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Chapter 3: A Pure Prey

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Miquel was a bit surprised to hear Han Tian’s reply. “Your Excellency, since you recognized the demon’s scent, then you… Why didn’t you take any measures?”

Han Tian said blandly, “If there is a demon’s breath, it must be a demon?”

Miquel hesitated. “Mn, this time the system’s reaction is indeed a bit strange, just suggesting a demon’s breath, but not locating any demon… This has never happened before.”

Han Tian did not reply, but from the pocket of his jeans, pulled out the watch that had stopped moving and took another look at it.

There was no doubt that the internal structure of this watch had been destroyed by the power of a demon.

And the one that broke the black tea cup was also demon power.

It was not strange for hidden demons to appear in the earthly realm. Or rather, it’s too normal.

He had been on guard duty in the earth realm every year since five years ago, and had driven away many demons.

But there had never been a demon that could disguise itself so successfully in front of him that standing less than a meter away from him, he didn’t even recognize the other party’s identity.

It was only when the other party used the demon power that he realized that the young man in front of him, with clear eyebrows and a slight pride, was not an ordinary person.

Could it be that this was another senior demon who was good at disguise?

A Seraph, who was never soft, immediately decided to make the first move and grabbed the youth’s hand. However, to his surprise, the youth, who was completely unaffected by the Seraph’s power, was unharmed. He carefully examined the youth’s hand, the skin was clean and white, there was no trace of burns.

If the youth was really a demon, then how could he not be injured?

So maybe the youth was not a demon at all, but just tainted with the aura of a demon for some reason, and could even use the power of demons?

Of course, another scenario cannot be ruled out, that this was a demon that had never been encountered before, an extremely high-ranking demon, which could quickly heal itself even after being injured, and was extremely good at disguising itself.

“I need to observe for a while longer before taking measures,” said Han Tian indifferently, re-stuffing that watch into his pocket.

“But… If the other party is really a demon, and he commits any crime within your guardianship, you will also be punished…” Miquel reminded him with some concern.

Han Tian glanced at Miquel and his voice was cold. “That kind of situation, would I allow it to happen?”

“… I understand. I’ve been overthinking. Then I will continue to follow up the investigation through the intelligence network of the Heavenly Realm, and keep you informed of any new information.”

Han Tian gave a “hm” and didn’t say anything else.

Miquel bowed his head and cut the call.

The white light disappeared, and the alley receded into the night.

Han Tian exhaled his last smoke ring, and with a single movement of his fingers, turned the entire cigarette butt into green smoke.

He certainly did not return to the noisy birthday party.

If Miquel hadn’t informed him that a blood demon, disguised as a human, had infiltrated his clinic, he wouldn’t have come to this boring birthday party.

He was not only adverse to this kind of party.

He had little interest in human beings as a whole.

Humans were fragile and noisy, always making many strange demands. Their voices were too loud, their desires too overwhelming.

He would not have come to the earth realm at all if it were not for the fact that the heavenly realm mandates that every angel must perform guardianship duties.

Even when he arrived at the earthly realm, when there was no “treatment” or “repellent” task, he would rather spend the afternoon relaxing in a cafe, flipping through a book, or listening to music at the cottage, or riding a horse at his ranch.

However, perhaps, this time the guardian mission, would be a different kind of fun?

Thinking of the youth’s eyes full of eagerness and expectation, and the little trick that he thought was clever, the corners of his mouth lightly rose unnoticeably.

Qiao Xi, who was completely unaware that he had been treated as “fun”, had just returned to his villa and was so excited that his tail was up.

Yes, his tail, the demon’s unique black tail, was really sticking up.

As demons, when they were alone, they would be happy to remove all their disguises and let their horns and tails show.

Qiao Xi was no exception.

As soon as he arrived home, he stripped down to just a shirt and rolled around on the couch. However, unlike before, a strange sense of unease suddenly gripped him as he tried to peel off the last shirt as well.

A thought that had never crossed his mind before: don’t take it off, it would be shameful to be naked.

Shame? Shame? Qiao Xi couldn’t help but laugh.

What the hell, as a demon, but actually shamed?

Is it possible that you are over excited and your brain has been damaged?

He laughed at himself, while dutifully putting away his horns and tail, and found pajamas to change into.

He wore the little yellow duck pajamas, lying on the fabric couch that he loved so much, his little legs wiggling around, and took out the thick Guidebook.

On the first page of the Guidebook were instructions on how to target a subject by scent, and the short sentence.

“Please write down the name of the target on the blank page of this guide. Note that while writing, carefully recall the other person’s image, the more detailed the better.”

Qiao Xi wrote down “Han Tian” in one stroke, while closing his eyes and starting to recall the person’s appearance.

Well, the lips were very thin, the nose was straight, the eye sockets were deep, but the eyes were very gentle. The skin seemed very white, the color of the hair, it seemed to be light brown…

In addition, his hands, with long, slender fingers and well-defined bones…

Most importantly, the smell of this person, so unique…

When Qiao Xi opened his eyes again, under the name “Han Tian”, new words had appeared: [Basic Attributes

Soul Purity Value: 100%

Soul Capture Value: 2

Congratulations, you have found the perfect target!

Note that only if the Capture Value reaches 60, the other person may offer you his soul!

Please turn to the next page to receive further instructions from this manual.]

Well, it’s really a great prey!

And, he hadn’t done anything but dig a hole for him, and he already had a Capture Value of 2?

He was very satisfied.

He turned back a page in a happy mood and looked at the new words that appeared on the top.

[Desire is buried in the heart of every person. We never create desires out of thin air, we just make humans more aware of where their desires lie.

As an intern demon, you can’t see through human hypocrisy at first glance, and can’t detect their true thoughts. Therefore, you need a lot of observation, long trial and error, and repeated speculation.

This manual recommends that you create opportunities to get as close as possible to your target.

Note that in the beginning of the contact process, do not be too hasty and cause the other party to be alert. Be sure to proceed step by step so that the other person develops a basic sense of trust in you before you have a chance to peek inside the other person’s mind.

Qiao Xi wanted to look further back and found that the pages after that were all blank.

It seems that in order to get more feedback, you still need to keep making notes on it to do so.

Chit— Qiao Xi closed the booklet, a bit unimpressed. “Nothing new. Isn’t it the most basic thing to create opportunities for contact with each other?”

However, to say that to create opportunities to contact as much as possible…

If a good boy like Han Tian really spends a lot of time researching how to fix this watch instead of coming to me for a bargain, wouldn’t that reduce the contact time instead?

No, I have to add another layer of insurance.

Qiao Xi held his chin, thought carefully, and then he laughed out loud: too good, I really deserve to be the Demon Academy’s top student! According to this plan, not only can we increase the time of contact, we may even be able to hit the target and complete the trapping directly!


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July 12, 2023 5:46 am

So Qiao Xi seems to be an anomaly. As an intern, it seems unlikely he can be high powered (or is the potential to be one, the same).
Wonder if the Demon Realm is aware of this.
He is intriguing me, as much as he is Han Tian ☺️
Thanks for translating and editing.

July 12, 2023 11:04 am

Ah Qiao Xi, you don’t know that your “prey” has caught on!

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