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Chapter 45: You Will Know Later

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


In the elegant living room, there was silence.

Until Evans snapped his fingers.

Miquel’s eyes drifted around, and only then slowly found focus.

He turned his head blankly, and his eyes fell on the demon sitting next to him.

At some point, this demon’s original short silver hair suddenly became longer, like moonlight flowing over his shoulders.

“You… You are… At that time…” Miquel’s face turned white, and he could no longer speak in complete sentences.

Could it be that this demon, this shameless demon, was the “higher angel” who had comforted himself and kept him in his thoughts all these years?

“Mn, it’s me.” Evans looked at Miquel’s nervous and speechless appearance, stroked his hair, and his tone was actually a bit heartbroken.

“…That egg… In that egg…” Miquel’s lips moved slightly, the mouth repeated the words, but just could not say the complete sentence.

“Demon is from demon egg”: this information, in the heavenly world, was not a secret. But who would have thought that a demon egg would be made into a gift for the angels and stay in the heavenly realm for so long?

Evans looked at Miquel with a look that made him want to take the man in his arms and soothe him. But he just sighed and said calmly, “Yes, you guessed it right, the one in that egg was Qiao Xi.”

He paused and continued, “If Qiao Xi had not gone to the heavenly realm, then he would have differentiated normally and become an ‘Incubus’, feeding on the love of humans. But he went to the heavenly realm prematurely and came into contact with ‘angelic power’ while still in ‘egg’ form. This situation, coupled with the demon’s egg sucking up the energy around him, he evolved the unique ability to transform ‘angelic power’ into his own energy.”

“So the power of a Seraph, which makes other demons shy away from it, in turn becomes the most delicious food for Qiao Xi,” Evans said.

Miquel’s eyes were filled with trepidation. “But I’ve heard that there hasn’t been a real Incubus born in the Demon World for nearly a thousand years, and some even say that there is no real Incubus at all, just some demons who are particularly good at seduction?”

Evans raised an eyebrow. “Yes, it’s true that there hasn’t been an Incubus for nearly a thousand years. That’s why Qiao Xi is unique and has the potential to become SS-class by nature. Even if he was still in the form of an ‘egg’ back then, he had an irreplaceable allure.”

Irreplaceable allure?

Indeed, that egg was not only cherished by Han Tian, but even he would find it interesting to look at…

Thinking of this, Miquel suddenly asked, “So Han Tian and I were both bewitched by Qiao Xi’s disguise, and Han Tian even went so far as to lie during the ‘hearing’ because of the lure of Incubus?”

Evans shook his head. “No. This has nothing to do with the ‘lure of Incubus’.”

Miquel looked at him suspiciously. “But…”

Evans interrupted, “I just said that if Qiao Xi’s growth process had not been disrupted, he would have become an irresistible Incubus, but, unfortunately, the act of ‘drawing angelic power’ at an early age certainly kept him from being burned by Seraph, but also prevented his differentiation. Now, not to mention becoming SS-class, he can’t even ‘differentiate’ and can’t even use the most basic charm technique.”

“Even,” Evans laughed helplessly, “even, perhaps due to the confinement of the ‘angelic power’, his reaction to his own desires is even more dull than that of ordinary humans. He is unaware of his own charm, does not know how to seduce people, and even can not face his own desires, always looking for excuses to escape. An unqualified little intern demon.”

At this point, Evans winked almost slyly. “So, I guess His Excellency Seraph is holding back pretty hard right now.”

Miquel froze for a few seconds before realizing what Evans was referring to.

He gave the immodest demon a blank look, didn’t say anything else, and began to organize his thoughts in his head.

According to Evans’ previous statement, demons feed on magic in the Demon World and need to draw new energy in the earthly realm.

Qiao Xi, in his egg form, went to the heavenly realm, so he can draw not only magic power, but also angelic power.

After Qiao Xi became a human, he came to the earthly realm and kept using angelic power as energy. This explained why Han Tian’s angelic power was greatly diminished.

But the most crucial point was why Qiao Xi appeared in the heavenly realm, and what Evans was doing there…

Miquel, who finally realized what the problem was, had a sudden contraction of pupils.

He got up and pinned Evans down, grabbed him by the collar, and shouted almost furiously, “Evans, you son of a bitch! Did you send Qiao Xi here? Why did you do what you did?”

Evans, who was pinned to the sofa by Miquel, raised his hands with a helpless expression, but the words from his mouth were still so immodest: “My dear angel, so you like this position? I didn’t expect that.”

There was a look of anger on Miquel’s face that had never been seen before, and there was also some imperceptible disappointment and aggravation.

Faced with Evans’ teasing, he didn’t throw the man away and hide like he did before, but raised his fist and smashed it against the smiling face.

His fist, however, was caught by Evans with the whole palm of his hand.

“It’s not me.” Evans changed his face, and his eyes were serious.

Miquel was stunned for a moment, as if relieved, and then tried to swing again, shouting, “Who else could it be!”

“Miquel, think again,” Evans said in a deep voice, his tone extremely calm.

With such a call, Miquel stopped moving and half-kneeled on the couch, holding Evans by the collar and staring.

Evans, on the other hand, did not move a muscle, but said calmly, “Miquel, is it possible for Han Tian to accept a gift from a stranger, even in his infant form? And this stranger is also wearing a cloak and not showing his true face?”

Miquel finally let go of his hand and straightened up, his eyes wandering for a moment before he finally said, with some chagrin, “He wouldn’t.”

Evans also sat up, leaning against the back of the sofa without a straight face, and said, “If it really is a ‘gift’ from the demon, why didn’t your archaic admonishing angels destroy it immediately?”

Miquel’s face finally returned to normal.

He sat back down, hand propped on his chin, brow furrowed slightly, and said, “Indeed. First of all, the person who gave Han Tian the gift could only be someone he knew and trusted; then, the head disciplinarian, who did not destroy the egg immediately, should have known more or less who it was and why he did it; finally, he would have sealed our memories, probably because he did not want us to spread the word about it—why not? Why does he not want us to publicize? Because…”

Miquel’s eyes dropped and his voice took on a bitter tone. “Because the person who gave Han Tian the gift, the person who designed all this, is not a demon at all, but someone from the heavenly realm, isn’t it?”

Evans looked at him, did not answer, but the approving meaning in his gaze said everything.

Miquel stared at Evans, his eyes burning. “That person, who is it?”

Evans shrugged. “My dear angel, I cannot give you accurate information. However, I think that Lord Seraph should already know who the other person is.”

Miquel’s breath tightened and his voice rose. “What do you mean? Are you saying that Han Tian knows that someone set this up? But shouldn’t his memory have been sealed as well? Doesn’t he know Qiao Xi’s true identity, just like I do?”

“Oh.” Evans said slowly and methodically, “He did not know at first. However, from what you just said, you have already gone back to the Heavenly Realm for a ‘hearing’?”

“If Seraph has already met with your chief patriarch alone, then I think his memory has been unblocked as well. He should, by now, know everything. Including Qiao Xi’s identity, including who the person who did all this really is.” Evans half-squinted his eyes, and the corners of his mouth rose in an extremely seductive curve.

“…!” Miquel froze for a few seconds before he really reacted.

He stood up from the sofa with a swish, his face turned red, and deliberately suppressing his voice, he yelled, “So everything you just said, Han Tian already knew? From the day we came back, he knew about it?”

“Yeah.” Evans smiled. “I guess he didn’t want you to get involved in this conspiracy, so he didn’t tell you anything.”

“Then this deal…! You… You…!!!” Miquel’s face was so red that it was dripping blood, and even the corners of his eyes were wet and moist from anger.

If this information was not a secret at all, then why did he go through all this trouble to make this “deal” with this demon?

Seeing that Miquel was really angry, Evans also stood up with a hint of tension on his face.


However, Miquel didn’t pay any attention to him, but disappeared from the suite with a whoosh.

“Mn, you have a guest?”

When he heard the doorbell ring, Qiao Xi, who had an apron over his yellow duck suit, poked his head out of the kitchen.

This was the third day he had tried “baking”.

At first he could only bake a bunch of black unidentifiable objects, and even Han Tian could only frown and say, “This is, probably, really not edible.”

Now, after Han Tian’s careful teaching, even holding his hand, taking him along with him to knead the dough, feeling the temperature of the flour fermentation, and then holding the dough into shape little by little, he finally made some progress and could bake the simplest small bread and honey cupcakes.

Han Tian, who was leaning at the kitchen door, wearing a light blue loose knit top and black pants, tapped Qiao Xi on the shoulder, telling him to take it easy, and went to the entrance to open the door.

What? Isn’t this Miquel, who came to write a paper at home before?

However, compared to the last time, this young blond looked extra sullen and even a little haggard.

Could it be that he failed his thesis?

Qiao Xi guessed so, and felt a little bit of sympathy for Miquel.

After Miquel greeted Han Tian, he walked in and sat down at the table, and his eyes fell on Qiao Xi. “Mr. Qiao Xi, long time no see.”

As expected, Miquel’s voice sounded a bit listless, even when Han Tian made black tea and brought it to him, he just said, “Thank you.”

Looking at Miquel’s somewhat pale face, Qiao Xi thought about it and took the burnt cakes out of the oven, served them one by one on a tray and brought them to the table. “They just came out of the oven, I baked them. Taste it?”

Miquel was obviously a little surprised.

He looked at Qiao Xi with a face of disbelief. “Did you bake it?”

This kind of unconcealed skepticism made Qiao Xi a little unhappy.

However, when he thought that the other party might be a poor person who even failed his thesis, he put away this displeasure and said calmly, “Yes, I baked it. Although it’s not as good as Han Tian’s… But I think I can still feel better after eating it.”

Miquel picked up a cupcake and examined it for half a day before saying meaningfully, “I thought you guys—you guys don’t make anything.”

Qiao Xi furrowed his brow. “Hmm?”

Miquel shook his head, some apologies appeared on his face, and he laughed. “Sorry, I thought you were a rich young man who couldn’t do anything. So… I was a little surprised to see that you could make your own cake.”

Qiao Xi sighed with relief and unconsciously held his head high, saying with a bit of pride and dignity, “Mn, I didn’t know anything before, but Han Tian said he would teach me—and then he was really good! I’ve learned a lot!”

He glanced at Han Tian sitting next to him.

Han Tian laughed, gently shook his hand and said, “You’re the one who’s learning so hard. Soon, the cakes you make will be even better than the ones I make.”

Being praised so unabashedly, Qiao Xi couldn’t hold back his smile and his eyes curled up.

Miquel, on the other hand, looked at the two of them holding hands together with an extremely complicated expression.

Qiao Xi, who noticed Miquel’s expression, thought that the other party might have something important to do with Han Tian, so he put away the tray, sat down on the sofa in the living room, and started to brush the game.

He vaguely remembered that when Miquel went to write his paper before, he was always worried that Han Tian might be cheated by Miquel—but now, he didn’t have such a thought at all.

Strange, why had his opinion shifted without realizing it?

Qiao Xi stared at the ceiling and thought about it, unable to understand it, and decided to give up.

At that moment, he faintly heard Miquel’s voice floating over: ” That toy you had when you were a kid… Have you remembered everything?”

Han Tian was silent for a few seconds before saying, “How did you know?”

Miquel’s voice was muffled. “My intelligence network has been updated. Then do you remember who gave you the toy?”

Han Tian said, “No. But I’ve already guessed.”

Miquel came to the door so solemnly just to ask about a toy? A toy needs an intelligence network?

Well, human beings have a very strange hobby.

Then, the two said something else in inaudible voices.

When Miquel left, Qiao Xi twisted his body and knelt on one leg on the sofa, asking in confusion, “…Toy?”

Han Tian turned his head back, but there was nothing unexpected on his face, and he said with a smile, “Mn.”

Qiao Xi folded his arms on the back of the sofa, resting his chin on his arms, looking at Han Tian from the bottom up. “What toy? Is it important?”

Han Tian came up behind him and helped him untie his apron while saying, “I thought it was a toy when I was a kid. Only later did I realize…”

Qiao Xi turned his head and said curiously, “Only then did you realize what?”

Han Tian sat down on the sofa and reached out to encircle the man, not answering, but only gazing into Qiao Xi’s eyes.

Qiao Xi’s face heated up little by little.

He shrank back and slid down, slipping out of Han Tian’s arms and lying half on the sofa, grunting, “Speaking of which, you never told me what you were like as a child? You see, I’ve told you about my…”

Although I didn’t tell you much, and… There is still a part that is false.

Han Tian withdrew his hand and slid down as well, his two long legs stretched out straight, also changing to a half-lying position, his eyes still fixed on Qiao Xi. “You want to know?”

Qiao Xi nodded. “Of course.”

Han Tian smiled and gently pressed two fingers together onto Qiao Xi’s forehead, then along his eyebrows, the bridge of his nose, and slowly rubbed them down until they stopped at his lips.

Then, the man nudged his lips with his fingertips, then returned the two fingers to his own lips and gave them a peck before standing up and saying, “You will know later. Now, you should take a shower and go to bed.”

Qiao Xi only felt that all the places touched by Han Tian’s fingers were burning, and all the places not touched were chilling.

He didn’t even dare to breathe, thinking, Which is more serious: this, this, this or kissing the forehead?


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August 23, 2023 1:10 pm

Ooooh they’re so sweet! 🥹 I hope Miquel and Evans work it out!

August 23, 2023 8:19 pm

Ohhh, the sadness was his realization of the situation. Qiao Xi is even more special than we thought!

Miquel didn’t ask Evans why exactly he was there. Did he go to get the egg or…?🤔

August 25, 2023 10:02 am

The mystery about QX has been revealed.
Not sure Evans is telling Miquel everything. He must have been there to take back QX’s egg, otherwise why was he there?
Maybe it was some kind of betrothal, to form some sort of peace treaty between the realms, so protecting earth.
I’m dying to know who it is and why!
I love these 2. Evans has feelings for Miquel too. Hope all 4 can be happy.
Thanks Addis and Kiramekineko for translating and editing.

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