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Chapter 105: Big Brother’s World is not understood

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Perhaps because of the dazzling aura of the two Big Brother’s, the other players stayed far away from Bai Li and Wen XingYao, and quietly watched the two of them interact, although they couldn’t hear what they were saying. They only saw the two discussing something at a distance, then seemed to have a difference of opinion. Big Brother Li Bai shook his head, smiled and said something else. The opposite Big Brother Demon Xing’s expression was a little lost in thought, and finally considered a few seconds and nodded in response.

The crowd. What? What? What the hell are you talking about? We’re really curious!

They were brainstorming in their heads, trying to guess exactly what they were talking about. But before they could figure it out, their nightmare began.

The two big men smiled kindly at them from a distance, and then rushed straight towards them. One was as slender and nimble as a sharp arrow, the other was fierce and dominant with a strong presence that was almost overwhelming.

The players froze for a few seconds before they could react to the fact that these two were planning to take the initiative to attack. The content of their conversation just now, they were allocating their hunting targets, right?

This was too much, they were a large group of people, how come it looked like they were lambs going to be slaughtered? They must resist!

The well-trained players quickly prepared for the battle, and their stances were set, waiting for the two to send them into a downward spiral. Unfortunately, it only took three seconds, when Bai Li and Wen XingYao quickly came over. In just a few seconds, the players received several punches, and their corn fell to the ground. They had to admit that these two were too horrible, they simply could not fight!

The players were first caught off guard by Bai Li and then ran for their lives when they realized they couldn’t beat them, and didn’t even bother to pick up the corn that had been knocked down.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao were not the type to chase after each other, so when the eighteen players were chased by them and cowered in the corner like chickens, they stopped their attack and picked up all the corn that had fallen on the ground and each reported a number.

Fate made it, or not coincidentally, an odd number.

Bai Li was quite satisfied with the result and hooked his finger towards Wen XingYao, “Come on, it’s our turn now.”

Although an Agricultural Deity in the immortal world was considered a civilian job, he must still have the ability for self-protection. Bai Li liked to learn from the God of War in his spare time, and over time, he had worked out his own attack style.

Bai Li’s body shape had always been that of a lean teenager, lacking strength, but his stance was very advantageous. With this world’s martial arts, his fast, flexible stance allowed him to avoid most of the damage, while the enemy would be under the non-stop attack and become quickly exhausted, allowing Bai Li to find the right time to deliver a fatal blow.

“Hm.” Wen XingYao nodded solemnly and added a few words, “Point to point, is that okay?”

For the previous few minutes, he didn’t completely focus on his own battle, but occasionally looked back at Bai Li’s side. As a result, it turned out that Bai Li’s fighting power was far beyond his own imagination. Although he was not on the same path as him, the other party was also considered to be at the extreme in another field.

His opponent was not as much of an existence that needed to be put down as he thought, but the one who could go toe-to-toe with him. This discovery also raised a slight desire to win for Wen XingYao, and he was a little curious as to whether his power-based attack could beat Bai Li, or whether Bai Li’s speed-based attack was superior.

“Of course, that’s the point!” After Bai Li said this, his face changed expression, and he took the lead in rushing towards Wen XingYao.

Wen XingYao also quickly made a defensive and attacking stance, and began to consciously watch out for Bai Li’s ghost-like speed. Several times, the two didn’t touch each other. Either Bai Li quickly dodged, or Wen XingYao moved elsewhere when Bai Li’s hand was about to touch him, and just narrowly avoided him.

The two men weren’t discouraged at all, but became more and more courageous, with smiles of pleasure and delight on their faces, and their eyes filled with appreciation and light. Watching the two well-known big brothers inexplicably fight, the melon seeds in the hands of the crowd were eaten.

“What’s going on? These two are fighting? Aren’t they very close friends?”

“That is to say, ah, while we hug and cry to continue as they rob our corn, they are also fighting? It can’t be because of unequal distribution of the spoils, right?”

“Hiss! I had almost forgotten. Big Brother Demon Xing beat up people and it was so painful. This is only in the game, or else I am sure I would be bruised for a few days.”

“Ah. Haha! I was chased and beaten by Big Brother Li Bai. He didn’t hurt to hit people, but the frequency is too intense. I received two punches in the time it took to drop a corn cob.”

“Hey, you guys, how are these two people so powerful? I was on the Zerg battlefield, but in front of these two people, I actually even have no room to fight back. These Big Brothers really are fit to be called big brother. Farming or fighting, they are both good.”

“What I did not expect is Big Brother Li Bai! Big Brother Demon Xing looks like a very good bully, but Big Brother Li Bai, he has always been a gentle person, how can he fight so fiercely? Is this the legendary ‘those who are close to the vermilion are red and the one who are close to the ink are black?”[efn_note]近朱者赤近墨者黑: jìnzhūzhěchì, jìnmòzhěhēi: those who handle cinnabar are stained red; those who work with ink are stained black (idiom) / you are the product of your environment [/efn_note]

“Ah! I remember, I think I heard two people talking before I came in here, and one of them was warning the other one to stay away from Big Brother Li Bai if we met him in the game.”

The players, while they enjoyed the excellent fight, kept on sighing and were impressed with Bai Li’s ability to fight. They immediately decided that when they went out, they would not only tell other players in the game, they would also go to the forum to help promote the two big brothers, so that everyone would know not to try to anger these two big brothers, or they would tell you why the flowers were so red. Ruthless to others, and also very ruthless to their own people.

“Stop talking, they seem to be almost finished,” a player who had been following the situation of the two whispered to remind the others who were obviously chatting.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao’s fight had indeed come to an end. At first, both of them were in good shape, so they went back and forth for hundreds of moves, but after that, because of the anxiety of the battle, they started to lose a lot of stamina. Both of them inevitably made a little mistake, and there were scattered corn cobs falling out of their pockets and rolling down to their feet.

Some of the corn stalks were even used as launchable concealed weapons by the two men, and were either hooked by one foot with the toe and kicked at the other, or were grabbed by one hand and thrown three in a row at the other in unison.

Poor corn, not being picked up again even if it was, some even did not stay whole.

Bai Li paused for two seconds, trying to see how many minutes were left until the end of the game. Noticing his pause, Wen XingYao also quickly withdrew his attack and stopped attacking in Bai Li’s direction. Bai Li was about to call off the match when he saw Wen XingYao take the initiative to stop and gave him an approving look.

You’re a good partner, Demon Xing, you even guessed when I wanted to stop.

After standing, Bai Li wiped the sweat on his forehead, smiled and expressed his approval to Wen XingYao, “Demon Xing, you’re really good, I almost couldn’t touch you.”

His opponent was the most capable person he had seen.

Wen XingYao also sincerely praised, “You are also very good, very fast, perfectly played to your advantage.”

He didn’t think that speed could be of much use on the battlefield before, but today’s comparison with Bai Li gave him some ideas about the fast attack style, thinking that when he recovered his condition, he would go back to the military department and pick a few suitable seedlings to test it out properly. 

Bai Li looked at the corn falling near them and urged him to pick it up together, and then asked, somewhat troubled, “So, who’s going to win or lose between the two of us?” Not waiting for Wen XingYao’s response, he continued to speak up, “In the end it should be Demon Xing. You should win. I spent 70% of my strength, but looking at your appearance, it seems that you still have some strength left. If the time was longer, I will certainly reveal more and more weaknesses, and be directly beaten into a pig’s head by you.”

“…” Wen XingYao, “I will not hit you in the face.”

The two of them froze as soon as such a brainless sentence was said.

Wen XingYao sheepishly coughed and explained, “I mean, I won’t hit you hard…”

“Oh…” Bai Li blinked and responded dispassionately, as he gently debunked his friend’s slip of the tongue. He counted the amount of corn that the two of them had at the beginning, and counted the number of corn that fell out of his pockets clearly, and after subtracting some of the corn that had been cannonballed, he simply pushed the collected corn in Wen XingYao’s direction.

“Take these corn. With the rest from your bag added up, the number is more than mine. You deserve to be first this time.”

Wen XingYao was a little hesitant to take advantage of Bai Li’s unpreparedness to stuff the corn into his pocket, but looking at the other party’s serious look, he had a feeling that if he did that, the other man would be angry. Therefore, when Bai Li urged him again, he smiled and answered, “Yes” and put all the corn into his pocket. “Thank you.”

“Why? There’s nothing to thank me for. You deserve it in the first place.” Bai Li was full of concern. “I want points, so I’ll just keep working hard for the last game today. But I’m not running for a game slot either, saving points is also to facilitate the exchange of items I want.”

The game maker wanted to get an item he created, but also had to spend a lot of effort like ordinary players.

Not far away, the other players were watching the interaction between the two, and after figuring out the real thoughts of the two bigwigs, they couldn’t say anything for half a day.

Surprise! In order to decide the first and second place, former friends actually fought, were they really human beings doing things?

Big brother’s world was really hard to understand! QAQ!


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