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Chapter 46: Angel?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


In the middle of the night, Qiao Xi stared at the ceiling with his eyes wide open. He had been lying in bed staring at the ceiling for 3 hours.

Han Tian’s spell to fall asleep seems to have failed?

He attributed his insomnia tonight to the fact that he had been too involved in making the cake during the day, so his mind was now going over and over how to make such and such, and ah shucks, how to make a more delicious cake.

As for the indirect kiss before bed, it had nothing to do with his insomnia! He turned his head and looked at the little white whale on the pillow, staring at the smiling lips.

Previously, he thought that the white whale smiled with a pure face, without distractions, but today—was it because of the angle? Why was it smiling… with a deeper meaning?

He simply stretched out his hand, hugged the little white whale, raised both hands to himself and whispered, “Do you want a kiss?”

The little white whale, like its owner, did not say anything, but just smiled and looked at Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi stared at it again for a while, and was discouraged. He put the whale back on the pillow, lifted the blanket and sat up, and decided to go to the kitchen.

Well, I can’t sleep anyway, so why don’t I get up and bake bread? If I start mixing the dough at this hour, then when Han Tian gets up, won’t I be able to eat the bread I made?

The thought of “I can also prepare breakfast for Han Tian” immediately lifted Qiao Xi’s spirits.

In order not to wake Han Tian up, he stepped lightly on the floor with his bare feet and opened the bedroom door quietly.


In the study next to the master bedroom, there was a dim light coming through the door.

Could it be that Han Tian is also not sleeping?

Thinking so, Qiao Xi stopped at the study door.

So what was Han Tian doing in there?

Qiao Xi felt that he had only stopped at the door for a second. However, one second later, the door of the study opened.

Han Tian, who was wearing a gray housecoat, looked at him with a frown. “Why aren’t you sleeping properly and standing at my door instead?”

Qiao Xi looked at him confusedly. “I… I couldn’t sleep. I want to make… Make bread.”

Han Tian pressed his temples with one hand and said, “Is there any flour in the study?”

Qiao Xi shook his head in a daze. “There is no flour. There are books.”

And you.

Han Tian sighed, “You want to bake bread with books?”

Qiao Xi blinked and suddenly became fluent. “Yes, yes! I just want to bake bread with a book! I want to find a book that can improve my baking skills!”

In the soft yellow light, Han Tian stared at him silently for several seconds, then finally pulled open the door and gestured for Qiao Xi to come in.

“Why are you barefoot again?”

Qiao Xi had just stood in front of the bookshelf when he heard Han Tian’s somewhat muffled voice.

He subconsciously changed to stand on one foot, stepped on the back of the other foot, and whispered, “I’m afraid to wake you up.”

“Go sit on the sofa,” Han Tian said.

Qiao Xi pointed to the bookshelf. “But I haven’t even started looking for a book yet…”

“Are you going to go there by yourself, or should I carry you?” Han Tian’s voice was even lower.

Qiao Xi immediately jumped onto the sofa with a few steps, and took the initiative to put his legs up.

Then, Han Tian passed an iPad from the desk and walked over himself, also sitting down with his legs crossed, and uncovered the thrown aside blanket and put it on both of them.

“Uh… I… I’m here for the book…” Feeling the body heat of the person next to him, Qiao Xi was so nervous that even his toes curled up and his body moved a little to the other side.

However, Han Tian wrapped one hand around his shoulders and pressed one foot directly against his instep.

“Do you really think there will be a ‘how to bake bread’ book in my study?” Han Tian asked in a soft voice, exhaling into his ear as if nothing was wrong.

Qiao Xi only felt that the part being pressed by Han Tian was hotter than the lava in the depths of the Demon World. As for his poor earlobe, it was already red through and through.

His whole brain had short-circuited, not knowing whether to answer “yes” or “no”; or, in fact, could he answer either way?

When Qiao Xi was at a loss for words, Han Tian put his iPad on his knee and his voice returned to its daytime crispness. “Paper books are definitely not available, but e-books can be found.”

After that, he began to seriously look up e-books by searching the using terms “baking”, “baking bread”, and “homemade bread” as the key words.

After he found a book that looked like that, he even enlarged the picture page by page and looked at it carefully, and finally gave a comment: “This kind of bread made in the shape of a bear’s head is very easy to make and should be very popular with children. Do you want to try this?”

Listening to Han Tian’s fervent comment, Qiao Xi thought dully, Hmm? Am I really here to learn how to make bread? No, I’m really here to learn how to make bread!

Han Tian smiled as he saw the person next to him start to drift off again, bending his index finger into a hook and scraping the tip of Qiao Xi’s nose twice. “What? You’re not paying attention again?”

Qiao Xi shook his head, tried to collect his mind, and said as if nothing had happened, “I’ve got it all memorized! I’m going to try it now.”

After saying that, he tried to jump off the couch.

But Han Tian wrapped his arm around him and didn’t let go.

“There’s no hurry,” Han Tian said, while tossing the iPad on his lap aside and wrapping his free hand around Qiao Xi’s neck, rubbing his fingers back and forth on his other cheek.

“You… You…” Qiao Xi felt like he was about to lose his breath.

With his brain almost turned into mush, he heard himself squeeze out a meaningless sentence: “Do you think I’m a shark?”

Han Tian laughed low and said in his ear, “Didn’t you ask me yesterday what toy was so important when I was a kid?”

“Mn…” Qiao Xi responded in a confused manner.

“It was an egg,” Han Tian said.

“An egg?” Qiao Xi was a little surprised, but quickly understood: human beings have such things as holiday eggs and toy twisted eggs, don’t they? So the young Han Tian, with an egg as a toy, is not very abnormal.

“The egg was very cute, very adorable. As long as I put him next to me, he will roll over and stick to my side.” Han Tian’s voice was like smoke and fog, making Qiao Xi begin to feel that everything in this study had been taken out of this world and had become rice fantasy.

“I liked that egg so much. At night, I would put him to my ear and listen to the occasional sound inside. I always wondered who could be coming out of the egg.” Han Tian’s head was pressed against Qiao Xi’s ear, and their soft hair rubbed together.

Qiao Xi tried to think of that scene and said, “Could it be a chick?”

Han Tian laughed out loud.

“Then… Duckling? Little snake? Little crocodile?” Qiao Xi asked awkwardly, while trying to think of everything that could be hatched from an egg in the earthly realm.

However, Han Tian just laughed and shook his head, his short hair rubbing against Qiao Xi’s face, making his face as itchy as his heart.

Not chickens, not ducklings, snakes and turtles, what else could it be? It can’t be a small demon, Qiao Xi thought sullenly, yawning at the same time.

Han Tian touched his face with a warm hand and asked in a soft voice, “Sleepy?”

Qiao Xi unconsciously moved to Han Tian’s side, pressed himself closer, yawned again, and replied in a confused manner, “…Yes.”

“Then you can sleep for a while.” Han Tian touched his forehead with the tip of his nose.

“Mn… What about you…” Qiao Xi asked.

What did I just get up for? Yes, I wanted to make breakfast for Han Tian…

“I’ll stay here with you,” Han Tian said, “and then, when you fall asleep, I’ll make you some bread in the shape of a bear, okay?”

Qiao Xi didn’t hear the second half of the sentence. He had already fallen asleep under the blanket.

The next morning, Qiao Xi looked at the bear bread on the plate and was stunned.

So what the hell did I do in the middle of the night last night?

“If you’re looking for a baking book,” Han Tian said from across the room, sipping his coffee, “we can go to the library. I happen to have a book I’m looking for, too.”

“Hmm?” Qiao Xi nibbled on a bear’s ear and asked curiously, “You have a book you’re looking for, too? In medicine?”

If he remembered correctly, he had glanced at the rows and rows of books on Han Tian’s bookshelf last night, and the spines of the books were full of unintelligible specialized vocabulary.

What the hell was he thinking, that he could find a book like “Bread Baking Techniques” from it?

Han Tian shook his head. “No, I want to find some ancient books about myths and legends.”

“Huh?” Qiao Xi’s eyes widened. “About myths and legends? Like what?”

If Han Tian wanted to learn about the legends of the demons, wouldn’t he be able to teach him?

Han Tian said, “For example, the origin of the fallen angels, the purpose of their actions.”

When he heard the word “angel”, Qiao Xi shivered involuntarily and his voice changed. “Angels, angels and stuff, I’ve never known anything about them.”

“Oh?” Han Tian seems to be interested in this topic. He put down his coffee cup, held his cheeks, and smiled in the morning light. “What do you think angels are like?”

“What kind?” Qiao Xi frowned and tried to restrain himself from saying what the Demon Academy taught: “If you find an angel, run as far as you can, as fast as you can.” and said dryly, “Well… They have beautiful white wings and can fly.”

Han Tian was silent for two seconds and asked, “Is that all?”

Qiao Xi nodded vigorously, and at the same time picked up his glass of milk to cover up his embarrassment.

He really couldn’t make it up.

Han Tian sighed. “Are you sure you said ‘angel’ and not ‘dove’?”

“Pfft!” Qiao Xi’s mind saw a dove cooing with its head held high, and he couldn’t hold it in and choked on the milk.

“Hey, come on.” Han Tian laughed bitterly and stood up, smoothed Qiao Xi’s back and said, “Stop inventing, let’s get changed and go.”

Haicheng’s municipal library was converted from a municipal building many years ago. The facade was made of clear red brick walls with old-fashioned arched glass windows, and the whole building looked solemn and peaceful.

Although the library had only two floors, it covered  an extremely wide area, with the public reading area, special lending area and lounge area on the first floor, and the collection lending area and various rare book libraries on the second floor.

After entering through an archway made of red bricks, Han Tian stepped on the escalator, hesitated a little, and asked, “Are you coming with me to the rare books library or are you going to look for baking books by yourself?”

Qiao Xi has little interest in ancient books and rare books, and avoided the “Legends of the Fallen Angels” and other things. Without hesitation, he chose to stay on the first floor.

“Then don’t run around and don’t leave the library,” Han Tian admonished him again and went to the second floor using the escalator.

Qiao Xi nodded and skipped over to the public reading area.

The public reading area was converted from the former city hall, with an open space, a dozen-meter-high dome with a large circle of multi-layered lights, towering dark bookshelves on both sides, and dozens of wide oak tables in the middle, making it easy for people to read at ease.

“Mn, there’s a lot of people here, they look as diligent as the students at the Demon Academy.” Qiao Xi glanced at the people reading the books and sighed in his heart.


He took another look at the people and found that they were not reading, they were all lying on their desks, sleeping soundly.

Qiao Xi looked around and was surprised to find that the only person who was not sleeping in the whole hall, other than himself, was probably the librarian in the corner.

Something is not right, right?

Qiao Xi walked towards the corner.

To his surprise, the librarian jumped up from the sofa in the corner first, smiling and jumping towards him. “Qiao Xi! I saw you again!”

Qiao Xi blinked at the little curly-haired man in front of him, surprised and happy. “Su Rui, you came to the library?”

Last time at Medical College, Su Rui ran away for no apparent reason after they had spoken a few words, but I didn’t expect to see him here again.

Su Rui, who was smiling and ready to hug him, took two steps and stopped two meters away from Qiao Xi, stared at Qiao Xi’s neck, and frowned. “What’s that hanging around your neck?”

“This?” Qiao Xi took out the thin silver chain and explained, “A star pendant! My friend… No, the target of my graduation project gave it to me.”

Su Rui’s face changed as he stared at the twinkling pendant.

He wanted to say something, and then remembered Seraph’s warning to himself at Medical College—to not mention it to anyone.

At that time, he didn’t understand what it meant, who else could he mention it to, and what could he mention?

But now, he more or less guessed.

He was brave enough to ask, “Qiao Xi, who is the target of your graduation project?”

Qiao Xi looked around and whispered, “You should have seen him before, right? It’s the professor who gave a lecture at Medical College last time.”

Su Rui sucked in a breath of cold air, took two steps back, and started gesturing wildly with his hands. “He’s your target? What are you going to do to him? No, what did he do to you? No, no, I’m more concerned, did he come to the library today too?”

Looking at Su Rui’s face, Qiao Xi’s eyebrows twisted up. “What’s wrong with you? You ran away like your life depended on it last time, why are you reacting like this now?”

Su Rui’s mouth opened and closed, closed and opened again.

Between “fellowship” and “life is important”, young Sandman Su Rui hesitated for 0.01 seconds and chose the latter.

He smiled and said, “Oh, I’m fine, I just happen to be working at the library. There’s nothing else. I just remembered I have something to do, I’ll leave now.”

After saying that, the man turned around and was about to run away.

However, before Su Rui could take a few steps, he was stopped in his tracks by a powerful force—Han Tian, who had a thick book under his arm, came out of the shadows opposite him, step by step.


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August 24, 2023 1:24 pm

I’d like to imagine that Su Rui made his decision with that Cookie meme in his mind. “I gotta put me first… I gotta put me first! I GOTTA PUT ME FIRST QIAO XI!😭” 🤣

August 24, 2023 8:58 pm

Man Su Rui can’t catch a break 😭

August 25, 2023 10:34 am

I could honestly picture HT pinching his temples with one hand 😄 QX is too funny.
I honestly thought HT was going to tell him.
HT seems to have found what he was looking for.
Poor Su Rui, it’s not his day; again 🫣
Reminded me a little of the 1998 film, City Of Angels, where they gather in a [San Francisco’s] huge library.
Thank you Addis and Kiramekineko for the chapter.

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