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Chapter 103: Weeding out the ‘fat sheep’

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Strange, where is Big Brother Li Bai? Obviously everyone is still here, did I hallucinate?”

“I saw Big Brother Li Bai come in, but I don’t know where he went. This cornfield is not that big, how can we not find him?”

“How about…Let’s forget it, it’s going to be half past time, and I haven’t even broken ten cobs of corn yet.”

“Okay, okay. Let’s go!!!”

Several players got together and chattered, and soon scattered and went about their business.

Bai Li was standing not far from them, but stopped his hands while listening to them talk, and when they left, he continued to break corn more quickly. He also had a small goal of achieving first place.

Time passed, occasionally a few places broke out in a small scramble, but the two sides of the fight had a scale in their hearts, with the knowledge that they could not benefit, and did not take things out of control.

As a result, more people did not join the war.

However all this had nothing to do with Bai Li. He was like the invisible man of the game. Few people could find his presence. Even if they unintentionally found him, when Bai Li wavered by, they couldn’t help but wonder if there was something wrong with their eyes. Like they had just hallucinated.

In the last three minutes of the game, the corn stalks on the corn field were almost bald from the players. This was also the most competitive moment, there were people who had a good harvest that attracted the envy of others, and there were also players who were too slow to grab so they tried to grab a few corn from others and stuff it into their own pockets.

Bai Li, who the players had been looking for almost the whole game time, was also exposed because there were no dense corn stalks to cover him up. The players’ eyes exploded with amazing brightness when they saw the bag in Bai Li’s hand that was clearly heavier and larger than theirs.

There was also a setting in the corn harvesting contest, if the player had more corn in his hand, then the bag in his hand would become bigger, which also served as a reminder for other players, telling them that there was a fat sheep, hurry up and grab it.

What Bai Li didn’t expect was that with such a messy setup, he himself became the first ‘fat sheep.’

“Haha, Big Brother Li Bai, you finally appeared! Where have you been? We don’t seem to have seen you,” said a player with a friendly nuclear smile on his face, as he slowly approached Bai Li’s direction.

Bai Li also recognized the speaker’s appearance as one of the previous whisperers. He saw him lean over, and his heart was alert, his body filled with force, but his face didn’t show an exaggerated expression as he smiled back. “I have just been harvesting corn, and did not encounter you before. The corn field is quite large.”

“But, but…” But we have almost searched the whole field, but we never found you, ah.

Players felt bitterness, but at this time, they could only hold back and nod.

“There’s still time left, I see some corn stalks over there in the corner, it’s not too late if you go over there, do you want to go harvest them?” Bai Li pointed to the northeast corner of the corn field, where there were, indeed, still a few shorter corn plants there.

Each plant had only three corn stalks on it, so they probably got overlooked.

The player who was compelled by him had a momentary heartbeat, but on second thought, even if he went over there now and actually grabbed those plants, the total amount of corn he would get would still be no match for those who were in the top few. Bai Li did not lower his voice when he spoke, and there were already people who saw the fallen corn stalks and ran over, so it was too late for him to catch up. In that case, why not directly grip the ‘fat sheep’ in front of him?

The player changed his smile and said, “No, I don’t want to harvest the corn. Big Brother Li Bai, I’m not going to pretend, I’m going to say it, I just want the corn in your hand! We are all men, why don’t we compete in these last few minutes? If I get the corn in your hand, I’ll be lucky. If you manage to dodge it, I’ll admit that you’re better than me, how about that?”

Although the words were said, he was already in the attack posture, so Bai Li’s heart clearly knew, whether he agreed or not, the other party would certainly come to ‘test’ him. Rather than listening to his refusal to battle, it was better to directly agree to it.

And look at the other party’s appearance, he seemed to be very confident.

So the weight of his body also quietly changed, the bag containing the corn bag was clenched in his hand. He just nodded to the other side, and said softly, “Then let’s see if you can snatch the corn from my hands or not.”

The words just fell, when the opposite player’s face showed ecstasy and a confident smile. With a light point of the toe, he was the first to launch an attack.

Bai Li did not go for a violent burst, but rather used his flexible and versatile stance to dodge his opponent’s attacks and harass him in various places on his body before he had time to react. He knew that with his own strength, his attack power was far from enough, so by constantly causing his opponent to consume energy and calmly waiting for the right moment to win with one blow, he would achieve the final victory.

This kind of fighting technique might not be particularly impressive in normal times, but in today’s corn-harvesting competition, it produced an effect that was enough to blow people’s minds.

Players who heard the commotion and came over to watch watched in awe as Bai Li carried a huge bag and wove through his opponent’s punches with ease. They didn’t know how he did it, but the man he was sparring with suddenly had a hole in his pocket, and every five seconds a corn fell out of it.

‘Thump,’ golden corn cobs fell to the ground, a few also rolled far away, and were quietly picked up and put into their own bags. Hey, I did not expect, ah, come to see a lively fight actually will have such a harvest!

The taste of this kind of robbery was also too good!

Still sparring, neither of the two could spare a hand to pick up the fallen corn, or rather Bai Li was indifferent to pick up. Anyway, he had enough corn on hand. In his opinion, getting first place was very easy. As long as he dared to squat down to pick up the corn, several sandbag-sized fists would instantly fall on his body and hit the more painful parts of his body every time!

At this moment, the player’s perception of Bai Li had completely changed. Previously, he only felt that Big Brother Li Bai was a persona with rich knowledge of farming, gentle and polite, and not a very capable type of fighter. But now, this impression had been completely overturned. Who said Big Brother was unable to fight? He was clearly playing the pig to eat the tiger. 1 He was usually so delicate and thin looking up but he was beating him up and was causing more than a little pain! He was not able to hit him at all, and was not able to even touch the corner of his clothes. This made him very angry.

Aiii! He regretted this. There was no warrior to save him. He was! Really! Too! Miserable! Agh!

However, the audience was watching with great interest and just found the scene very interesting. If he needed to use simple language to describe it, this scene was ‘not much damage, but very humiliating.’

There were even a few people half a meter away from them who were excitedly betting on whether Big Brother Li Bai could knock all the corn out of the man’s bag before the game was over.

Their minds were no longer on the game, harvesting corn and grabbing corn was not as fun as watching others sparring! And it was the kind of unilateral beating that a strong and powerful man got from a slender opponent, a scene that didn’t happen once in a decade, it was great to watch!

“No more fighting, I admit defeat!” Finally, the one who took the initiative to provoke him chose to hold his head and squat down. The bag that became much smaller was tightly covered in his arms, and his tone of voice was also choked.

Stealing was not a good idea, was this what he was talking about?

This time there was a comical scene, Bai Li’s hand did not move, and the other side lightly nodded. In just another 5 seconds, he looked like a small poor helpless person in the eyes of all 20 people. He was trembling as his corn was squeezed out. ‘Thud,’ the man was back on his feet.

“Wuu.” The man who was already a little frustrated directly did not hold back his tears, and his eyes were visibly moist.

“Aww!” The crowd of onlookers suddenly felt great sympathy for this poor child.

Since what happened today did not work, they were afraid that it would take him a lifetime to heal, right?

At the same time, they also stood in awe of Bai Li who had caused this result, casting admiring and adoring glances. Although the whole population of the Interstellar People generally relied on their direct physical strength, someone would specialize in the study of this kind of cold style. Oh, and this style needed to have a more slender body. With only this one requirement, they could beat 99% of all the Interstellar People.

It was awesome, really awesome! They didn’t expect Big Brother Li Bai, who was known all over the world, to beat the corn thieves in martial arts!

When they thought about the excitement, there were people who couldn’t help but applaud, then other people reacted and also followed the applause. ‘Clap, clap’ sounded incessantly, and when a layer of white fog reappeared in front of their eyes, they returned to the village chief’s side, and the applause did not stop there.

There were other players around waiting to enter the game, looked at the situation, and immediately became curious. The person who was applauding was someone a player knew, so he leapt over to inquire about the situation, “Brother, what’s going on, is it something that happened during the game, otherwise why are you all so excited?”

The man who was asked shook his head towards him, showing a secretive smile, patted his shoulder and said, “Nothing big happened, but listen to my advice. In the future, when you meet Big Brother Li Bai in the competition venue, don’t think about how much corn you can grab from him. For the sake of your own face, the further away from him you are, the better, get it?”


Without waiting for him to ask a few more questions about what exactly was going on, the man shook his head and left. Looking at his appearance, he should be planning to go back to harvest a batch of corn first, and then come back to participate in the competition.

The points earned from participating in the tournament were first sent to each player’s point balance, and nothing unexpected happened. Bai Li did get the first place in this round, totalling 20 points. He smiled and gently rubbed his slightly sore wrist joints, preparing for the next corn harvesting competition.

The players who had been quietly observing him, and who were participating in the tournament with him, felt as if their bodies were hallucinating, and a few thick spots were aching faintly.

They looked at each other for a few seconds, and decided unanimously to wait for Bai Li to go in once again, and then go to the village chief to sign up.

“Li Bai, are you finished too?” Wen XingYao came back from the corn field, raised his eyes and saw Bai Li who was rubbing his hands, went up and said hello.

“Mn, I just finished a minute ago, I’m the first one this time, you?” Bai Li asked.

The smile on Wen XingYao’s face faltered for a moment, and it took a few seconds before he replied, “Only second place… In our team, there was the player who got the white horse. He rode his horse directly and rushed around in the corn field. All corn located at the corners were collected by him. Someone tried to grab his corn, but the corn was not grabbed, and his horse was hit several times, dropping a few corn before escaping.”

With such a sharp weapon on earth, it was not bad for him to finish in second place.

Bai Li looked sympathetically at Wen XingYao. He did set it up for players to be able to bring their pets in, though only one could be released per person.

“Let’s not talk about it, should we continue?” Wen XingYao shook his head helplessly and asked.

“Let’s go.”

The two of them went over to the bulletin board together and chose to sign up for the competition.

Before they officially entered, neither of them felt that they would crash, however, when the white fog in front of them disappeared, Bai Li saw Wen XingYao, who was looking away from him across a small corn field, and abruptly let out a laugh.

It seemed that this time Demon Xing would not get first place again.


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Translator Notes:

  1. means to act innocent or meek to trick others when you’re actually OP


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