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Chapter 145: Cut watermelon with a knife ~

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After a good night’s sleep and eating the breakfast made by Wen XingYao, who was back to his human form, the family of three (?) boarded the game at around 7:00.

Zhu MoLing had just entered the game when he felt something strange under his feet and looked down to find that the ground was wet and the cloth shoes he was wearing were already covered with mud.

His eyebrows immediately wrinkled up. He didn’t know why but somehow while he was offline, the game became “dirty.”

At this time, there was a cheer from the neighbor’s house on the left hand side.

When he turned his head to look, he was almost shocked by the sight in front of him and fell backwards.

If his memory was correct, his neighbor’s house style should be the most basic small thatched roof, right? Why was it that at this time the thatched roof and walls, and even the ground and fence of the yard, were full of strange umbrella-shaped plants?

Some of these plants were gray, some white, and some thin and long into a cluster, to say that the beauty was not much, but through the strange and discordant. But this neighbor was full of surprise, the corners of his mouth were almost grinning to the root behind the ears.

“Ink, you’re online! Come and see my mushroom house! Just tell me if it’s great!”

The two of them exchanged their names yesterday and added each other as game friends. When he saw Zhu MoLing online, the neighbor was busy walking up to show off.

He saw that the weather in the game was not right yesterday, so he did not rush to go online after doing the task, and instead ran into the woods outside the village to look for the “Big Brother Demon Xing mushroom pile.” It had become a reserved program in the game after that incident. However, this special item was also set up every once in a while in the woods and would be refreshed about ten times, if players wanted to go find it on their own.

The neighbor also guessed that he really did not know much about the game, so Hee Haha explained, “Hey, do you remember the cloud in the game yesterday? I saw a proverb in the Ancient Blue Star’s Ancient books, called ‘fish scale clouds in the sky, rain on the ground.’ 1

The air was really wet, and I guessed it would rain later, so I went to the forest to find mushroom stakes. This thing when it is rained on and all kinds of mushrooms will grow around it! It’s fun!”

“Do you know Big Brother Demon Xing of ‘Mushroom Village’? He was the one who started this thing. Even the name ‘Mushroom Village’ seems to be a reference to this historical event! And I’m telling you, these mushrooms are good stuff, wash them and fry them in a pan, …fresh!”

After he said that, without giving Zhu MoLing time to react, he said loudly “Wait for me” and ran back to his courtyard with a small basket. He picked mushrooms from the pile, and when the basket was full, he stuffed the mushrooms into Zhu MoLing’s arms.

“Haha! Today’s mushroom harvest is great, Brother. You also take some back to fry, and let’s celebrate together! I’ll pick some more and send some to the next few families. Brother, you get busy first…”

The mushroom owner left with a smile on his face, leaving Zhu MoLing holding a whole basket of mushrooms for a while.

The players in this game weren’t they too enthusiastic? There was no such thing as robbing monsters, killing people, and capturing treasures, but they can still share the goodies in their hands with others? Was this the joy of sharing? Then should he not also reciprocate with a bit of courtesy, ah? But he didn’t have anything good in his hand!

For a moment, Zhu MoLing’s heart was also a bit confused. No, he has to find some rare items too. He can’t let people think he was a cheap person!


At this time, in Mushroom Village, the players were as busy as before, when most were taking leisure time they discussed a few new things in the game and the group of rookies. Bai Li’s family’s watermelon field had another bumper crop, and because of the previous notice, many people gathered in his yard at this time.

“Hey, hey, hey, Li Bai. How embarrassing it was for you to invite us to eat watermelon…” Mo Song pulled something out of his backpack, shoved it into Bai Li’s hand and asked, “Do I have to turn on the live stream now?”

The “melon” live broadcast was also initiated by Bai Li. Originally Mo Song only planned to have a mouthful and forget about it.

Bai Li replied “Yes” before he looked at the object in his hand. After he saw what it was, he laughed helplessly and said, “Why are you all giving me this?”

Mo Song was adjusting the camera, and heard the question casually. “‘all’? Who else gave you a water well besides me?”

This item had been added to the game store with the update of the game, and according to the description, it was placed in the player’s own yard and could produce 50 buckets of well water per day.

When he received Bai Li’s invitation to go to his house to eat watermelon, Mo Song went to Starnet to find out what to pay attention to when eating watermelon, and then saw that in the Ancient Blue Star period, some people like to put a freshly picked watermelon into the well water to surge a bit, and then eat it when the flesh of the fruit got cold. It was just that reading the text description didn’t mention how cool.

He just remembered that in the mall was the “water well” item, So for 100 star coins, he decided on the spot to bring that must have for melon eating item to the door. As a result, Bai Li told him that other people and he had thought of the same thing?

As Mo Song’s words fell, Wen XingYao, Song Xinran, Tang Ying, Jiang Huaibi and a few other people’s line of sight shifted. Well, there was no need to ask. It seemed that those few had also sent the water well, ah.

When he saw the awkward atmosphere, Bai Li didn’t continue the topic, just hurriedly greeted the crowd and asked them to help him sort out the watermelon that was already picked, and by the way, put a few big round ones into the five water wells that had been placed in various corners.

Each player’s yard could hold up to ten water wells, and just by eating a watermelon today, Bai Li’s family had five more water wells, which should be enough for a long time to come.

Next to each well was a black metal water press. 2 If necessary, a player, as long as the water-holding device on the spout, would just have to keep pressing the handle. Others wouldn’t have to also buy a water well since they can borrow a bucket of water.

There were ten people at Bai Li’s house at this time. They laughed and joked as they carried watermelons, selected those that met the requirements and put them in the well water, while the rest were neatly arranged in the corner for Bai Li to dispose of later.

Mo Song adjusted the live camera then stopped paying attention for the time being. He just let the viewers chat on the pop-up screen for a while, then turned to Jiang Huaibi, got together to discuss how to get the watermelon out of the deep well later.

This was something that no one else could really do, but Jiang Huaibi could really come up with some ideas.

After she looked at the picture Mo Song showed her, Jiang Huaibi’s eyes rolled around a few times and she buried her head in her backpack to look for something.

“This is a bamboo pole! The bamboo shoots that Brother Bamboo gave me earlier are grown, and I saw that they were quite thick, so I cut a few and put them in my backpack. The side accidentally had two holes knocked out in the wooden basin, and it looks quite deep. When the time comes, see if you can put down the watermelon loaded up in it. This is the hand-rolled grass rope I bought from the evening market. The quality looks okay, according to the seller who said he was trying to exercise hand speed when he began to rub the rope, and accidentally rubbed more.” The man had originally intended to just throw it away, he hadn’t expected to run into her.

“Fishing net from the village chief’s grocery stall of daily limited goods in front of the house. I don’t know if it can be used, just first take it out, ah! Oh, yes, there is also a bucket from the fishing kit, I feel that can also be used…”

“Thick wooden board!”

“Wide version of the kitchen knife!”

“Plain big round plate!”


They had the same 50 compartment backpack, oh no, Jiang Huaibi once got a “backpack upgrade stone”, so now hers had 100 compartments. Even so, her behavior at this point was exaggerated enough.

The floor was piled up with bits and pieces of materials, not to mention that she actually took out a huge long table, and said that it would be used to set up the cut watermelon later.

It’s really, really a melon-eating conference!

The viewers in the live room watched in awe, and voiced their respect.

[Before today, I never knew that a player’s backpack could hold so many miscellaneous items. What is the use of all this? What is the use of it all?]

[Bamboo poles and fishing nets are even. Several holes are broken in the wooden basin, shouldn’t it be directly thrown away? And the bundle of grass rope that’s hanging there can’t be used for much, but it can be used for bungee jumping, hey!]

[Ah, ah, ah, ah! I reminded Heart’s Jade to buy that grass rope. I thought it would definitely come in handy in the future, and sure enough, it’s coming in handy now. Maybe it will even serve its primary purpose!]

[Hoarders report. Our younger Sister Huaibi is really the best!]

[Gardening enthusiasts say they don’t want to care about you and have thrown a hamster at you.]


The viewers said all that, but kept their attention on Bai Li and the others, while the gifts of various price levels were brushed up without any hesitation, and as the live revenue increased, more and more viewers entered the live room.

Today’s protagonist, too, finally got a little discussion degree.

[That big green pile of balls are watermelons, right? They are so round! The skin is hard to touch but also with some elasticity. It feels good, ah. It’s my first time touching a watermelon!]

[Of course, who is not the same way? The price of watermelon in reality is so high that a month’s salary can’t afford to buy it. It’s said that the taste isn’t good. Even those rich people don’t like to eat it, and said they would rather eat watermelon-flavored nutrient solution instead.]

[Haha! This argument comes up several times a year. I’m tired of hearing it. It just so happens that I ate a watermelon-flavored nutrient solution this morning. I’d like to see if the watermelon in this game can compare to the taste of the nutrient solution?]

“The front, later you will definitely be hit in the face. In Carefree Farmstead of all the things that can be in the mouth, which one is not of superb taste? Let people eat and they will want to eat more!]

[Well…You’re right. I was overthinking it.]

It took Bai Li almost fifteen minutes to pick all of the 100 plots of land, even though only one watermelon grew on each plot. He didn’t put any of the watermelons into his backpack, but piled them up in a corner of the yard.

After he finished, he was surrounded by people and taken to the long table. The earliest watermelon in a well had been fished up by Jiang Huaibi’s homemade tool. It was now placed on a thick wooden board, and there was a smoothly positioned huge kitchen knife. At a glance he knew that it was waiting for Bai Li, the owner of the watermelon to cut it.

Bai Li didn’t delay. He smiled at the crowd and the camera, and lifted the kitchen knife to the watermelon and gently cut it right in the middle.


There was soft crunching sound. Without waiting for the end of the sound to disappear, he quickly divided the original skin intact watermelon along the openings into two equal-sized halves. The thin skin of the melon, and the attractive red flesh of the melon, fiercely appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Immediately after, a refreshing, special fruit aroma also drilled into the nasal cavity.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and cut the watermelon together to prepare to eat it,” Bai Li urged.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 天上鱼鳞云,地上雨淋淋 “There are clouds of fish scales in the sky, and rain on the ground” Fish scale clouds are called ” translucent altocumulus clouds ” in meteorology , which is a kind of astronomical phenomenon that appears when strong cold air arrives. Regarding fish-scale clouds, there is a very interesting meteorological proverb among the folks: “fish-scale clouds in the sky, rain on the ground.” Fish-scale clouds are more likely to appear when high-altitude cold air meets each other, which indicates that the weather in the past two days will be unstable.
  2. I couldn’t find a specifically Chinese design, but I’m pretty sure that this is what the author is talking about.


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