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Chapter 108: Activity Limited Terrain

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


It was probably all the embarrassing situations that he’d encountered in a period of time that was concentrated in one lunch, so for a day or so afterwards, Wen XingYao didn’t go back to his infant body, and stayed in the darkness, enjoying his inner peace.

In the Holographic Game Design Competition player forum, the number of discussion posts about the Carefree Farmstead event was also increasing day by day.

[How are the opponents assigned to the corn harvesting competition? So shameful! You all stay away from me!]

[Tired of growing corn to get more activity points.]

[Revealing the other side of Big Brother that is not known to people. Once I thought Big Brother Li Bai was a gentle and kind person, now I know I was wrong, so wrong!]

[How many ‘corn’ element items did you all find? Come on, take a screenshot and share it with us!]

[When my family found out that the monthly event of Carefree Farmstead actually gave away game places directly, they no longer said that I was addicted to games and was wasting my life!]

The posts were sent by players in the game, but they came and went in a hurry, generally explaining the situation on the fly, and then diving back into the game. The most replies in the post, was the group of netizens who could see, but couldn’t eat.

Cloudy cookies, [Everyday I am so envious of this group! I also want to go plant corn! I also want to go to harvest corn! Even if I get hit by a wild boar or big brother beating me, I’d do it all without regret! Wuwuwu! Please let me go in to see the world!]

Little squirrel wants pine cones, [Hahaha! How does this activity feel so joyful? Those who choose to sleep and rest first will wake up and then go to the event and certainly regret it. In their sleep, others will have earned a large amount of points ah!]

To be warm and joyful, [@Bai Li, I think this activity can be refined a little more. For example, when harvesting corn, it should drop silver or gold corn, that way extra points would encourage those players who focus only on growing corn. Then the corn harvesting activity, the terrain categories can also be more. In addition to the flat land, you should add hillside, sand, swamp and so on to increase the difficulty of the game. At the same time, I would also be more interesting!]

A-Zing, [Since I found the game Carefree Farmstead, I actually cannot play other virtual reality games. I have been on Starnet looking for meal replacements, and the result is that there are none! So when are you going to upgrade the virtual reality game builder again? LiLi, I’m thirsty!]


The netizens were discussing madly, and Bai Li had just gotten offline. After replenishing his energy, he was holding Supreme while petting his fur, as he read the forum posts for his rest. He also saw the suggestion of the netizen, To Be Warm and Joyful, and when he thought about it, it made sense. He decided on the spot to temporarily update the event according to the netizen’s suggestion. He didn’t intend to steal people’s ideas, so before he quit the forum, he sent a private message to ‘To Be Warm and Joyful.’

The result was that the person replied in seconds.

To Be Warm and Joyful, [!!!! Bai Li? Carefree Farmstead’s game designer? Is this reality?]

Bai Li, [Mn, hello.]

To Be Warm and Joyful, [Ahhhhhhhh!!! The game creator himself sent me a private message! Ahhhhh! I want to take a screenshot and send it to the starblog!! I can brag about this for a whole year!!! Ahhhhh! I can suggest new things like my life depends on it!]

Bai Li felt himself sweat. This child, how did it suddenly become a bragging right? It couldn’t be because they couldn’t get into the game, they directly blacked out, right?

Bai Li, [Other suggestions are not necessary, after all, the event will end in a day or so. In order to thank you for your advice, with the next virtual reality game builder upgrade, I will send you a game spot, is this okay?]

Yes, of course it is! Next to a virtual screen, To Be Warm and Joyful felt like she couldn’t breathe! It was just a casual comment on the forum, but she was so lucky that it caught the attention of the designer, and the suggestion was adopted by him, and she even got a game slot for free!

This was a game quota! Think about it, hundreds of thousands of people were fighting for less than five thousand places, and if it could be grabbed, they were happy, and if it could not, they would cry in pain. After crying, they’d begin waiting for the next batch of places issued. Before today, she was also a member of those waiting, but after today, she was on the reserve team for such an honorable game!

Such a big pie! Even if she was embarrassed, she felt she needed to be cheeky enough to accept it! If she missed it, wouldn’t she regret it for the rest of her life?

Yeah, but the thing that she said before that she would take a screenshot and send it to the star blog to brag about it, shouldn’t she not do it? If other people know that she got a free game slot in this way, other people would follow suit and madly @ Bai Li. Won’t it cause trouble for him? Hey, forget it, she wanted to stifle others from making a fortune!

To Be Warm and Joyful, [I want it! Thank you Big Brother! I wish Carefree Farmstead to become more and more prosperous. Big Brother, earn more star coins!]

Bai Li said goodbye to the enthusiastic fan and sat in his gaming pod, as he spent ten minutes optimizing the details of the event. Once the optimization was complete, he got on the game. When he opened the door and came out of the hut, he saw Demon Xing next door gawking at a silvery white corn.

Yo ho, someone picked a silver corn so soon? When he thought that Demon Xing had a title that could increase his luck value, Bai Li thought it was not a surprise that this happened.

Wen XingYao also saw Bai Li and subconsciously looked away from his eyes. As soon as he saw Bai Li, he couldn’t help but think of the scene yesterday at noon, and shame came over him like a tidal wave. But he was curious about what this silver corn was all about, so he finally slowly looked over towards Bai Li.

Bai Li took the initiative to explain, “You’re curious about how this silver corn came about, right? I just happened to visit the forum after dinner and saw that some users had made good suggestions, so I optimized the event. In addition to the silver corn in your hand, players also have a chance to get golden corn when harvesting corn, both of which can add extra points to the event. Silver is 3 points and gold is 5 points. The probability of getting them won’t be very high though, it all still depends on luck. In addition to that, I have modified the map for the corn harvesting competition, adding three other types of terrain that appear randomly each round. It’s a pity that we’ve run out of tournament time today, otherwise we could still go to the site to experience it.”

“Oh…” Wen XingYao responded slowly, and thought that those players who were still competing in the cornfield might not like such changes.

The truth was not much different from what Wen XingYao thought.

With the end of another round, a number of dirty and confused players appeared in front of the village chief’s home. Some of their legs were trembling slightly, and they had to take a step to carefully test whether the pavement under their feet was solid or not. Some were too tired to lift their legs at all, and they could only move a little bit in small steps as if they had undergone a strange operation. Some had their heads, faces and limbs covered with black sludge, as if they had rolled in the mud several times.

The most obvious were the boars. One was unable to see their original shape. They seemed to be just out of the swamp map, covered in dirt, hair into a mat still dripping mud, so you didn’t know if there was a change in species from wild boar into a mammoth…

Gray Scales, as the owner of one of the boars, was in tears. He did not know how much precious time would be used to give it a bath. But not washing was not an option since the pig was dirty. Dropping mud everywhere wasn’t pleasant!

The swamp map appeared suddenly, and after entering the map, he could no longer put the boar back to the pet space. He could only watch in despair as Iron Head happily went to play in the mud with its other buddies and had a great time!

Yes, that was right. Following the unfortunate crash of the three yesterday, this time they entered the swamp map together again. However, this time the game was not as smooth as before. The corn plants, against the laws of nature, had irregular growth in the swamp even if the swamp soil on the ground was half a leg high. For people walking on it, it would have been very difficult, but if they also have a four-legged wild boar…

In the end, the corn didn’t get broken down to a few roots, as they spent almost the whole time trying to get the boars to go back to a safe place, and get them to not touch the slimy soil.

But the boars well…who knew what they went through before they were taken in, but they actually liked to roll around in the mud and water, so the scene was once unmanageable.

Gray Scales was in tears by the time the end of the game was announced. After a dark half hour, he was finally about to see the light of day! Tomorrow! Let’s take a look at the playing field before we think about releasing the boars!

Not only Gray Scales, other players who had just experienced a sudden change in the playing field also discussed it fiercely after coming back to their senses.

“What the hell? Instead of going into the original corn field, I went to the desert! The area is ten times larger than the base area, but the corn is even smaller, and it takes several steps to come across the next plant. And the sun is particularly strong, look at the sweat on my head, all because of the sun. I also feel like I was tanned…”

“I went to a mountain. Corn grew on the Ancient Blue Star on these kinds of terraces, and after harvesting some, you still have to walk up to harvest the next mountain. After climbing a mountain, I’m so exhausted!”

“You guys are doing just fine. Look at us…We went to a swamp! Brother, you have never experienced your entire leg sinking a half-meter into the mud! It’s really too awful! It is strongly recommended that you have not experienced pain until you experience that!”

“Yuck! I hope I won’t be assigned to these terrains in tomorrow’s competition…”

“Although this is a relaxing farming game, this limited edition terrain should be experienced, right?”

The players were in a heated mess and at least summarized the characteristics of the three new terrains and discussed how to deal with them, ready to ‘enjoy’ them on the third day of the event. However, before they could go over to the bulletin board and sign up, their attention was pulled away by another event.

The list of items that could be redeemed for event points was posted on the bulletin board in the early hours of the third day. The actual time to start redeeming them was three days after the event ended.


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