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Chapter 106: Just kill him!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Once the game time was up, all twenty people on Bai Li’s side were teleported back to their original location. The beaten up players soon collided with another group of players who were crying out in pain, and the two sides looked at each other across the crowd and exchanged words.

“Brother, your group also met the combat maniac? Looks like you got beaten up pretty badly…”

“Hey, it wasn’t a fighter, just not as big as others, and not as thick skin.”

“Hmm? What does that mean? Does it mean that the big guy you met is a high defense one? Our group had bad luck. We met two big brothers, Li Bai and Demon Xing. I don’t know what they had in mind. First they ganged up on us and beat us up, and robbed us of a lot of corn, then after that they actually fought against each other, and even divided the loot in front of us!”

“What!? You guys were actually lucky enough to meet the two big guys directly? Then we are much more unlucky than you. We didn’t meet a person, ah, but three wild boars! Don’t look at me like that! I’m talking about the wild boars. Their masters aren’t normal and were riding on them. The cornfield is so big, but we considered it lucky to escape one. We were each more or less hit by the wild boars. Don’t mention how miserable it was.”

“Yes, yes. There was still a lot of corn. We didn’t have time to break it off, and then the boars trampled it. If the competition points were awarded according to the number of corn received, all of us would probably only be able to get a guaranteed bottom!”

“But at the end of the competition, it was similar to your situation there. The three that owned the boars also rushed each other, and said that they wanted to determine the first, second and third among them!”

“…Thank you brothers! Suddenly I feel much more comfortable inside!”

They weren’t harmed in comparison. Instead of being hit by a wild boar and running around, it was better to be beaten up by the big guys. At least they knew how to be merciful and not too heavy-handed, right? When they looked at the group of people across from them, if it wasn’t for the setting of character death in the game, these people could have expected to die several times over and over again.

After all, it was a wild boar that collapsed a house.

At the end of the game, Wen XingYao rightfully won first place in their group, and Bai Li took second place, receiving 20 and 15 points respectively. After that, the two of them consciously staggered their entry into the competition, and waited for Wen XingYao to go in first before Bai Li went to the bulletin board to sign up.

The third game was more stable than the first two. After winning the first place once again, Bai Li left the game satisfied and searched around to see Wen XingYao comforting Song Xinran who was hanging his head with a little smile.

This was the third round, so Demon Xing’s performance should be good. But the young apprentice…It was likely that he only got a guaranteed point for participation.

“Master…” As soon as he saw Bai Li coming, Song Xinran called out to him pitifully, “It’s so hard to break the corn. I can’t grab others…”

As he said that, his eyes were slightly red with sadness. He had practiced hard before the competition started, and thought he had developed his hand speed in harvesting corn, but when the competition started, he realized that his competitors were fighting harder than each other, and they were grabbing corn with almost all their strength. He was introverted, and he couldn’t face up to grabbing the corn directly from other people’s hands, nor could he quietly make small movements to hinder other people’s actions, so it would be strange if he could get a high ranking.

The way Wen XingYao saw it, his eyes were awe-inspiring, and he felt that his simple comfort was in vain. This child, wasn’t his mind a little too fragile?

Plus looking for Li Bai to pamper him…Hmph!

Bai Li stroked Song Xinran’s head, and said comfortingly, “If you can’t grab it, you can’t grab it. Just think of it as coming to play. Let’s go back and harvest the ripe corn and plant the next wave, and then we’ll go on a treasure hunt. I looked in my own yard earlier and found several small items, you can also look through yours then.”

Song Xinran’s attention was immediately diverted, as he held Bai Li’s arm and asked him what kind of item he had found. Bai Li smilingly described the items carefully, which really aroused the other party’s strong interest. The previous frustration was swept away, and already began to look forward to a bright future of non-stop finding corn element items.

As the trio left the village chief’s house, rumors seemed to be circulating among the crowd that a giant prawn had been found in the corn field.

The three of them left the village chief’s house with the rumor of the giant prawn, and when Bai Li returned to the yard, the corn in the field had already ripened and was waiting for the owner to pick it. Bai Li rushed forward to pick it, so fast that both hands seemed to have a shadow. He didn’t listen to the advice of those players in front of the village chief’s home, harvesting while replanting, but followed his own rhythm, waiting for the ground to be cleared before replanting another round.

It was true that the total number of points he would end up with would be less than others, but it would free him from the fields, and the time he spent waiting for the corn to ripen could be used for other things. If not, even an Agricultural Deity would be mentally exhausted, right?

Besides, he wasn’t going to fight for that first place in points. As long as he ended up with enough points to redeem some practical items, he would be fine.

Bai Li finished his own work in the field, estimated the speed of Song Xinran and Wen XingYao, and guessed that their progress might only reach two-thirds. He thought about it, and opened Fox Live.

With familiarity, he found Jiang Huaibi’s live broadcast room and found that she was really in the forest adventure/treasure hunting. The live room was like New Year’s Eve, and viewers with the same hobby as Jiang Huaibi were excitedly rolling all over the screen, and gifts were falling down swiftly.

Perhaps because of the two-day event, all the other four hosts except Jiang Huaibi put up leave slips in their live streams. The difference was that Mo Song told his fans that he would start the live stream again at the previously agreed time on time once he figured out the event routine.

For about ten minutes of the broadcast, Bai Li watched as Jiang Huaibi found seven different corn items in various unexpected corners of the forest, and all he could think of was “This is okay? How can that be possible?” The self-doubt receded only when Song Xinran and Wen XingYao came to him, and he pulled the two towards the forest.

According to Jiang Huaibi’s live, the forest was simply a treasure trove of corn element items! They had to take advantage of the time when other players were still competing there in the village chief’s game or going offline to sleep, to hurry up and take advantage of the wave first.

However, as it turned out, not everyone was like Jiang Huaibi, and not everyone had an invisible automatic treasure hunting antenna attached to their heads. The three of them only found a total of seven items after searching the outer circle of the forest for almost an hour.

The new wave of ripe corn was ready to be harvested, but to his surprise, Song Xinran shook his head and refused to go back with them.

“Master, I will not go back. I didn’t pour magical spring water on the corn field, so it’ll take two hours to ripen a wave. I will stay in the forest to continue to find items. You and brother Demon Xing go back first.”

Song Xinran was apparently still caught up in the excitement of treasure hunting, for he’d found three items, more than Bai Li and Wen XingYao and was proud of himself. He thought this activity was still very suitable for himself, and therefore didn’t want to leave.

Bai Li easily understood a child’s enthusiasm for a new game and readily agreed, “Well, you can stay here and continue to play, but pay a little attention to safety. Demon Xing and I will go back first.”

After the two sides greeted each other, they split up, one began to walk into the forest, the other two sets of footsteps hurried back.

Bai Li on the way back quietly yawned.

When Bai LI looked at the time, he found that it was actually almost five, nearly dawn. He didn’t think he would have a day where he would play games overnight. He planned to get offline and rest for a while after planting one more round of corn, so that he could fill his stomach and Supreme’s stomach first.

He had no hope of sleeping normally for the next two days.

Well, shouldn’t he get a new gaming pod? This was now using the purchase of virtual reality game builder gift. He’d heard that in the latest model of gaming pod, users could lie inside for a month without coming out. As long as the assembly had sufficient nutrient solution, the gaming pod would not only automatically replenish the user of the missing nutrients during use, but also had a physical therapy effect.

His mind was thinking about all kinds of things, and he carelessly bumped into the back of the man walking in front of him. Wen XingYao turned back and looked at Bai Li with some concern, “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Bai Li casually rubbed his head and took the initiative to apologize. “Sorry, I was just thinking about something and I accidentally bumped into you.”

“Hmm.” Wen XingYao nodded and asked again, “What were you thinking about, can I know?”

He had a bad premonition.

As a matter of fact, Bai Li smiled at him and simply said the answer, “It’s not much, it’s just that it’s getting late, so I’m going to finish planting corn and go offline for a while. Have breakfast, heat up a bowl of goat’s milk for Supreme, and then come back after a little rest. If you can’t find me later, go ahead and get busy.”

Wen XingYao, “…”

Who cares if you’re busy at this point! For God’s sake, look what he heard?! Hot goat milk for Supreme? God knows he hasn’t had that kind of girly drink since he was a year old, and his youngster self drank it every day, did he? How dare he! Wen XingYao’s face changed several times. If he hadn’t remembered that he didn’t take off his vest in front of Bai Li yet, he would have wanted to pull his opponent’s arm and shout, ‘You don’t have to!’

“Well? What is it? Do you need my help?” Bai Li saw that Wen XingYao’s expression was a bit off and asked curiously.

“No, no.” Wen XingYao could not admit it, but had to hurry to stabilize the other party, but his heart began to sink. When Bai Li went offline, he would wake up again in infancy.

If so, what kind of attitude should he take to face Bai Li?

If he wanted to be pampered in Bai Li’s arms like an infant, just kill him!


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