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Chapter 137: “Be honest with me.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Even after hundreds of thousands of years, Bai Li had never been in love and was an old antique, so how could he understand the ridicule of the netizens? His heart secretly thought that he and Wen XingYao were of course really good friends, and skipped the topic. Later, since Bai Li never officially answered, similar questions gradually subsided as netizens once again focused on blowing rainbow farts to Carefree Farmstead and looked forward to their brighter lives after they snagged or drew a spot in the game.

Bai Li fell asleep without realizing it. His shallow breathing was accompanied by the occasional hint of grass and wood clear spirit that leaked out of his body, so that the air seemed to be flooded with a sweet and cool smell. Next door to his room, Wen XingYao turned back into a lion with wings, ambled lazily on the bed, and refreshed a certain post in the forum with his consciousness. He stared at the post for a full half hour, but didn’t see the person he most wanted to reply. His dark golden eyes were sunken, through the disappointment.

It was normal to be a child and not understand certain things. He should have been a little more patient.

At that moment, he heard the sound of paws scratching the door diagonally opposite his door. His nose sniffed gently, he smelled a familiar smell, and quickly guessed the reason why the black fox cub was so excited.

In order not to disturb Bai Li’s sleep, Wen XingYao got up and went to the opposite door. His paws nimbly pulled the door handle and opened the door, as a black mass roared and crashed into him, bounced off then tried to rush towards Bai Li’s room, but was pulled back by its tail and dragged back to its own room.

“Be honest. Bai Li is already asleep, so don’t bother him.” It doesn’t matter whether the fox cub could understand the huge lion mouth spitting out human words or not, he also brought out a little bit of pressure to shame and intimidate the other. 

The fox cub was really frightened. He held his big tail and shivered, while his pair of fox eyes were too scared to look at Wen XingYao. It was as if he was looking at an earthly demon king.

Wen XingYao laughed.

He knew Zhu MoLing the person, and in addition to the attribute of “brocon,” he had other aspects not worth speaking of, while on the outside he had maintained the Heavenly Fox clan leader’s cool posture. That imperial majesty, that was also deep-hearted. Since he came to power he really got the Heavenly Fox clan a lot of benefits.

It was also fortunate that they didn’t have big ambitions, except when the Zerg battlefield also targeted a large number of the clan’s children, they played a significant role in the entire battle.

Over the years, the Heavenly Fox clan and the Empire had maintained a peaceful state of affairs. If it weren’t for the disappearance of their young master Zhu Qingling on Hope Star, Zhu MoLing wouldn’t have blamed the Empire for it, and the relationship between the two would have been even closer.

Now, the majestic patriarch had turned into a weak, pathetic and helpless fox cub, himself. If the consequences weren’t too high, he would take a picture. Wen XingYao would like to take this scene, and when Zhu MoLing recovered in the future, let him get a good look at those photos and also experience a social death.

When he saw the fox cub was being completely honest, Wen XingYao gave him a deep look and turned to leave. After he returned to his room, Wen XingYao did not feel the slightest bit sleepy and simply entered the game, and splashed his extra energy on the patch of land in the courtyard.

By six o’clock, all players would have to go offline, and then in another twelve hours, the game world that was unfolding in front of them would be different again. He was really looking forward to it.


The night was getting late, and Bai Li had sent out the lottery star blog and forum posts, but it was still very lively.

[Concerned about forwarding comments. Rainbow farts also blew a full 800 words. I have now begun to dream. Tomorrow in one breath to get two game slots, ah. Haha!]

[Excited heart, trembling hands. Game slots I just must have! I can’t sleep now, I’m waiting for the number grabbing and prize opening tomorrow night. There are so many slots, how can I get one?]

[I’m going to take a bath and burn incense and forward the golden koi of Big Brother Demon Xing. With the koi’s protection, maybe tomorrow I will be able to play in the game, hey, hey…]

[…Another crazy one. Hurry up and carry it away!]

[I also want to say, someone protested about LiLi being in the game. You give them eyes why. Now well, I have seen many other game players openly say that they’ve come to grab the number, really, this is not for us to increase competition!]

[Who would have thought that these people could not resist the temptation?]


At the same time, the seven members of the Song family also gathered together to keep refreshing the comments on the star blog and the forum. Song Xinran looked up at his parents and sisters who were so excited, and gritted his teeth with difficulty. He wanted to say something.

The delicate Song Xinran noticed her brother’s strange expression and asked, “Son, what are you thinking about? wWhy are you looking like that?”

As soon as the words left her mouth, the others turned their attention to Song Xinran’s face in unison.

Song Xinran thought that he could not decide this matter alone, so he simply said all the thoughts in his mind, “Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters. You all want to play in the game, and Master, he will soon upgrade the game. Then there will be a lot of game places, but do you want me to…” Help you guys to ask for a few game places personally?

However, before the words were finished, he was interrupted by Song Dad, as he gently shook his head.

“Pup, it’s not necessary. We do want game places, and we can go to the official website to grab them, go through the lottery to get them, or even find a way to buy them from other people at a high price. There’s no need to specially trouble your master to help us to open this back door,” Song Father said in a serious way.

Song Xinran seemed to understand, and obediently said that if this was decided by everyone, he had no opinion.

Song’s father took a look at him, and knew that the little guy hadn’t figured it out yet, so he continued, “I know that you and your master are very close, and as long as you ask him, he will definitely not hesitate to give you the game slot, but we can’t take that for granted. You were already very well taken care of by him when you were alone outside, and the value of the meals you ate are not the same as the gifts we gave him. We can’t keep taking advantage of others.”

Following Song’s father’s words, Song Xinran also remembered the delicious food. After he came back to Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, he also followed his family to eat at the planet’s famous restaurants, where the food was expensive and boasted great nutrition and taste, but couldn’t compare to even the most ordinary steamed eggs at his Master’s house.

At that time, Song Xinran was thinking that if his Master was willing to sell the food, it would definitely fetch a sky-high price. When he thought about it, his father was right. The help he received from his Master was already a lot, and he could not even catch up with his crazy gifts. When he went back this time, he would not only bring local specialties to his Master, but also help him to grow more vegetables.

Master also bought a villa in the neighborhood where he lived, complete with a large yard just to grow vegetables, so they could certainly grow a lot of it!

“Mn, Dad, I understand. Then we will try to grab it with our own ability!” Song Xinran pulled himself together and made a cheering gesture towards the family.

The living room was soon filled with laughter again.

What Song Xinran didn’t know was that Bai Li had actually reserved a spot for all six members of the Song family in advance, and he was just waiting for Song Xinran to run over and ask him to hand over the spots. However, until the game quota was opened and the two activities were announced, he had to wait for his young apprentice to come over to tell him.

It was only when Song Xinran came back from Buddha Jumps Over the Wall and told him that his family members had entered the game, did Bai Li figure out the trick and gain a deeper impression of the Song family’s delicate mindset.

Of course, that was an afterthought. Let’s not mention it.


After he slept until 7:00 am, Bai Li just came out of his room, and was bumped into by the fox cub who rushed up to him. Once he held the fox cub firmly in his arms, Bai Li asked Wen XingYao, who was just a short distance away, “Did you let him out?”

Admittedly, this question was actually nonsense. Even a milk fox the height of a human calf had no sense to jump up and open the door itself. Still, Bai Li asked, and Wen XingYao answered seriously.

“Mn.” Wen XingYao’s voice came from the lion’s mouth. “Early this morning he called from inside the room. I was afraid he would disturb you so I opened the door to let him out, and also gave him hot goat milk. He just finished eating not long ago.”

He said this to tell Bai Li the black fox cub’s food and drink problems had been taken care of, so he didn’t have to put too much effort into the fox cub, and they could just go to work on their own.

The result was that Bai Li misunderstood. He gave Wen XingYao an appreciative smile and complimented him. “Wen XingYao, I didn’t expect you to be so good at taking care of others even though you are an Imperial Admiral. That Zhu MoLing must be someone you have a good relationship with, otherwise you wouldn’t be so dedicated to taking care of him. When he recovers sometime, he will definitely be grateful to you.”

Wen XingYao, “…??” No! How on earth did you decipher that I have a good relationship with this black fox cub?

The thick fur on his face hid his heavy confusion, so Bai Li didn’t notice the momentary grimace of disbelief on Wen XingYao’s face. He smoothly put the fox cub on the ground after a few pets. 

He was about to go downstairs to get something to eat, when he was stopped by Wen XingYao who had calmed down.

“Bai Li, I think if you want him to recover quickly, and you’re willing, you can try that Qi you fed me earlier. I can feel that it’s good stuff, and the odds are that I’m able to recover like this because of it…” Wen XingYao’s voice was full of solemnity.

When he proposed this idea, he wasn’t really sure if Bai Li would agree. His situation was still a bit different than that of the black fox cub. When Bai Li fed him the grass and wood clear spirit qi, it should have been considered a misadventure, where the other party didn’t know that kind of energy could play such an important role in the end.

If it all could allow Therians regressed to infancy to recover, this energy must be a very precious existence. Therefore, Wen XingYao also dared not guarantee that Bai Li would use this kind of precious existence on the stranger (beast) whom he’d met in passing.

However, to Wen XingYao’s surprise, after he finished speaking Bai Li showed an expression of dawning realization, and looked as if he was kicking himself for not thinking of this earlier. At that moment there was no hesitation. He held out his fingertips and forced out a small wisp of grass and wood clear spirit energy, controlled it around the fox cub and slowly allowed it to penetrate into his body.

When he looked up and saw Wen XingYao’s dumbfounded expression, Bai Li thought about it, forced out another strand, and waved his long fingers in front of Wen XingYao’s eyes as he asked with a smile in his eyes, “Wen XingYao, do you want some?”

“Boom”, Wen XingYao only felt that the heat on his face had immediately rushed to the top.


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This teaches one to be patient and not take advantage of others. To share generously one’s natural talent 👍🏻☺️

It will take Demon and Bai Li to realise what love 💕 really is.

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