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Chapter 8: It’s Nice to be Closer to You.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


This time, Qiao Xi chose a Range Rover to go out.

Han Tian pressed the trunk open and put the thermos box with the cupcakes flat and tidy, while casually asking, “Changed cars?”

Qiao Xi said smoothly, “Mn, the last MINI feels a bit suffocating to you, so I bought a new car. More spacious.”

Han Tian clanged the trunk closed, went to the door position, and with his hand pressed on the window frame, looked at him curiously. “Oh? A little stifled for me, so—you bought a new car?”

Qiao Xi’s eyes rolled, realizing that this was a good opportunity to show Han Tian the magic of money, and hurriedly said, “Yes! You see, this way you can sit more comfortably.” After Han Tian got into the car, Qiao Xi said eagerly, “So…”

He didn’t finish his sentence before Han Tian interrupted, “Actually, that little MINI before, when I was closer to you, felt pretty good too.”

Perhaps Han Tian was just expressing his feelings honestly. However, after Qiao Xi heard it, his mind went blank for a brief moment and he forgot what he was going to say. He bit his lower lip and stepped on the gas pedal somewhat awkwardly.

It would take at least an hour to drive across Haicheng from here to the orphanage on the fifth ring road in the northeast.

In other words, for this whole hour, Qiao Xi would be wrapped up in the alluring scent of Han Tian’s body.

As Qiao Xi drove, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath: Oooh, it smells so good… So greedy…

While he was thinking, he heard Han Tian asking, “Qiao Xi, have you ever been to an orphanage before?”

Qiao Xi replied fluently, “More than that, I grew up in an orphanage when I was a child.”

This was actually a standard intern demon remark.

Unlike humans, demons don’t have parents at all.

All the little demons were hatched from the demon’s eggs. The demon eggs, on the other hand, were formed naturally in the Demon World after the demonic energy had coalesced.

In order to take care of and raise these little demons, the Demon World had the Demon Academy institution.

The Demon Academy’s junior class was a gathering of all the Demon World’s young demons under the care of the director and senior demons.

Because the demon’s upbringing was so different from that of humans, in order to avoid saying the wrong thing, the Demon Academy simply made it a uniform rule that all intern demons who first entered the earthly realm would declare that they grew up in an orphanage, didn’t know who their parents were, and then were adopted by the plutocrats.

So, hearing Han Tian’s question, Qiao Xi didn’t hesitate to give the standard answer.

But Han Tian was a bit surprised. “You grew up in an orphanage? So now you are…?”

Qiao Xi confidently gave the second half of the standard answer: “Oh, I was adopted by my current family around the time I started elementary school. And then, the family that adopted me is quite rich.”

Indeed, the Demon World, which has numerous mining veins, was generally rich by human standards.

“This family, besides being rich, is there something special about them?” What Qiao Xi didn’t expect was that Han Tian, who didn’t talk much before, actually asked a question that was out of the ordinary.

“Something very special?” Qiao Xi frowned. “Not really.”

We are all very ordinary demons.

Han Tian didn’t say anything else, but turned his face to look at the traffic outside the window, seemingly in deep thought.

An hour later, the car stopped at the entrance of the White Star Orphanage.

It looked like Han Tian was a regular visitor here.

He skillfully knocked on the big metal door of the orphanage and had only exchanged a few pleasantries with the gatekeeper, when a little girl in a pair of strappy pants stumbled over, her eyes shining as she called out, “Brother Han Tian! You haven’t been here for a long time!”

In Seraph’s eyes, the only thing that could be called cute in the human world was the human children.

Han Tian squatted down and stroked the little girl’s head. “Mn, I brought you a lot of delicious snacks today, so tell your aunt quickly and wash your hands and get ready to eat them.”

The little girl nodded extremely hard and stumbled away again.

Only then did Qiao Xi, who was standing on the sidelines, realize that the little girl’s two feet were not the same length, so she seemed to be running with extra effort and a strange posture.

He looked at Han Tian with a searching gaze, who stood up and whispered in his ear, “A congenital disease of the legs. So, at birth, she was thrown away.”

“Thrown away? Just because she had a bad leg, she was thrown away?” Qiao Xi asked rhetorically, his eyes wide.

“Yes,” Han Tian replied in a low voice.

Qiao Xi wrinkled his brow, somewhat puzzled.

In the Demon World, there were occasionally little demons that had all kinds of problems right after they hatched, but the dean would never throw them away, instead he would take extra care of these little ones and not allow other little demons to bully them.

But why, in the earthly realm, would they be thrown away by their nurturers if they were just a little different from the others?

Qiao Xi’s thoughts were interrupted by a cheerful bell.

Along with the bell, a slightly chubby caregiver came out and waved at Han Tian with a smile. “Teacher Han Tian! It’s been a long time! Please help us bring in the desserts.”

Qiao Xi hurriedly walked into the orphanage’s cafeteria with Han Tian, carrying the thermos box.

In the cafeteria, a group of children, the oldest being 7 or 8 years old and the youngest being 2 or 3 years old, were sitting at a long table, each with a small stainless steel plate in front of them.

When Han Tian came in, the little bean bags all cheered, “Cake! Cake! Brother Cake is here!”

Han Tian didn’t get angry when he heard this name, he just smiled and opened the thermos box, taking out the delicate snacks inside one by one, and then the caregivers handed them out to the children one by one.

Qiao Xi was helping out, while subconsciously sniffling.

Well… These human children, their souls are very clean, and there was no stench in the air…

Huh, no, wait.

In this fresh, sweet air, there seemed to be, what, a hint of a rotten smell?

Almost by instinct, Qiao Xi began to identify the source of the stench.

Soon, he discovered that the smell came from the only male among the caregivers, a man with a kind smile who looked only 25 or 26 years old.

What is this? How could these people, who spent all day taking good care of the children, give off the stench of a fallen soul?

While he was wondering, Han Tian chatted with another young caregiver. “You have a new colleague here?”

The caregiver, with a name tag on her chest that read “Yan Linlin” and a ponytail, replied quickly, “Ah, you mean Jian, right? Yes, he’s just arrived, he’s been here for less than a week. We finally have a male colleague, and we’re pretty happy about it.”

“Oh?” Han Tian seemed interested in this topic.

“Yes. This kind of child care work, few boys are willing to do it. But, you see, we have a lot of little boys here, and when the children reach the age of 4 and 5, they need to develop their gender awareness, and it’s not good for them to always have a female teacher to take them to bathe and change their clothes. Therefore, the director has always wanted to recruit a boy. It took half a year of back and forth before we finally got one, and we were so happy,” Yan Linlin explained.

“Oh… Then it seems that this teacher, Mr. Jian, seems to be getting along well with everyone?” Han Tian asked.

“That’s true!” Yan Linlin smiled and said, “He tells stories, plays monsters to make the children happy, and is not afraid to work hard every day, bathing and washing the younger children, and doing manual work in his spare time, helping to repair several large toys—so, the children like him, and we all like him too. .”

“Oh, that’s good,” Han Tian praised, but his eyes were on him. Han Tian praised, but his eyes were locked on to the new employee.

“Teacher! Teacher Jian!” A child with a mouth full of cream raised his hand.

“What’s wrong? Little Guang?” A’Jian responded, his voice sounding warm and affectionate.

“I want to save a cake for Tong Tong!” Little Light’s voice was milky.

“No problem, teacher will leave a big cake for Tong Tong and then deliver it to Tong Tong later, okay?” A’Jian’s attitude was very gentle.

Little Light nodded happily and vigorously, then continued to eat in big bites.

“Tong Tong?” Han Tian looked sideways at Yan Linlin. “Is that the little boy who can’t talk?”

“Yes, that’s him.” Yan Linlin nodded. “Teacher A’Jian said that Tong Tong has had a bit of a cold for the past two days, so he’s letting him rest in his room.”

“If a few teachers don’t mind, can I deliver the cake?” Han Tian asked politely.

Before Yan Linlin could say anything, teacher A’Jian had already walked over with a big smile. “Thank you for the cake, gentlemen.”

As A’Jian approached, Qiao Xi subconsciously frowned and gently clenched his hand, this person’s body really stinks.

A’Jian didn’t notice Qiao Xi’s attitude at all, still smiling and proposing, “If you want to visit Tong Tong, let me take you there. He will be very happy.”

“No need!” Qiao Xi blurted out.

At these words, everyone else in the room looked at him.

A’Jian’s face stiffened and he forced out a smile. “Why, is there something inconvenient?”

Qiao Xi didn’t even think twice about what he just said.

He just really didn’t want this smelly creature to follow him around. However, he also knew that this reason should never be said.

“Mn, he is probably just afraid of giving you trouble,” Han Tian politely explained.

At that moment, there was a muffled boom from somewhere in the orphanage, as if something heavy had hit the ground.

An older aunt staggered over and called out, “Teacher A’Jian! The slide you built yesterday suddenly collapsed! Don’t let it fall down again and hit someone!”

When Yan Linlin heard this, she pushed A’Jian. “Teacher A’Jian, you go over there, I’ll take them to see Tong Tong.”

Now, A’Jian had no reason to follow Qiao Xi and Han Tian, so he could only grit his teeth and run to the backyard.

Qiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Eh, this slide is really broken at the right time, I really don’t want to face this person again.”

He did not notice, looking at his relieved expression, Han Tian eyes floated a smile, and very quickly hidden.

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God is this Teacher Jian doing weird things to the children?

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Wish the chapters were longer. Really enjoying this new novel.

Thank youuu💕

July 19, 2023 5:53 am

A’Jian must be an abuser and has obviously picked the child that cannot speak about it, now seemingly separating him from the rest.
QX sniffed him out immediately! His way of avoiding it has assisted HT too. What a team ☺️
I hope what follows isn’t too upsetting.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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