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Chapter 8: Was this man disgusted by him?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Archie opened the door, he saw a little hedgehog with dry hair and bright eyes. The person he was looking for just stepped out of the bathroom behind him, dead-faced.

“Have you taken a bath?” Archie shook a few small bottles he had just brought in. They were the bottles of special bathing shampoo for beasts; they were taken from Dewitt’s warehouse. The news of Dewitt’s contract had not been released for the time being. To avoid unnecessary trouble, he took the bathing shampoo. As he spoke, he stretched out his hand to press the close button on the door. However, with such slight negligence, the food container in his hand had already been taken away.

It was the little fox… No, Dewitt?

Archie was stunned. In the amount of time it took him to reach for the door, he saw a flash go towards the box of supplies in his hand. Archie, who was holding the container, was forced to divert his attention from the door. It was the little fox who tried to grab the food container by taking his distraction as an opportunity. 

However, Dewitt seemed to have anticipated the movement of the little fox. In the instant of his rush, he came and grabbed the box directly and held it up high. The white-haired fox with bright eyes looked at his failed plot from the ground, while the blank-faced Marshal stared at him.

Archie paused and felt that something strange had happened in the room last night…

“Eat at the table.” After that, Dewitt squatted down to try to pick up the little fox, but the latter gave him a sideways glance. He seemed very unhappy that he had not grabbed the food. He refused the embrace, turned around, and left him with a rather flippant look.

“… It’s quite temperamental.” Archie smiled.

Dewitt did not speak, took the bottles from Archie’s hand, put the food containers on the table, and then took out the delicious breakfast dishes from inside. There were six main dishes, three side dishes, three bowls, plus three drinks. After Dewitt had put everything out, Wen Jin, who had just been pouting on the bed, his little white body blending into the quilt, moved his ears. 

Dewitt glanced in its direction without saying a word. Instead, he took the bottles of shampoo and went into the bathroom. Archie sat down in a chair with familiarity. Wen Jin turned his head and glanced in the direction of the dining table when he heard the room becoming less noisy.

There was such a pleasant fragrance…

It smelled a little like the meat from last night, and the bright thing next to it smelled like something delicious with a light fragrance and sweetness.

Wen Jin wagged his tail in the bedsheets, his eyebrows all scrunched together.

It was disgraceful to try to grab something and be cut off halfway, but the food was somebody else’s. He was eating and staying in other people’s houses these last two days although he paid for it with his medicine and his spirit energy! It feels like he suffered a lot, but gave it his all. There was no word for regret in Wen Jin’s dictionary! Therefore, it must be him who grabs first and not loses the battle!

Finally, he put up his ears, eyes shining, began to indulge himself by breathing in the fragrance in the air and then jumped down from the quilt before climbing up the table using a stool.

As soon as Archie had set a plate down, he saw the little white fox at the table. Squinting his eyes, he said, “Caicai likes to sleep late and cries, refusing to wake up. Next time, I’ll bring him over then the two of you can play.”

As he spoke, Wen Jin looked silently at the food in front of him, as if he hadn’t heard anything. He sniffed in the east and looked in the west. The round head made Archie reach out to touch it, but Wen Jin escaped as if he had eyes on his back.

Archie, who had been evaded, looked at his hand and a trace of curiosity flashed through his eyes. Wen Jin still didn’t look at him as he was still engrossed in the table full of unique delicacies.

Archie took these breakfast items from the kitchen, he had asked the kitchen to give Dewitt and the fox digestible porridge, but Wen Jin was not interested in congee. Although it smelled different, he had eaten similar things from the Honghuang before. His attention was on the three plates in the middle of the table.

One dish was filled with sliced meat, which was different from last night’s meat, but Wen Jin could smell the same aroma as last night’s. Although the scent was similar, it was not the same kind of meat, and the way it was prepared was quite different from last night’s. Wen Jin couldn’t help swallowing back his saliva. Even though there was no stock with it nor sauce, it looked slightly dry but delicious. Next, to the meat dish, there was a fruit tray, in which Lebi was cut.

The fruit was exceedingly abundant, and the so-called Lebi fruit was not a particular kind of fruit but referred to all the fruits produced in Liberec. They were soft, juicy, large, fleshy, and well-known. Previously, when he was on the bed, Wen Jin had already smelled the aroma of the fruit, which smelled juicy, light, and attractive.

Next to the fruits and the sliced meat was a dish of warm unknown things. They were round, wrapped in irregular dough, had a very light fragrance, but he could not tell what was inside. Wen Jin, who was already salivating, unconsciously opened his mouth to bite down. At the other end of the table, Archie reached out and stopped Wen Jin with one hand. With his other hand, he quickly took an empty plate from the side.

Wen Jin, who was trying to open his mouth, was blocked in the middle of the move and raised his head confused. When he saw Archie taking out the empty plate, his fox’s eyes narrowed immediately.

Was this man disgusted by him?

The claws on the table consciously grabbed the table as he planned what to do next.

Archie looked at Wen Jin and paused with the empty plate in his hand. It was a subconscious action of a doctor. After all, the other one at the same table was a patient who had just pulled back from the brink of death. At this time, even a small infection would be fatal. This little fox’s body was in a sub-healthy state. The two people needed to stick to their set diets.

But in the eyes of the little fox, Archie’s action was deliberately planned, and for a time, he felt a little guilty…

Archie had been with Caicai for twenty years and had always been loved by his contract beast. People all over the capital knew that Caicai was a bird and did not eat the same kind of food as he did. Archie had absolutely no objection to this. In addition to the problem of bacteria that may cause them to get sick, Archie was concerned because he was unsure of Dewitt’s attitude toward his contract beast.

Just when the man and the fox were in a standstill, Dewitt came out of the bathroom with a black cloth in his hand. He went to the table, wrapped the little fox in the fabric at once and took it directly off the table.

“Chee?” Wen Jin was gazing at the doctor who disliked him, with the most ferocious eyes. This action from Dewitt came so suddenly that he began to wriggle violently in an attempt to break free.

Dewitt had become accustomed to his actions. He held Wen Jin firmly in a position he hoped would calm down the small fox. After sitting down at the table, he quickly took a piece of meat and stuffed it into Wen Jin’s mouth. Then he began to wipe the fox’s fur patiently.

Oh! Yummy!

As soon as he was done protesting, Wen Jin’s mouth was satisfactorily filled with tender meat. He squinted his eyes and immediately stopped twisting since his wet fur felt very unpleasant. Dewitt gave him a gentle wipe to dry it. Although the towel had a slightly different smell, he did not reject it. He stopped chirping and obediently laid down on Dewitt and let him wipe his fur.

This action between the man and the fox felt quite natural and shocked Archie.

“You take one. The toxins in my body have not been thoroughly cleansed so I can eat the porridge. The little one can have everything else.” Dewitt’s eyes fell on Archie’s plate.

“… No.” From Dewitt’s words… no, even Dewitt’s actions already showed his attitude towards the Qi beast. Archie stuffed the plate back, but his eyes were still a bit shocked. “A Qi beast’s body is powerful, and he will not get sick naturally after bathing.”

Dewitt shook his head. “It’s afraid of the cold.” He remembered the night he was completely frozen into ice.

Just from these words, the little fox in the black towel trembled and his eyes narrowed. Wen Jin thought proudly that he was clever to save this man’s life with his reiki.

Five minutes later, Wen Jin’s fur had already been dry for several minutes. Dewitt was still a little worried and turned over the thick, soft towel and wrapped the fox up in it tightly. Then he took Wen Jin’s bowl and looked inside of it. It looked like Wen Jin had eaten everything in it.

Wen Jin was delighted with the amount he ate, and so he finished his breakfast very quietly.

At the other end of the table, Archie was relieved.

The thing about the contract was that he was the one who forced him to do it. With this decision, other people’s opinions were left aside for the moment. Madame Margaret had a lot of complaints as Dewitt’s mother. Looking at their friendship, there was no direct explanation, but her attitude towards Archie was cold. When they met these past two days, their words were always thorny.

Archie had known this woman for many years and knew her temperament, but she was still a burden in his heart. He was afraid of seeing the same attitude in his friends, so he was a bit nervous before he showed up. Fortunately, his old friend’s temperament hadn’t changed at all, and he got along very well with this little fellow.

At last, his heart finally calmed down. As he was leaving, Archie warned, “I told your mother that she could come to see you this afternoon.”

“Okay,” Dewitt responded, releasing the hot little fox from the black towel and letting him play by himself. “When will we return to Capital Star?”

“Tomorrow morning, I will give you a detailed examination to determine how long your body can endure long-distance flights. After that, I will decide on the route, and we will leave the day after tomorrow.” Archie answered. He looked at the little fox, who was paralyzed in bed on his back with his full belly in the air, and a smile filled his eyes. “You get along very well.”

Dewitt looked at him and thought that he didn’t have to say anything. “Don’t overthink.”

Archie was stunned, and then he reflected that his friends could still see his psychological burden. As a Marshal, Dewitt was not scornful to others in his daily life. He spared his words like gold, and the Empire said that he was an iron plate from top to bottom. He could win so many battles as he sat in the Marshal’s position.

How could Dewitt be weak in perceiving people’s thoughts?

Nodding, his heart completely settled. Archie was ready to go when he suddenly glanced over and saw hanging on the wall… Dewitt’s uniform.

It was placed in the corner, invisible from the door, but it was just visible as you left the room. The uniform was crumpled; there were seven or eight buttons pulled off. It looked as if someone had ravaged it badly, Archie thought, feeling as if he had seen a new door.

At the same time, Dewitt’s words flashed across his brain again, ‘Don’t overthink.’


The author has something to say: 

Wen Jin (licking his paws): Yes, don’t overthink, I have eaten you!

Dewitt: Hmm? When did you eat it?

Wen Jin:! Caught!


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