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Chapter 37: I Just Want to Hold You Like This

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


At this instant, a tiny dot of light flew out of Qiao Xi’s sweatshirt pocket and expanded with a swish, forming a net of light and color that wrapped Qiao Xi silently inside.

Xiao Guang used all his strength to put the fire extinguisher down, but it was as if it hit a rubber cushion—the fire extinguisher shook and was actually bounced away, then flew a distance, and landed heavily on the ground, making a loud noise.

Qiao Xi then noticed that something was wrong, opened his eyes and turned around, just in time to meet Xiao Guang’s eyes.

Xiao Guang looked at him incredulously, his body stumbled backwards, and suddenly that strange smile appeared on his face again.

“Xiao Guang?” Qiao Xi stood up and stretched out his hand to hold the child, only to see the child slip backwards and fall to the ground, bursting out in earth-shattering cries.

“Xiao Guang?” Qiao Xi was now completely panicked and rushed over to help him up. The caregivers who heard the noise also came out one after another from the other end of the corridor.

As soon as Qiao Xi’s hand touched Xiao Guang, the child cried even louder, while his body scraped against the ground and backed up, his legs stomping around, as if he was terrified.

“Xiao Guang! What’s wrong with you?” A somewhat fat nursery aunt, panting, ran to his side and hugged the shivering child with both hands.

“He! He!” Xiao Guang sobbed and raised his arms with a shudder, pointing at Qiao Xi. “He, the bad man! Hit me! Pushed me! It hurts!”

The caregivers, who had experienced abuse only a short time ago, were already very nervous, and now that they heard Xiao Guang’s accusation, they were all enraged.

The chubby caregiver jumped up and pushed Qiao Xi away, shouting, “You’re a gentle young man! How dare you hit a child? He’s only six years old! Do you have a conscience?”

Another dry and thin caregiver, who was protecting Xiao Guang in her arms like a chicken, also yelled, “Shame on you! You’re so grown up, bullying a child?”

Qiao Xi, who had never experienced such a battle before, stood stiffly in place, covered in sweat, and stammered, “No… I didn’t… I didn’t push him…”

“Then how did he fall down? He’s such a little kid, he can’t lie!” The chubby caregiver yelled out and pushed Qiao Xi again.

“No… It wasn’t me… He really fell down by himself…” Qiao Xi was getting more and more anxious, his face was red and white, but the words came out more like sophistry.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Linlin ran over like a gust of wind, looking at the messy group with surprise.

“Linlin!” The dry and skinny caregiver, while protecting Xiao Guang, complained, “Why don’t you watch these visitors! This youngster is actually bullying Little Guang!”

Yan Linlin, with a surprised face, looked at Little Guang who was crying and at Qiao Xi who was in a panic, and said, “No… That’s impossible, right? He’s a friend of Dr. Han’s. He’s very nice…”

The chubby caretaker interrupted her impatiently, “How can he be compared to Dr. Han! How many times have we met this young man? Who knows what his purpose is to get in here? How do you know he’s not a demon in human skin like Zhong Jian? If something really happens, how can you afford to take responsibility for it!”

Hearing the words “demon in human skin”, Qiao Xi’s body trembled, and even his lips turned white.

Yan Linlin was also anxious and wanted to defend Qiao Xi, but couldn’t find a way to say it—indeed, this child, Xiao Guang, never lies, so why would he wrong Qiao Xi for good reason?

When Qiao Xi was at a loss to defend himself and was about to be forced to flee by the voices of the caregivers, a cold voice rang out: “It can’t be Qiao Xi. I believe him.”

With these words, Han Tian pushed through the crowd of people and walked over to Qiao Xi, reached out and took him by the shoulders, and scanned the crowd. “First of all, it’s not him. Secondly, I am responsible for everything he does.”

Han Tian’s tone of voice was indisputable and irresistible.

Everyone in the room was silenced. Little Guang, who had been crying loudly, also stopped crying and shrank into the caretaker’s arms, looking at this man with fear.

Han Tian lowered his head slightly and stared straight at Xiao Guang, his eyebrows furrowed. “Xiao Guang, say again, did Qiao Xi really push you down?”

At this point, a low “ahhh” sound came from the back of the crowd.

Everyone looked at the sound and saw that it was Tong Tong.

With a red face, the child cowered and pushed his way to the front of the crowd and gestured: “It wasn’t Qiao Xi, it was Xiao Guang who fell.”

Now, the caregivers really started to wonder.

The chubby caregiver squatted down, looked at Xiao Guang who suddenly started to gnash his teeth and looked horrible, and asked worriedly, “Xiao Guang, tell me again, what happened just now?”

To everyone’s surprise, Xiao Guang let out a few horrible hisses from his throat, his face twitched violently for a few seconds, his eyes rolled upward, and he leaned back, unexpectedly fainting.

“Yah! Little Guang!” The dry and thin caregiver, obviously frightened, shouted shrilly.

Han Tian took two steps forward, leaned down and rolled Xiao Guang’s eyelids, and said with a serious expression, “It could be a sudden brain injury, I’ll take him to the hospital immediately.” He looked at the caregivers and added, “If you’re not sure, you can come along.”

On the way to the hospital, Qiao Xi sat in the passenger seat, while Yan Linlin held Xiao Guang, accompanied by the chubby caregiver, in the back row.

Everyone was silent the whole way.

Under Han Tian’s arrangement, Xiao Guang was taken directly to Haicheng’s highest-end neurological hospital.

Soon, the results of Xiao Guang’s brain CT came out. The specialist who consulted the patient took that film and told Yan Linlin that a tumor was found inside Xiao Guang’s skull and needed immediate surgery. Since the tumor had compressed the nerves, it would cause movement disorders, hallucinations, and even babbling and behavior disorders.

The only fortunate thing was that it was found early and sent to the doctor in time, the probability of successful surgery was still very high.

After listening to the specialist’s explanation, the chubby caregiver was so scared that she couldn’t stop wiping her eyes and said to Han Tian, “Thanks to you, Dr. Han! If you hadn’t been there and done it so quickly, Xiao Guang might have been in trouble!

Han Tian replied indifferently, “No need to thank me. But I hope you can apologize to my friend.”

The caretaker froze, but bowed sincerely to Qiao Xi. “Sorry, we were wrong about you just now.”

Qiao Xi’s head swiveled like a rattle and his hands shook. “No, no. Anyway, it’s good that he’s okay.”

By the time Han Tian finished the admission procedures and drove Qiao Xi home, it was already nighttime.

Unlike when he arrived, Qiao Xi was huddled in his seat, his whole body wilted.

After driving out for some distance, Han Tian spoke up, “What’s wrong? Are you still very aggrieved?”

Hearing this somewhat painful tone, Qiao Xi was even more wilted, muttering softly, “You… Why are you…”

Han Tian didn’t hear the last few words, his body turned slightly sideways and said, “Hmm?”

Qiao Xi lowered his head, and after half a minute of silence, he said out loud in a self-loathing manner, “I mean, why should you trust me?! I’m not worthy of your trust at all!”

Han Tian frowned, turned the steering wheel in his hand, braked sharply, and pulled the Range Rover to the side of the road with a zip—.

He jumped out of the car, went straight around to the passenger seat, pulled open the door and pressed his hand on Qiao Xi’s shoulder, staring at the man for a moment, saying, “Why do you say that?”

By now, it was already dark. In the night sky, there were a few sparse stars, faintly twinkling.

Qiao Xi tilted his face slightly and looked at Han Tian under the night sky, only to feel that his eyes were far brighter and more beautiful than the stars in the sky.

Yes—probably because of his purity and beauty, he could have such bright eyes.

In comparison, what am I?

He hung his head once again and said in frustration, “Actually, she’s not wrong. You are a really good person who has been helping them with all your heart. Me, I’m not at all. I didn’t go to the orphanage from the beginning because I wanted to help them. I was just… I was just…”

I just wanted to get close to you, guessing that doing so would make you happy and make you let down your guard, so I went to the orphanage!

However, he finally did not, just gritted his teeth and swallowed all these words back.

However, Han Tian did not ask any further questions in the face of such an unintelligible statement, but instead just sighed and gathered Qiao Xi in his arms, so that his head was pressed against his chest, and whispered, “Idiot. Why do you think so much?”

His tone was so gentle that Qiao Xi’s nostrils were sore.

“To me, it doesn’t matter what others say. I don’t care what your purpose is either. All I know is that you are a cute, kind, little fool who deserves to be treated well.” Han Tian’s jaw rested on the top of Qiao Xi’s head and gently rubbed it twice.

Qiao Xi’s breath stopped, and in a dumb voice he asked, “My purpose…?”

Han Tian laughed bitterly, stroked his hair and said, “Yes, the purpose of going to the orphanage. Isn’t that what you just said?”

Qiao Xi’s heart, which had been hanging high for a while, fell back down with a swish.

He subconsciously stretched out his arms, hugged Han Tian tightly, and buried his face in Han Tian’s chest, rubbing it back and forth.

It smelled so sweet, so warm, so reassuring.

The two of them hugged each other in the night breeze for a while, Qiao Xi said sullenly, “It’s so strange.”

Han Tian still smoothed his smooth hair, somewhat carelessly said, “Hmm?”

“It’s just that… No matter how sad I am, if I hold you for a while like this, I will immediately feel… I don’t feel sad anymore…” Qiao Xi’s voice was like a dream.

Han Tian lowered his head and gently sniffed at his hair. “If you want, I can give you a hug anytime.”

Hearing these words, Qiao Xi gradually came back to his senses, his ears burning hotter and hotter, and began to reflect on what nonsense he had just inexplicably said.

He let go of his arm and sat back down honestly, grunting, “What, you think you’re a little shark?”

Han Tian saw that he had recovered a lot of spirit, also went back to the driver’s seat, idly answered, “A small shark, small white whale, can ah. Even if it’s a rubber ducky, you can do it.”

Qiao Xi froze for a few seconds, then remembered what he had told him a few days ago, to take the ducklings to bathe together, and immediately felt that this is not right—

Could Han Tian be… flirting with me?

He turned his head suspiciously, only to see the man holding the steering wheel with a straight face and unblinking eyes.

Oh, oh, I guess I’m overthinking it, then?

Han Tian just made a snide remark, right?

Yeah. It must be.

Qiao Xi leaned back reassuringly, his eyes drifted to the night sky outside the window, and naturally he ignored the smiles in the eyes of the people around him that they couldn’t hide.

After arriving home, Han Tian looked at his cell phone and said, “It’s a little late, so it’s too late to cook anything, so let’s have a hot pot together?”

“Hot pot?” Qiao Xi frowned and said hesitantly, “That, it should be very spicy, right?”

Han Tian smiled. “Don’t worry, I will make it not spicy.”

Qiao Xi half-heartedly went to change into his home clothes and came out, and found Han Tian had also changed his clothes and was cutting vegetables in the kitchen.

Hearing him come out, Han Tian beckoned. “Come here.”

Qiao Xi obediently walked over and said, “Hmm? I thought you wouldn’t let me help in the kitchen?”

Han Tian handed him a cabbage and said, “Hot pot is something that anyone can help with. Here, help me break off all the leaves of this cabbage.”

Qiao Xi was able to do this simple task.

He happily broke the cabbage leaves and even washed them all one by one, and then neatly arranged them together.

“That’s great, that’s a plate of vegetables,” Han Tian praised approvingly. “You can just cook it later.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes lit up as he felt useful. “That’s it? What else can I do?”

Han Tian pushed him a box of tofu. “Here, rinse it with water, cut it into cubes and put it on a plate. Be careful, tofu is very fragile.”

Qiao Xi, who had successfully completed this difficult task, was so excited that he was about to stick his tail out—if he dared to stick it out at all, it would have been very high.

When he really started to eat, Qiao Xi found that the steaming pot only had water in it, with some ginger and scallions, which looked light and bland.

“That’s enough?” Qiao Xi tilted his head and thought, This is not the same as what he saw on the Internet.

“Mn, clear soup pot,” Han Tian said with certainty.

Qiao Xi took a chopstick of his own washed cabbage, put it into the pot and cooked it, then took it out and bit into it—sweet and refreshing, delicious.

“It tastes good, right? This is kind of your own cooking.” Han Tian smiled.

“Really?! Wow.” Inspired by the fact that he could make something he could eat, Qiao Xi ate it with a smile on his face.

If he was still a bit uneasy because of the orphanage, this uneasiness was completely dissolved by the joy and pride he felt now.

When the cabbage and tofu had reached the bottom, Qiao Xi remembered something important. “Ah… Han Tian, I’m sorry.”

He said with some chagrin, “The little star you gave me, I just found that I couldn’t find it when I was changing my clothes. Maybe I left it somewhere else today?”

Han Tian looked at his troubled face and said softly, “It’s okay. Next time, I’ll give you a new one, one that’s not so easy to lose, okay?”

Qiao Xi nodded and frowned again. “But I didn’t even give you anything… Is there anything you want?”

Han Tian didn’t answer immediately, but stood up, pushed the window open a crack, let the night breeze blow in, and then slowly turned around, the corners of his mouth smile gradually deepened, his voice became darker and darker. “Me? Of course I have what I want.”

Being gazed at by Han Tian’s increasingly profound eyes, Qiao Xi suddenly felt that all the food on the table had lost its appeal.

He swallowed his saliva and whispered back, “So, what do you want?”


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