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Chapter 136: Gossip Time

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Bai Li, “…What do you mean by sending this expression?”

His mind was filled with question marks, and he thought about it but ended up asking directly. As far as Bai Li remembered, Mo Song wasn’t a person who liked to send emoticons during chatting, and even then he sent his own!

Bai Li then realized that he had not only dropped the vest of the designer of Carefree Farmstead, but also the vest of ‘Warm Light Beast’. It was such an unusual vest that almost no one would remember, but this nickname left a deep impression on Mo Song, and he would think of it every once in a while when he was playing games.

Bai Li was also very embarrassed about this matter. In order to “trick” the forum users into the game, he had deliberately stimulated Mo Song with words, so that he impulsively brought a large group of Starnet users into the game.

Although both of them knew that there was nothing wrong with what Bai Li said back at the beginning, and that the one who was wrong was Mo Song, who hadn’t investigated beforehand, both of them felt a bit sorry for each other as they looked back on it now.

Bai Li smiled and told Mo Song not to take it to heart. Mo Song promised that he would never smear anyone or anything without facts again, and that prior investigation was essential.

“By the way, is there anything else? If not, I’ll go and rest,” Bai Li asked.

“…Mn, I don’t know.” Mo Song paused for a moment and really sent over a query, “I want to know what exactly is a ‘Warm Light Beast.’ I don’t seem to remember any animal called this in the Empire…”

This time it was Bai Li’s turn to be speechless. He now knew that there was no such species as the Warm Light Beast in this world, and the Warm Light Beast he picked up was actually the juvenile form of Imperial Admiral Wen XingYao. The two looked alike, so he was taken home as a Warm Light Beast in the Interstellar Era; one who was eager to find emotional support. He even taught him how to raise seeds and take care of vegetables, which they clearly didn’t have a talent for. Only “Supreme,” his little angel, foolishly believed everything he said, and really thought he could help take care of their vegetables together.

When he thought of this, Bai Li couldn’t help but feel his face burn. This kind of talent was too big for the person who lives next door to his room! Bai Li wouldn’t be able to casually tell such a big thing easily to outsiders, so he put it off with a few sentences, and said that it was only a fabricated creature, so Mo Song didn’t need to take it to heart.

After listening, Mo Song said he understood, said goodbye to Bai Li, and ended the chat.


The clock hand passed the number 24:00, which meant that a new month had arrived. The game forum was buzzing with joy.

Only ten minutes had passed since Bai Li admitted that he was the “Li Bai” in the game, but in that short time, players and netizens were first shocked by Bai Li’s bravery, then gladly accepted his confession, and scrambled to take pictures of the floor where he appeared. Some fans of other games who weren’t fond of Carefree Farmstead came to watch the game after learning of the game maker’s fall from grace. They expected to see a scathing war, but were surprised to find peace and happiness in the post; a thriving and prosperous scene.

Therefore so they sent soul torture, [No! You all don’t feel angry? It’s such an important thing he has been hiding from you, and he also seized a game slot, how unfair to you, ah! Also, he is a game producer playing the game and also has such nerve. This isn’t like shopping in their own backyard. Aren’t you worried about him collecting all the good things in his own hands?]

A few years ago, such a thing happened. That year there was a very popular virtual reality game, which could be said to be the only one like. The game had a complex main line of tasks and a difficult process to upgrade the characters, and not only the boss, but even the small monsters weren’t easy to fight.

If you wanted to become stronger you had to use kryptonite, unlimited upgrade equipment and weapons, and even character skills. However the game had a good treatment effect on the Therians’ Genetic Collapse Disorder. Even if they didn’t want to spend all that money on the game, for the sake of their body, they had to hold their noses and keep spending kryptonite.

When the players were in full swing of spending money to become stronger, there was a player who had never been heard of who came out of nowhere. He held equipment and weapons reinforced to level 100, used a big move to take down the game’s largest BOSS, and a lot of players worshipped him as a god. However, this player’s good days were free only until his identity was exposed by informed sources. It turned out that he was the designer of the game. He had, through the background methods, modified his character data and hadn’t spent a penny to become the strongest in the game and from then on it was all flowers with brocade, as he lived a life envied by everyone.

Once such a scandal was exposed, all the players were furious. They have worked hard to spend money on equipment, but in the end, they were standing on the head of a villain who didn’t have to pay anything. Everyone had to look up to him, but they didn’t know that on the other side, he was also laughing gleefully at their ignorance and incompetence.

Later, the game was boycotted by all the players, because the mind of the maker of the game was not at all in the design of the game. The game’s later stages also became very depressing, since the front waves were slapped on the beach by the back waves. There were a few players who were originally rich and powerful, and the game maker who played with all of them was very miserable.

After that, many players said that they hoped that game makers wouldn’t enter their game, and only do a good job on the game. If the game was done well, would the money they received be less?

However, today, when everyone found out that Bai Li was also playing with them in the game, why did no one raise any objections? Or say that they didn’t want Bai Li to join them?

That was a good question.

‘Happy New Year’ stopped what they were doing and cast a pitying glance at the questioner, [The game’s main feature is that it’s not even a game. I’m sure I’m the first one who doesn’t believe in LiLi’s secret operation to open golden fingers for himself! This is not possible, ah. LiLi usually didn’t use magical spring water. If not for the activities required, we wouldn’t even know that he is actually a small rich tycoon…”

[Too funny. We are a mediocre farming game, we’re drumming up good things that require getting 100 non-repetitive pets to raise? This isn’t a farm. Pets are expensive not free…””

[Unless LiLi in the game builds a vehicle that can go to heaven, I do not believe that he cheats! As we all know, LiLi is the most salty one of the game’s known awesome big brothers!]

[I have tears in my eyes. LiLi’s life in the game can be described as frugal, but there are still people who say he secretly pounded goodies for himself. I can’t believe you’d do this to someone who saved your life! Your heart must be covered in lard! 1 We’re just happy that LiLi is playing the game with us. It’s called having fun with other people. Yes, it’s having fun with the people!]


“Pfft!” When he saw those four words “having fun with the people,” Bai Li finally couldn’t hold back and completely laughed out loud. It was so funny how cute these players were in order to defend his position and his right to play the game. They even put out such an idiom. It was heartwarming and touching to hear.

At the same time, it also reinforced his original intentions for making the game.

Carefree Farmstead was a game that not only appeased his own farming soul, but also gave the grumpy Interstellar people who were deeply affected by Genetic Collapse Disorder a place to regulate their mood and soothe their bodies and minds. 

Even for the sake of the lovely people who had spoken out in his defense, he would continue to make the game a true second home as the number of players grew. Just as he was moved, he saw the latest reply appear in the thread, under the name of the person he knew best.

Demon Xing: [I testify that LiLi really did not give himself a golden finger.]

A simple sentence that blew up more people eating.

Players & netizens, [????]

Bai Li, “????”

Bai Li pictured Wen XingYao calling him “LiLi” in front of his own face, and felt a deep chill. His  goose bumps broke out.

In the end, I did not open the golden finger, you were not the most clear? The only time I opened a golden finger, I used it on you! If that was said, while the uninformed would think you were helping to explain, informed people would only feel the faint deceit.

 Bai Li rolled an indecent white eye in the direction of Wen XingYao’s room.

For Wen XingYao’s sudden outburst, the attitude of players and netizens was to truly watch the hilarity.

[Oh yo! Is this the living Big Brother Demon Xing? Will you talk? You say more, these words we love to hear, hey, hey, hey!]

[Why, in LiLi’s character we still trust. Big Brother Demon Xing, you really don’t have to jump out and say such a sentence. However, if you’re trying to prove your existence, consider that I didn’t say that!]

[It is really worthy of being a certified good friend of the whole network. When a friend is in trouble, you are the party to support them. This kind of touching brotherhood is worthy of emulation! I’m crying, how about you guys?]

[…The front of it. You and I seem to be not on the same channel. I only tasted a crown of anger for the taste of the blue, is my feeling wrong? 2 doghead.jpg]

[Hey, I think you’re right about this feeling! Dog head.jpg dog head.jpg]

When he looked at those words, Bai Li felt a sudden pain in his brain, and realized that the netizens seemed to have misunderstood something. He did not even know what it was, let alone how to explain it.

When he saw someone ask the question [So Big Brother Demon Xing and Big Brother Li Bai are real?] Such a question, just directly broke his defense.

What real, I do not understand! QAQ


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Translator Notes:

  1. 我真不敢相信你居然对救命恩人做出这种事,一定是让猪油蒙了心!means A person completely without empathy or conscience is known as someone whose heart is drowned in pork fat.
  2. Basically, “You thought he was angry at us for his friend’s sake but I think he’s showing he’s jealous?” The audience is getting sprayed with dog food.


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