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Chapter 4: “He really thinks you don’t know anything…”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


The next day was a bright sunny day.

Qiao Xi stood in the closet, carefully calculating what he should wear.

Considering his purpose, wearing a formal suit didn’t seem like a good match.

With this in mind, Qiao Xi picked up a small stand-up collar shirt in dark cream gingham for himself and paired it with a pair of dark brown pants.

He habitually pulled out his watch cabinet, thought about it, but gave up and decided to leave his wrist just empty.

Finally, he looked in the mirror. Well, nice and crisp.

At 11 a.m., the cafe had just put up the “OPEN” sign, and Qiao Xi pushed the door in.

As he expected, the only person in the cafe was Sang Sang, the store manager.

Qiao Xi put on a friendly smile and talked with Sang Sang.

At 4:00 p.m., Qiao Xi sits by the window with his hand on his chin, a little bored.

Sang Sang said in the morning that Han Tian came to work part-time at a time that was not very regular because he was very tight with his school work. However, his financial situation was really not good, so he would come whenever he had time.

Will he come back today?

When he was already more or less anxious, the door rang.

The sweet fragrance of the food immediately filled the air.

Qiao Xi restrained the smile on his face, slowly turned around, smiled at Han Tian, and said, “You’re here!”

Looking at Qiao Xi’s little apron over his white shirt and his smug little expression, Han Tian’s throat twitched and his face showed some surprise. “Qiao Xi, what are you..?”

“Well, I’m bored every day, and I especially like the desserts here, so I asked the manager to let me work here too.” The corners of Qiao Xi’s eyes curled up in a smile.

“Oh.” Han Tian also looked happy. He extended his hand in a friendly manner. “Then we will be colleagues from now on.”

Qiao Xi took his hand without thinking, and the whole person shook gently, and then quickly drew it back.

The same as yesterday, that strange feeling of crispness and numbness. It’s not uncomfortable, but it just seems a little… Shameful?

Shameful? Qiao Xi frowned, completely confused as to how he could have come up with this thought again.

He shook his head, decided to ignore the thought, and said with a smile, “Mn, please teach me more.”

Han Tian was just about to reply when Sang Sang poked her head out of the production area. “Han Tian, you’re here? I need to talk to you.”

Han Tian smiled apologetically at Qiao Xi and went into the production area.

Sang Sang whispered, “Dr. Han, what’s going on here? When I received your message yesterday, I didn’t understand it at all. But today Mr. Qiao Xi really came and made a lot of strange requests.”

Yesterday, Han Tian sent her a simple message: [If Qiao Xi comes to the cafe tomorrow, then whatever he asks, you answer ‘yes’ or ‘ok.’]

Today, Qiao Xi found her early in the morning and asked her if Han Tian needed money and if he would work at the cafe often in the future; then he proposed to buy the cafe; finally, she was solemnly instructed not to tell Han Tian that he was the owner of the cafe.

Han Tian said, “What about now?”

Sang Sang was in tears. “Now, he really thinks he can buy the cafe, and he really thinks you don’t know anything, and he really thinks… You’re a poor intern.”

She hesitated, but said, “Besides, Mr. Xi’s first request was to raise your hourly rate to 300 yuan an hour…”

Han Tian lost his smile. “That’s okay. I’ll ask my lawyer to make an agreement for you tomorrow, and you can take it to Qiao Xi, so he can really become the boss.”

Sang Sang’s face was full of suspicion, but she didn’t ask any more questions.

She already knew that Dr. Han was not a man of explanation, let alone a patient one. She didn’t want to lose her job, which was leisurely and well-paid, for the sake of gossip.

When Han Tian came out of the production area, Qiao Xi was sitting in front of the table, holding his cup of tea and shaking it, watching the swirl of milk tea.

Han Tian gently sat down opposite Qiao Xi, looking a bit hesitant and uneasy. “By the way, that watch… I took it to the repair store and they said it couldn’t be repaired, it had to go to a specialty store… I’m going to go downtown tomorrow and see if the boutique there can fix it…”

Qiao Xi smiled generously. “It’s really okay. Even if you can’t fix it, just let me know. I don’t care.”

Hey, things are going just as one would expect.

This innocent little fool would soon find out the price of the watch and look horrified. At this time, he will be generous, not to pursue, but, in order to take care of his “pride”, he will ask him to sign an IOU, with the amount owed as one dollar.

Then, even if it’s just a dollar, that … Oh well, it is also considered a “monetary contract” between the two sides.

Once there was a money contract, then he could use the demon power on top of this contract to launch the “money lure”. According to his own research, once the money lure was launched, it should soon be able to raise the Capture Value to the highest, so that the other party would sacrifice their soul.

Of course, even if something went wrong and Han Tian did not sign the contract, there was another insurance: he would buy the cafe tomorrow, so that Han Tian, as an employee of the cafe, should be considered his own property, right?

Qiao Xi, who was absorbed in the perfect plan, suddenly had a bizarre thought in his head: What are you thinking? Don’t you think it’s a despicable and underhanded act to set up a trap, to take advantage of someone’s danger, to force someone to do something wrong?

Qiao Xi froze.

… Despicable? Underhanded? As a demon, shouldn’t I try to be despicable and underhanded?

My brain must be broken!

While his face was changing and Han Tian was puzzled, a guest entered the door.

Even though he and Han Tian, the two ” trainees”, were sitting in the lobby, Sang Sang, the store manager, rushed out and said in front of them, “Welcome!”

Speaking of which, Qiao Xi noticed that this was the first wave of customers of the day.

He had never noticed before that the cafe was so unpopular.

A tall and fat middle-aged man looked around, stared at the price list behind the bar, and smiled sarcastically. “Yo, 198 for a cup of black coffee, that’s a good price.”

Another younger one, nuzzling at Qiao Xi, whispered, “At this price, it’s worth it.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes first swept back and forth twice on Qiao Xi’s face, and finally stared at Han Tian’s face. “Mn, I think, it’s also worth it.”

Sang Sang stepped forward and politely asked, “What would you like to drink? Besides drinks, we also have cakes and ice cream.”

The middle-aged man’s eyes crossed Sang Sang’s and he said with a cheeky smile, “Two Irish coffees. Ah, can I have the boy bring it over?” He stretched out his fat finger and nodded at Han Tian.

Sang Sang frowned and was about to say something when he heard Han Tian’s cool but polite voice say, “Yes, I’ll bring the food to this customer.”

Qiao Xi gently pulled the corner of Han Tian’s coat and whispered, “Don’t go, those two people, something is wrong.”

From the moment those two people entered, he had smelled an indescribable stench.

According to the instructions on the first page of the booklet, he knew that it meant that the souls of those two people had fallen.

He didn’t want Han Tian’s soul to have any entanglement with such corrupted souls.

In case this 100% pure soul was accidentally contaminated, would he be able to finish this subject?

Han Tian looked back at him with some surprise and then laughed. “It’s not a problem.”

At that moment, a clear bell rang at the bar. Sang Sang had already prepared the coffee.

Han Tian, carrying the coffee on a tray, walked calmly toward the table.

“Hello, your coffee, enjoy.” Han Tian bent down slightly and handed the coffee to the table.

As he bent down, his firm waistline and tight hips naturally rose and fell in an extremely beautiful, extremely attractive line.

At this point, Qiao Xi’s breath caught: the scene appeared.

The greasy middle-aged man, licking his lips, raised his arm, opened his five fingers and pressed down on Han Tian’s buttocks.


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AH! No, get your hands off of him!! (╬ಠ益ಠ)

July 19, 2023 4:34 am

It seems XQ is growing a very ‘decent’ human side; but why?!
Eeeew! Groper. How will XQ react and he will he do something before even HT can? 🤞🤞 I’d like to see the action side of XQ.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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