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Chapter 6: This Prey Seems a Bit Silly?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Qiao Xi sat at his desk and opened the [Guidebook].

He first looked at the data he was most concerned about: the “Soul Capture Value” on the first page.

Phew, very good, this value has changed from 2 to 6, a full 4 points up.

It seemed that the choice to buy the cafe and work with Han Tian was indeed a very good choice.

If I hadn’t been with him today, I don’t know how that honest little fool would have been bullied!

Qiao Xi thought with satisfaction and began to record seriously.

“September 5th, sunny.

The second day of contact with the prey.

Although my prey is a student of Medical College, he seems to be a bit stupid.

Probably people with souls that are too pure are too kind, too gullible, and even bullied by other fallen humans?

I, as his future master, will definitely protect him well and make him offer his high purity soul for me.”

When he finished writing, on the blank page of the manual, there suddenly appeared a large pile of randomly tumbling characters. It looked as if the manual had a lot to say and did not know what to say.

After five minutes of tumbling, two clearly visible words and a punctuation mark finally appeared: [Very good!]

That’s it? That’s all? Just two words after half a day of tumbling? What kind of guidance is that? Was this manual reliable or not… Qiao Xi thought in disbelief, stretched his arms, got up and went into the bathroom, and jumped into the claw foot bathtub.

After fluttering his wings in the bathtub for a while, Qiao Xi suddenly remembered: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell Han Tian today that his hourly rate had increased by several times!

He hurriedly got out of the bathtub, used a large towel to carefully dry the water droplets on his body, then put away his wings and tail, put on the yellow ducky pajamas, nestled under the covers and sent a message to Han Tian: [smile.jpg].

However, after a full ten minutes, the other party did not reply.

What’s wrong?

When Qiao Xi was shaking his phone to check the signal, the phone suddenly vibrated continuously: “Han Tian has initiated a voice call”.

Qiao Xi pursed his lips and picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“…. …Qiao Xi? I’m not disturbing you, right? Sorry I just saw your message, is there something wrong?” Han Tian seemed as if he had done something wrong, spoke with some hesitation, and seemed to be a little nervous.

His tone was originally clear and cold, with an almost inorganic purity. Now he was speaking so cautiously, but it was not to make people’s hearts itch.

Qiao Xi swallowed his saliva. “Did you just read a book and do your homework?”

Han Tian’s voice was still soft. “Yes, I was doing my homework, I was a little too involved, so I didn’t bother to look at my phone.”

Qiao Xi sat up from under the blanket and started to lay down a little. “Actually, I heard from the store manager that you are so busy with your studies and still insist on coming to work.”

Han Tian sighed. “I can’t help it, the cost of Medical College is too high, and I have very little free time, so I can’t do other jobs…”

Qiao Xi’s heart snickered: hooked, but his voice was calm. “By the way, I actually wanted to tell you that the store’s owner said today that the store’s business has been particularly good lately, so he gave us a salary increase, and your hourly rate went up to $300.”

Han Tian, with a bit of surprise, responded, “Really? That high? That’s great!”

Qiao Xi asked naturally, “Mn, so you will definitely go to the store tomorrow?”

Han Tian hesitated. “Tomorrow is Wednesday, right? I’ll be very busy during the day…”

Qiao Xi hurriedly added, “The store owner said that after 6 p.m., it’s overtime, and the hourly rate is $500.”

Han Tian laughed. “Oh, so. Well, I’ll try to go as late as I can.”

Qiao Xi held back his cheer and said calmly, “Mn, then I’ve conveyed the owner’s words, so I won’t bother you to do your homework properly. See you tomorrow.”

Han Tian’s voice was gentle. “Mn, see you tomorrow.”

Qiao Xi got off the phone, praised himself in his heart for his cleverness and wit, and fell back to sleep with satisfaction.

Han Tian took off his Bluetooth headset, tossed it aside, and continued to do his “homework”.

On the screen in front of him was various information about “Qiao Xi”: birth date, ID number, blood type, graduation from elementary school to college, as well as a wide range of social accounts and every piece of information posted on them.

Han Tian tapped his mouse and went through them one by one.

The food, the beauty, the brainless remarks, the not-so-funny jokes…

It’s very complete, very consistent with the persona of the uninitiated young master, very, like the real thing.

After browsing all over again, Han Tian turned off the screen and shook out a cigarette.

Qiao Xi, where in the world did you come from? What is your purpose? 

The next day, knowing that Han Tian would not be around during the day, Qiao Xi spent the whole day on the sofa, playing video games, and only in the evening did he slowly go to the cafe.

The store was still empty.

Qiao Xi put on his apron and intended to stand behind the bar, but Sang Sang didn’t agree and forced him to sit down, then served him an apple pie and slipped him an agreement. “After you sign it, you will be the majority shareholder of this cafe.”

The agreement was not very long, five pages in total. But the name of the transferor was a long string of letters, which seemed to be the name of a company. Moreover, the terms of the transfer were written in an extremely complicated way.

Qiao Xi looked a little confused, various professional words in his head went around and around, and he could not understand.

He raised his head and asked dizzily, “Sang Sang, I just want to know, if I sign this agreement, then, between you, Han Tian and I, is it considered an ’employment relationship’?”

Sang Sang thought for a moment and answered carefully, “Well… Technically speaking, not really.” Then Sang Sang started to throw out all kinds of terms, such as limited liability and corporate independence.

Qiao Xi didn’t understand any of it. However, he probably understood that even if he signed this agreement, there was no “monetary contract” between him and Han Tian.

It seemed that his double insurance was not in effect.

However, at least the dessert in this cafe was really good, so it was like buying a toy.

With this in mind, although a little disappointed, Qiao Xi still signed his name in the “Assignee” column in a proper manner.

After signing the agreement, Qiao Xi dragged the apple pie plate in front of him, and while eating it, he asked, “By the way, Sang Sang, why are there so few customers in this store when the food is so good?”

“Well… I guess it’s because the price is too high.” Sang Sang smiled bitterly.

Well, a cup of milk tea for 188, a cup of coffee for 198, a piece of cheesecake for 298, these prices could be considered as “driving customers away”.

But the real owner of the cafe wanted to “drive away” customers, preferably to the extent that not a single customer would come to the door all day.

Sang Sang also felt very strange at first, why would someone charge these prices? But soon she found out that even if the number of customers was low, she would not lose a penny of her salary.

In that case, why should she bother? It is quite comfortable to leisurely do nothing but look at her phone.

“So… Then let’s continue to price it that way.” Qiao Xi muttered, “Anyway, any cake that can’t be eaten can be mine.”

Sang Sang snorted out a laugh. “Okay, boss.”

Qiao Xi nodded in satisfaction, while glancing at the classical style clock on the wall.

It’s almost 7:00, why isn’t Han Tian here yet?

“Sang Sang, what time does this place close?” Qiao Xi put the last piece of pie in his mouth.


“… Does Han Tian know about this closing time?”

“Of course he does…mn, he knows.”

Qiao Xi licked the corner of his mouth, cupped his face and started to drift off.

It was 7:50.

Sang Sang had already polished the knives and forks and cleaned the coffee machine.

Qiao Xi stood up and silently helped Sang Sang rearrange the already neat tables and chairs.

At 8:00 sharp, Sang Sang asked, in a tentative tone, “Boss, are we…working overtime today? Do we have to work overtime today?”

“Uh, no, no.” Qiao Xi hurriedly waved his hand.

Sang Sang let out a light breath, turned the small wooden sign “OPEN” over and hung it on the back of the glass door, smiling. “Then we’ll close the store, I have a date tonight.”

Qiao Xi reluctantly smiled, but his heart felt a little blocked.

He followed Sang Sang out the door, dumbfounded.

It was already autumn, and it was already dark outside.

Sang Sang waved at him, got into a cab that she had called a long time ago, and left.

Qiao Xi stood alone in front of the cafe, head bowed, looking at the long shadows drawn by the streetlights.

I don’t think the Capture Value is going to go up since we didn’t get to meet today…

What happened? Yesterday’s set up should be quite good, ah? The prey said yesterday that it would come even later.

Qiao Xi’s face was melancholy.

“Qiao Xi?”

Along with this call was the pleasant sweet fragrance.

Qiao Xi suddenly raised his head, and his face, which had just been wrinkled, was now full of joy. “Han Tian!”


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Thank you for the chapter!!

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Audry Gazali
July 16, 2023 12:47 pm

This stupid cute little prey doesn’t even realize he is “the stupid prey”. 😂

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I find a smoking seraph quite amusing.
QX seems more innocent than HT. Maybe he’s been sent, in some kind of agreement between angels & demons, to teach HT some humility and to toughen QX up.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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