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Chapter 107: Orange cat

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


What comforted Wen XingYao was that this time Bai Li came offline, he did not follow his juvenile form and wake up, but returned to the familiar darkness. This was the first time that he felt this feeling of being enveloped in darkness was so comforting and secure.

When he regained consciousness again, he reappeared in his small hut and looked at the time and found that only an hour had passed. He thought that Bai Li would only have enough time to have breakfast with his infant form after he went offline.

Strange… This made his heart feel a little heavy. What was going on?

Wen XingYao did not seize this moment of suffocation to think deeply, but breathed a sigh of relief before stepping out of the room and gathering up the ripe corn in the yard. Looking to the left, Bai Li was indeed already busy. Even when he came out, Bai Li probably did not notice.

Just when Wen XingYao was reassured that the day would be an infinite cycle of farming – treasure hunting – and offline rest (eating), fate played a joke on him.

He looked down at his furry paws, then saw Bai Li’s huge face as he said, “Supreme, why aren’t you eating?” Wen XingYao almost cried out with a “meow.”

Why!? Why did this happen?! After avoiding breakfast, not even 12 hours had passed, and he was ushered into this social death for lunch! He was sitting at the table with three small plates of the same type of food as Bai Li’s, namely braised fish, fried steak (which had been cut into small strips for easy eating) and a fruit and vegetable platter. The aroma of the first two dishes was so strong that it went up his nose. Even Wen XingYao, who had eaten a lot of food in the game, couldn’t help but gulp at this time.

He then recalled his juvenile performance when seeing these dishes. Wen XingYao couldn’t resist lifting a paw to do a face-palm action. Shame, too much shame! He was determined not to admit that this greedy kitten was his juvenile form!

Suddenly, Wen XingYao felt a weight on top of his head. A large hand moved over his head, and the fingers were also very skilled as they rubbed his ears. Feeling the gentle and intimate action, Wen XingYao froze.

“Boom!” His body’s blood seemed to burst open, rushing to all parts of his body. In a few seconds, the familiar heat slowly rose. But these were not enough to make him lose consciousness in the process of heating up. Wen XingYao privately thought that he might as well pass out on the spot!

What was happening was that Bai Li’s hand was on top of his head and he didn’t know how to respond.

In this position, Wen XingYao recalled quickly, and soon found the right answer in his early childhood memories. Then the action was stiffly and rustily imitated.

What Bai Li saw was that after more than a month of feeding, Supreme, the cat, who had grown quite a bit, was suddenly like a rusty mechanical orange cat. His neck (if there was one) went click, click, click, click, stretch, retract, stretch, retract, one after another against his hand. Large, brilliant, gold cat eyes, half-open, half-closed, occasionally snuck a look at him, which gave him the illusion of being confused.

After seven times with the cat’s head on the palm of his hand, Supreme stopped doing this action, stiffened his limbs and moved out from under his hand. He moved around the plate and walked in front of him with a high leg posture. The cat’s face had something similar to a heroic expression, his body was slanted, and he leaned on his arm where it was propped on the table.

Then he let out a strange cat cry, “Mrow – Ow – !”

Bai Li, “????”

Bai Li, “…”

The cat’s cry in the middle of the night would scare the kids next door! His sweet, creamy Supreme, how could he make such a sound? Was it possible that cats also have a voice change period?

Bai Li put on a mask of pain when he thought that such a voice would probably accompany Supreme for most of his cat life. Bai Li also stiffened, and sat on the seat for a long time, shocked.

Wen XingYao was still happy with his perfect play on the spot, thinking that he had learned 99% of the juvenile movements and mannerisms, Bai Li would definitely not discover the problem.

Not bad for me.jpg

At the same time, he also felt a little hot. He was secretly thankful that his race hadn’t developed sweat glands, otherwise at this time, he would have become a fallen lion.

Perhaps leaning against his weight was not the right posture, or perhaps because the other party being leaned on for a long time didn’t give a response, Wen XingYao felt his paws begin to numb, and he wanted to quietly lift up to loosen up. When he was doing so, Bai Li also moved. Wen XingYao’s body tilted, and he fell from the table in an extremely wretched position, as he  hung on Bai Li’s thighs.

Bai Li, …Supreme really has a problem today. Normally, he would have quickly reacted and jumped back to the table. Why was he so sluggish?

It wasn’t because of the grass and wood clear spirit he fed him yesterday, right? But this was good for all living creatures, so how come Supreme being in this sluggishness was becoming more frequent?

The previous times, Supreme’s response was very good.

Bai Li thought about it, picked Supreme up from his lap, placed him on the table, and then forced out a small amount of grass and wood clear spirit energy on his fingers to do another experiment.

If he confirmed that his spirit energy had a bad effect on Supreme’s body, then he wouldn’t use this alternative catnip in the future, and would just grow some ordinary catnip at home.

Opposite him, Wen XingYao’s brain was still blank, but at some point, his soul felt a good smell ahead. The smell was incomparable to all the food together, and the moment it came out, it attracted his full attention.

A pair of golden cat eyes opened round, pupils have become a vertical line, Wen XingYao eyes gleaming on one of Bai Li’s fingers. It was difficult to divide part of his mind to consider why the smell was on the other finger. Obviously before this, Bai Li did not do anything, ah.

Forget about it, let him go over and take a breath first.

His sixth sense told him that this aura was good for his body and could speed up his recovery. When he thought he could get out of his juvenile state faster than expected, Wen XingYao was a bit impatient.

But compared to his juvenile form’s licking behavior, Wen XingYao’s performance was much more reserved. Instead of walking forward stiffly on all fours like before, he used the same posture he had when he returned to his beast form as a Silver Flamed Gold-Winged Lion, He walked around with a dominant air, looking like he was going to hunt.

When Bai Li saw this, he was surprised and said, “Supreme’s catwalk is so standard, he’ll be the winner of the ‘Cat Runway Show’!”

‘Cat Runway Show’ was a show that Bai Li made up because Supreme didn’t know about it, in order to give him credit for his performance. He knew that it was good to praise the children in the family to increase their self-confidence.

Wen XingYao, Don’t coax me! The Empire has never had a show like this!

Pretending not to hear Bai Li’s compliments, and pretending not to notice the heat on the tips of his ears, Wen XingYao finally approached Bai Li, and his face came over to sniff gently at Bai Li’s fingertips. He felt a cool aura entering his body along his nose, suddenly misting away to cover his boiling blood, bringing the heat on his body down a degree instantly, Wen XingYao knew that it was definitely good stuff!

He owed Bai Li even more it seemed.

But it was okay, after he told Bai Li the truth about what happened and he had successfully recovered his adult form, there would be plenty of time to repay him.

Bai Li suddenly gave a puzzled “eek,” and made Wen XingYao suddenly alert. He jerked his head up to look at Bai Li, as his vertical pupils quickly expanded into round ones, and gave a strange cry, as he tried to act dumb.

“Strange…Supreme, you used to lick it with your tongue, but how come you reacted like this today?” Bai Li carefully observed Supreme’s state. Just a trace of grass and wood spirit hadn’t burdened his body, so he squeezed out three times the amount before, and said to himself, “Is it because I gave too little? Will it be the same as before if there is more?”

Wen XingYao couldn’t believe his ears!

After pampering and being cute, he actually did something like licking people’s fingers when he was young? Wasn’t he afraid that this would become his black history when he grew up?

…He doesn’t need to care about growing up, he wants to leave this beautiful world now!

Wen XingYao felt that his breath suddenly became not so delicious, and once again missed the days of sleeping in the dark. However, it turned out that even though he desperately wanted to be able to pass out again, his spirit was still branched out without any semblance of decorum.

Faced with Bai Li’s expectant look, Wen XingYao looked down and pondered. Before he decided when to tell Bai Li the truth, should he play the role of ‘Supreme’ and not let Bai Li find out the anomaly between them?

He optimistically thought that even if Bai Li knew the truth and asked about today’s incident, he could just blame it on the juvenile, who had done it, and what did it have to do with him?

With this idea, Wen XingYao was relieved. And then he struck while the iron was hot. He held back his strong sense of shame, and under Bai Li’s gratified gaze, stretched out his tongue and quickly swept the mass of aura from Bai Li’s fingers into his mouth. He even did an exaggerated swallowing action!

The qi of clear grass and wood turned into cool rain, which poured on Wen XingYao’s burning spiritual body, and made him comfortable all of a sudden. An intoxicated expression appeared on the cat’s face.

–He didn’t want to face the person whose finger he licked for a short time.

Bai Li was also satisfied that Supreme was still the same Supreme, even if he was acting weird before, but still the same obedient kitty.

In the end, Wen XingYao couldn’t even remember how he finished the lunch, and how he was carried by Bai Li to lie down in the humble gaming pod, and he didn’t hear clearly what Bai Li whispered before the gaming pod opened.

When he came back to his senses again, his game character appeared inside the small hut for the third time that day.

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