish.

Brandishing claws, the guys who dared to provoke Boss Jin should be prepared and be courageous enough to accept both physical and mental devastation.

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